Kalea, K'lir, Ksenia, L'denn, Mayte, Nika


Kalea brings the twins to share in the congratulations! The little family is so proud of K'lir!


It is the first day of Autumn and 101 degrees. The skies have opened up and apocalypse has slowly started to overtake the Southern continent. Rain doesn't pour down as much as tear through the sky at supersonic speeds to assault anything unwise enough to not seek shelter. Lightning dances across the heavens, but the light is quickly muted and swallowed by the ebony black clouds. The ground and trees dance with every roll of thunder that puts earthquakes to shame.


Southern Weyr

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Living Caverns

Grand and spacious, the cavern curves high aloft in naturally-vaulted ceiling that soothes any sense of claustrophiba. Rich woods line the cavern floor, varnished and stained a rich mahogany, while round tables scatter about candlelit and intimate. The largest table lies southerly next the sideboard, long trestles that seem oriented to providing for the weyr's youngest. The rich blue of Azov can be seen from a distance in good weather, when the heavy stone doors covering the entrance are allowed to stand open.

From deep within the Weyr a greenrider emerges into the caverns to join the party. Resting on either hip is a toddler, which forgoes any drinks that Kalea might have may be offered. No free hands after all. It would appear that Lea is exuberant as she greets fellow wingriders and folks she knows. "Rikus, hush now." She bounces the small boy on her hip while he fusses and scans the crowd with large eyes. On the opposite hip rests Kalira festively ensconced in a dress. A small distance behind Kalea trails one of the nannies.

"No, no, no, not the weather. The sex," Ksenia is noting in bald-faced font here for Nika's benefit. "Oh it's bad, but good, but also bad and really the men are fantastically — erm." She realizes that she's standing in the living caverns discussing bodice ripper romances with her newfound girlfriends. That's right. Mayte, Nika: Class: Friend! "I've…" caramel eyes track Cha'el's movements, and she turns to both, "… got to go. Mayte, of gold of Igen, please to come again, girlie. Nika, of blue of Southern, it's been a pleasure and I hope to see you more often. For you both, I will tell you fortunes when next we meet!" She does give the weyrlings a bright-eyed wave as the woman in pale tangerine follows suit after the Weyrleader. Is there food? Maybe there's food. Which, 'wich?!

You can try to bring him down, but L'denn is having none of it. Party? Awesome. Hard work? Awesome. Juice? Awesome. Everything is awesome! So awesome! L'denn gives K'lir another grin and drifts away, to go look over there

K'lir can't help the soft blush that colors his cheeks as the Weyrleader offers him and L'denn that congratulatory toast and nods his thanks. "Thank you, sir. Greetings and thanks to Sikorth as well." He finishes off the tidbits on his plate, wishing for a real sit-down full meal but not likely to get one before breakfast at least, and lets one of the roaming drudges take it away. Sipping at his mug of juice, he tugs at the neck of his new tunic again as he scans the crowd as if looking for someone and not finding them.

The quickness with which Ksenia disappears has Mayte watching after her thoughtfully, but with a grin. To Nika, she mentions, "I will totally be back for that." And then, as if on cue, Mayte looks outside and huffs: "Shit. Rhis wants to go." A quick look at Nika and a little fond grin, "Couldja take care of some of this for me?" And with that, Mayte's pulling out an extra, slightly over-stuffed wineskin, "It's good, I promise, but, uh, wouldn't survive the trip home." Yeah, that's it. She grins and gives a little wave before moving to the door, flipping her collar against the rain. Yeah, cuz that's gonna work, which loud cursing as Mayte steps out would indicate it does not.

"Sex!" Nika exclaims as understanding dawns on her, and she does so loudly enough for anyone in the party to hear. "The men are….." But her curiosity will be left unappeased as the strange lady wanders off, "Well she's a trader if I ever met one." With her hands on her hips she shakes her head after the other woman and then with a quieter whisper of, "Sex!" She spins on her heels away from the goldrider, and skips off singing the word happily underneath her breath back out to the bowl.

"Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!!" Quite a pair of lungs on these kids! The twins spot their father before Kalea does. And she smiles apologetically to the woman conversing with her. "Excuse us please," she says graciously and hushes both children firmly. "Now both of you behave or you'll go right back to the nursery!" Yeah right! But it sounds good. "K'lir! Congratulations to you dear!" Kalea is quite happy having watched the hatching with bated breath.

Hearing that paired squeal, K'lir's head pops up and swings around until he spots the greenrider and the toddlers. "Kalea … you were at the Hatching? Did you see him? Isn't he beautiful?" The young ex-tracker almost babbles as he finds a place to set his mug so that he can take the wriggling boy into his own arms and leave the woman free of that rambunctious child at least. "There's my little man. Did you see the Hatching too?" He reaches out to tweak the little girl's nose with a sparkle in his eyes.

“He’s gorgeous! Just like his rider,” Kalea assures K’lir with a grin. She is undeniably proud of him! “Thank you,” she says as K’lir takes Rikus off her hip. She jostles Kalira a bit on her hip as the little girl giggles in delight. “It’s too crowded for babies in the galleries. I went to see these two as soon as it was over. And give them the good news!” Not that a pair of Turn old children will remember. But still. It’s the thought that counts.

K'lir chuckles softly and nods. "Well, we can get them put down for their naps together then, eh? I need to get back to the barracks though … Bryntaeroth is stirring and they said we had to be available when they woke up again." He sighs softly and shrugs, sorry that his time is not his own to at least talk to the mother of his children. He nods slightly to the lingering weyrlings who took longer to get their own dragonets to sleep as they move toward the nanny and the nursery. "I'm glad you were able to come see them and me for a little bit though."

Kalea smiles and sidles up to K’lir and kisses him on the cheek. “It’s fine dear heart. I of all people understand. Ryadranth expects you to say hello as soon as you’re able. She’s beside herself wanting to meet your lifemate.” She walks along beside K’lir and prepares to hand the children back over to the nannies. Always a mildly sad moment for her. “The young hatchlings are quite demanding. It’s been a while but I remember.”

K'lir kisses both children with gentle tickles for them before handing them off to the nannies with a regretful sigh and nods as he slips his hand over Kalea's to lead her back out. "I can't wait for her to meet Bryntaeroth too. But I guess that's going to take a while before we're allowed to go too far from the barracks." He stops as they exit the caverns and lifts her hand to kiss the back of it gently, the only affection he's going to allow himself at this moment. "I better get back, lovey. Give Rya a hug for me and tell her thank you." Releasing her hand, he lifts his to caress her cheek lightly before he's off toward the weyrling barracks and his new lifemate.

“We are SO proud of you! I know you will miss the jungle from time to time.. but you have such an amazing future ahead of you.” And likely the end of an era for them personally. But Lea chooses not to dwell on that. She smiles sweetly as he kisses the back of her hand. Watching him walk away and into his new life. Wistfully she glances back toward the play room and sighs. They will always have the twins. And that is something to hold onto. Kalea makes her way through the Weyr and snags her jacket as she goes. Out into the driving rain to venture home where Ryadranth can watch the storm in relative safety.

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