While Sienna is unconscious from her injuries, Kehemath takes her on a dreamwalk.


It is evening of the sixteenth day of the seventh month of the second turn of the 12th pass.

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There were the remains of trees. Kehemath's forests, usually so lush, so green and alive, were barren. Stumps remained, the ground covered in fine ash, in death. Sienna found herself standing among them, the acrid scent of burnt sage and rosemary strong in her nostrils, along with the penetrating smell of smoke. Blood, too. There was blood on the wind though she couldn't see it.

Turning in a circle, Sienna then looked down at herself. She looked fine. Whole. She knew dimly in the back of her mind that there was pain there. Did she hear voices? She wasn't certain, and when her thoughts reached out to try and seek those voices, the world around her shifted to keep her here. She quickly gave up and did as she always did when beginning a Dreamwalk - she walked.

Her bare feet sank into the heated ash of the earth, a mixture of soft and sharp that was impossible to gauge. There was pain there, but she could endure it. It wasn't bad.

Voices rose and fell again, and once more she tried to hear them.


The words meant nothing to her though, as she walked. Why was the forest burned? What happened here? She cast her thoughts bout but couldn't remember a thing. She knew this wasn't typical but couldn't muster up enough emotion to be concerned with it. Kehemath's mind constantly changed. This was simply another change. There was a lesson here. There were always lessons in the Dreamwalks.

She stopped on a rise in the land and stared across the distance. Ahh. There was the normal forest, over there. So the entire woods had not been consumed by flame. She was warmed by that knowledge.

"Amputate…wait and see…"

Sienna tilted her head towards those words again, shifting to rub a hand against her right bicep. It ached suddenly, but she didn't know why. Looking to the ground again, she saw paw prints. Large paw prints with claws extended. An emotion stirred in her but she couldn't quite identify it as she began to follow those paw prints. An animal for her to speak with? Perhaps that creature had her lesson.

Down into a low ravine, the dead trees rose up around her and created shadows that seemed more like a cave than a dead forest. She felt Kehemath's mind pulling, trying to alter the landscape, but Sienna had crossed over into her own thoughts.

She continued down the path despite her dragon's warning call. Suddenly, a feline was springing from the depths of an ancient tree, claws out, teeth gnashing. It struck her, knocked her to the ground. She fell, gasping, crying out in pain and fear.

Then someone else was there, hauling the feline off. Sitting up, Sienna wiped blood from her arm and took his hand, letting him help her to her feet. "F'dan?"

He smiled, saying nothing, and turned to start leading her back towards Kehemath's mind. But then, another feline struck from the side, knocking him down and sending Sienna tumbling into a ravine filled with thorns.

"F'dan!" Sienna yelled, struggling to try and get to him, but the thorns had her trapped, stuck fast in that ravine. She watched, horrified, as the feline began to tear him limb from limb.

Kehemath keened as Kadanth went between, the sounds striking an ache in Sienna's chest, leaving behind a hole, a void where the bronze and rider had been. "F'dan!"

Done with its gruesome deed, the feline then turned towards her. Springing, it clamped its teeth down on her upper right arm, biting, tearing, gnawing as she cried out for him to return…

That's when she woke up screaming for F'dan. The Healers frantically pinned her down, stitches half finished on her injured arm, riding leathers and clothes sliced open to get to her injuries, and forced fellis down her throat.

This time she did not dream.

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