Th'res, Xanthee


Two people who were Candidates together meet unexpectedly on the Lake Shore and catch-up


It is midmorning of the sixteenth day of the second month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Lake Shore, Igen Weyr

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Lake Shore

Sprawled out beyond the Weyr proper's hustling activity and ambling roads, the cool, blue paradise of the Weyr lake promises escape from the oppressive hammer of Igen summer's cruel climes; the asymmetrical, sandy white shores hook delicately around the deceptively still waters running deep and sure, greedy peninsulas reaching white fingers stretching in crooked lines towards its center. A sturdy shack, weather-beaten and brown as cured leather, resides in isolated splendor upon one such finger, screened shelving offering a variety of brushes and fragrant oils housed in colorful tureens. Out beyond a small and dusty paddock ringed by a white fence, a long rocky pier stabs out into the lake, providing a panoramic view of the Weyr itself, while the southern shores provide varied shrubs and grassed for the massed herds in their pens.

Winter in Igen is something to be seen, or so Jedameth has been saying to his rider. Th'res has been good and held out against the dragons instants on going back to Igen, because last time he was here he got covered in blue glowing stuff helping a lost child. But the red headed rider finally has relented if only to get away from his new wing duties and the humidity of home. As Jedameth backwings on to the shore of the lake, landing with gracefulness that seems to be in contrast to his rather blocky looking body, Th'res will double check his new knot and shoulder puldron before fore starting to climb down.

One of those rare days where Xanthee is neither expected at her job in the Tea Room nor at her self-defense lessons with Kyara, the raven-haired girl decided that she was just going to run as far and as fast as she could. So since dawn she has been jogging, going so far as the Oasis inn and returning. Now on her way back to the Weyr, she decides to kick it up a notch when she sees the lake shore up ahead and really sprints the last couple of dragonlengths as she reaches the lake shore and slowly paces down until she is strolling easily along the water's edge, hands on her hips, panting hard, cooling herself down in the winter morning. As a blue lands, she raises a hand to shield her eyes and squints but she doesn't really recognize the blocky blue or the rider from this distance. Hmmm…curious Xan may alter her course to bring her closer to have a look-see.

Th'res has made it to the ground takeing off his gloves and putting them in his jacket as he goes about taking off the harness on Jedameth. The blue is the first to spot the raven-haired girl extending his neck out to get a better view of her too as she runs. Bright colors of greens, opal whites, and violets swirl and dance in abstract designs as the dragons mind reaches out to Xanthee saying « Your form is great!!! You should keep your shoulders back though when you run it helps with air flow I am told. Or are you running form something? Do you need assistances? » the mind voice is curious and excited and also protective all at the same time.

The blue's brightly colored mindtouch makes Xanthee's emerald eyes grow even rounder and she giggles mirthfully at the treat of being spoken to by a dragon. "Well thank you for that kind compliment gentle blue." she nows saunters a little bit quicker in the pair's direction, her eyes on the rider who is removing the riding straps. "And I will keep that in mind. I run purely for the fun of it, and the physical benefits." she says with another mirthfull giggle. "Greetings rider." she calls up as she gets within a dragon length of them. Cause y'know, it would be rude to only address one's dragon.

Jedameth croons happily at the lady as she nears, the wind will pick up a the womans scent causing him to unconsciously take a few steps forward towards her. His mind shifts to a softer blue hues with sunset oranges and reds, the voice is curious now ask it asks « I know you, or at least I think I do. Th'res!!! Why does she smell fimilar! » The red headed rider moves easily with the dragon as if it is second nature removing the last of the riding harness, "How and I supposed to know, now hold still you got your belts tangled again.." his voice is a little deeper than it used to be but still has that same playful scorning that earned him the 'dad' nickname.

"Th'res?!" Xanthee fairly squees the name as the blue names him, jogging now so that she is soon along side the blue, moving fast toward his neck to greet her old friend. "So that must mean you are Jedameth!" she turns back to the blue just as she reaches where the bluerider is working to undo his mount's harness. "What the shards are you doing at Igen?" she asks with a mirthfull giggle, eyes shaded by her hand as she looks up against the bright sun to look up at him.

Th'res will turn with a very surprised look when he is named, but more surprised is the voice he hears "Xanthee?" is all that comes out for a moment as he stares down at the shorter woman. It takes a mental nudge from Jedameth to get the redhead going again as he grins and says "Well Jedameth wanted to check on that girl in the cave, and is still trying to convince me to get some more of the blue glowing stuff." There is a slight shudder but he still grins as he makes introductions as the blue lowers his head to put one whirling eye on the Tea room girl "This is Jedameth, Jed this is Xanthee." The dragon takes another sniff and croons at the woman « But why does she smell familiar? Did you come to visit me when I Hatched? » the colors are all a jumble like a toddler digging through a lego box tossing out blocks as he goes is the mind of Jedameth trying to remember.

"Girl in a cave and blue stuff huh?" Xanthee exclaims with an easy laugh, "Life as a rider must be so exciting." Her eyes travel over him as he stares down at her. She notices the knot and can't help a little gasp of suprise, "And already a Wingsecond! My my my.. how far you've come from the Miner I met in Candidacy." She puts her hands on her hips at that and shakes her head a little bit, sending her ebon runner tail flicking behind her. At the blue's question, she nods, "I was there when you hatched. I just had to come back for that." she says emphatically. "But I didn't stay for the party or anything. Too much chance of running into.." and then she trails off, her cheeks reddening further as she thrusts that thought way down.

Th'res chuckles and pats the neck of his blue lifemate saying "She also smells familiar because of the robe I was wearing was her bed sheet." Well toga really, but hey what ever works right? He glances over to the knot on his shoulder and nods "Yeah, though I was just getting used to NOT being in charge again, but Wingsecond can't be as bad as Wingleader to a bunch of weyrlings can it?" When talk goes to that GUY he nods saying "Heard he caught up to you anyway… I am sorry about that. But I promise he won't be back to bother you ever again.."

A little giggle bubbles out of Xanthee as Th'res mentions his robe was made out of her bed sheet. "You did? Really? Well at least it was a use to someone after I left I guess." she says with a shrug of her shoulders. "You look really well though, you must be really impressing them at Southern, first Weyrling Wingleader and now Wingsecond. I'm really proud of you." She says crossing her arms over her chest easily. When that topic comes up she just sighs heavily. "F'kan can go fuck himself for all I'm concerned." her voice takes on an icy tone and emerald eyes frozen over briefly as anger flares. "He just better hope he doesn't ever try anything else. I won't need my big brother or my Miner of a boyfriend to do the job for me." And now a fire of righteous indignation flashes over her.

Th'res can't help but grin when he sees that fire start to flash "Well he won't really have the time, unless you come on down to Southern. I am supposed to be evaluating him to see what we can improve on and what he is good at." There is a little tired sigh in his voice but as always Th'res doesn't seem to give up on people. Jedameth croons happily at the dark haired girl when it told why she is familiar soft pinks and purples with hits of darker blues was over the minds of those hear him « Oh so she is the missing family to talked about here then Th'res. » The dragons words earn an embarassed cough from the taller man, his ears going red with blush as he quickly changes the subject "So you fell for one of us cave dwellers huh?"

Blinking owlishly at the the blue's words, Xanthee's righteous indignation evaporates as an easy smile as she sees the red-head blush. "Family huh?" she says with a mischievous smirk, but a soft look in her eyes. When he changes the subject though, her eyes flare with life, sparkling brightly with young love. "I most certainly did, a junior journeyman, Malosim. He's…" words trail off into a happy sigh, "..everything I could ask for and more. We've been together 6 months now, but it seems like forever." She blushes slightly when she realizes she's slipped into her lovesick girl routine and quickly straightens as she clears her throat, "He was the one who was kind enough to break F'kan's nose for him." she just has to add smugly. "I'm not going back to Southern any time soon. I can't risk running into him. Which is such a shame, because I like to visit Amani on occasion. And I've found out I've a half-sister who lives there as well." Then something he had sid previously finally seems to click with her, "Wait? You're evaluating him? He's in your wing? I'm so sorry." she adds sympathetically.

Th'res chuckles and shrugs "It isn't that bad, and you CAN visit and you won't run into him. Amani needs all the support she can right now as it is." He leans on the blue and grins at Xan "and yes Family, just because you didn't stand doesn't mean you aren't always part of our family." He won't let that love sick little act go with out a good jab though because what is family for right? "Wow and you used to tease me about being love sick, but I am glad you found happiness dear. I would like to meet him someday, and I promise we won't talk work…most of the time"

"You're a good friend Th'res, I'm honored that you think of me as family. I really should have listened to you about him. I regret that, alot." But then Xanthee is shaking her head free from her dark thoughts, smile easily being replaced on her lips. "How do you mean I can visit without running into him?" she asks curiously before smiling brightly again as Mal is brought up, "Oh I think you guys would really get along, who knew the Minecraft made such kind sweet men as you and him? And I don't mind shop top, Mal's been showing me some of the things he does. I even helped him split open a geode one time, it was so neat to see what was inside that plain looking rock. He kept one half and I have the other." another fluttering sigh as really Th'res has stumbled onto Xan's newest favourite subject.

Jedameth is the one to rumble now, but it is soft and easily mistaken for a dragon laugh. Th'res translates saying "He says you should see our shiny rock collection some time." He then motions to his knot saying "Well he is in my wing after all, so if you tell me when you are going to visit he will probably be off somewhere else working." Is he abusing his rank.. maybe but there is no one at the Weyr who would stop him as no one wants another beaten up rider..

Emerald eyes brighten as Th'res explains how he would be willing to help out if she wanted to visit Southern and Xanthee can't help but hold back her elation at the idea. She throws her arms around his neck and gives him a tight hug. "Oh thank you! I promise I won't abuse the privileged. You don't know how much I appreciate it. I hated thinking that I was being restricted due to his bad behavior." She pulls back then, and releases him from her tight hug.

Th'res is caught of guard, but the little dark haired girl has always been able to do that anyway, he does give her a hug back before letting her go saying "Of course dear, besides I think Amani likes you better anyway.." he gives her a playful wink. Looking over at the lake says "Heck you might even get to meet Sa…a friend of mine." He catches himself and blushes more making the back of his neck redder than his hair.

Xanthee is sharp and she catches that little correction and her eyes positively twinkle with mischief, "Oh? A friend of yours? A maybe special friend?" She teases gently at his blush. "Tell me about this friend then. And don't leave out any details." She says in mock warning as she is watching him with keen interest, happy to catch up on the details of his life at Southern.

Well he is in for it now, Th'res sighs and shakes his head "Not that special a least not yet. She is still an apprentice and I don't want to get her into trouble." He looks over at Xan and for a moment his usual stoic demeanor drops and she can see his own love-sick stare "But she is kind, and lovely, though afraid as I think she lost someone before coming to southern. We get along well enough.."

"An apprentice!? Well good on you for not going further than the rules allow. What craft?" Xanthee says with just a little hint of bitterness which is quickly forgotten when her sharp gaze picks up on his love-sick stare as he talks so fondly of his friend. "Well well well, you surprise me bluerider. You sound absolutely smitten and I am sure she is a very worthy young lady to attract such a great guy as you." This is said with a look of warm regard. "So does this mystery friend have a name?"

Th'res clears his throat and nods but grins at Xan "She does, and if you come you can meet her sometime. but I won't have her be the focus of rumors." Ever the watchful guy is Th'res, he leans back on the blue rider saying "Besides, if people find out I am attracted to her there is a very high chance they will make sure we don't have what little free time to hang out anymore."

Nodding with the utmost in seriousness, Xanthee puts her hand to her heart, "I swear, I will not do anything to interupt your eventual courtship of the lass. I perish at the thought. If it were up to me, everyone would be in love." She exclaims with another easy giggle before changing the subject a little bit. "There's going to be eggs here again soon, I'm thinking about Standing if asked." She says idly, studying his face to see his reaction to that.

Th'res doesn't even hesitate when the subject changes instead his words are echoed with an approving rumble by the blue as he says "Good, because if Igen doesn't snatch you up me and Jed will come back to get you for the next Southern one." There is that tone that he would use as the wingleader to get his point across and also show that he means not to be argued with. "And don't you go fretting about your love dear, if he truely is as good as you say he will wait for you."

Beaming at Th'res and then at Jedameth, Xanthee giggles again, "Well, wouldn't that ruffle some feathers." she thinks about going back to Southern in the future as a Candidate. "Oh, I told Mal before we got serious that being a rider was my dream, and he supports it completely. I got a case of the nerves recently about it, thinking I couldn't go through with Search if it meant being away from him. But he would have none of it. He wants it for me almost as much as I do for myself." Xan's tone is filled with wonderment at her extreme good fortune for finding her Miner-love. The mood is quickly broken as her stomach gives a loud rumble. "Oh dear." she looks embaressed, "Guess I should be heading to the Living Cavern for some food. It was great seeing you though. And I will definitely see you next time I come to Southern." She says as she walks slowly backwards and offers a wave before sprinting off to get herself some food.

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