Riza, Doji, A'lira, H'rik, D'kan, R'kyr, K'mine, Navikoth, Raktraeth, Kyprioth, Kazavoth, Dhazkyth


Some of Igen's latest clutch get to experience the joys of their first mating flight when Navikoth gathers her suitors and dragons do what dragons gotta do.


It is afternoon of the thirteenth day of the first month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Igen Weyr - Central Bowl

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« Nice milkshake, babushka. »


Central Bowl

Cradled, childlike, in an easterly mountainous embrace, the steppes of the central bowl nestle cozily between lake and weyr. The latticework of dusty adobe paths spider out from the southerly Weyr Road, the wagon-ruts of which curve lazily to the northeastern bazaar, the adobe sprawl of the New Weyr reflected in the lake that dominates a large portion of outdoor Igen. A small footpath, just as abused, ambles away from the shores, travelling over rock and hill to the northern dragonet complex and branching itself due west to end at the entrance of the blessedly cool inner caverns. One cracked path, faint with disuse, leads southeast to the crumbling ruins of Igen-that-was. All around, the dizzying heights of the caldera's sharp-sloped sides are pocked here and there with ledges, the weyrs' draconic occupants needing no path to guide their way.

It is the seventy-third day of Winter and 32 degrees. It is a bright, sunny day.

Winter is in full force at Igen, bringing with it the frigid temperatures that are normal. Just at the freezing point, it doesn't quite feel that way if you find a place of sunlight to just soak up the warmth that offers. Navikoth has found herself a fine ledge soaking up that sunlight, and looking bright for it. Or… is she actually sparkling on those bright, highlighted speckles of her hide? Either way, over the past sevenday, Navikoth has been flirting shamelessly with anything that isn't female, and Riza has been trying to offer her help to… just about anyone. The girl has basically turned into a kitten wanting for attention and to "help". Today has her trotting after an older rider of the arroyo wing. "You sure there ain't nothin' I c'n do f'r you?" The older bluerider just looks disgruntled for a moment and merely answers with a grunt, headshake, and handwave. Leave him be!

It's the most wonderful time of the year? At least A'lira isn't going to fry out here as he takes his time about getting Kyprioth's straps off him after that long lovely sweep they just did. Turning, he notes Riza dogging the steps of a rider, and lifts his eyebrows in amusement. Kyprioth is, of course, pretending to ignore the shiny grern Navikoth, as is his standard op. He does, however, sidke away from his rider as discreetly as possible: perhaps they should converse.

Sunlight and Raktraeth go together like peanut butter and jelly so it really isn't surprising that the behemoth brown has found himself a nice lovely sunny spot to stretch out on. It's just coincidence that the spot he deemed the sunniest spot happens to have a perfect line of sight onto his clutch sibling's sparkling hide, right? His mind forests reach out to hers, sunlight filtering in through snow laden evergreen boughs and glistening off everything. It's a beautiful, if blinding, sight. As for Doji? She's busy just heading out of the living caverns with a freshly filled container of klah clutched tightly into her hands. MMMM, warmth. It might be hard to recognize the girl though from just how bundled up she is. Scarves everywhere.

Having had his rider 'help' Riza before, Wendryth is at least now more aware of that special thing that can happen between not just two people, but two dragons too. Navikoth has been particularly sparkly of late, and, with just a little nudging from H'rik, the bronze has put two and two together and got four. If he's unusually restless, H'rik is pretending not to notice, but the bronze is most definitely looking up at the green as he comes in for a rather bumbling landing. "Steady," H'rik quips to him, as he dismounts and starts stripping the bronze's straps. He's not oblivious to what may or may not happen any time soon. Wendryth has stopped looking at Navikoth, for now his attention is on Kyprioth and Raktraeth, suspicious and silent as he considers both browns. H'rik pulls the last of the straps off his dragon, and starts collecting them up, struggling a little to move his arms in his layers of warm clothes.

A broad-shouldered brown circles from the ledges above, picking out just the right landing spot to set his bulk. His rider is quick to descend, but when about to head toward one of the tunnels, he's mentally stopped in his tracks, bidden to remove the dragon's straps. With a quick and crooked smile, the rider obliges, neatly gathering the lengths of leather and looping them arm-length by arm-length over one shoulder. That done, he moves away from Kazavoth, dark eyes searching the bowl before he spots a likely group, heading in their direction.

Roll. Flair the wings. Navikoth shifts on her ledge, getting herself a vantage point of all those lovely boys gathering down below. But the sun is so warm. So nice. So hot. Or is she hot? Either or. Both. « My, my. Look at all you fine dragons. » Navikoth's midnight forests reach out, and it's eerily quiet except for the purring of a large feline, and the heavy scent of jasmine and sandalwood. « Let us see a little display, yes? » Is she prompting them to pose for her? Just maybe. Riza on the other hand is looking disgruntled as the older bluerider shrugs her off. There's a put-out frown on her face before she's noticing all these people in the bowl now. And one of them has warmth! Riza herself is decked out in appropriate clothing, but that doesn't stop her from bounding over to Doji. "Heyya!" She's going to huddle into Doji's personal space, as if the klah mug can radiate that much warmth. Navikoth shifts from her resting position to sit up, and start preening her talons. Oh yes. That green is shimmering MUCH more than usual.

Wendryth's bath is just gonna have to wait - the bronze has something much more important to do, right now. After a suspicious look shot towards Kazavoth as the older dragon lands, Wendy spies the movement of vibrant green above, and the familiar voice in his head. « LO, Navikoth! You summoned me and I am here! » Okay, so she didn't exactly DIRECTLY summon him, but Wendy is not going to ignore a glowing green damsel in distress! Whether or not a pose was requested of him, he's making a show of opening those broad wings of his, angling himself to try and show them best to Navikoth, while also trying to just maybe try and look bigger than the other males (good luck to ya Wendy, cos Raktraeth is there). H'rik would facepalm, but his arms are fully loaded with straps and he needs to do something with them. Problem is, he's in a tricky position, watching Riza and knowing that something is about to start, and imminently.

Hey, is there a party out here? 'Cause R'kyr didn't get a formal invitation. "Here, let me help you with those," R'kyr says in a moment of utter benediction and unlikely non-assholery to H'rik as he comes by. He just has a redfruit, but he chunks it in between his teeth to grip as he holds his arms out for his fellow clutchmate's straps. His words are garbled from the redfruit, but it sounds like something to the effect of: "'cause no chance in hell." Dhaz knows better. See? R'kyr can be nice, y'all. To other similarly-social-classed men of equal status. …fuck he's still an asshole.

Kazavoth stretches his neck to get a good luck at Navikoth, ignoring the others for now while he takes a moment to stretch his wings slowly before folding them loosely against his back. As Wendryth greets the glowing one, Kaz remains silent, happy to admire from afar for now. D'kan, meanwhile, sets down his brown's riding leathers out of the way, then continues his way toward Riza. The others in the area get brief glances, but like his dragon, D'kan is in the stage of quiet observation. It's not quite creeper quality, but it wouldn't take many more degrees.

A display, she says. Well. Kyprioth launches himself up to a ledge, seeing his rider is not going to object to any socializing for his brown. Indeed, A'lira simply smirks, and wanders over to the little group, unwinding his scarf as he does. His straps are coiled around his shoulder, now, as that's the only place to keep them. Kyprioth will land on his ledge, and cant his head at Navikoth rather like a dog trying to figure out what the cat is up to now. He extends his wings outward, dark and shadowing, then stretches out — the better to loosen up all that muscle. His jaw drops in amusement. «Shall we play a game?»

Doji was really paying more attention to her nice, warm beverage than anyone coming her way, so she practically runs into the smaller greenrider who is suddenly all up in her space and so she'll try to take a step or two back to rectify this lack of space situation. "Hey, Riza… what are you up to?" She certainly hasn't noticed just how sparkly Navikoth is and Raktraeth has spent too much time around his brother and enjoys keeping secrets and surprising his rider, so he's not enlightening her yet. He's got other things to do, like snort and Wendryth's suspicious glances and posturing. The ruddy brown knows he looks damn good with the sunlight catching on the striations in his hide and his tawny wings already spread out. He'll just flick them once and then a second time. Maybe just a subtle reminder to his brothers just who is the biggest dragon in the bowl at the moment. And uh, at that point is when Doji notices her older wingmate approaching and D'kan gets a nod. And then there's A'lira. And H'rik. And R'kyr. There's a look that says some mental calculus is going on. Just how long will it take her to come up with the answer being FLIGHT IMMINENT?

<Igen Weyr> Raktraeth senses that: Dhazkyth is just here for the comments. Uh, the poses. Where's his popcorn? THERE'S HIS POPCORN. « Oh yeah. Talk dirty to all of them poor fuckers in that creepy ass voice of yours, Navi. Do it. Do it. You bring all the creepy dragons to your yard. » Here, have a single red balloon. « Nice milkshake, babushka. » If it wasn't anti-patriotic, his unicorn fluffy would be waving a slavic flag in allegiance to his clutchsister.

« A game? » Navikoth repeats, rolling that offer over in her mind before the silvery laugh of a fey-child echos through all the minds, elusive and enticing. She rears, fanning her wings herself. « A game. For all you handsome fellows. » And with her signature nimbleness she's turning for the feeding pens. Immediately a slow, fat wherry is pinned and … dismantled. There's no delicate way to explain gutting the bird, but making sure to get the blood. Some guts. Maybe a little meat. And then tossing it to the side for a serving of porcine next. Same deal. « May the most handsome dragon win! » They get to guess the game, as two beasts are enough for her, and she's up in the clear sunny skies, flying up towards the highest peak of the weyr. « You're as eloquent as always, Dhazkyth-babushka. » Riza isn't quite on the up and up on what's happening either. But Doji is warmth, and Riza's small form is getting cold. "Where y' headed to, eh?" Does Riza notice all her clutch sibs and that stalker? … Yeeeees. Maybe that's why she's in Doji's personal space.

Kazavoth continues his silent observation, mirrored by D'kan. There is a moment when the green turns toward the pens, however, when the pair look at each other for a good three seconds. Whatever the private exchange, it ends with the brown taking advantage of that recently vacated ledge, both sun- and dragon-warmed. D'kan considers the other riders for a few more seconds, head tilted a couple degrees. Then he retrieves the stack of looped leather and resumes his progress toward the caverns.

Raktraeth is always up for a little gluttony so as soon as Navikoth is taking off for the pens, he's going to follow at what is a very quick pace for the usually leisurely brown. He'll waste no time and just settle on the biggest herdbeast he can find. One bovine totally equals a wherry and a porcine, right? It does in Raktraeth's mind. « Is that why you're sitting this one out, Dhaz? Don't want to face that you're not the prettiest dragon around? » Look, he has time to do some smack talk as well as leap into the sky. He might not be nimble, but those broad wings are good for covering a lot of ground. The sight of Navikoth taking off followed by her suitors is the final piece that clicks into place and it's almost like a glow basket goes off over Doji's head. "Riza…" She's just going to nudge the greenrider and point towards the feeding pens.

Oh hey R'kyr! H'rik will let the straps be taken from him, more than giving them over to him. Wendryth when he's interested in a lady is more absorbing than he ever imagined it would be. "Oh uh, hey, thanks." He blink-blinks at the muffled words from the other bronzerider, before he turns, sharply, now unladen, as Wendryth sweeps his wings down and takes off for the paddocks. A beast is despatched in messy fashion, Wendy trying to keep his eyes on Navikoth even while he bloods. He's not there for long though - the green apple of his eye is aloft, and Wendryth is lumbering aloft. « MY LADY! YOUR KNIGHT IS HERE FOR YOU! » H'rik turns again, facing R'kyr again, giving the man a befuddled look before his gaze refocuses on Riza beyond.

<Local> Raktraeth senses that: Dhazkyth is so distressed to prevent Navi from having the most handsome dragon chase — even as his brother is taking the POT SHOT. #expected « You're so insensitive, Trae. Don't you know that sometimes dragons just have headaches? You poor rutting fuckers, you just don't get that sometimes, » this is accompanied by the mental version of a very prissy and very feminine leg-cross, « You can be just not in the mood. »

A game it is: one that involves making a quick sweep of the pens, to pick up a drink of blood from a couple unfortunate beasts. Apparently Navikoth knows what she wants to do, and gets right down to business, whether Riza's ready or not. Kyprioth will head skyward when he's done, seeking that exact place from which to enter the new game: chase some tail. ll right, this is a good one for a dragon who likes such things. A'lira squints at Riza, suddenly all too sure the girl is not entirely aware of what her dragon's up to. Hopefully, she'll take Doji's hint. There's another smirk, as he tucks his hands into his pockets, and a glance spared toward the Ground Weyrs.

<Local> Raktraeth senses that: Raktraeth feels like that may be the pot calling the kettle something there, Dhaz. And he's had an expert tutor on insensitivity. See the following exhibit: « Excuses, excuses… You might want to make an appointment with the dragonhealers if you keep having that little problem. »

<Local> Raktraeth senses that: Dhazkyth snickers from his peanut gallery: « oh buddy, none of my problems are little problems, i leave those for the browns. »

R'kyr adjusts the straps in his grip — this is not some sort of ulterior motive to check out H'rik's stitching, but he's probably going to check it just because that's what R'kyr's do — and tosses his redfruit from his mouth to his hand. It looks like a well-practiced move. "Go get her, killer," he says to H'rik, freeing a hand to clap the other bronzerider on the shoulder before he goes off to leisurely stand guard over the accumulated flight-unnecessary straps over here and watch the spectacular chase of Navikoth. And maybe he too-cheerfully flags a hand at Doji when she looks his way next, too. What's that he's yelling at her? "GREAT HOBBY CHOICE!", across the bowl.

Oh, all the banter between the guys. Especially that one crudely verbose bronze. Navikoth takes a peek under her wing to see her behemoth brown brother catching up rather too quickly for her tastes. Wendy is also there, calling out to her, and Kyp chasing as well. She's going to ignore that crudge bronze that 'just isn't in the mood' though, because if he isn't chasing, he is of no interest to her. But these others. That fey-giggle resounds in their minds again as she reaches the peak, and does a barrel roll so she can shove off against the cliff face, shooting off in a completely different direction with that lithe little bod of hers. « You claim to be here, Wendryth, but I see you not! » She taunts. « You're all so large, how will you catch me? » Because master of tight turns, here! Riza looks at Doji's pointing finger and instead of blanching like might be expected the girl actually sighs. "Well." Single syllable. "Tha' expla'ns a whole lot." Like her Ultra Helpful self and Navi's Ultra Flirty/Fickle self. The greenrider takes a step back from her friend and sighs, but groans. "But you were warm."

Doji just groans at that yell from R'kyr and what part of her face is visible under the scarves is turning a brighter red than she's been in quite a long time. "He better not make this his sharding hobby…" the girl's just going to mutter, but then Riza's putting the pieces together herself and she just shrugs. "Yeah, but lots of things are warm." Like beds and coats and klah. Raktraeth is unconcerned with the competition he's got. In fact, one of those unimportant NPC blues is just there to get bowled over by the behemoth. All that bulk means he's got momentum on his side. Watch out smaller dragons (hey, this can even include you, WENDY!). « You can't fly forever. » And that's pretty much the gist of Trae's plan. knock out all the smaller dragons and be the last one standing. That's how this works, right?

Check out that stitching if you like R'kyr, cos H'rik is way beyond caring what it's like right now (hint: uneven). "Right then," is the sort-of reply to the encouragement from his clutchmate, as he steels himself and takes a few steps closer towards Riza. Shouldn't they all be heading somewhere more private or something? He looks a little bug-eyed, bless him. Wendryth is totally not concerned about this sort of thing, for he's doing his best to get closer to Navikoth. After all, he's the knight in shining armour here, not the browns! « MY LADY, I AM ALWAYS IN YOUR HEART! YOUR GENTLE FACE IS IN MY DREAMS! MY LOVE FOR YOU A DART! » Oh boy, here comes the poetry. But he's gaining in the pack, coming up closer to Raktraeth - worryingly close, actually.

Woo, fancy flying! It's altogether too good to be true. And while the others waste energy in chatter and noise, he'll just angle his way past the group, angling to sneak 'round the other side of Navikoth's barrel-rolling trickery. He sees her! Quick-change artist she may be, but this brown has an interest making use of unexpected thermals to his advantage in keeping up with her. "Yeah… surprise, Riza." A'lira chuckles in amusement at Riza.

<Local> Raktraeth senses that: Raktraeth has a review for the poetry. « And you sound like a fart! »

Dhazkyth loves ya, Navi. But he likes his dick where it is and somehow the green just seems like she'd be the kind to eat her mate after mating, y'know? « Size matters! » is his helpful contribution to the conversation. R'kyr laughs on the sidelines as Doji's face strives to match her hair. And maybe he looks a little relieved about his own stitching when H'rik's is less precise than his own. But H'rik's probably not spending EVERY NIGHT in the last fortnight working on his stitching, either, so… toss up. « I think that kid picks his nose and eats it, » Dhaz observes as to the disposition of some brown that isn't Trae. Hopefully he's talking about the rider part, not the dragon. That'd be weird af, man. #thingsthatcannotbeunseen

<Local> Raktraeth senses that: Wendryth is above your cruel barbs, Raktraeth! Watch how he ignores you! LA LA LA!

Riza finally does register that R'kyr is here as well, but there's no Dhaz in the sky. "Wha's th' matter, R'kyr? Dhaz too good for Navi?" The girl sounds offended that his bronze isn't chasing as well. A'lira gets a snort from the girl as she takes a look at the people clustering around. Ground weyrs are made for this sort of thing, right? There's very little way they're getting up to HER weyr for the fallout from this. And that's the way her slow footsteps start to go, because yeah. There's a head peeking out here and there, and another body or two joining as another blue appears where Rak bowled one over. And if by eat, Dhaz, you mean idolize for a sevenday? Sure. That's totally Navi. Poor beast that wins. The poetry actually doesn't make Navikoth gag like it does some of the others, and the green enters a glide, her energy already starting to go. So what does she do to get herself higher? She launches herself off of that new blue, leaving a few claw marks on the blue's back. Nothing deep, but yup. At least the blue recovers after an angry roar before he crashes into something to land properly. « Ah, something to keep close. But will you be the one to keep me close? » The others are strangley silent, but Navi knows, as she climbs, where they are. Huff. Puff. How much longer can the girl hold out?

BRING IT ON, WENDY! Raktraeth ain't scared of you. Just like the honey badger, Raktraeth don't care. He's set his sights on Navikoth's shiny, shiny tail and that's exactly what he intends to catch even if he has to fly through other dragons to get to her. Navikoth is his sister. they got a special tree bond that only tree dragons can share. There's a flash of light off the snowy evergreen forest of Raktraeth's mind as he can't hide his amusement at the green's injurying of that smaller blue. « Good show. But Navi, you know you always want to keep me close. » On the ground, it might be kind of impressive how quickly Doji can go from blushing scarlet to face being completely blanched. "We can't stay here…." Things are going to happen. And there are children around in the bowl, probably. Those two things should not be mixed (although it's really only a matter of time before weyrbrats happen to see the aftermath of a flight…).

Meanwhile, he of the unflagging energy is still out there, ducking and dodging among the pinballs that are the more vocal and physical dragons; Kyprioth will make the turn as Navikoth leap off the poor blue's back (well someone has to go see a dragonhealer) and dash by, squeaking between an eager blue and a larger brown to lurk off Navikoth's near side, thoroughly enjoying the attempt to outguess the wily young dragon. Will he keep close after if he catches? THAT DEPENDS. For now, the game is all that matters; to see who is best at keeping that green always within striking distance. There's no time for side banter, though there's a teasing glimmer of wide-open plains and sunny skies for Navikoth, a hint of playful laughter in the mindvoice. «So many promises, so few who would follow through.» For all the noise and insanity happening in the Bowl, A'lira's choosing to remain utterly calm; it's not going to help him at all to try and join in, for most of his attention's on his dragon. He's enough left to be sure he's headed for the weyrs, and not somewhere less convenient. "Pff. Sooner rather than later, or we'll prolly hear all about it." He's had enough of the lectures to last him several weeks, at least. Until he does something else that nets him an interesting chat or two.

"Dhaz's not too good for anything," R'kyr returns to Riza, his voice rich and rife with irony. He knows where he stands with that. "He really just isn't in the mood." R'kyr is not having any problems with that, because whilst there are a lot of cool-as-cucumbers characters in here, R'kyr would probably lose his SHIT if Dhazkyth was chasing.

The only good thing about this flight is that it's not K'mine's so he's not worked up in the slightest. Though, there is a bit of a morbid curiosity (sorry kid) about the whole thing. Vedziyath should be due soon, herself. Hopefully, this isn't going to be like that Trials of Life documentary where the Orca (Navi) launches a poor seal cart-wheeling into the air before throwing her full body down on it. Or something. Well, he doesn't have to watch the Ground Weyr part. He's just gonna stand there next to R'kyr while watching things go on overhead. « You should pay more attention to what's happening on the ground. » "I… got my marks on Raktraeth."

Wendryth isn't fool enough to tangle with Raktraeth, much as he hates the fact his brother is chasing (as is his other brother, and a number of other dragons), and he veers away, still trying to power forwards. There's a holler of, « WELL HANDLED, MY LADY! THAT MALE WAS NOT WORTHY TO FLY NEAR YOU! » Even thoug that's exactly what he's trying to do. But he's a gentleman, so it's okay for him to get close! Another blue comes too close to him, and with a cry of, « BEGONE, LEAVE THE LADY IN PEACE! » Wendryth strikes out at the other chaser, sending the blue wheeling away with a scratched side. Now Wendy can power up after Navikoth, unable to match her for tricks and turns, but sensing she is tiring. « REST EASY IN MY ARMS, THEY WILL ENCIRCLE YOU, YOU SHALL BE CALM! » Shouted poetry = best poetry. H'rik, thank Faranth, is silent as he follows the group on the ground.

Riza would most definitely prefer not to Get It On in the middle of the bowl. Indeed, she's moving the rider portion closer and closer to the guest weyr as the flight progresses and Navikoth stamina starts to flag. Riza at least does know how to read her dragon while she's flying, and the fact the dragon is just about spent is making her skin pale. "We're jus' 'bout t' the ground weyrs." She offers in way of assurance to Doji. Or to herself? And finally Riza is starting to lose that barrier between dragon and rider, and she hides her face in her hands for a few moments as Navikoth is down to her three main persuers. Only with her capture in sight does she actually hiss at the trio. Wendy coming up on one side, Kyp to her other, and Trae behind. Just behind. There is truth in what all three of them say, though the one that rings truest? That bond of trees. Navikoth puts on the breaks as fast she can with a massive backwing effort, giving Raktraeth the perfect opportunity to use his mass and momentimum to sweep up his dark green sister. (Uh. This is gonna be interesting.) Meanwhile, as K'mine called it on the ground, Riza is making a grab for Doji's hand and sprinting to that available ground weyr. Yeah. THIS ain't gonna happen in the public.

R'kyr glances over to K'mine and lifts an eyebrow. "Research?" he questions, taking another bite of his redfruit. It's almost gone now. Woe. "Oh," he says reflectively, as THINGS HAPPEN UP THERE. "Guess you better get ready for her to sleep with a lot of other people," he tells K'mine heartlessly with a clap of calloused palm to the greenrider's shoulder. "Think about all the people you'll have indirectly had sex with, a turn from now."

Like R'kyr.
doji and r'kyr are NEVER HAVING SEX

It's a good thing Doji was a little bit too preoccupied to hear that comment about K'MINE BETTING ON THE OUTCOME OF THIS FLIGHT!!!!! She hasn't really been paying attention to just where they were going, more just knowing she needed to follow Riza. Raktraeth isn't one to waste an opportunity as fine as the one he was given, so sweep up his sister he does so they can get their sweet, sweet tree loving on. It might be sappy. Sorry, other guys. Not really. Go find your own green. This one's taken. Doji doesn't really have much time to be shocked as Riza's grabbing her hand and well, the klah container is dropped and a few of those scarves might be discarded along the way to the ground weyrs. Clothes? Who needs clothes? They're just getting in the way at this point (luckily there were enough layers that nothing too important is removed until they're in relative privacy). And what happens in the ground weyrs, stays in the ground weyrs. Like Vegas.

You win some, you lose some; this time, it isn't Kyprioth — and he's okay with that. There will be other games, and other greens. The brown soars off to a ledge to curl up in the sun and settle himself down to consider the game just played. As to where A'lira's disappeared off to, Faranth only knows; the man's gotten very good at disappearing when it's convenient to do so.

H'rik slams on the brakes as he realises he is NOT invited into the ground weyr. With some indistinct mumbling, he'll head in the direction of the nice cold lake - which coincidentally where Wendryth is heading too, spiralling down the very picture of a deflated bronze. He'll be fine by tomorrow, no doubt! As for H'rik's straps - they'll be fetched later, assuming nobody makes off with them in the meantime.

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