N'ky, Sara, Sienna


There's a sandstorm blowing outside, and three Igenites escape it within the caverns.


It is midmorning of the tenth day of the seventh month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Igen Weyr Inner Caverns

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Inner Caverns

Faded elegance attests to former glory, the soot-covered ceiling sparkling with faint traceries of golden glitter. High, vaulted curves of the smooth limestone wavering whose variant hues of sandy gold and wheaten brown form rising, wave-like patterns that hold the sparkle of silver here and there. A long, wide cavern, this: various arches lend access to other caverns, while the noise of daily activity is often amplified by the natural acoustics of this open space.

There's sand filling the air again outside, driving anyone who's sane indoors and out of the nastiness that the sandstorm causes. It means there are a good few extra folks in the lower caverns than there perhaps would be otherwise at this time of morning, with tasks that might otherwise be carried out outside brought into the shelter the caves offer. Standing twitchily by the inner entrance to the infirmary is N'ky, a huge, no doubt custom-made monster-sized mug of klah that requires two hands to hold, and with eyes bloodshot enough to suggest he's not been sleeping - or perhaps he's just got sand in them?

Sienna exits the store caverns with two weyrlings in tow, each of them carrying a stack of new (to them) bedding. "Remember," Sienna is saying, trying to look serious but unable to keep a grin from her lips, "next time they want to play tug of war, give them one of those ropes to use, not your blankets. I know it's cute, but…" The 'yes ma'am' and 'thank you ma'am' are given, awkward salutes with arms full, and they hustle off to brave the storm and get back to their lifemates. Slouching into a chair, Sienna exhales and then chuckles, looking around. "Hey."

"T-tug of war." N'ky's grin suggests he remembers something like that all too well with his own lifemate. "Ma'am." He salutes his fellow greenrider after getting a gander at her knot, then has his face half-hidden by the enormous mug he's holding. The klah in it can't be very hot, as there's hardly any steam rising from it. "Cailluneth was r-rough as a weyrling," he stammers, blinking his reddened eyes. "She's still a b-bit that way now, five t-turns later." His tired expression relaxes as he visibly checks in on his lifemate, before he holds his hand out to Sienna. "N'ky. Mirage."

Sienna smiles, returning the salute and nodding. "Oh, I know how that goes. I have a sneaking suspicion it was my Kehemath who gave them the idea…" Kehemath is sometimes not the best rolemodel for baby dragons. "Well met. Sienna, Mosaic."

Sandstorms outside mean stranded bazaar folk inside, and Sara just happens to be one of those. Carrying a bundle of hides she walks the halls with no sense of urgency, and perhaps even a slight smile upon her facce. Familiar faces are seen when she turns a corner, and shifting those bundles into one arm she lifts up a hand, "Sienna!" in greeting, and gives the unfamiliar rider a smile.

Somewhere out there in the sandstorm, Cailluneth's checking in on Kehemath given that little nugget of information: a playmate is always fun to have! N'ky gives Sienna a shy, crooked smile, that causes a shallow dimple in his cheek. "W-well met. I always th-thought we'd be got with weyrlings, only Cailluneth's not g-great around, ah… that time. Sh-she's had me up all night." Perhaps someone may have noticed the green's occasional bellowing from her ledge throughout the darker hours? The approach of Sara is noted with a dip of his head, and a scratch as the untended-to scruff on his cheeks as he hides a yawn behind his giant mug.

Sienna sits up straighter at the familiar voice, a grin blooming across her face. "Sarah! Shards, it's been ages! How're you?" Dark eyes move back to N'ky thoughtfully. "Hmm. Well perhaps you'd be interested in being a mentor? Still not sure which wing will be the mentor wing, but if it's Mirage…" From the barracks, Kehemath's mind retreats from Cailluneth's, skittish and wary around the edges, with dragons she doesn't know. "All night? Ugh. Hope she rises soon."

Cailluneth's mindtouch is fleeting; blood on a rainbow-haloed moon and the promise of hunting thrills and spills. No words, as her colours, the tang of blood, the thrilling sensation of a kill suggest it all in their stead - an invitation to play, to join her pack, before she pulls away, leaving a soothing skein of silver moonlight to shimmer and dissipate into so many stars. »

"Since that raid down in the bazaar," Sara will cheerfully put in a time frame since their last face to face visit. She pull closely and pause next to the two. "Peaston is stuck alone, in a sandstorm, in the Harper. I believe today is a wonderful day." She grins over at N'ky, "I don't belive I've met you though- I'm Sara."

Kehemath's thoughts return, a dark forest and skirting along the edges a shadowed mind-self with gleaming golden eyes. Wary, slinking, watching.

"All night," N'ky repeats as a confirmation, sipping down some more of his klah. "She's s-slow about. M-maybe when Belior's full next… this is j-just a warm-up." He gives a tortured little smile, then sighs and shrugs. Such is the life of a greenrider! "P-pleasure to meet you, Sara." N'ky holds out his hand to her, pressing that giant klah mug against his chest. "N'ky, green Cailluneth's, of Mirage." And by way of High Reaches, as his tired accent gives away.

Sienna ohs, nodding with a slight wince, her eyes studying her face. "And…uh. You're fine?" It's a stupid question, but she never was able to go back and check the last time, so she asks now. Late. Much, much belatedly. Nodding to N'ky, her eyes shift away for a moment, brows furrow, then look back. "Hope it's soon so you can rest."

Cailluneth dapples moonlight across Kehemath's forest, tiny shards of silken silken breaking through when the leaves allow it. Nothing intrusive, nothing demanding, nothing to alarm - merely letting the other green know she's there.

Having already shuffled the hides Sara reaches out her free hand to take N'ky's with a firm shake. "A pleasure to meet you." Sienna's wince isn't lost and Sara will grin at her. "Yes. Got someone to drop me off at home and ended up taking the next week away from the shop altogether. Business was horrible anyway, though I hear that Peaston managed to offend one woman badly enough she swore to never come back." Cue a small eyeroll at the incompetence of her partner.

N'ky smiles at Sienna. "Hopefully." He listens to the conversation between the two women while chugging down klah, intrigued by the Harper's story. "P-Peaston? I th-think… that name's familiar." His crooked front teeth sink into his bottom lip as he tries to place it. "W-would he have been in the bazaar? Th-that store, with the H-Harper supplies? Where I w-would have got guitar strings? I s-still don't really know that side of the Weyr so w-well. Or the p-people in it."

Sienna nods at Sara with a small smile. "Glad you took some time off. Business is picking up again at least? Things…good out there?" She hasn't been much, except to visit the twins twice a sevenday. "You'll learn," she assures N'ky with a warming smile.

"Aye," Sara replies to N'ky, shaking her head. "The Harper is mine," well, the craft's, but since Sara's things are sold there it's hers, "and Peaston is my partner to keep me honest. Even after almost three turns they think taht female harpers will cause the comet to strike again or some such."

"I think he m-maybe sold me my strings, and Kypri's drum… d-does that sound about right?" N'ky doesn't sound so sure; he's too unfamiliar with the place to be certain. "There's a l-lot of Weyr to learn, Sienna, 'specially between Fall and the infirmary. I'm n-not all so sure I like the bazaar. It's v-very strange, to have it in a Weyr." Not something to be found in conservative High Reaches, to be sure.

Sienna snorts with a faint smirk. "Right," she says dryly to Sara, even with a little eye roll for emphases. "I think the bazaar is fantastic. What a great thing to have in a weyr. All that business, all those people…"

"The strings and drum were probably mine, look for a blue and gold circle on the underside of the drum and the packaging. That's my mark. He's right though, Sienna," Sara tilts a head towards N'ky. "The Bazaar is a strange place. But I agree. I don't believe I would change it for the old Hall any day."

"Oh, um, the main bit's a-alright." The greenrider bites his lip, nursing his klah mug with both hands. "The alleys, though, the off-shoots… I'm n-not so keen. I p-prefer to stay where Cailluneth can go… sh-she prefers that. We p-prefer it." N'ky scratches his hand through his wayward curls, shrugging one shoulder gently, perhaps to suggest he can't explain that further. "I'll ask April to look for your m-mark, Sara. The drum's with her in Telgar, now."

Sienna lifts a shoulder in a small shrug as she gets to her feet. "Best to be safe, that's for sure," she says quietly. "If you'll both excuse me though, Kehemath says…" The eye-roll should be enough, right? One of the Weyrlings is up to /something/, and thus, Sienna must go. With a wave, the AWLM moves towards the exit with long strides, pulling up her hood and her scarf before she goes to brave the storm.

"Be well Sienna!" Sara calls out after the departing greenrider, then shifts her attention back to N'ky. "You just need to find someone who can take you around and knows the area. I'm no rider, but some of the deeper places in the bazaar hold some of the most delightful people."

"I'll d-do it if Mirage is up," N'ky slips in to Sienna as the greenrider leaves. "H-have a good day!" Which leaves him with Sara, and he turns to smile at the woman, leaning back against the wall with a tired yawn. He seems to favour one leg slightly, resting it while shifting his weight to the other. "I g-guess that would make sense. It's just f-finding the time, really - when there's no Fall there's tending the dragons who suffered in it, and when we're n-not doing that there's Cailluneth… she c-can be quite demanding, e-especially when she's getting c-close to rising."

"I understand that," Sara smiles slightly, shifting that burden of hers again in her arms. "Everyone has been feeling a bit of a time crunch, though the hours of having to stay in when thread falls are tedious. I always worry if Alory is going to come back, though I know Eisheth would take care of him."

N'ky winces, and nods. "I f-feel the same about a g-girl I know in Telgar. If s-something happened to her, I… I d-don't know what I'd do. She's Kypri's mum. Um - Kypri, my daughter." The greenrider's cheeks blush red, as if he's shy about the fact that he's a father. "The d-dragons know what they're doing. If they c-can bring us home s-safe they will."

"Congradulations," Sara will say, not knowing the age of said daughter. "I would imagine that having children would be that much harder." Says the middle aged harper who hasn't quite managed that one yet. Probably because she spends too much time working. A small sigh, though the smile doesn't slip. "My brain knows that really, but it is hard when there is so much fear pressing in."

"Oh. Thanks. She c-comes here, sometimes, when I have an off-day. She l-loves her drum, though she c-can't do much other than, well, j-just hit it." Which might give away something of her age. N'ky smiles shyly, his crooked teeth pressed into his bottom lip. And then his expression becomes a little more serious, less of the goofy fondness for his little one. "Cailluneth panicked when I got hit, b-back at High Reaches. We flew in a h-higher wing, and it was a p-pretty erratic Fall, plus we'd h-hardly practiced, and… we g-got home fine. It's all f-fine. It h-h-hurts," and the memory makes his stutter worse as he recalls how /much/ it hurt, "but you g-get home safe. More r-riders return than don't."

Sara winces slightly at the though of an injury sustained mid threadfall. "Are you looking to maybe see if your dauther and mate can come here? It must be rough being away from them."

"April here? Sh-she'd like it. B-but I can't ask her to move - she's not my mate." N'ky shakes his head, his cheeks flaring up rosy again. "J-just a friend." There's a smugness to his smile, which isn't quite hidden by the hugeness of his klah mug as he lifts it to his mouth. "It's n-not so far away anyway, when you have a dragon."

"Oh! My apologies for misunderstanding." Sara interjects swiftly. For all her three years here living in a weyr rather than the more conservative hall, she still misses some of the ways which riders relate to one another. "I do hope your daughter likes the drum. If you swing by some time when I'm in the shop I can show you some small whistles too, made just for children."

"It's alright," N'ky replies reassuringly. "P-perhaps I can bring her by, next time I have a day with her? Kypri, I mean, so she can try the whistles herself? Though sh-she's only little, maybe she won't be able to play them." The greenrider rubs his hand over his bloodshot eyes, sighing tiredly. "I-if you'll excuse me, Sara, Cailluneth says I'm n-needed in the infirmary." He stifles a yawn with his hand next, then gives the Harper a sleepy shrug. "Lots more h-hands-on training since Thread started to fall, s-sadly."

"It was well met N'ky," Sara eyes the rider. "I hope you are able to get some sleep soon, and yes. Do bring her down. You'd be suprised at what we can do even for the smallest of chilren. Always looking for more harpers after all. Especially female ones." Does Sara have an agenda? Not at ALL. Just wants the stuffed shirts at the main hall to stop being idiots about allowing more female apprentices.

"A-and you too, Sara. Well met. It's a-always a pleasure meeting a Harper, even m-more so when they don't try to, um, c-correct my stutter." It would seem N'ky's speech impediment is a bit of an embarrassment for him, as he rubs at the back of his neck while wincing. "I'll b-bring her by, when she's here next. H-have a good day, ma'am." He bows his head politely, before trotting through to the infirmary, and to its dragon counterpart beyond.

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