Alyna, Z'bor


Happens just after The Grander it Gets.... Alyna and Z'bor run into each other at the Kitten and commiserate over their similar injuries and the concepts of raising children as a dragonrider.


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Southern Weyr, The Tipsy Kitten

OOC Date 28 Jul 2018 06:00


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"You have kids right?"


The Tipsy Kitten

Here there be drunkards: a marble bar and the gorgeous array of colored bottles behind it would be enough to draw them in, but more yet lures those to enjoy the recreation the Kitten has to offer. Windows allow light to naturally illuminate the first floor of the tavern in the daytime, while green-tinted glows shine after nightfall. A door behind the bar leads to the tiny kitchen, while a stairway leads above to the rooms available for rent. Among the hubbub and the ruckus, a calamity of tables scatter through the open space, plenty enough for dragon poker tournaments on restday eve.

It's been months now since Alyna injured herself, and months of her weyrmate being ever attentive, caring and everything she could possibly ask for. But sometimes a girl just wants a night out alone to her favorite watering hole. She promised D'har she'd only go for one, drink, two max, and then come right back; also sneakily giving him some space she's sure he needs but would never ask for. Her mobility is getting better with each day, her cane used only lightly now, although her walk is still rather stiff-legged on the left side. Upon entering the Kitten, she finds a table nearest the entrance and waves the cane in the air to try and attract the attention of a server, not shy about playing up the sympathy card.

Z'bor is sitting at a table right near the door, having been here for time yet. He notes Alyna walking in the door and is immediately sympathetic. It wasn't all that long ago that he'd been in much the same position. "Alyna!" He calls, waving at the rider. "Come, there's plenty of room over here."

Alyna was just about to sit down at her chosen table near the door when she sees a fellow greenrider waving her over and decides that company is definitely preferable to drinking alone. Making her way with halting steps towards Z'bor's table, she plops herself down on a chair with a smile, "Thanks. I've only come for a quick drink though, I promised my weyrmate I wouldn't over do it." She tries to look put upon by her ever attentive bluerider, but it just comes out as thoroughly smitten.

Z'bor chuckles and holds up his hands. "No worries there, I'm on my second tankard of ale and I'll be headed back to my own Weyrmate shortly after. But company is better than drinking alone, eh?" Not something the old Z'bor would have said, but being able to socialise has become oddly freeing for the man. "How are you recovering then? Get to give up the cane soon?"

"I was just thinking that," Alyna says in regards to drinking alone when the server comes up. After ordering a mixed drink of some kind, probably fruity, she looks down at the cane, "With luck I should be able to give it up in a seven or so. I'm so ready. The Healers seem pleased enough with our progress. Of course, I still need to strengthen it back up before going back to full duty, and they are planning on taking that slow as well." It's apparent that the woman has missed company, the way she rambles on a bit. Thankfully her drink arrives soon after and forces her to stop to take a savoring sip.

Z'bor nods. "Aye, that's a long road, that one. But listen to your healers and you'll be back in the skies in no time." Z'bor knows first hand that doing what your healer tells you to is a good idea. Though…. had he been listening to a healer in the first place, he might never have got the infection that led him to having Zariel as a daughter. Funny how life works. "And you're walking? Not stayying idle I hope?" That question near answers itself, but he asks it anyway.

Alyna snorts into her drink, "Staying idle? Hardly. R'zel's put me on helping out with sweep reports, and I get out a little each day. The walking is fine, almost no pain anymore, just weakness now from coddling it so for months." Absently she runs a hand down her injured left leg through her loose fitting pants, tilting her head to one side, observing the other greenrider. "You have kids right?" she asks rather bluntly in a curious tone.

"Keep walking, it definitely helps build that strength back up. And extend the length you walk every three or so days." Z'bor's no healer, but he knows the routine for these injuries well. He could show the scar…but it wouldn't be decent here. He's mid-drink from his tankard of ale when Alyna poses her question and it's so random he near chokes on his ale. But, he manages to save face and get it down before he actually chokes. "Aye. I do. One mine, one adopted. Why do you ask?"

"That's what the Healers have been telling me, walking is the best thing to start building it back up," Alyna responds with a smile before taking another sip from her drink before putting it back down again, "You sound like you have some experience with convalescing yourself." When her question seems to take the male greenrider unawares, she chuckles softly and shrugs her shoulders vaguely, "I'm just curious how you balance being a parent and a rider, that's all." Her tone is breezy as she studies the dark surface of her drink for a moment before shifting her blue gaze up at Z'bor.

Z'bor shrugs. "Well, first off, I don't do it all alone. I have H'ris and Rielle around a lot and we have scores of nannies." He chuckles. "It isn't easy, but it's well worth it in my opinion. I couldn't imagine my life without Riski or Zariel." He pulls another drink from his tankard and looks over at Alyna with a crooked smile. "Why? You thinking of unleashing a few rugrats of your own?"

A smile creeps onto Alyna's lips at Z'bor's response, and just takes another sip of her drink before answering his last coyly, "I may be thinking of that. D'har and I haven't been weyrmated long, but with this injury, things have definitely been put into perspective for me, for both of us really. I'm not getting any younger…" she trails off before shifting closer, "I just want to know what I'm getting myself into, but knowing it's possible without fostering is reassuring." Being holdbred, the idea of handing her child off to someone else to raise does not appeal to the greenrider.

Z'bor nods. "Aye, I felt that way as well when H'ris' flight partner showed up with a squawling child and told us she'd have none of it. Fostering came up, but neither H'ris or I liked the idea. We seemed to have made the right decision, we love the boy and he's growing up to be a strapping young lad, if not a bit rough around the edges." In fact, Z'bor could swear H'ris was half wildling sometimes with the way Riski acts.

"Wow that must have come as a shock! Was your other child planned at all?" Alyna asks curiously while tapping idle fingers gently against her glass. "We're planning to start trying as soon and I lose the cane and start rehabilitation in earnest. I just hppe Haquith doesn't decide to finally go proddy and ruin our plans. She should have started glowing around the time I got hurt, and it's been months now without even a faint glow." Sighing heavily she lifts her glass to her lips for another long sip.

Z'bor laughs and shakes his head. "Not at all. In fact I was laid up with an injury much like yours when Ozriath took to the skies and Rielle's Obhaeroth caught her. A handfull of sevens later, we found out she was pregnant." And oh was there a bit of drama around that, but Z'bor leaves that unspoken. "She may not rise for some time yet, injuries have a profound effect on the mind and body. I wouldn't worry too much."

"Oh really? I always figured if it ever happened it would be by 'accident'," Alyna muses with a smile playing over her lips, "This idea of planning on it is a little surreal." Her drink quickly dwindling, she downs it in one with a faint smack of her lips before putting the empty glass down. "Well this is our first big injury that's had me grounded more than a seven, so I'm not sure what to expect. Did Ozriath give you warning beforehand? Or did it come on suddenly? I've heard it can if a green's cycle's been delayed with injury."

Z'bor nods. "Aye, both of mine were definitely happy accidents. I don't what I'd do if we actually planned one." Not complain. That's for sure. This green riding wingsecond has recently discovered he wouldn't mind one or two more sets of pattering feet around the weyr. He nods when she asks about Ozriath's cycle. "I've heard that too, though it certainly didn't stop Ozriath from rising on time."

"Well with you and H'ris, you'd have to convince at least one more participant there," Alyna teases with a playful wink as she leans back in her chair, hands slipping back to cradle her head in intertwined fingers. "Well you're lucky then. I haven't felt this antsy to get her flight over with since her first. I'm checking her every day for signs, but she's stubborn as ever. I just don't want the possibility of ending up with someone else's child y'know? Both D'har and I already agreed to not entertain others until it happens." She relays rather openly, "But with flights…." she trails off with a sigh.

Z'bor nods. "Aye, that could be a harrowing thought. Perhaps you should wait to try until she's flown?" It seems the logical idea to Z'bor. But, it's not his decision to make, so though stated, it's not something he'll push, just a suggestion. He empties his own tankard, declining a refill from a passing server.

"It certainly is," Alyna agrees with a heavy sigh, but then a decisive shake of her head solidifies her resolve, "No, I don't like the idea of postponing, who knows when she's going to decide to rise again, and I want to take advantage of my rehabilitation period since it means still no betweening for awhile. And if it happens before she's flown, all the better and then I won't have to worry about it too much. And if not, I'll go back on the tea for the duration." Seems they've thought this through.

"Seems you've thought a lot on it. That's good." Z'bor smiles and leans back in his seat. "And now probably is the best time to do it." He's impressed with their tactic. Sighing hetakes a look around to spot the hour marker candle. Looking at the time, he shakes his head. "I probably ought to get home. Kids and all, y'know." He chuckles and winks and begins gathering his things.

"Well, we want to do this right, at my age, I might only get one chance at this, so it better count," Alyna confirms with a determined set to her chin. At his last sigh, she also looks at the time and grins, "That's ok. I should be getting back anyway. I guess I better get used to early nights huh?" she asks before grabbing up her cane and leaning on it to rise with only a small effort. "Here, I'll walk out with you." She offers before making her way towards the swinging doors and her awaiting green beyond.

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