Onari, Finn


…Gonna be all right! Finn and Onari chew on eachother over who should be worrying about what and how much.


It is afternoon of the thirteenth day of the eleventh month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Igen Weyr

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Crater Lake

Four centuries ago, a chunk of the very comet that drove some Oldtimers forward crashed to the desert near Igen Weyr, collapsing the original inner caverns and breaking through to a new spring that now feeds into Igen's underground aquifer. The result? Beauty from destruction - a long, crystalline lake of brilliant sapphire blue. Sharp sandstone rings the water in jagged peaks, where sparse desert shrubs cling to steep, sandy slopes and reflect darkly on the pristine, mirror-like surface. Out in the midst of the lake, a small island pierces the glassy plane, umber from azure in a near-perfect cone. A startling break in the stark desert and savannah surrounding the Weyr, the crater lake sits like a jewel in the rough - a picturesque, inviting respite from the rough, dry terrain beyond.

It is the forty-third day of Autumn and 78 degrees.

A pleasantly mild autumn afternoon finds Onari perched on a warm, ruddy boulder beside the Crater Lake, Gola keeping a quietly nickering watch nearby as the trader girl takes a little time to simply relax. It's become increasingly dangerous to be out on the roads alone, but with this place sitting just outside the steep stone walls of the Weyr's protective embrace, she doesn't feel unsafe being here. Anytime a dragon appears overhead, the feeling is compounded; they'll know if something happens. Bandits wouldn't dare venture this close. Her thoughts slow and finding random focus for the time being, Onari finishes off the bit of stuffed bread from the lunch she'd hauled out here with her, quietly dragon-watching and enjoying the beauty of a Thread-free day.

Onari had set out in advance of Finn, the latter having commissions to see delivered before he could lounge about like someone who shall remain nameless. (PSSSST… it's ONARI) He draws rein when he spots Gola carefully cropping tufts of desert grass. Onari is on a boulder, picked out in sharp relief against that bright and mercifully Thread-free sky. He's struck with a pang at how grown up she's become, how pretty and how strong. His mount whickers at Gola, ears flicking forward and Finn looks skyward. Eyes close to hear the wind, feel it on his skin, to take in the scents, brittle and sharp, cries of creatures in the distance. He takes a deep breath, nose tickling -it's dusty!- and gives a click and a nudge to his mount. They draw up next to Onari, "Hey there," where Finn half-hauls Onari off of the boulder and himself out of the saddle in a hard embrace. Muffled, "I love you. You know that, right?" Uh oh.

Onari has grown quite a bit since the Reika first arrived at Igen, and that's plain in a few ways. Physically, she's more or less finished growing, having filled out into a definite and pleasant feminine mold (not that she expects her brother to notice that - even if he is). Mentally and spiritually, she's toughened - still strong-willed and sometimes headstrong and fiery, though with more thoughtfulness to temper teenage stubbornness than there had been before. It's that thoughtfulness that has hold of her now…though it's mostly abandoned at the sound of an approaching runner. She turns and stretches as she spots Finn, smiling a bit. "Hey!" she answers, shifting around a bit. "What- oof!" Brother-hug ambush! She reaches around Finn and hugs him tightly back, thumping him on the back a little and then going still as she senses something beyond just everyday affection going on. "I love you too, Finn." Drawing back, she looks him in the face, a small crease forming between her brows. "Is… Are you okay?"

Finn lets Onari loose and hitches back to regain his seat on a clearly annoyed runner. The one he'd had with him when he'd been attacked. "I worry about… things." Finn squints at Onari, his lips pressed together, "What? It's not all arse and anvils up here," he taps his noggin. Turning the mount he moves away, smirking at Onari. There's the distinct impression of a tongue stuck out, but no actual gesture. He dismounts and unsaddles the runner, turning it loose to join Gola. He shoulders a saddlebag and tucks the saddle into a crevice in the boulders (after checking for critters) and scrambles up to sit beside Onari. "Got anything to eat?"

Onari's brows hike up when her brother mentions worrying. "Y'don't say," she counters wryly, settling down again and watching Finn dismount and turn his mount loose. Her own concern isn't diminished, however. She nods when he asks about food, handing over the last hunk of her stuffed bread before digging in her knapsack for something else wrapped in cheesecloth. Surprise - it's cheese! And more bread. And there's a small wineskin, too. "What're you worrying about?" she wants to know, nudging his shoulder with her own.

Finn cradles his pack in crossed legs and fishes out contributions of his own, some hard, little redfruits and a sort of pressed and dried fruit and nut … mess. It's sticky. He ends up with more of it stuck to his hands than offered to Onari with a rueful grin, "It's real good." He promises. What is Finn worried about, "You. Ma, Pa. Kalfor. Everyone." He pauses, sticking a thumb in his mouth to suck at the sticky mess (Yay manners! Linny's not doing what Onari asked, apparently). He screws his face up, not wanting to tell Onari what he's fixin' to tell her, mostly because of the lecture he's sure to follow about responsibility and the family and all … he nearly falls asleep just thinking about it. Uh. "Onari," very serious, "If I'm asked, I want to Stand the next time there are eggs."

Onari accepts the sticky mess with a raised eyebrow, though she's smiling after getting some of it in her mouth. It is good; her face confirms it. Then he's answering her question, and she shakes her head a bit, sucking on a finger just as Finn does - no manners necessary; they're not at home! "Finn… Now you know how we feel so much of the time, aye?" Not to imply she doesn't think he hasn't worried about things before. At that last pronouncement, she considers her brother for a long moment, and she smirks, her eyes softening. "I'm not surprised," she murmurs finally. "But you want to Stand because… because you think it's the best way to protect us? Is that it?"

He wipes his hands on his pants and unstoppers the wineskin, taking a long draw before offering it to Onari, "Yeah, but I'm worrying for a reason." Finn rolls his eyes. She's clearly not making the distinction between being disappointed in how someone conducts themselves from worrying about their physical wellbeing. The former is tiresome, the latter just obvious. Marauders. Thread. These were real threats. The other stuff would work itself out. He's totally serious. He furrows his brow, "It is." Duh.

"And what makes you think we - I - don't worry for a reason?" Onari questions, frowning. "You get attacked by bandits, not to mention all the things that happened while we were out on the road," little things, in the grand scheme of things, but Things nonetheless, "and you think we don't?" An odd note enters her voice - perhaps a hint of insult, but more akin to tears not far off. She swallows, quiet for a moment. "If becoming a rider meant protecting the caravan and seeing nothing like that ever happening again to you… or to anyone else," she blurts quickly, swallowing again, "I would Stand in a heartbeat." Though it would scare her to death. And it isn't going to happen. "And if you get the chance… then I'd be happy for you," she says sincerely. "But you know what's going to happen in Papa finds out you're thinking like that." Another explosion she'll likely have to do her best to lessen the fallout from.

"AND I don't nag when I worry." Finn's not making things better. "I trust that yer smart enough to handle things." He narrows a look on Onari and drops the wineskin, untaken, between them. He's offended now too. "Happy for me. I doubt it. And it's not something to be happy for." He folds his arms over his knees, looking off at the water. What Papa is going to have to say about it is not a concern of Finn's. See. Worrying about IMPORTANT things, here.

Of course she's ignoring the offered wineskin; she's trying to figure out what's going on! Onari's eyes widen as she listens to Finn, watching him, and she shakes her head incredulously. "You're so taken with dragons… How would it not be something to be happy for, you getting that honor?" She throws up her hands and lets them fall again to her lap with a light slapping sound. "Why talk to me me about it if you're going to sit here and doubt whatever I say? I…have no idea what's going on with you right now, Finn. What do you want me to say? I can just go home, if you'd rather…" And she starts to move, gathering her knapsack and shifting to get up, intending to do just that.

"This," Finn waves a hand between them, "This is you. I told you I worried about you and you turned it back on me with a barb." He shrugs, not really wanting to talk any more. Not about his plans. Stuff he'd put thought into and had wanted to share. He's used to the barbs by now, but not really keen on sticking around for any more of them. Curt, "No, I'll go. This was your spot." He begins to stuff things back into his pack making sure to leave a redfruit out for Onari. In case she wanted one.

"What 'barbs'?" Onari demands, rounding on Finn with high color in her cheeks. Something's been misconstrued; she just doesn't know what. "All I said was now you know how I feel so much of the time, worrying!" She steps up to him, putting her hands on his shoulders and trying to push on him a little to make him look at her. "I don't know what you think I said, but I wasn't trying to jab at you, Finn. You're confusing me! I'm sorry…" But by the way her eyes waver, she really isn't sure what exactly she's apologizing for. She just knows she hadn't intended to pick a fight.

"The hook doesn't have to be obvious to set, 'Nari." Finn lets her wrest his shoulders around. "I know you think I'm stupid and I don't think things through." He lifts his chin, "You and Ma and the rest." They'd certainly said it often enough. The thinking things through part, at least. The stupid bit was implied. "If you worry about bandits and girls, no, I can't believe you'd be happy for me. You'll just worry more." It's what she does.

"You can't tell me not to worry, Finn," Onari counters, brown eyes bright with moisture and locking to her brother's as she squeezes his shoulders, almost pleading. "If I tell you not to worry about me or the rest of us, is it going to work? I reserve the right to worry about the people I love, and you obviously do, too, so lets get off that, aye?" She pauses, catching her breath. "And you're not stupid. Thinking things through is hit or miss, just like it is with any of us. The only thing you're doing right now that's stupid is doubting I could be happy for you! That's not fair. What does one even have to do with the other?"

"I came out here to … you're my sister!" That should explain everything, right? "And there are things-" he gestures at the sky, "And some-" he gestures at the expanse of landscape, exasperated. Clearly Finn needs more practice worrying. He's terrible at it. Finn's answer to lots of things. Frontal assault. Onari finds herself hugged again. Finn should really try to use his words.

Yes, he really should. Onari finds herself just as flummoxed as when they started out, though she understands the 'you're my sister' part just fine. "Yes…" is drawled out, the trader girl eying her brother dubiously before following his hand to the sky, then across the landscape…and then she's just looking back at him, her eyebrows steepled. The hug forces a rush of air past her lips, but she returns it wholeheartedly, just hanging on to her big brother as if her life depends on it. Faranth's sake… "Finn, I love you dearly, but would you please say what you mean to say? What do you need me to do? I'm right here…"

Finn growls, "I'm here. I love you. Dammit, woman," his head's thrown back, "Why are you complicating this?" Punctuated with harder squeezes. "That's all I came to say. Honest. The rest," he grumbles, she'd had to keep picking at it. He hangs onto her, easier not to look at those wide brown eyes, "I tell you I worry and you're all 'finally' because I'm gut sick like the rest of you. Like I shoulda been all along, right?" He stills, goes quiet. "That's not fair."

Onari wrinkles her nose slightly. "Because it's my job," she replies to the first question (rhetorical or not), trying to imbue the situation with a little levity. (Isn't that usually Finn's job?) "We're not 'gut sick' all the time, Finn," she tells him, her tone gentling significantly, "and contrary to what you probably think, I probably am less than Mama and Papa. I just said that because it just seems like…" She shrugs uncomfortably. "…Like you hardly ever do. Maybe you're just good at hiding it. Or maybe you really don't; I can't tell! I just don't know what to make of it, is all." She ends the explanation with her lips pressed into a thin line, her uncertainty clear…though she isn't giving up the big brown eyes just yet.

It is Finn's job, levity, but on the ONE day he's being serious, she can pick up the slack. He's due. Still, he can't help but add, "You're SO fired." He shakes his head, "That they worry MORE isn't better. For anybody." He shrugs at Onari's concern, "There's nothing to make of it. Of course I worry." He looks down at her, incredulous, "Do I have to harangue you with it?" He shakes his head, scrunching his face, "No way." Not happening. "This is better." He tightens his arms around her. Worry vanishes then. For him, at least. "Tell me how blathering on about how you worry about me is better than this."

Onari giggles - a bit thickly - at Finn's pronouncement that she's fired. "I didn't say it was better," she says of their parents' worry, and then her brow furrows a bit at the next question, even as he answers it. "It wouldn't hurt to just be aware every now an then," she says, and then he's renewing their hug, and she thumps her forehead against his shoulder and responds in kind. "It's not," she concedes with a huff, her voice a bit muffled against his shirt. After a moment, she looks up at him and cants a lopsided smile. "Fine. Can we just sit here and finish eating, then? It's a really nice day." A beautiful day, in fact - and a good moment to forget about things for a little while. Hurrah for sibling drama!

"Right? Right. Now that we've settled THAT." Finn rolls his eyes and sits back down. Pack becomes a pillow and he's soon sprawled out on the boulder, filching bits here and there from Onari's stash as she fixes things. The redfruit he makes short work of, halving, quartering and …eighthing (?) them with steady strokes of his knife. He hands a fan of sliced fruit to Onari, "Here." So generous. After demolishing half her cheese and pilfering goodly bits of the rest. He takes a deep breath and launches, "So. When are you going to settle down and get married and start having babies so that I can stop worrying about you," he takes a breath, "And what are we going to do about that brother of yours, it's like he doesn't even think half the time. He's going to be the death of me," breeeeeathe, "And those bandits! What if your brother runs into them on his way back from…" it goes on and on and on. See. He knows, Onari. He knows.

Onari accepts the fruit with a smile and a quiet thanks…and then she socks his shoulder without looking as he falls into his sarcastic ribbing. "Shut up." Said around a mouthful, and she scowls, but there's a raised eyebrow and amusement lurking in her eyes as she gives her brother a sidelong glance. Taking a cue from him, she scoots her knapsack around and stretches out on the boulder herself, side by side but the opposite direction from him. Perhaps she does worry overmuch…but if she's starting to learn that, she's not about to say so. She'll just show it as she goes along.

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