Amani, D'wane, Zymuraith, Rocketh


D'wane and Rocketh are getting an early look at the weyrlings and end up talking with Zymuraith and Amani.


It is midmorning of the twenty-second day of the second month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Southern Weyr- Training Grounds

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Training Grounds

A broad and sheltered swoop of bowl lies bare for the talons and tread of countless weyrlings that-will-be, encased by stone scoured and scarred by those-that-were. Dirt lies as neatly as dirt can lie, swept and raked daily, at the mouth of the caverns that must indubitably be the weyrling barracks. Devoid of decoration, the place stands strangely absent of pressence when empty, the everpresent wind of Southern giving strange acoustics to those under the shelter of the towering bowl-wall.

It is the fifty-second day of Summer and 99 degrees. It is a beautiful, sunny day marred by the overwhelming humidity.

There's no question about it now - Zymuraith's growth is well outpacing her clutchmates, including her bronze brothers. Amani swears she has to be as big as a full-grown green by now, which isn't true…but it certainly feels that way sometimes. It won't be long until the young gold is taller at the shoulder than her bonded. Oiling is becoming a chore that takes longer and longer, and it seems a little more comfortable to do it outside, so that's where the goldling pair is. Out on the training grounds, Amani is making an inspection of a shimmering unfurled wing, carefully feeling around joints and along spars with oily fingers before starting to rub the stuff in in earnest. Zymuraith sits patiently, though the sinuous length of her tail undulates idly, as though she might be containing the urge to move or is being particularly pensive about something.

And with perfect timing as if the bronze could just sense Amani's internal dialogue about just how big her own mate is, Rocketh lazily wings in from above to give a little perspective of just how big dragons can get, even though Zymuraith will certainly surpass even his large butt in size. The adult dragon will land with casual style far enough away from any others as to be considerate, but those welcoming beach shores reach out to anybody near by. A nice breeze, some coconut drinks. He's got it all. D'wane makes a much more casual entrance, but it might be semi-official nosing about considering he actually has his shirt on this time. And knot. He's just going to take a place leaning casually against Rocketh while observing the assorted weyrlings milling about. Mental notes, guys. Mental notes.

Zymuraith observes Rocketh's arrival quietly, taking in his breezy, laid-back beach with careful consideration before unfolding her own mindscape to greet him in turn. Sunset colors filter in, the subtle scents of caramel and bonfire smoke wafting through along with the flaring and flickering of white flames in a massive black iron cauldron. She integrates what she senses from the bronze, black and white tents arrayed upon black sand, the trees surrounding them more of the jungle variety than her usual forest. Amani pauses, wondering at this little adaptation before looking up to spot D'wane and lifting her hand in salute. "Good morning, sir," she greets in turn, stopping her ministration for the moment as Zymuraith pads a little closer to Rocketh, trying to decide what she makes of him. "Checking in on us?" The lot of them, that is.

And Rocketh fully approves of the additions, although if she wanted a bonfire, all the little queen needed to was ask. Bonfires and beaches go together perfectly. As well as that roasted porcine that he's going to add so the smell of the slow roasted meet mingles in with the caramel. D'wane grins as he's been spotted (not like he was hiding with Rocketh being the biggest thing on the grounds at the moment), and returns Amani's salute with a casual salute of his own. "Of course. Seemed like it was a good time to start checking in." Sure, they're not even flying yet, but they've probably gotten past the initial zombie stage and the young dragons are starting to develop their personalities and skills more. "Anything you think I should know?" There's a wave to the yard in general in case Amani's inclined to spill any beans on any of her classmates. Rocketh, attention seeker that he is, is going to make sure he's striking the best pose he can as Zymuraith comes over for an inspection of him.

Amani is willing enough to make plenty of observations about her classmates and their dragons, but also savvy enough to realize that what may be true for them today may not be in a month or five days…or even five minutes. "Well, we've all got our battles, that's for sure," she replies, glancing at her lifemate briefly at that. "Some of them," the baby dragons, "want to eat everything, some of us look like we're in a daze half the time with whatever we're dealing with in our heads, some aren't getting enough sleep. I'm still trying to understand everything she does and shows me…" She pauses a moment, considering how exactly she wants to word her next. "And F'kan acts like he should never have left this level of things in the first place. He's a self-absorbed man-child…" Her cheeks flare slightly, and she frowns shaking her head a bit. "Since he's staying with us, we're going to have to figure out how to work with him at some point. And I know I'm not helping the matter…" But at least she can admit it. "Sorry; that's probably more than you wanted to know." In the meantime, Zymuraith withdraws the white flames of her bonfire with a soft chuckle, letting Rocketh take over the roasting. Her bonfire is a reflection of herself and not meant for food, though she lets a touch of snowy fire remain beyond it to help out with that facet of things. « If I were to watch you without your knowing, would you still stand like that? » she inquires as she comes closer, the lucid pools of her eyes glinting with emerald in the prevalent swirl of amber.

« There's always someone watching and you are little yet. » So that's a yes from Rocketh and maybe he's trying to do this posturing for Roxie or Caelisth. Surely one of the weyrlingmasters' greens isn't too far away from the grounds this morning. D'wane's just going to ignore the posing because really, Rock does that almost all the time a green is around which is pretty much always. There's a grin as she lists the trials and tribulations some of her clutchmates have been going through, particularly the eat anything bit, but that is quickly washed away with the mention of the former Ocelot. "Fucking F'kan. He's got a lot to relearn." And that's as much as he's going to reveal about that particular subject, but the punishment seems more fitting with each passing day. Especially if he's going to act like a man-child. But then he shifts focus abruptly to give Amani a more appraising look. "You know, you're going to get tossed into leadership lessons before too long. And some of your other clutchmates."

There is something about Rocketh's answer that sets Zymuraith's bonfire to sparking around the edges, the shadows cast by the white flames sharpening and dancing more pointedly at the same time. Hints of chocolate and spice drift into the mix of scents, golden sunlight glinting just so from the leaves of surrounding trees and the cooler presence of her own breezes whispering just soft and light enough to be perfectly pleasing. The picture presented is almost too pretty as she replies, « I know, » with a hint of something that feels like a sigh flickering her bonfire, a soft, rhythmic ticking carrying steadily through the sounds of breezes and crackling flames. « Even if I am little yet, I know. » The exchange causes Amani to look to her lifemate once more, her gaze thoughtful before she's looking back up at the brawny bronzerider. She's certainly not going to push for more info on F'kan, but she's inwardly pleased to know the older riders seem just as pissed off at him. His change of topic has her blinking for a moment before she nods. "Mine are going to be a bit different, though, aren't they?" she asks, a dark brow lifting subtly. "Since we can't lead wings."

Rocketh is a pretty simple dragon most of the time so he's not going to question the pretty picture presented by the young dragon, although the words and the sigh do get a friendly brush of warm sea-salt breeze. « You don't like the people watching? As long as you know who you are, why do they matter? » The bronze poses because he likes the attention. And if any of it happens to be negative? Those waves will just flick it away. D'wane just shrugs for the topic of the lessons. "There wasn't actually a goldrider in my class… and I wasn't included in those particular lessons during weyrlinghood anyways…" Yes, D'wane was in the back of the class. He had a lot of learning to make up, but make it up he did. "But Puma is a wing. If they're flying and the Senior is grounded, one of the other weyrwomen has to lead. Plus, knowing how the wings work to know how to deal with the dragonhealers and the groundcrews and everything else…" Plus the whole helping running the weyr even if not directly commanding a fighting wing.

« I don't mind people watching, but how they watch isn't always so simple, » Zymuraith replies, settling onto her haunches before the big bronze. « Do they see what they expect me to be, or what I am? » As confidently as she tends to present herself (in most cases), it's likely the little gold doesn't know what she is herself just yet, aside from the obvious. « They do matter. But maybe what they think doesn't matter as much. » She can certainly split hairs for one so young. Amani nods along to what D'wane explains, though her brows lift in query after the mention of working with the dragonhealers. "Will I have to learn to be a dragonhealer myself? Or is it more about learning how Zymuraith will help them?"

Awww, isn't the hair splitting just so cute on one that's only like three months old? Rocketh lets out an amused rumble of laughter and reaches out to get a friendly nudge with his nose to the young gold's shoulder, a draconic equivalent of a pat on the head or shoulder. « You have your's. What she thinks matters. And what your leaders think matters. Everyone else though? » The waves wash up on a sand-hold that was built too close to the tide line, easily wiping it out and carrying the sand away to erase it's very existence within seconds. D'wane shrugs yet again. "Some goldriders are, some aren't. If it's something you're interested in, I don't think the Weyrwoman would stop you from learning that after graduation. But knowing how Zymuraith will help them is critical, because she will be called on." There's only so much the dragonhealer's dragons can do. There are always going to be some big jobs that require the big guns, or in this case, the big golden dragons.

Zymuraith stands again at Rocketh's nudge, feet planted firmly as she rumbles back up at him, her tail giving a pointed but graceful lash. It isn't a display of defiance or any such thing, just one of assurance. « What mine thinks is most important, » she states, white flames dancing without sparks, the atmosphere of her circus settling into its normal bustle of wondering and mysterious joviality. Amani is clearly doing some new thinking of her own as she considers D'wane's reply. Again she nods, watching as Zymuraith ventures a tiny nudge back to Rocketh and takes her leave to come stand beside her once more. "I've been thinking about that more and more," she notes, giving her lifemate's neck a rub. "Right now, however…I think I'd better finish her oiling before we're both thinking about her itching more than anything else." Some things are just more immediate right now than even that.

« That's the spirit! » Rocketh approves of this change and rumbles again with amusement as she returns the nudge. So tiny, so cute, but the bronze is going to stand as well. Poking around at weyrlings wasn't the only thing on the agenda for today, although he does have a final parting gift. On the edge between the carnival and the beach, a small tent has been set up with a game of coconut shy. "Don't let me keep you. I've got drills to get to anyways. But if you ever need someone to talk to, you know how to find me." D'wane will offer a wave before climbing up onto Rocketh's straps. Once settled, the bronze pair are quickly on their way to the rest of their day.

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