D'ex, A'ndi, Zynth, Taliveth


D'ex is not happy about A'ndi and Taliveth's little submarine stunt when trying to save the Azov Foam during the storm. Words are had. THEY DESTROY EACH OTH- waitno. They talk openly about their feelings and kiss n' make up? Who are these people—

All the cursing, jerks being mushy and gross, implied sexyfuntimes


It is evening of the fifth day of the fourth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Taliveth's Weyr

OOC Date 20 Feb 2018 08:00


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“Yeah, well, I guess you’d know, right? You know all about being reckless and stupid.”

“I am the fucking king of being reckless and stupid.”

Taliveth's Weyr

A decent sized weyr, or maybe it's the sparse furnishings that make it seem so roomy. Towards the back is a curtained off alcove that acts as a bedroom, and another alcove houses a nice little kitchenette and some shelving for ingredients, pots and pans and utensils. There's a small desk pushed up against the left wall with a little stool to sit upon, and on the opposite side of the room is a small, round, beat-up looking table and a basic wooden chair (there used to be a second one, but D'ex threw it off the ledge and into the river). A large tan pelt of some animal lies on the floor beneath the table in some attempt at decorating maybe? Standing out from everything else is a well-made, stylish, white-cushioned couch that adds a much-needed dash of cheeriness (and seating) to the space. Taliveth's sandy bed isn't far from the desk, and on the wall above the brown's sleeping space is a pretty acceptable charcoal rendition of Vulheimurath's face, framed and hung up (IT'S NOT CREEPY, DON'T YOU JUDGE HIM-). Straps, riding gear and supplies have a storage area near the weyr entrance. It's overall pretty basic and boring at the moment. There are two modes of cleanliness for this space: regular tidy-but-lived-in clean, and inhumanly-spotless-and-impeccably-organized D'ex Was Here clean.

It’s been three days since the massive storm that basically curb stomped Southern Weyr and its surrounding areas. And those three days have been a blur— a Threadfall, cleaning efforts, dragging things back up to where they belong, sweeps to look for anyone who needs help. There’s been time for little else aside from a bit of food here, a little sleep there. But now, though the difficult work still continues, things have slowed just enough for some riders to actually start getting some real rest. At least a little bit. And so A’ndi finally has an evening off which will be spent, of course, at home. The antisocial brownrider has had quite enough of people. Except one. The invitation is sent along via Taliveth to Zynth, requesting the company of the slim blue and his rider. Tali’s mindspace is dimmer than usual, fogged over, with the swirling orbit of space junk moving slowly, wobbly. The tank of a brown with his seemingly endless endurance has finally hit his limit and lays flopped in his sandy wallow, drifting in and out of sleep. Meanwhile A’ndi, looking quite exhausted, is crouched by the foot of his bed, peeking underneath it. “Not ready yet, huh? Sorry, little guy…” A dish of warmed meat scraps is slid beneath the bed to a still-frightened Fish, and to the little green and gold firelizards that have curled around him in comfort.

The invitation is ignored at first. The frozen world in Zynth’s mind is empty. Flat. A tundra that stretches out in all directions without ending. No falling snow. Barely a hint of wind and the sky an odd off-blue that is impossible to call either day or night. The blue does not have the stamina of his brother and though Lynx has been out working just as hard as Ocelot, this blue fell out early. Unable or unwilling to go farther. His half-sleep meditation is shifted by Taliveth’s touch, sky lightning, words even softer than usual, « We come. » And come they do. The scrape of claws on stone can be heard before the lithle, intense blue hide is seen slipping in and curling into the sand of Taliveth’s bowl. D’ex follows after. Not anywhere near as exhausted as his dragon, but still on edge, threads holding his attention here and from the sleep that he wants, but there is a slight disorder to his clothing, not noticeable at first, but the button up shirt was buttoned one button too low, skewing the thing, and apparently D’ex lacks a mirror that would tell him it is off. Perhaps the man would feel the difference himself where he working on the full 9 hours he deserves, but as it is, D’ex enters quietly, plopping down on the couch without ceremony, holding up a steaming klah pot. “Yo.”

Taliveth shimmies his bulk over to snuggle in against Zynth, a dark wing coming to lay over the smaller dragon. His mushy face comes around to nuzzle gently at head knobs, cheek, the nose. For once for Tali, words aren’t needed right now. His presence settles into the sky over Zynth’s tundra, the soft aurora and the ancient stones tumbling through space beyond, and the brown just mentally snuggles into the closeness that can only be shared by those who hardened and hatched together on those sacred sands. A’ndi straightens up from his kitty-coaxing, scrubbing his face with his hands and running them back through his hair. “Hey.” He sounds about as tired as he looks. The brownrider fetches a couple mugs and flops down on the couch beside D’ex, offering one and nodding to the klah pot with a quiet, “Thanks.” Blue eyes give the other rider a once-over, and soon there is a frown and brows furrowed in consternation. Something is definitely amiss, but he can’t quite place it. Because buttons are not a big part of A’ndi’s world.

Without prompting, D’ex pours hot, fresh klah into the two mugs, his movements careful so as not to let any splash. He puts the pot down on the table and takes his own mug from A’ndi. Zynth settles into the sand, neither retreating or pressing into Taliveth’s touches. The blue will snuggle into the brown only when tali’s nuzzling is over, his breath slow and deep, eyes closed as slowly his body relaxes. D’ex himself takes a sip of the klah and grimaces. It is slightly burnt , slightly off-tasting, but still, klah is klah. “Hey. I’m really pissed at you right now.” The words are still soft, flat, and completely matter of fact. Nothing in him is tense, or even hints at anger, but once the words are out, D’ex will nod, staring into his mug, “Really. I just thought I’d let you know.”

A’ndi leans back into the couch, cupping the mug between his hands. He ceases his investigation of what exactly is off, at least for now, and focuses instead on the warm liquid. The cup is tilted to give it a little swirl. Without looking at the bluerider, A’ndi replies, “I was doing my job.” His tone is similarly soft and matter-of-fact. Finally the mug is brought to lips, a sip taken, followed by another frown. “You suck at making klah.” Also matter-of-factly.

“Yeah. I know.” About the klah. Why would a guy who didn’t own his own klah pot be at all good at making klah? “I also know you think that.” That A’ndi was doing his job. D’ex does not agree, but he’ll get to this only after another sip of klah. “Last I checked, ‘doing your job’ is fighting thread, and you are damn good at it. Congrats. Drowning is not your job. Getting a ship capsized on top of you is not your job.” He shakes his head, klah cup held up, head inclining slightly toward the little pile of dragons over there, “And I think you are the one who needs to be knowing what your job is, not your wings. He’s not going to tell you. So I’ll tell you. Fighting Thread is your Job.”

A’ndi glances over to the dragon pile as well. Taliveth is fast asleep at this point, snoring softly through his smushy nose. “It was a mutual decision.” Eyes turn back to the klah and he takes a somewhat reluctant sip. It’s iffy but not inedible, and thus must not be wasted. “And part of what we do in Ocelot. All that search n’ rescue shit.” Now he hazards a sideways look at D’ex. “Thread-wise, we’re on the front lines. I’m pretty sure that’s more hazardous to our continued existence than going underwater.” He forgets sometimes that he’s talking to a former pirate who may have a differing view on the dangers of water.

“Thread is an inevitability of what we are now. It is the price we pay for a bond. But that was not search and rescue. That was an idiocy. The ship was lost before any of you even tried to help. Arvo is an idiot to have attempted such a thing. And everyone else was an idiot for not pointing out how dead that ship was when all of the shipfish had warned of a faster-moving water than anticipated.” D’ex has no illusions about the dangers of water. Though a man of the sea, and though a true lover of the open ocean, it is not a runner to be broken and tamed. “You could have both been killed. Th’res could have been killed. Anyone with any sense would have evacuated the docks and the ship and let it crash.” D’ex hadn’t been there, only heard about and seen it from the mental gossip of dragons afterwards. Luckily, someone had send Zynth a pretty detailed memory of the whole thing. Impressively detailed memory for a dragon, anyway. “You all got caught up with that Hero-Vibe and it could have gotten someone killed. You killed. Taliveth, Killed. Don’t be a hero, A’ndi. It’s not worth it.”

“It wasn’t about heroics. Not for me and Tali, anyway. I don’t give enough of a shit for that.” Another sip is taken. “You know that.” A’ndi blows a little on the klah, trying to cool it down a bit. Probably for some chugging just to get it over with. “It was really just Odesse and the dolphins.” At the mere mention of the magical porpoises and their human companion, one of Taliveth’s lids pop open to observe the two riders. However, he manages to stay silent. “She sent her firelizard to us, asking for help. Taliveth’s pretty crazy about her and those fish, and it was gonna suck if the dock got fucked up… and Va’os okayed it.” HI VA’OS. A’ndi shrugs. “Taliveth’s a good swimmer. We were fine. We were in control the whole time.”

“It’s always the good swimmers who drown, A’ndi. Because they don’t know when to ask for help. And Everyone Knows they are Good at it, so No One Helps til it’s Too Late.” D’ex gets up, despite the tired in everything, he is agitated, cup put down as he turns away, honing in on A’ndi’s dishes and setting to them. “You are missing the point. Va’os is from North, you think he knows what’s going on in the ocean? You think you were fine. But the ship capsized, didn’t it? And if it had impaled Taliveth with a splintered mast? And if you had lived? What would you be now, dumbass? You’d be another shadow, walking the weyr a half-life. Or if you had been crushed? Taliveth would be between before the ship even crashed. You were not in control. You where being reckless and stupid.”

“If Taliveth died, I wouldn’t be hanging around.” Once again, another matter of fact statement. “I decided that a long time ago.” A’ndi wearily watches the bluerider get to his feet to attend to that familiar task of dishwashing. There’s not a lot— A’ndi hasn’t had much time to cook. But enough to at least keep D’ex’s hands occupied for a bit. He looks back to his cup of sad klah, staring hard at it before ultimately giving up on it and thumping it down on the table. “Yeah, well, I guess you’d know, right? You know all about being reckless and stupid.” At this point he doesn’t try to hide the frustration in his voice. He’s too tired for that.

“I am the fucking king of being reckless and stupid.” D’ex runs out of dishes and instantly moves on to drying the few dishes and putting them away, however even this can't last long. His movements are too fast, angry and frustrated, “But I don’t go around asking ships to crush me. If you are going to be an idiot, at least have a few fail safes! At least say good bye! You were so close to dying for nothing, that ship was doomed, it was never going to be saved! And you and Th’res could have died! You and Taliveth could have Died! Do you get me? Don’t do stupid ass things! You made me promise that I wasn’t going to be doing my reckless without telling you first. So how about let’s make that for both, huh? You could have died. Gone. Poof! No more A’ndi or Taliveth! And then what? What about me? Just back to being just me, huh? If you can’t take care of yourself for you or your dragon, do it for me.”

A’ndi lets D’ex vent, looking increasingly taken aback as he speaks. Somewhere amidst the blue rider’s rant, A’ndi pushes up from the couch and slowly approaches the kitchen area, coming up quietly behind D’ex. He reaches out tentatively, letting his hand hang in the air a few moments before trying to lay it on the other rider’s shoulder. There’s an awkwardness to the touch and to his words. This sort of thing isn’t A’ndi’s forte. “… You’d be okay.” So reassuring!

“You’re right! I’d be so damn okay! I’d be so damn okay, I’d have to find myself some other place to live and perhaps leave the continent and start over and pretend you didn’t exist and it would be so great.” D’ex doesn’t jump at the touch, but he turns, pushing the drying rag and the current bowl into A’ndi’s hands, “Don’t Do Stupid Ass Things, A’ndi!!! It is not Okay! Not okay! Not Okay!” He stalks away, looking for something else to clean, but with A’ndi not being home much since D’ex’s last purge of the place, there isn’t much to do. Straighten this chair. Fold that and put it away. “Would not be okay! So, let’s just agree that the whole thing was fucking idiotic, and promise you’re not doing it again, and move on!”

The bowl and rag are held, and A’ndi just stands there kind of stupidly, looking at the objects like he has no idea what to do with them. “You wouldn’t have to leave the continent…” he mumbles while drying the bowl that is already pretty much dry. He finally sets it aside with an annoyed grunt, because fuck this bowl in particular. A’ndi moves suddenly, stalking over to the bluerider and reaching out to grab at his arm, trying to turn him around. “D’ex. Stop it.”

“Don’t you be D’ex-Stop-It-Me! It was stupid and you could have died. What part of this are you missing? This is not okay, it was not your job and the whole thing was a mistake. But you are here still, Taliveth is here still. And that’s all that matters right now. You got lucky, but you’re not always going to be lucky. Don’t be me, A’ndi. Don’t gamble with your life. It’s not worth it.” Though there is no effort to pull away from A’ndi at the touch, D’ex had started to fall into a pace, stopped only when A’ndi has him.

D’ex. Stop talking.” A’ndi will take whatever moment of quiet he can get to pull on the redhead’s arm, drawing him closer. “C’mere…” Closer until D’ex is all gathered up into an embrace. He lets things sit in a few moments of silence before speaking softly near the bluerider’s ear. “D’ex. I’m sorry.” Taliveth is totally up now because FEELINGS. Feels are his bread n’ butter and he’s going to take it all in.

“You better be fucking sorry.” D’ex will only return the hug after a few moments. A few heartbeats of deciding if being mad was worth it. It was, but one can hug and still be mad. D’ex will remain tense, voice softer. “Promise. Never again. Never do something so stupid again. Promise. Not going to deal with it. You are not that lucky. I’m not that lucky. So just don’t. Don’t do stupid shit.”

“Well. I guess that kind of depends on your definition of ‘stupid shit.’ And I’m going to be in dangerous situations no matter what. It just comes with the job.” A’ndi pulls back just enough to look D’ex in the face. “But I can promise I won’t stick my neck out like that again unless I have to. Not if it’s going to upset you so much.” The corner of his mouth quirks up just a bit into one of those half-smiles, albeit a tired one. “You’re more upset than I expected you to be. Are you still sure you can handle, you know… this?” The still nameless Thing. “All this attachment?”

“No, of course not, I’m not sure what this is and if I was, it likely wouldn’t be happening. Stupid question.” He hisses softly, shaking his head, “Why do you think this wouldn’t upset me. You were very close to dying. Zynth of all people was worried. He doesn’t even do ‘worried’!” D’ex shakes his head again, “You think you can handle all this attachment? If it means taking care of yourself? That other people care?”

“Your face is a stupid question,” A’ndi snarks back. But he sure spends an awful lot of his time right now looking at that face. His expression settles into a thoughtful frown at the question and now he looks away, though he still seems intent on holding onto D’ex. Very casually, as if they were sitting and talking. But he answers hesitantly, his voice lowering, “I never wanted attachments outside of my family. It’s easier that way. The more people in your life, the more room for them to disappoint you. But now there are other people that are important to me, whether I like it or not, and this… this thing we’re doing, it was really me that started it, wasn’t it?” A’ndi’s tired gaze comes to rest upon D’ex’s shirt. He still hasn’t picked up on the buttons yet. “So. I’m not going to quit just because it’s hard. But honestly I don’t really know what I’m doing, and I’m gonna fuck up sometimes and…” He just shakes his head, bangs falling into his face like they always do. When he does finally look up to meet D’ex’s eyes, he looks strangely vulnerable and sad. Like some weird alternate universe A’ndi. “I didn’t mean to let you down.”

D’ex listens and nods slightly, “Yep. It was definitely you.” A’ndi could be so touchy and feely and D’ex wasn’t always sure what to do with that. He hasn’t noticed the buttons, which is likely good at the moment. “A’ndi. You didn’t let me down. You scared me to death.” This time it is D’ex who closes the gap between them for another hug, tight and quiet, “A’ndi, I don’t know what I’m doing either. I haven’t done this before, it is safer to not let people in, but in the long run, being alone is not worth it. If one of us fucks up, then we talk about it like adults. If this doesn’t work out, then we can still say we tried. That’s all I ask of you, A’ndi. Try. And perhaps it will work. Perhaps it won’t. But who cares right now? RIght now it is working, isn’t it?” The hug tightens, just for a moment, “I’m not disappointed. I’m worried. I’m scared. It’s different.”

A’ndi isn’t always sure what to do with that either! Except to just go ahead and touch and feel, often in an experimental sort of fashion, and hope for the best. When he’s pulled back into that hug, it’s only seconds before A’ndi lets himself just melt right into it, lacking the stiffness and hesitation he used to have for this kind of contact. His fingers dig into the back of D’ex’s shirt, grabbing fabric and probably some flesh along with it. “I always liked being alone,” he mumbles into the bluerider’s shoulder. “But now I guess I like being alone with you better.” Taliveth is wide awake now, whirling eyes transfixed on the two men as he watches the saga of his totally canon OTP. “Is being worried and scared for someone a new thing for you?” A’ndi is genuinely curious. He’s never known much about the relationship dynamics between pirates.

“Very. Very new.” Old pirates didn’t happen often. Life expectancy of recruits is low. One port might only be visited once a turns, more if lucky. Letting those feeling wrap up causes hurt, it’s not worth it. Attachment and having someone that life might be lesser without is new apart from a few handful of D’ex’s siblings and perhaps his mother. “Very new, still got the training wheels, but I think it’s working so far. I think it is.” Zynth stirs at the brown moves, eyes flickering open before sliding shut again, not willing to work up the effort to add his impute or play with this at all.

“It’s pretty weird, isn’t it? And frustrating and sort of terrifying. But when it does work, it is… nice. I guess that would be the word for it.” Shrug. That’s the best he’s got. “Anyway, when I find myself faced with a potentially stupid decision again, I’ll think of you. And you’ll think of me when you’re about to get yourself into some deep shit, right? So then maybe we’ll make better choices?” The strategy is all laid out now. Then A’ndi turns his head slightly, putting himself cheek-to-cheek with D’ex for a moment, then turning a little more to brush lips lightly against skin. “If you’re awake enough, I could make things up to you.”

“Sure. Avoiding lots of shit. You have no idea how good at restraining myself I have become?” Though, this is probably not thanks to A’ndi, but that blue dragon wishing that they would shut up and let him sleep. And admittedly, D’ex’s idea of self-restraint might be a bit looser than most people’s. “Terrifying and Frustrating, that is a good way to put it. Here we are. Terrified and Frustrated. Together.” D’ex leans into the touch, chuckling slightly, “Oh really? If you are offering, who am I to say no. It’s not going to make me any less pissed at you, but hey, if you want to try.” He smiles, pulling back just enough to find A’ndi’s lips with his own, soft, and quick, barely a kiss, “Come on Sunshine, perhaps you can think of me when not doing potentially stupid things as well?”

There is a serious eyeroll, though A’ndi’s tone is at least mostly teasing when he says, “I apologized and promised to do better, and you’re still pissed at me? You’re starting to sound like a woman.” Meanwhile, elsewhere in Southern, Vani’s Urge-to-Punch-A’ndi senses are probably tingling. That little barely-there style of kiss always seems to do the trick, and a light flush rises to the brownrider’s cheeks. “I do think of you. It’s a pain in the ass. I’m trying to get work done, and then suddenly I’m wondering what work you’re doing, did you sleep okay, did you have breakfast, are you getting into trouble, when am I going to find a sturdy enough table for you to throw me over-“ A’ndi pauses, frowning, blinking in bewilderment. “… Now I sound like a damn woman.” Is this what being in ‘A Thing’ does to people? Despite finding himself perplexed by this realization, his fingers idly drift to D’ex’s shirt to undo some buttons. And lo, he discovers something is amiss! “Huh. Your buttons are all fucked up.”

“No mystery there. You could just ask Zynth and he can fill you in on all the maps I do, all the sleep I didn’t get, if breakfast happened, and what the trouble is.” D’ex is teasing, he smirks at A’ndi’s words, “Yep, Sunshine. You are a woman, and you just didn’t know it. Congrats, I hear female brownriders are in high demand.” He kisses A’ndi’s cheek, a real kiss this time, and here, another kiss for the other cheek. They have to match. He pauses at A’ndi’s words, looking down. The man goes ridgid, “Fuck! What the hell?! I knew something was off this morning!” He steps away from A’ndi, starting to rebutton his shift, in the proper place, creating a bubble of cloth on the line of buttons. He unbuttons and rebuttons quickly, fumbling slightly, “Damn it! How could I have not noticed?!”

“I don’t want to distract you guys while you’re working, though. Or be one of those desperate people that needs to know everything, like when you last took a shit or whatever.” The comment on A’ndi’s definite lady-ness earns another of those eyerolls. “Yeah, well, people are really into lady blue riders these days, too. So I guess we’re both actually women, somehow controlling the bodies of men?” Is that a fourth wall I hear breaking somewhere? :D :D :D :D The matching cheek kisses quite easily shoo away any sass or snark from the brownrider though, leaving behind a warm smile and a fond, affectionately amused look for D’ex’s fussing over his buttons. “I guess… you really were upset. And tired. This clean up shit is going to take forever. By the way-“ Arms fold loosely and he watches D’ex expectantly, apparently waiting for something. “-you’re doing it wrong. Dumbass.” A’ndi’s eyes fall to those buttons. Those buttoned buttons.

“I’m fixing it!!! I’m fixing them. ZYNTH! Why did you not say something? You-” D’ex looks over, the blue is asleep, not willing to put up with him right now. D’ex hisses softly, “Look at the asshole! He didn’t even tell me something was wrong. I knew something was wrong. I’m not doing it wrong, I’m doing it right now!” He finishes and starts to tuck his shirt in to his pants, shaking his head, “I’m not a female, come on now, females are better at hair flipping and stuff.” D’ex is oblivious to 4th wall breaks, despite the comedy involved. “Why are you frowning? I thought we just got past the heavy stuff. Smile, Sunshine, I’m not rearranging your weyr today, that’s something to smile about, right?”

A’ndi sighs. A heavy sigh. The heaviest sigh. “Why do you make this so difficult?” A hand comes up to pinch at the bridge of his nose in a show of pained exasperation. “I keep forgetting, the straightforward method works best with you. D’ex…” with a ‘for the love of Faranth’ tone “… take the fucking shirt off.” With Zynth asleep, Taliveth really has NO CHOICE but to relay the play-by-play to Jedameth.

Zynth is not waking. He has no humor now for the larger dragon’s stamina and is not wasting this chance to catch up on sleep and try again to prove he is as good as any of them. D’ex, however will only look at A’ndi for a moment, “What? I’m not being difficult. What’s the problem?” He folds his arms, looking tired and confused until A’ndi’s last words. Oh. Oh right. D’ex looks down at the newly buttoned shirt, tidily tucked in and looking professional. He doesn’t move for a moment, but no brilliant comebacks occur to him. So D’ex will nod, expression almost serious, “Okay.” And he starts to unbutton his shirt. Very. Slowly. “Suppose you might want my shoes off too, huh?” His fingers move so slowly, pushing each button back out of thier hole with a care that his panic of moments ago fail with. The redhead maintains his straight face as he steps back from A’ndi, starting to kick off his boots. Slowly.

Blue eyes focus in on the careful motions of those fingers, the agonizingly slow unbuttoning generating some anticipatory lip-biting from the brownrider. “That would be very helpful, yes. Otherwise they’ll just get in the way, and I won’t be responsible for what happens to them.” A’ndi’s tone is all calm business now, but the look he’s giving the bluerider is distinctly predatory, cuz D’ex be lookin’ like a sssssnacc. As the kids say these days. Taliveth is not very good at the whole ‘pretend to be asleep’ thing, so he just hides his head under one of Zynth’s wings, where he can peek out and keep tabs on the situation in safety. And brainstorm fanfiction with Jedameth or whatever it is they do. Who knows?

“Hey now, don’t be doing anything bad to my clothing, I’d have to be be very unhappy with you.” D’ex smirks as he says this, buttons undone and turns away from A’ndi as he starts to slip the shirt off. A real strip-tease proffessional would let the shirt fall to the ground, but this is D’ex. D’ex will catch the shirt and fold it, back still to A’ndi as he places it on the table, hands falling to his belt, but not turning as he starts to slide the thing free. He glances over this shoulder at the brownrider, eyes narrow and smirk growing, “And what of your shirt? Are you in need of assistance in removing it?” Zynth will shift slightly, though not fully waking, his wings are loose, the opaque still letting the dark of Taliveth show under his sail.

It may not be professional, but the folding is endearing in its own way. And makes the process take that much longer. “Pff, you know I’m not scared of you,” A’ndi replies, waving it off. “You just wait, I’m going to wash your whites with your colors.” But the ‘threat’ is clearly all fluff from this smitten kitten. The question about his own shirt brings a mock-frown to his face while A’ndi paws helplessly at the front of it. “Yeah, you know, it has no buttons. I’m not sure what to do with this. Honestly, I have no idea how I got dressed this morning.” Now he can’t really hold back a grin and a laugh— he likes this game. Taliveth’s tail wags happily.

“That can be your mistake. And all of your ledge potted plants will suddenly be wondering why they are suddenly airborn.” This isn’t even said with a straight face, his smirk broadening into a smile. The belt is rolled up and set aside, D’ex turns back to A’ndi and approaches with a sway to his his, still taking his time. “No idea how you got dressed? Well, I’m not really the teaching sort. But you know, I don’t mind things in the way.” His hands settle on A’ndi’s waist, thumbs running under the fabric of his shirt to stroke skin, but not actually lifting it up.

“Then you’ll have to explain that to Taliveth. His leafy friends are very important to him.” There would be a lot of dragon-crying involved! But that shirtless sway is very distracting and, unlike in public, he doesn’t have to hide his ogling here. The view is clearly very appreciated. When thumbs meet skin, a shiver runs up the brown riders spine, and a little laugh, like it tickles. A’ndi flops his arms around uselessly. “Like this? Or—I just—I don’t—“ At last he lets them fall over D’ex’s shoulders, wrapping loosely around the other man’s neck. “I’m just at a complete loss. Clothing is a mystery.” However, despite the silliness of the moment, A’ndi still hasn’t forgotten what lead them here. He leans in, briefly pressing his forehead to D’ex’s, and speaks quietly, “I’m not going anywhere. Okay?”

D’ex laughs, “No clue at all, huh? Life must be rough for a man that can’t dress or undress himself .” D’ex’s hands slip upward, careful and light, moving flat against A’ndi’s abdomen before moving to the man’s back, pulling him a little bit closer. His voice softens, losing the tease, “You better not. I’m not sure I could forgive you for leaving us here alone.” The blue will be included in this, D’ex’s eyes close and he sighs, soft and low, “Don’t be going around scaring us. The dragon-grapevine is not as accurate as people tend to assume.” D’ex may have not known A’ndi was still alive until after the ship crashed, Zynth unable to find out with all dragons in that area too busy talking to each other than to update the rest of the weyr, or those like the blue who were still farriying refugees.

“I don’t think I’d be able to forgive myself either. Leaving you two alone would be completely irresponsible.” The smile returns, slowly, his expression soft and warm despite his words. “It takes this whole team of ours to keep you out of trouble. And without Taliveth to distract him, I suspect Zynth would make pretty quick work of taking over Southern.” Now hands creep up D’ex’s neck and bury into red hair, mussing it playfully. “Don’t I always scare you, though? You keep saying how terrifying I am.” A quick kiss is pressed to the bluerider’s lips at that, and then A’ndi lazily stretches his arms up, apparently finally remembering how to assist in shirt removal.

“It’s true. You are terrifying.” Though D’ex will chuckle at the idea of his little blue taking over Southern. Zynth definitely had the ambition for it, just not the color. Zynth’s sights may be on Weyrsecond, but this was a quiet nightmare of D’ex’s. “Come on, he’d do a great job of running things. He’d just get bored after a while.” D’ex shakes his head in a half-assed attempt to return his hair to it’s usual place and mostly failing. His hands move up, pushing the shirt and instantly stepping back to fold it. “You know, Sunshine, you and I both need to sleep tonight. I have PT tomorrow and I’m sure that they will put Taliveth on Transport again.” Even as he says this, D’ex is smirking again, “Early night?”

A’ndi waits patiently for the proper folding and setting aside of the shirt, then he reaches for D’ex’s hand. Tonight it’s his turn to draw the hand close and press a kiss atop it. “We can sleep after I’m through with you and not a minute sooner. I have a lot of making up to do, don’t I?” sorrynotsorry. “Couch,” he orders, and will just happily pull D’ex along. Taliveth’s snout pokes out from Zynth’s pale wing and the brown whispers to the blue in wisps of celestial light, « I’ll tell you alllllll about it in the morning. » And he will. In great detail. All morning.

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