D'ex & Zynth, F'kan & Quaverilth


D'ex was given the job of evaluating F'kan for their Wingsecond.


It is evening of the nineteenth day of the seventh month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Feline Territory, Southern Weyr

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Feline Territory

The heart of the rainforest is more than the weight of so many trees, the impossibly thick fines that fall from the tops of the canopy, nor the jungle floor littered with detritus from the centuries the rainforest has made a home on the Southern Continent. The silence is eerie here, where not even the call of birds filters through the densely packed trees. The presence of something malevolent watching is easily felt here as anything that finds their way into these far reaches of the jungle would feel it necessary to 'run' from whatever it is that hunts these depths. Even Rukbat's light barely filters through, adding shadows and green-filtered light to further trick the eyes. Something deadly hunts here.
The area is thickly forested with many banyan, ficus and sandlewood trees.

It is the seventy-ninth day of Winter and 37 degrees. Still dark and overcast, the winter rain has picked up and become heavier, albeit still pleasant.

It is raining. Of course it is raining. Finally a time to get together and train/evaluate/whatever, and it's raining. D'ex is not pleased. Zynth is pleased. The little clearing in the middle of the rainforest is crowded, not much room with dragons here, but Zynth is a little guy and his attention wavers to the jungle around them, rather than the clearing itself. TThe haze of rain makes the already-dark jungle around them all the darker, though unlike the lively place the jungle usually is, the trees are quiet aside from the patter of water. The blue rears up on his hind legs at the edge of the clearing, using a tree for support as his near-opaque wings open to catch the droplets. His neck streaches out to see through the haze of rain in as many directions as possible, telescoping about with curiosity. Though quiet, the blue's mind is active, icey swirls of thoughts left unsaid, but a quiet envigoration of the weather keeping the dragon antsy. D'ex, however, is not quiet. "Fucking raining. Free afternoon and it's raining. Raining. You'd think that there could be a few hours without rain."

Quaverilth wings down from above, calling out a greeting as he comes in for a careful landing in the already crowded clearning in the jungle. Once the slender brown lands, F'kan dismounts and wanders towards D'ex and Zynth, chuckling to himself when he hears the bluerider's words. "It's winter man, when is it not raining?" he adds with a wave in greeting as he stops in front of the re-haired man. "So what are we doing here anyway?" he asks as his bright blue eyes take in their surroundings.

Zynth's head tips at the brown's landing, humming a greeting in return, frost reaching out in tendrils to the other's mind. "Screw winter." D'ex's hands are in his pockets, shoulders hunched against the rain as if it might keep him from getting quite as wet. "Here is nice and real and pretty when it's not raining." He shakes his head, his curls are dripping already and far less curly than usual. Still, he glares up at the sky a moment then down to the brownrider, "Anyway, you know Th'res asked me to evaluate you and he said you have already trained in basic hand to hand combate, but eh, reality is saying no one with a brain is ever attacking a dragon rider without a weapon." He turns, Zynth already dropping to the ground, shoulder lowered so that D'ex might reach his bags. A set of cruel-looking dueling blades are pulled from the leather, protected from the rain until now. "Soooooo, my buddy, I'm not all that into pleasantries, so let's just jump into this. How are you with knives? Or would you prefer a sword? Or, nah, let's start simple." While D'ex will not touch the sword at his hip, he will put one of the daggers away. Drawing the other from it's sheath. "Okay, simple. I'm going to attack you and you are going to disarm me. Any questions or conserns, you better say them now."

F'kan listens when D'ex goes over what he is here for and looks around once more at their surroundings. "And we're going to be doing that here then? Not somewhere warm and dry?" His tone is mostly joking though. As he looks at the dueling blades, he raises an eyebrow and shakes his head, "I haven't done much with blades actually." he mentions wearily. When D'ex pulls a knife though, he takes a step back, "And how exactly am I supposed to do that?" he wonders. Quaverilth settles down in the clearing to watch his rider in his evaluation, meeting Zynth's frost with the mist curling over his mindlake.

"With your head. Sorry, um, not literally your head. I mean, think about it, if I have a weapon and I'm aware you are a rider, my goal is what? To kill you before your dragon shows up to save you, right? So incopasitate my arm, get my weapon away, blah, blah before you are dead." D'ex shrugs, he sees that step back, but makes no comment, his blade gesturing around to the jungle around them, "I'm a firm beleiver that if you only ever train in the training ground, when you are out in the real world, you won't do as well. Practical experiance, you know? Besides, the ground is slick, the conditions regretable, and this is far closer to what a real fight might be. Lynx does the 'undesirable' things, right? But it's our job to prove that we are not undesireable people." Zynth too settles down, worry about evaluating the rider with his dragon was going to wait. This was the fun part and watching. D'ex shrugs again, "If you don't carry a weapon normally, no point me evaluating your use of it, right? So this is better. Guard up, F'kan. Get this away from me before I hurt you. Please note-" D'ex holds up the dagger, tipping it to catch the dim light, "I'm not using an edge gaurd. If I cut you, then we stop and restart. So right now, we need a tap-out word. Like a safe-word, what do you want? Red is over used."

"I've always been more of a lover than a fighter." F'kan mumbles under his breath as he lifts his hands in a guarding position, widening his stance slightly as he watches the bluerider considerately. "I don't know. I'd really rather not get cut if it's all the same to you." Looking around to come up with an idea for a safe word, his eyes scan the small clearing. "How about Rain? Or Tree?" Creativity is definitely not F'kan's strong point.

"Tree it is!" D'ex shrugs again, "Good for you. However, sometimes fight is nessicary. This is defense-training, your goal is to keep from getting cut, incapacitate me, and there we go. Lots'a folks about who really dislike riders, you know?" And without even dropping into a traditional fighting stance, D'ex is forward, snake-like, one arm up in defense of his face and dagger moving forward, aiming for F'kan's left side shoulder. The man is fast, but without any movement that marks hand-to-hand combat. D'ex fights like a swordsman, though this is not his weapon of choice.

F'kan grunts loudly in surprise as D'ex advances on him, his left forearm raised to block the blow to his shoulder as he takes a step forward, trying to get inside the other man's reach with his dagger, and once there, his left foot reaches to hook and sweep at D'ex's ankle as F'kan ducks, hoping to bring him and his dagger down.

The blow is deflected, dagger pushed to the side for now, "Fabulous, crowding someone with a dagger is always the best move, beautiful, don't crowd short-knives, but for this one, now I can't-" Commentary comes to a sharp halt, D'ex's ankle is hooked and pulled, though D'ex does not loose his blance. His other foot twists, weight shifting to allow his ankle to be wrenched up and his own weight rocking back, "Love it! I-" Or, D'ex wouldn't have lost his balance had the ground not been wet. His dagger comes up again, again aiming for F'kan's shoulder, but the wet litter of the jungle gives, D'ex's boots slip, the balance goes and D'ex starts to topple, his free hand reaching out to try and catch F'kan's wrist.

At D'ex's praise, F'kan smiles slightly, because he had remembered advice he had gotten from Th'res and was able to use it sucessfully. His sweep of the bluerider's foot didn't work, but it doesn't take a moment for F'kan to right himself. Or at least try to. When D'ex reaches for his wrist on his way down, the brownrider tries to pull it away but isn't fast enough to keep the other man's hand clamping down on his arm. To try and prevent himself from being brought down, he leans back and tries to plant his foot on the slippery jungle floor.

D'ex's grip locks in, one knee hits the ground, other foot sliding out from under him. However, F'kan's lean back saves D'ex from totally fall face-forward. His grip shifts, twisting F'kan's wrist back in the hope of incapacitating that arm, D'ex doesn't have the speed behind him now, still replying on F'kan's counter-balance to keep himself upright. Still, accidently breaking someone's arm would probebly fall under a negative catagory for evaluations, though D'ex isn't specifically thinking of this right now. "Okay, now don't totally over compensate, if I let go and you still fall, then you're still screwed." His thumb shifts up bracing against F'kan's palm and twisting his wrist must a bit more as D'ex starts to pull himself up, clearly no intention of letting go, "Thumb is a weak point, if you can, twist back against me and you will break any grip, piviot your bone against my open." The moment's pause is over as soon as D'ex is sure he has his grip, he yank's F'kan's arm toward him, using it to pull himself up, the hand with the dagger moving up with him, aiming for F'kan's abdomen.

Thinking on his feet hasn't always come easily to F'kan, so when D'ex gets a hold of his wrist and tries to twist it, he takes a moment to wonder how the hell he was going to get out of this. At the talk of over compensating, he double checks to make sure he isn't in any danger of falling onto his ass by leaning to far back. Nodding to show that he has understood, when D'ex gives that yank on his arm, F'kan grunts and pulls hard against the bluerider's grip trying to dislodge him as he pivots to the side, the blade barely scratching against his thick wherhide jacket. "Woah! I'd rather my hide intact thank you very much."

"Good!" D'ex nods in approval, his grip is broken, but he is on his feet again, for once the man is not worried about the mud up and down one half of his trousers, but already in motion again, "Like it intact, then don't let me damage it." He is on the attack again, the dagger again switches hands, dipping down in a feint to the right as if again going for F'kan's shoulder, but D'ex will swerve, one foot planting, dagger shifting and arching down toward F'kan's left forarm.

Watching carefully the hand with the knife, F'kan may be a little too focused on it, because he thinks he is being quite clever indeed when he sees the blade heading for his shoulder. So quickly he moves to the left to avoid it, he does most of the work for D'ex, bringing his undefended left forearm right in the path of the dagger. Thankfully again his wherhide jacket takes the brunt of the cut, with only a small scratch actually reaching his tender flesh underneath but it's enough to have him hissing and jumping back as his hand reaches to cover the minor fleshwound. "Uhh..Tree!" he manages when he finally remembers the agreed upon safety word. He waits for D'ex to stop before he looks down to assess the damage.

The catch of skin has D'ex twisting the dagger to the flat of the blade to lessen damage, but the moment the word is said, D'ex is jumping back, eyes falling to the blade rather than the cut itself, "Good! That was very good!" His thumb runs over the blood, already smearing it with the rain, "Good~ Good~ I'm impressed, you have a fabulous set of natural reflexes." He looks up at the F'kan, "How deep? Not too bad, I hope, was trying to keep it mild." He starts to step forward, when the statue-like blue of Zynth is suddenly in motion, « Tree! » "Zynth we already stopped we-" « Hush! We are not alone. » The dragon's form is hunched, predatory, wings up and eyes scanning the trees around him.

After a quick inspection of the cut to his forearm, F'kan looks up with an affable smile in the bluerider's direction, "It's barely a scratch, the wherhide caught the worst of it." He shakes it off easily and then looks as if he is ready to try again. But then his brown is picking up on Zynth's body language and he raises to his wizened head to scan the jungle around them for whatever it is that the blue has sighted, whiplike tail flicking the barest bit as he takes a long sniff of the air. Frozen now by the reactions of the two dragons, F'kan scans the area himself before looking over at D'ex and whispering. "What is it?"

D'ex shurgs, not speaking, but follows his dragon's gaze. Zynth's frost reaches out to all of them, lacking the playful, ralxed snow of his usual talk, but sharp, biting and without any doubt, « Felines. Three. They are near. » The blue crouches down, his wings open to appear larger than he actually is, but unwilling to rear up and expose his softer underside to the unseen threats. « Just saw them. They are gone now. Not far. » The blue's tail twitches in a clear annoyance, his words growing colder, « They do not fear us. »

F'kan shudders slightly when the blue's mental frost touches him, blinking at the foreign voice in his head and then tensing up at the mention of felines. Quaverilth rises slowly, his wings rustling on his back as he swings his head around. The misty lake of his mind is perfectly still and flat, not a single ripple. « What if we just get out of here? » the brown asks those assembled, a faint smell of ozone lingering among his words. The brownrider looks over at D'ex then and pulls his own beltknife from it's sheath as he takes a couple slow steps back towards his dragon, liking his idea of getting out of there.

D'ex's knife is sheathed and his sword pulled out with barely more than a hiss. He too starts toward Zynth, slowly and staring into the darkness. Shame that human eyes are so terrible in the dark. Real shame. « Yes. I agree, we should not engage these. » One shoulder lowers, an offer to help D'ex up and-It is a flurry of motion, the sleek wet form erupts from the trees, a black mass hurdling toward Zynth. A thin, high screeching yowl coming from the thing as it attaches itself to the blue's neck, claws already starting to dig into his hide. D'ex is forward quickly, his sword flashing, but Zynth is already rearing up with a roar, claws up in an attempt to sidlodge the thing.

Quaverilth is just about to dip his neck in readiness for F'kan to mount, but then the screeching yowl pulls the brown's attention and he swings his head to look in the blue's direction, the grumbling beginings of a roar coming from him. Unfortunately for Quav, that's when the feline stalking him takes aim and pounces at his haunches, claws out and catching the brown in his wooden hide causing a loud bellow to erupt from him as his head whips around and he snaps at the furry body. F'kan is running now blindly towards his lifemate, not sure what he will do when he get there, but right now helping Quaverilth is his only thought.

Zynth drops his, but the thing is already turning and attacking again. However, the thing nearest to it is none other than Zynth's wings. Claws cut into the thin membrane, the sharp tangy smell of ichor fills the rainy air, Zynth is already twisting his jaws snapping at the creature, his wings jerking back and only managing to be ripped into more as the feline holds on. D'ex is there quickly, his sword up and flashing into the creature, but not actually managing to hurt it badly. The feline lets go, skittering away from D'ex and the blue with teeth pulled back in a snarl, frozen for a moment before launching forward again, it's attention now on the smaller prey that D'ex offered

Managing to grab a hind leg in his jaws, Quaverilth pulls hard, causing the feline to roar in pain as it removes it claws from his haunch and instead goes for the muzzle of the brown holding him. In an attempt to save his delicate eyes from the creature's wrath, Quav tosses his neck and sends the beast flying into a tree, where it lands on the ground with a thud, stunned. F'kan skids to a stop as he sees the feline that attacked his brown now lying at the base of the tree, Quav wastes no time in swinging his slender body around and advancing on the downed animal looking to dispatch it before he can get back up. His blue eyes wandering the clearing, the brownrider spies the feline now advancing on D'ex, and without a second thought flings his knife in the beasts direction. He's no pro, but his throwing arm is quite strong and it at least has the speed to reach the animal although he makes no promise on precision.

The aim is true, or at least it hits the creature and sinks in, not deep enough to stop it, but enough to spark a pain that has the creature twisting and biting at the steel. The knife falls, but this has given Zynth the chance to dive in now, his jaws lock around the cat and have it up in moments, shaking it, tightening his grip until there is a crunch and the feline stops fighting. It is not a nice, clean kill of something in the herdbeast pens, but Zynth drops the body without a second thought, his head snaking down to his rider. D'ex is unharmed, but the tattered wingsail has continued to leak ichor. D'ex's eyes turn to F'kan, "Evaluation over. We need to leave now." His eyes fall to F'kan's knife on the ground, and though in the rain D'ex had not seen the throw, images from Zynth fill him in, "Thank you. Leaving Now."

F'kan looks genuinely surprised that his knife actually hit the beast, but he'll take it. When Quaverilth has dealt with the second feline, he turns back towards his lifemate, ignoring the raking scratches along his rear leg and croons insistantly as he lowers his neck to F'kan who had sprinted forward to grab his knife from the ground before looking at D'ex with a nod. "Agreed. Let's get out of here." the brownrider comments as he vaults up the brown's offered foreleg and swings onto his neck in one fluid motion. Dragon and rider both survey the surrounding jungle for more surprises, waiting for their wingmates to be ready to go before taking off.

D'ex's eyes return to the damage to Zynth's sail a moment before climbing up as well. The blue checks that Quaverilth is ready, then he is up, wings taking him up, but a hitch to one side's stroke, trying to keep the tention from the damaged sail, « We are going to Between home rather than fly. Report to the Infirmary right away to be checked over. » The words are calm again, cold, his snowy wasteland mostly still. Below, a third, smaller feline slinks out, a tentive step to check the corpses of it's kin. A thin wail fills the night.

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