Th'res, F'kan


F'kan chances on Th'res at the Koi Pond and the two friends catch up on each other's lives.


It is noon of the twenty-fifth day of the eighth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Koi Pond, Southern Weyr

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"I just don't know anymore man, I think I have reached the end of my dreaming."


Koi Pond

This open space is where Phagian's famed roses grow. And grow they do, in a profusion of sizes and colours. Tiny miniature roses in low boxes, rosebushes in ordered ranks behind, wild roses twining upon arched trellises over the path and the bench at the head of the pond, every plant is healthy and neatly pruned. They are also labelled. Here is the red-on-white of Fire and Ice, there the simple crimson of Heart's Desire, over yonder the inky shadow of Blackthorne, and bobbing practically beneath your hand the vibrant gold of Susanna. The pond is a palette of bright colours as well. Within its dim refractive depths there lurk the ornamental koi. Each fish an ancient Oriental soldier in full scale mail, and proud of his polychromal coat. Warm colours are most common, bright vermillion, marigold orange, sunshine yellow, but also there are other, rarer colours. Here a splash of emerald flashes, there a streak of jet, a swatch of white, a blink of azure. Dozens of bejewelled ichthyoids play in this broad pool's depths, each fat, well fed, and haughty.

It is the fifty-fifth day of Winter and 50 degrees. The day is dreary and overcast.

Another afternoon after fall, instead of going back to his weyr Th'res has come to one of his quiet spots to think more. He is relaxing feeding the Koi in the pond, he is currently shirtless having had to bath him and his blue who is currently somewhere sleeping off his work efforts.

Finding the more public places too likely to attract weyrlings, F'kan has needed to be extra creative to assure himself some time to just relax and unwind after dealing with the needs of growing dragons and their riders. He loves his job, he really does, but he seems to have taken up the bad habit of not making enough time for himself. So today, the weather nice enough as long as the rain holds off, the brownrider is strolling the around the Koi ponds, looking down at the colorful bodies slipping through the water. When his gaze rests on Th'res, he wrinkles his brows at the bluerider and decides to saunter over. "You ok man? I know the rain is holding off, but it's still cold enough to catch a chill. How was Fall?" That's one thing the brownrider does miss and he'll be getting back to it soon enough, for now he must live through the experiences of others.

Th'res looks up and gives a tired smile "It was fall, no body died so that is good." He looks past the brown rider saying "did you bring the Weyrlings? Cuz I can leave if you are going to teach some kind of class here or something." He doesn't get up to move or anything because he is tired, but at no reason not to be polite.

F'kan almost twitches at the idea that he brought weyrlings with him, "No, actually just the opposite, trying to find some peace and quiet for a bit." Without waiting for an invitation, the brownrider plops down next to his former wingsecond and friend. "Yeah, no one dying is a good thing. Maybe this crazy idea of the Weyrleader has some merit afterall," he muses as his hands idly pluck at the grass he's sitting on.

Th'res nods and grins "So far it is." He offers the brown rider a water skin adding "How are the charges doing? Any stand outs yet?" Is he hunting for information? Heck yeah, Th'res is already seeing who he is going to tap into what wing and who he might try to steal.

"It was a tough call to make, but if it seems like it's working, then all the better," F'kan adds before taking the water skin from Th'res and taking a pull before returning it. "The weyrlings are doing good, going to start flying next month," he replies before musing on the idea of any stand-outs, "It's harder to tell until they start drills in earnest. But Katrya seems to have a good head on her shoulders, and her brown is solid and rational. Evka as well, from Igen she was originally, another good brown with her. So many women on browns this go round, but hey, they are all doing well. Talya is good too, as I'm sure you know," the brownrider can't help but tease, "And her brown isn't throwing nearly as many tantrums as before, she's working hard with him."

Th'res nods as he listens "I am glad you are enjoying your work." At the mention of Talya he does take note but it is clear he didn't know this new information "So do you think it would be safer now for me and Jed to visit them?" Because that is why he hasn't he heard she had a difficult dragon and put her needs for bonding above his own desires to see her.

F'kan looks puzzled, "I don't know what you mean about safer. You could've visited at at point you know. Plenty of others have. Shards, man, they are going to be in their own weyrs in a couple of months. Starting flying soon. Yes! Go and see her, I bet she'll be glad you do." He adds emphatically, "From what I saw of you before she was Searched, she's good for you man, don't you dare let her slip away."

Th'res shakes his head "Feelings are two high between us, I didn't want to set of her dragon." He nods at the part of her being good for him "She was, but am I good for her? She has her new path to walk so I have to see if it comes back to me or not." He shrugs and puts on a tired smile "Worse case we are just good friends, I am sure D'ex will know how to mend a broken heart."

"Ok, you got me there with the feelings, but now she's much more settled in that regard," F'kan replies, leaning back on his hands as she tilts his gaze up and shakes his head a little bit. "Sometimes man, and y'know I respect you and almost think of you as a brother, so this is coming from a place of love. Sometimes, you are way too passive. Yes, this is her new path, yes things might even change, but at least let her know what you want." Looking a little offended that Th'res wouldn't consider him as a viable option for helping with a broken heart.

Th'res grins over at F'kan and laughs at his offended face "I know what I want, and I will take it when I can. And don't get that look, you got your wildling I doubt you can hold you own with an all day romp fest down in Ista."

"Oh! That kind of mending! Gotcha. Yeah no, Devana would skewer me likely," F'kan remarks with a chuckle, "I think my bachelor days are done," and there's a touch of regret in that, but there's also a whole lot of warmth in his tone as he continues, "Although, being in a relationship, doesn't mean I can't go all day anymore by the way. I'll have you know my last rest day we spent it only leaving my bed for necessities." He may be off the market, but his masculine pride won't let him not defend himself against a jibe at his stamina.

Th'res rolls his eyes "and I bet you slept most of it anyway.." Because what are friends for if not to poke fun at! Th'res lays back on the soft ground saying "I just don't know anymore man, I think I have reached the end of my dreaming. I am finding myself less interested in things as I was before, now it is really just a day to day grind."

"Only when she was begging for sleep," F'kan retorts, maybe exgaerating a little bit for honor's sake, but the thought of that day of rest, only two days ago, brings a private smile to his face before reaching out and punching Th'res gently on the shoulder for that bit of tease. At Th'res' next, his jaw drops, "How can you say that, you're not much older than me mate, you have plenty of time. You should never stop striving for something you want. I never had you pegged as a quitter bluerider." the last might be a little cold, but he's trying to make a point here. "Faranth, if I can find someone with all my flaws, there's no reason you can't."

Th'res chuckles at the punch and tilts his head "Well you are the one making babies here, so you are going to have a lot more to do." He reaches over and gives F'kan a good jab in the chest with his finger saying "And I am not quitting, just thinking about a job change maybe."

The mention of making babies has F'kan's eyes bulging slightly as he sputters, "We aren't…we use the…just…no babies…just no." Taking a moment to shake his head to clear it slightly, he looks down at that jab to his chest with a raised brow and a smirk playing over his lips, ohh did he touch a nerve. But then with a faintly confused look, he shakes his head, "Job change? I was talking about not quitting on women."

Th'res laughs more at the confused look "I didn't say I was quitting on women, especially since you are all taken now." He looks up at the hole in the ceiling saying "I don't know I just feel I have stagnated to much now. Maybe I need a transfer to a watch rider or something."

"What?" F'kan says, sitting up and looking down at Th'res with shock, "You can't. You're the best Wingsecond I've ever had. Watch riding is lonely, do you really need more ways for getting lost in your work? Don't isolate yourself. Have you talked with M'noq? I know he could give you plenty to keep you busy, maybe you could be training to take over your own wing someday."

Th'res chuckles darkly "I am already engrossed in my work. Besides I might have already over stepped my self with M'noq so we will have to see." He sighs and looks over at the brown rider saying "You don't need me to be your wingsecond anymore man, you have come so far now just look how much you have finally accomplished."

"What happened with M'noq? I saw him the other day, and he didn't say anything," F'kan looks a little worried that things are going to be greatly changed when this current batch of weyrlings is graduated and he's free to return to Lynx until the cycle starts all over again. Change isn't something that has been easy in the past for the brownrider and now he just shakes his head, "Just because I don't need the support I used to, doesn't mean I like any of what you're suggesting. It just sounds like running away from your problems to me." he mumbles under his breath.

Th'res shrugs "I basiclly begged him to add someone to the wing because I think they need the chance to try." He looks over at F'kan "YOU could always take my place as wingsecond you know.." Because he totally would put that on the brown rider in a heart beat. "I am not running away from anything, I am running to something. I don't want to just see a little glimps of this world I want it all."

"Me? That's not funny man," F'kan says with a snort, "I'm ok with the weyrlings, they have to listen to me. I doubt I'd have as much luck with our wingmates. And I also doubt whoever you asked M'noq to test out would be any worse that I was, so I'm not sure why you think you'd be on the outs." With a resigned sigh, the brownrider shrugs his shoulders, "Fine, you seem to be sure. Do what you gotta do mate, if you are sure it's for the right reasons." he finishes significantly.

Th'res nods and grins reaching over to tussle the brown riders hair, because he can! "Don't worry little brother, I will still be around to tease and torture you." Because he totally will he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a cloth wrapped item saying "Here for your lady.."

Glaring at the toussle, F'kan endures it good naturedly for the sake of his friend, "You'd better. Southern wouldn't be the same without you," he declares with a crooked grin. At the cloth wrapped item, he quirks a brow, "What is it? Can I see?" he asks as he moves to unwrap it slowly, able to stop in case Th'res says no.

Th'res nods and chuckles "You better it is supposed to come from you after all." He lays back and closes his eyes, when f'kan unwraps it there are a pair of wristlets carved out of what looks like dark green stone, but when the light hits it the color is much lighter with a line of what looks like brown opal cut into the center dividing it down the middle.

"Oh mate!" F'kan declares as he opens the cloth and reveals the jewelry, picking them up gingerly as he turns them over and holds them up to the light to marvel at the subtlety of adding the brown opal to the center of each, "This is too much, I should pay you for these. Did you do the work yourself? It's amazing." The thicker one looks just about right for his wrist. "I don't know…Matching pieces of jewelry, it might be too soon."

Th'res chuckles "I think it is, if you truly spent a full day together?" He isn't fully teasing but the jab is there he shrugs saying "You could pay, but then you wouldn't owe me a favor when I need it." Because it is all about angles with him right now.

"I don't mean just the fact that it's jewelry. Matching jewelry, that's what you exchange when there's…like real commitment, like weyrmating." F'kan seems to be hesitant to make that kind of leap just yet. At Th'res' next, he relaxes slightly with a warm chuckle, "Very well, a favor then." He trusts the bluerider not to ask something too bad of him. Suddenly, his eyes unfocusing, he sighs heavily, "Gotta go mate, duty calls. Thanks for this." he says, wrapping up the bracelets in the fabric before stuffing them in his pocket to get up. Wiping off the grass clinging to his pants, he smiles down at Th'res, "Clear Skies." he says before ambling off back towards the barracks.

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