Beris, R'ku, Temeris (NPC), Briana (NPC)


Their investigations have led them to Katz Field Hold. What will Beris and R'ku find there of Beris's family?


It is midmorning of the tenth day of the tenth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Katz Field Hold

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Katz Field Hold

It's taken time to find the remaining pieces of the puzzle, and more still to put them together, working out what's what. The wagon that took her to Igen was the next step, that led them to the wagonmaster. From there, it became clear there had been illness around Big Bay Hold not long before that wagon left with a new child, who looked nothing like the rest of the trader family. A man had come looking at Big Bay for a girl, and locals who had survived the sickness and remembered him were able to give his location as a small holding that was part of Katz Field. Now, on this bright morning, the Hold is spread out below them as they arrive aloft. Katz Field itself looks busy, but it's a small cluster of cotholds to the west of the main Hold that is their destination. There're plenty of open fields near it to land in, though it may be best to avoid the ones where runnerbeasts are grazing. Beris clings to R'ku's back, body tense as she peers down at the place. She's been very quiet before they left, and for the journey.

Despite being a bronze, Kabelkath is actually a bit small for his color and fairly lean. Even so, it's difficult enough to find even a safe spot for a smallish bronze to land when there are runnerbeasts involved. Thus, Kabelkath has to land a bit further out to prevent much spooking of the beasts. Even so, the arrival of a bronze dragon is probably going to stir up quite a lot of conversation amongst teh human residents by the time R'ku and Beris actually get to the hold proper. As R'ku twists around to help Beris unstrap from the riding gear, he murmurs in a low, reassuring voice, "You alright, love? Where di you want to head first?" This is her discovery, after all, and he's merely here for moral support at this point. And to provide a sort of authoritative clout with his Wingleader knot, if necessary.

Indeed - it probably won't be long before people come out to see what's going on. Which might work in their favour, given they're trying to find someone. Beris's hands are shaky on the straps, and she's grateful for R'ku's help even if she seems to be struggling to look at him, staring down at the buckles as she is finally free to dismount. "Yeah," she says, not wholly convincingly; she's quick to answer his question though, and gloss right over her apprehension about this whole thing. "Um. I guess we head towards the cotholds and see if anyone knows that man who came looking. Temeris. I hope he still lives here." Her dark eyes look towards the cotholds, and her hand reaches for R'ku's before they begin the walk across the field towards the homes.

R'ku reaches up briefly to pat at Kabelkath's flank in a show of gratitude once he's on firm ground. "It's such a small place, I'd be surprised if we don't find someone who knows the man," he notes with a jovial tone, keeping his mood upbeat for the sake of Beris. Not that he has any reason /not/ to be upbeat. He slips his hand into Beris' offered one as they start to make the walk towards the old and he gives it a reassuring squeeze, "Try to remember to breathe, love, and you'll do fine." He'll lean down to sneak a quick kiss as they walk before he continues on, his strides easily eating up the distance. "Can't hurt to ask the first person we see, then?"

R'ku's positive attitude to this is definitely what Beris needs. The woman looks generally worried, even after that kiss. "I will," she promises, quietly, before she matches his long strides a sbest she can. Were they not holding hands, no doubt she'd take a much slower walk towards the possibility of answers. Speaking of people, here they are. One, anyway, a burly man who's probably the owner of the field. "Rider," he greets cautiously as he stands by the gate they're going to have to use to get out. It's actually Beris who speaks, before the man can ask them anything. She speaks as if she's had this prepared but then the words all tumble out at once. "We've come to find someone who we were told lives here. A man called Temeris?" She doesn't sound confident, but she's managing to look at the man. His brow is furrowed with many unasked questions, but R'ku's knot is spotted and he nods. "Aye, his cothold's the one that way, with the blue door." A jerk of his head indicates they'll need to head down the rough 'road' to get there, and he does open the gate for them.

R'ku offers up a winning smile to the burly man, trying to affect an air of totally meaning to be here for legitimate reasons. "Greetings," he inclinse his head in response to teh man's own greeting, "My bronze won't bother any of your animals - he's going to have a bit of a nap out in the field there until we return. Shouldn't be too much trouble." Then he indicates Beris, rightfully falling silent to let her say her piece. Once the gate opens, he offers the man another winning smile, all white teeth and gratitude, before guiding Beris through it and onto the rough track, "Thank you." He keeps his hand within Beris', squeezing every so often for added support, "Did you want me to talk first or do you want to?" He wants to know what the plan is before they reach that distant blue door.

"Good t'hear," the man says in response to R'ku's reassurances. As he holds the gate open, he will give the bronze a long look through, and once beris and R'ku are gone, he'll watch the dragon a little longer while he shuts the gate again. The track is quite different to the Weyr, whose pathways are much better maintained; Beris finds herself looking down a lot as she takes care to avoid potholes and stones. "Um." She looks up, the blue door her focus. Her pace has slowed a little, and slows some more as she tries to make a decision. "I - I should probably do it. I've dragged you out - again - so it's fair?" She glances up at R'ku as their pace leads them to the cothold that may or may not hold the answers to her many questions.

R'ku matches pace with Beris, as he, too, has to be sure not to break an ankle in the random dips or potholes encountered on the track. "Well," he reasons as he continues onwards with Beris towards the blue door, "If this is actually your family, I imagine you are the one they'll want to talk to. Not really a matter of fairness." He flashes Beris a warm smile, "I don't mind taking time to help you out here, love. Kabelkath doesn't mind either - he gest to see new places." Another reassuring hand squeeze, as the blue door is starting to get within hearing distance for those inside, likely.

At the word family, Beris takes a deep breath, which damn near catches in her throat. Her expression is pensive as she looks at that door. Closer now, it looks well-nmaintained, the colour fresh and free of damage. Indeed, the whole cothold looks fastidiously neat and tidy, from the outside. "Thank you," Beris manages to say, finally, and then there is no more time for talking. They've reached the door, and, tentatively, the woman reaches to knock on it. Her hand curls into a fist, pauses, and then she raps on the wood three times. It seems to take much of her strength not to flee, and she shifts her weight from one foot to the other. Then there are footsteps inside the building, and the door opens to reveal a man with short, dark hair. His expression is not as wary as the earlier man's, but he does look confused by the sight of two strangers. "Can I help you?" He asks. His gaze meets Beris's as she stares up at him. "We're…we're looking for someone called Temeris?" Is all she mnaages to get out, and the man, if anything, looks more confused. "Yes, that's me? Is there something wrong?" It's R'ku he looks at now, the fact the man is a Wingleader not going unnoticed by the man called Temeris. Beris has clammed up, simply staring at him - there are definite similarities, in the thick dark hair, the dark eyes.

Even if Beris had wanted to flee, R'ku likely wouldn't have allowed it - he shifts and slips his arm around her waist after she knocks, trying his best to be the best moral support possible. And also an effective trap to keep her where she is. Though when Temeris actually answers the knock, R'ku can't help but blink several times in surprise. He flicks his gaze from the man and then to Beris and then back to the man again, obviously already noting the similarities between them. A look of dawning comprehension washes over his face and he almost seems to buzz with bottled up excitement at what he /thinks/ may be the solution to the puzzle. He waits several seconds for Beris to answer and, when nothing comes, he quickly glances to his weyrmate and then back to Temeris, finally speaking up on her behalf, "Sorry to bother you, sir. We … ah … have a bit of a strange question. Someone told us that you were looking for a little girl about .. ah .. nearly 20 turns back?" Perhaps not wanting to lead the man into the answer, he leaves the details vague for now.

Beris's eyes have widened as the realisation of the moment is starting to sink in. And they're maybe just a little wet, too! Her throat has all but closed up, so thank goodness R'ku is talking to Temeris, or it would be very awkward indeed. Sorry R'ku: usually Beris only has eyes for him, but right now she's staring at the man that bears more than just a passing resemblence to her. Temeris is looking at the rider though, blinking a few times as he comprehends the question. "I was - I was looking for my daughter…." The penny drops for him, and he looks back at Beris, expression shifting to stunned. "Is she-? You-?" Like father like daughter apparently, because they're both lost for words as they stand there staring at one another.

R'ku pauses briefly, glancing between Temeris and Beris with a mixture of happiess and just a hint of amusement at the sheer oddity of them both being shocked into silence. "I think we may have found the right person then," he begins, voice just a little rough with supressed emotion at the scene. Even men have feelings! "Uh … your … daughter … ended up at Kurkar at Igen. We've spent the past months trying to figure out if any of her family might still be around .. and … well … " He trails off, unsure whether to go with this considering the shock that this is causing on both sides, "I know this is likely a shock. I apologize."

Beris is trying her best to say something, but she doesn't trust herself to do it without bursting into tears on the doorstep. "Igen," Temeris says quietly, bewildered and shaking his head. He can hardly tear his eyes away from Beris, but he does long enough to look at R'ku. The man's eyes look pretty damp! "Please - come in. You need to…." He steps aside to gesture them in, words failing him again. He'll lead them, Beris still shell-shocked, into a little living area with soft chairs. A woman is there, some sewing on her lap, and she looks up as they enter. She's the spitting image of Beris but older and slightly shorter. "Briana-" is all that Temeris manages to say before the woman gasps, her sewing dropped to the floor as she rises to rush over and put both arms around Beris. There's definitely some ugly crying going on for both women, and Temeris offers a hand to R'ku for a firm handshake. "Rider, I can't thank you enough." The man is welling up now!

R'ku follows Temeris into the house, starting to feel and look a bit shocked himself at everything happening. He actually stops in his tracks in surprise at the sight of Briana, obviously bewildered at seeing what is such a spitting image of his weyrmate but older. His eyes may be a bit bugged out at the moment, but he has the sense to tear his gaze away before he becomes impolite. Plus he wants to give the two women enough time to ugly cry with eachother without it becoming awkward with him staring at them while they do it. It's difficult enough to keep his emotions in check with all these teary-eyed moments. R'ku reaches out to take Temeris' offered hand in his own, shaking it firmly, "It's my pleasure, sir. I … I really would do anything for your daughter and it seemed like the least I could do to help her out in this." He suddenly seems awkward, as though just realizing he's been thrust into a 'meet the parents' kind of situation for the first time.

"Please, take a seat," Temeris says, once the hand shaking is done. On top of the surprise of his lost daughter turning up on his doorstep, he now has a bronze rider to figure out, too! "You - and my daughter?" The words 'are together' remain unspoken, but the way Temeris looks at R'ku, while he sinks into a chair, shows he has his ideas. it's not a displeased look by any means! Just a lot to take in all at once! Beris and Briana have pulled apart to look at one another, faces tear-streaked. The family resemblance cannot be denied, especially now they're stood with one another. "We thought you were dead," Briana says in a choked voice, and Beris is still crying as she shakes her head, unable to speak. "Berisia," her mother says, and this sparks off another round of crying for them both.

R'ku haltingly makes his way over to the offered seat, his steps only faltering as he keeps looking over towards the crying women. Likely his gentlemanly senses are tingling - he has this innate urge to comfort a crying woman and it seems rather odd to just stand there and let it happen. He sinks himself into the chair slowly, nodding his head at Temeris in affirmation, "Yes … well … we'd been seeing each other for a couple turns. She moved in with me a while back. I mean .. ah … we haven't had a ceremony or anything to make it official .. but … " He shifts in his seat, suddenly looking a little uncomfortable at that realization - who knows if this is something he should have pursued to make it truly 'official' or if Beris' newfound parents may hold that against him. "But I consider her my weyrmate." He casts a quick glance over to Beris and her mother before looking back to Temeris, his voice full of earnestness, "I do love her."

Temeris is practically melting into the chair, overwhelmed by all this and trying to absorb it. He nods along as R'ku explains his and Beris's situation, and despite the Wingleader's concerns, the man beams. "I can't say I'm not surprised, but I am happy for her - for both of you." Briana leads Beris over to sit her down on the sofa. The crying has subsided now, leaving them both with red-edged eyes. Wet faces are helped by the handkerchief that Briana gives to her daughter. She holds Beris's hand as they sit together, and the older woman can now get a better look at R'ku. "I can't say how glad I am that you brought her to us. You must understand," she adds, looking at Beris again, "we didn't abandon you. We didn't want to give you up at all. But we were so young, and my parents - they weren't happy. They said you'd have a good home, but by the time we found out where they'd sent you…the family were dead. People said they thought you'd died, too, from the sickness there." Her words are difficult, but Beris is watching her with a look in her eyes, of love and gladness, that you don't often find.

R'ku is trying his best to not get too choked up with all this happy emotion going through the room. He clears his throat pointedly, trying to remove any hint of a lump that might be forming there, "I'm glad I was able to. It took a lot of research, to be sure. There wasn't a whole lot to work with on our end … we … we really had no clue what might have happened to you, either." He pauses for a moment and lets out his breath in a sigh, seemingly relieved, "I knew you couldn't have abandoned her purposefully." He glances between Brianna and Temeris, "So you stayed together after all these turns?" Perhaps it's a vague question as to whether Beris might actually have any siblings that may not be evident. R'ku himself is used to having so many sisters, it seems a given.

There's plenty for both sides to learn from one another here. Beris has managed to recover enough to talk again (thanks to some somewhat noisy nose-blowing into the handkerchief), and says, "For so long, I thought you'd given me away." Her hand in briana's squeezes tighter, gladness in her eyes as she looks at her mother. Briana and Temeris both nod in response to R'ku's question, but it's Temeris that answers, with a loving look at his wife. "We did. Her parents couldn't keep us apart, however much they'd have liked to." He and Briana share a look, before he sits up in his chair. "And…we did have other children. Temera's eighteen, and betian is sixteen." Beris looks from them to R'ku, her eyes shining as the realisation hits. "I've got siblings," she says breathlessly, still staring in awe at her weyrmate, as her parents smile tearfully.

R'ku flashes a wide grin at the mention of siblings, "Certainly not as many siblings as I have, but that's definitely great." He hesitates before asking, "I don't suppose they live here? Granted … what with all the surprise meetings today, maybe it's better to keep the next reunions for another day." Because who knows if this might spark another flood of crying and R'ku's composure may break finally - too many emotional moments! "I tried telling her you'd never abandon her, though … I unfortunately didn't really have any proof beyond a hunch." He lets out a breath, "All that reading through old records paid off. I'm so glad we found you." He gives a sheepish sort of grin after this, "Though I honestly didn't even realize I'd be stepping into a 'meet the parents' type of situation until just 5 minutes ago. I'm glad you don't seem to hate me." He's probably heard horrible stories about meeting parents all his life.

Temeris chuckles at R'ku's assessment of the sibling situation. Then he and Briana share a look, the couple not needing to speak to make a decision on that. "Yes…we can let them know when they get home, and sort out meeting another time." Could any of them take more emotion today? There's more laughter, from Temeris and Briana both now when R'ku talks about the sudden meet the parents situation. "You brought our daughter back to us," Temeris says with bright eyes. "You certainly started out with us on the right foot!" Briana reaches over to grasp R'ku's hand as he says that, the woman's eyes kind as she smiles warmly at the rider. Beris looks at her lap, choking up again.

R'ku's smile grows slightly, if that's even possible, "Glad I have some initial good thoughts from you about me then. Though it's really no problem. I'd have done anything to help Beris." His voice gets a bit choked up again and he has to clear it before continuing, "If … ah .. if you have a fire lizard or some other way to get a message to R'ku of Igen Weyr, we can likely arrange a meeting then. I'd be happy to bring Beris over whenever is best for you. It's only a few seconds away on dragonback." His eyes then move to Beris, his voice full of some concern, "You going to be alright, love? I don't want to overwhelm any of you with this." Naturally he doesn't want to see Beris crying again, for sure.

Is Briana going to need to get more handkerchiefs? "We do," Temeris confirms, smiling gladly as he leans forward in his chair. "You're welcome whenever you want to come." Then Briana adds: "we've got so much to catch up on." That's directed at Beris, who smiles back at her mother before her gaze turns to R'ku as she nods. "I want to come back," she assures him, as she squeezes Briana's hand with both of hers. There is, indeed, more catching up to be done - some of which will happen there, now. But the time will come that Beris and R'ku have to part, with the promise of future visits having been given. It'll be an emotional parting, but there's so much joy, too, and the promise of so much yet to come!

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