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Kurkar has all manner of new people trespassing, uh, visiting.


It is the fifty-eighth day of Autumn and 75 degrees. It is hot. Hot, hot, hot. Rukbat bakes the desert. Temperatures soar.


The Plaza

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"We can't all be ruffians."


The Plaza

The small crevice to enter forthwith accedes to stone steps that descend for half a dragonlength, subterranean space broadening into the volume of five cathedrals, but a sanctuary of few saints. The heartbeat of the Underground is an open courtyard of native soil ringed by domiciles and living quarters gouged into the bedrock. Fowl, caprines, and long-tailed ovines occasionally wander and sleep freely, except when assemblies, dancing, or the rare wedding features. Music is kept to a minimum, as sound may wander to the surface, but daily life starts and ends here. The living quarters carved into the rocks may be as simple as crawl space or a large enough family unit to house several members. Often cloth is used to separate one's 'claim' and to provide a modicum of privacy. A towering ceiling is forever safe from light's reach, its vacant blackness like a night sky without stars.

As time goes on, Kurkar has been getting more and more attention from the outside world as the news spreads about a mysterious blue substance that can… do something. Possibly. What is still to be determined, but that's what some of Pern's best and brightest crafters are out to discover. Some riders have been assigned to help ferry in said crafters and Doji just happens to be one of them. Raktraeth has parked himself outside, basking in some of the late afternoon summer sun. The brownrider meanwhile has a crate of something that she's toting around and looking extremely lost in all the hustle and bustle and makeshift quarters that have sprung up the Plaza over the past seven. "Uhhhh… did anybody see which way Journeyman Naeshelle went?"

Elisov began to wonder when his posting to Igen might be expiring, but hasn't yet the bluster to ask. Called to Kurkar to help with general animal welfare— it was mentioned several castrations were required this sevenday or the next— he crosses the Plaza by keeping to its fringes where the walking is easier. Well, except when your hands are full… As Doji circulates the ferried cargo while simultaneously searching for someone, Elisov stretches his eyebrows up and glances around the open space. "Not sure, what's she look like?" His accent full and thickly Fortian.

"Uhhhhh…." So it probably would have been a good idea for Doji to actually focus on what the person she was conveying and presumably following looked like in case they got separated like now, but that would have required more eye contact than she's in the habit of making. "I think she was wearing a blue tunic…" Although she doesn't sound convinced of that fact herself at all. The Fortian accent does catch her ear though and maybe gives some hope to the poor lost rider. "Do you know where the healer's quarters have been set up for now?"

"Tell'ya what," proposing this much better idea, "would it be any easier if I carried that bulk and you looked around for journeyman," he's forgotten her name already, "…your target person?" The herder's pattern of speech is harper-taught, but there's a far-off impatience to the man that seems to be always waiting for something impressive to happen. As the dragonrider, a very young one, requests the location of the healers' encampment, he exhales through his nose and takes his time to answer. "I do, actually."

Doji is indeed a very young dragonrider, but the crate she's carrying isn't very heavy for all that it is a smidgen awkward to carry. Or that just might be how Doji holds things. Awkward could be her middle name, if Pern used middle or last names. "Naeshelle." She'll quickly provide the forgotten name. She might not remember what said healer looks like, or was wearing, but the name at least she does have down. "And I think I have the box… but if you know where the healers are, that would be fantastic. She's bound to go there eventually!" Besides, what was the newcomer healer doing running around without waiting on a guide? Hopefully they won't also have to form a search party to find Naeshelle at some point.

Elisov is nonplus as his gaze slides to the path ahead of him. "Suit yourself." After a quick orientation in this largely unknown place, the journeyman utilizes his height to his advantage when it comes to preparing a route in the easiest way possible. He eschews any further conversation until the healer site is reached, pausing first to let a cart of rubble or ore to pass. "You're in luck," quickly scanning through those crafters present and looking over his shoulder, "there are seven in blue tunics."

Maybe it was a conscious chose for the healers to all wear blue if they were going to investigate the blue glow. Less likely to show if they got it all on themselves or something. Doji lets out a little groan as she does indeed see seven healers all in pretty similar garb. "You'd think they were harpers with all that blue…" But instead of interrupting… she's just going to drop the crate off to the side and then try to inch around the group, trying to flag down any one of the seven's attention, but they're all looking down at some of the samples they have in front of them talking very hurriedly about it.

The number is more like three true blues, the others could be quantified as mixed colored, with one a legit harper wearing the color of his craft. "…that one is," he probably not-so-helpfully points that harper journeyman out. Resting a forearm against a supporting pole for the large overhead double tents, Elisov spies Doji's passive attempt to find Naeshelle, and instead asks in a loud, crisp, voice, "is there a Naeshelle here!" At least four aren't— they're men— and he blinks over them.

It turns out, Nashelle isn't actually among the crowd at the table, although one of the men looks between the herder and then Doji and the crate. "No, she just left to go see the girl. Did you need her?" That journeywoman moves fast apparently. Or Doji got really, really lost. The rider is turning a little bit pink. "No, no. Just bringing in the last of her supplies. They're right there. When she gets back." She points to where she neatly set the crate with some others, but then some of the samples they were looking at catches her eyes. "Wait… are those really bugs you have there?"

Elisov's yell is effective at earning a response, but too bad the subject of this story isn't even here. The herder, now that he's back at this location, offers, "'ey Sami," to one of the healers he only recently spoke to about getting some of blue substance clearance for herder research. Doji's comment makes him search her way, repeating, "bugs?"

As Sami does indeed recognize the herder, a little bit more room is made around the table so he can join in on the little cross-craft collaboration. And Doji's managed to wiggle her own way closer, completely entranced by how it does actually glow. Even in the abundant light set up in this section of the plaza. "These were found all over the cavern floor. Along with several different types of plants…" One of the healers explains while the harper resumes making sketches of all the samples out on the table. "Didn't the reports say the girl ate some of the insects?" Doji's just going to pipe that up as she tries to remember what all she read versus all the crazy things that have been flying around.

Elisov leaves his post on the fringes of the tent, ducking around the rolled spanse of canvas and coming further into the bright light arranged with ample native glows. As the healers and brownrider trade productive comments, Elisov adds, "I think that's how it went." Truthfully, he didn't pay much attention to the backstory, just the aftermath— his single-mindedness is to thank for that. To Sami: "Any word from your superior yet on sharing specimens?"

So Pern may not have as strict an ethics review process as Earth, but there are definitely some procedures in place. "We just need some documentation from your Weyrherder approving whatever it is that you're planning to do." Poor Sami can remember Elisov's face, but he's been so slammed with requests for materials that he can't keep them all straight. But once a Weyrcrafter signs off, he'll share some of that blue glow and Elisov can poke and prod some poor animals to his heart's content! The healers will just want him to share any results, of course. Doji however, has not heard what those experiments might be and she's curious enough to ask. "Are you planning a test?"

Elisov idly connects the back of one hand to his chin and is greeted with a prickle. Ugh, has he been here underground long enough to be getting stubble? As journeyman Sami dictates protocol he hadn't explained earlier, Elisov stares for a couple of seconds while thinking 'is that all?' He gets closer to the young dragonrider. "Yes. Say, you got a firelizard I can borrow? One who's good with dispatching notes?"

Doji does indeed have a firelizard, several of them. And a dragon to help enforce any tasks given to the little flits as well, so about as reliable a messenger as can be expected. Only a few seconds after Elisov asks, a little bronze appears to curl around the young rider's shoulder, eyeing that blue glowing bug carcass on the table, although Doji's hand quickly turns the lizard's head away from his possible snack. "I do. And he hasn't had a note mis-delivered yet. Need one sent to the Weyrherder?" She might have a hazy memory of who the man is after getting a lecture that one seven that Raktraeth tried to eat seven herdbeasts in seven days…

"Capital," Elisov quips to Doji as he pulls a scrap hide from his pocket and steals a utensil from the healer brigade. Don't worry, he'll more than likely give it back. After scrawling a terse message, he weighs his options and provides the note to Doji rather than affixing it himself. He doesn't make a habit of touching animals without someone's authority. "'To Weyrherder Sinashal,' says it right on there to stave off any confusion." He waits for the bronze to take off. "So what does a dragonrider have to do to be a draughtbeast to a crafter?" Blue eyes narrow with the anticipation of that answer.

Once the note is provided, Doji makes quick work of handing the hide to the little bronze, but takes a good bit more time making sure the instructions are clear before sending him off. They'll just have to wait and see if he actually gets to the correct target. She'll shrug in response to the question though. "I wasn't assigned sweeps today and healer hall requested assistance sending some of the healers here. My Weyrleader assigned me." And here she is. Probably because said Weyrleader knew she'd be the least likely to complain about the assignment. And also the least likely to say no when Naeshelle just tossed the crate at her and assumed she'd carry it.

Maybe Doji's explanation was sort of expected, but Elisov was hoping for something else. One eyebrow twitches higher in quiet evaluation. "That's not very dramatic at all. Oh well, we can't all be ruffians." Looking down to toss the graphite utensil back onto a table, the herder walks around a healer doing her job so he can pick his back up. "Thanks for letting me use your firelizard friend. I don't need the reply, it can go straight to the journeyman there. Now, I'm pretty sure I have at least one horn to remove." He flicks a barely there grin, like he had to remember its use, turns, and begins to unbutton his good vest so it doesn't get bloody. "Which way's the— bugger, they didn't even tell me his name. I'll find it, never mind." He neglects the grin this time and stalks off to find the man with the ovine ram.

"Thanks for your help as well!" Doji will call out to the herder as he starts to stalk off. She could probably return immediately back to the Weyr now that her duties are done, but there's all sorts of curiousities here and so the former-healer is going to just hang around observing until that healer cluster realizes she doesn't belong here. Or until Raktraeth decides it's time to go get some dinner. Whichever happens to come first.

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