A'hali, Vani, D'ex, A'ndi | Ohanaveth, Caelisth, Zynth, Taliveth


The fam gets together for some food and drinks. No one is moving in together, A'hali and his meat are the pinnacle of masculinity, and Flufferkins is starving and NO ONE CARES. :(

probably some cursing


It is evening of the tenth day of the eleventh month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.



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The meat adds a very pleasant backdrop to the absolute nothing being discussed.



Terraced over the rolling mountains of Southern's wilds, crops fight against the encroaching jungle that must be held at bay by diligent farmers. Guards are stationed at intervals across the hills, where the trees growth is thick enough to allow the lurking predator to hide. It's not Thread that threatens the luscious crops that cling to the side of the mountain, it's the felines and wherries larger than life that would partake of the feast that awaits the courageous. Each terrace lays claim to a large swathe of arable land; the fields themselves cover a vast portion of the hilly slopes. To cross the fields, from one end to the other, without runner or wagon, would take several candlemarks.

Spring, glorious Southern spring! And it is a perfect evening for a low-key gathering where the focus is on simple pleasures - cold beer and warm meat. Lets be honest here, Vani and A'hali have provided the location, and probably the spread so all anyone else has to do is show up. There is a wooden tub full of rapidly melting snow and bottles of rich ale. And somewhere clear of the ship and dragons is a homemade grill of some description. Caelisth has settled further along in the fields, seeing as the evening is clear and the breeze causes all kinds of interesting scents to come her way. Her rider is fussing for lack of a better word, bringing out plates of nibbles and salads to accompany the real hero of this evening: BEER AND BEEF!

Gatherings are not normally A'ndi's preferred way to spend the evening, but this is a little different. This is, as Taliveth would say, Fambly. The few people with which drinking and eating food is actually relatively enjoyable. The brown pair pop in over the field, Taliveth already bugling his arrival and mentally projecting radioactive waves of ecstatic light all over the damn place. « HI WE'RE HERE, WE LOVE YOU, WE HAVE BREAD! » He lands with a heavy thump and and in short order his rider is dismounting, a basket in hand. It is bread! Or more specifically, dinner rolls. "Go on," A'ndi encourages Tali with a pat, and off the draconic tank goes, frolicking to his beloved Caelisth. The brownrider approaches Vani and Hal's set up, calling to the greenrider, "Hey. Rolls." The basket is lifted. LOOK, LOOK AT THIS.

Shortly after Taliveth arrives, a sleek blue form appears, landing without announcement. Zynth lowers a shoulder and slowly D'ex slides off, a half-keg of wine on his shoulder. Note to Future Self: Do not go between with a half a keg of wine balanced precariously. Okay, it's fine. they got here, Wine now throughly chilled. Zynth watches D'ex move toward the shipweyr, then shakes himself and turns, eyes zoning in on the brown and green across the way. "Hey! I got some Ista-brewed wine. It's pretty good." Because D'ex actually showed up this time.

Alas, it's A'hali who is last to arrive and for once the brownrider isn't at all in a cheery mood despite the happy surroundings he finds himself in. Ohanaveth is off swimming, still not totally comfortable with dragons who are not his own clutchsibs. There is ink on A'hali's fingers which means he's not at all coming from hard duty. Just, maybe, unpleasant. Blinking into the light he sighs. "I forgot, I'm sorry. Need to clean up," fingers shown to Vani, "I'll be right back."

Vani lifts her head, eyes narrowed as A'ndi ambles along calling her fat. One hand even hurriedly goes to smooth her dress over her middle even as a pained expression begins to form… "Yeah, well…Fffff…" But then he's displaying his soft, pillowy…ROLLS. Crisis averted! "…ank you?" And the other tray of nibbles is depositted on a rickety old bench. And the offerings continue to come. "I think they call it rum if it's from Ista." She informs the former-pirate sagely before her attention is caught by the despondant A'hali. "I'd offer to help…" But later, when there is no company. For now she's going to play hostess. Well after she gives a kiss and an arm squeeze to A'hali to send him on his way. "Sit, sit. No wait! One of you has to cook" Cos everyone knows that BBQ can only be cooked by menfolk right?
Oh and Caelisth just kind of huffs as her clutch-siblings start invading her field. « Why are you here? » There is a distinct chill to her mindscape. « Other than to bring bread? »

Now A'ndi and D'ex can BOTH be the favorite sons! A'ndi stops short and gives Vani a serious wtf-look. There is brow arching. "Fank you? Is this another 'sammiches' thing?" He just shakes his head at Vani and her weird Vani-words as he settles the basket down. That brow arch turns into one of concern when Hal passes through, but for now he'll let the greenrider tend to her man. A'ndi can tend to the meat! A'ndi's great at handling meat! AHAHAHA hahaaa hahaha ha. He'll work on getting a fire going in the grill, anyway. Cause he's a menfolk. Yup. A vague wave is given to D'ex. Who is also a menfolk. Meanwhile, Taliveth throws himself down into the grass and rolls around like an idiot. « We're here to eat and play and I wanted to see your FACE! »

"I can cook." D'ex is putting down the keg of rum/wine and stealing a roll and waveing after A'hali with it, "Yo Vani, go kiss him lots and tell him to punch P'lim next time, kay? I'm on a no-punching people diet, so I'm afraid I can't help more than glaring and looking intimadating." D'ex takes a bite out of his roll and starts to collect impliments of barbequeing. « Delivering Riders and Rum. » Zynth is quiet, curling up to the side of the pair, But wait, A'ndi has the cooking handled. Soooo, D'ex will give him the impliments of Barbequeing and … .and set things for eating. Like striaghtening silverware. And… .drat. D'ex needs something to do, so fills a cup and can start the drinking part of the evening.

Clearly the story has GROWN over the Lynx grapevine. A'hali turns back like he's going to say something to D'ex, then shakes his head once. Inside, coming back in a better mood to make the night pleasant is more important. He can set the record straight later. Ohanaveth does reach out briefly though to Caelisth so that Vani doesn't flip. « He hit no one. » When he gets out maybe A'ndi can give over the cooking things.

Vani knew sooner or later what she was originally going to say would be appropriate, she just didnt' expect it quite so soon. But instead of verbalising and affectionate F U, she gives the other brownrider an affectionate middle finger (It's really the I love you finger!). Seeing as A'ndi is tending the meat, and D'ex is arranging the side-dishes, she'll just flop herself into one of the large ratty chairs that has been dragged into service for this informal get together. With a beer, because she can! While she is still kind of in limbo right now, she is keeping up with the politics of her former wing. "You not hitting anyone is far more surprising than A'hali hitting someone." The thought does have her frowning a little, even with the grapevine reassurance. If A'ndi doesn't hand over the grill, Vani is patting the rickety seat she has claimed, she doesn't mind sharing with the big brown rider, even if she has to sit on him so that they can do so. Caelisth snorts seeing as her huff wasn't successful, but it is a pleased kind of snort, she does have such a strikingly pretty face after all! « Well. » The ice between the stars starts to melt slightly. « I guess you can stay. Both of you. » And because it is Taliveth, she pounces the warship form. If he's here, they may as well romp, pretend they are once more weyrlings with no Thread to fight on the morrow.

A little smile is quirked at the greenrider. A'ndi is well used to Vani's particular brand of affection by now. As for the grill, the meat itself isn't on yet. But the fire has now been properly tended and will shortly be ready for meat application. A'ndi comments lightly over his shoulder, "He's been behaving himself reasonably well lately." See, even A'ndi can vouch for D'ex! "I haven't punched anyone in awhile, though. I could probably get away with one. Why are we punching P'lim?" 'We' as in he and Vani. She may not be able to cook meat, but apparently A'ndi has accepted that she can dish out some pain. When Hal does reappear, A'ndi will offer the cooking implements; nothing quite soothes a man like setting animal flesh to fire, right? In the field, Taliveth is SO down for romping! He squirmles and wriggles away from his sister and goes bounding away. And then waits. And then runs again. Apparently it's time for tag!

While Zynth will not join in the romp, he will watch silently, letting snow swirl through the mindscapes of his siblings. D'ex can rearrange things until he runs out of things to rearrange and claims another rickety chair as his own. His cup rises at the question, "AWE! That jackass who thinks his blue is all that was more of a jackass than usual today and definatly deserved a good hit to the jaw." Or somewhere lower. D'ex has not been a fan of P'lim for quite a while now, "Lynx Wingsecond. Other Lynx Wingsecond. He's not fit to be incommand of bloody anything and doesn't know how to file."

Once A'hali's hands are washed and he's changed into more comfortable clothing (it's plaid okay?) he returns to the outside festivities. It's possible he's taken some Zen mental time with Ohanaveth because he's slightly more relaxed. "Lynx politics aren't a topic tonight." It's a house rule that A'hali's goign to PUT IN PLACE. Passing by the greenrider A'hali pauses to lean down and kiss Vani's cheeks before passing onwards to get to A'hali's side. Hellos are assumed, right? "Mind if I?" A'hali wants to man his own grill damnit.

Vani does pout just a little bit as her generous offer of cuddles is declined in favour of the time-honored male bonding ritual of putting meat on a fire OUTSIDE! But she has beer, and she did get those brief brief cheek kisses, so it's only a little pout. "Ooooh! What can we talk about?" Her ready acceptance of the change in conversation is probably suspiciously bright, especially when combined with the glances at their former room-mates. "We're boring. What's new with you guys?" Because clearly A'ndi has forgiven D'ex since the last time all three of them were together. Like most females of many species, Caelisth is capable of multi-tasking, even as she plays tag with her bigger brother, a tendril of star-stuff floats amongst the snowflakes of Zynth's mind. « Tell yours we will speak of it later. For now, tell him that he should talk much about nothing. » Caelisth doesn't understand small talk, even if she advises it from time to time.

And lo, the grill tending is passed on, and the ritual is complete. That part, anyway. The next part is WATCHING Hal cook the meat. The only thing missing is… "Hey. Grab me a drink." This command is for D'ex, who A'ndi has come to trust with alcoholic beverage selection. At Vani's question, there is a definite tension that settles into the brownrider's shoulders, which he tries to shrug off. Fidgety hands will tuck into pockets until there's a drink to hold. "Nothing new. I mean. We settled shit. Obviously. But nothing interesting." Again, SHRUG. Taliveth honks at Zynth, encouraging him to join in on the game. In his excitement, Tali gets as close to venting as he'll probably ever get. « I don't know WHYYYY he doesn't talk about it! He's being SILLY. Why don't they talk about it, Zynth?! »

«Because your's doesn't want to. » Zynth does understand small talk, and can relay the message. D'ex grins. « Message Received and Understood. Mine will preform well. » Gambler has to be able small talk, right? D'ex takes a swig of his drink and leans back against the chair, "YES! First and formost, that wretched cat of Taliveths is being wretched still. Not only has it ripped through two sets of canvas covering for my furnicher, but it keeps knocking A'ndi's potted plants off of the ledge at unreasonable hours of the morning." The tone might imply that this is more unforgivable than most cat-sins. "Still, Zynth insists we have to babysit sometimes and still have to visit the thing. Its rediculous!" As he prattles, D'ex stands, fills another mug with rum/wine and hands it to A'ndi with a smile, "I hate that cat."

"Settled?" A'hali turns slightly as the two try to wave off the topic. "Maybe Vani was right." Isn't that vague enough to cause the two of them to panic? Especially when A'hali turns towards his weyrmate. "Not that I doubted." It's TIME for MEAT and A'hali takes a certain amount of relish in slapping the meat upon the fire. That instant sizzle is pure testosterone and A'hali breathes in the smell deeply. This is good stuff.

"It is always a pain when a cat interrupts you early in the morning." Vani agrees pleasantly, allowing a certain dead-pan charm to set her little verbal trap. Her dark eyes dart from man to man as if she is trying to unravel the masculline mysteries before her, so she also notes the tension in A'ndi's shoulders and hides a pleased little smile behind another sip of her beer. "Yes, glad to hear everything is settled." There is totally more grinning now, even as her attention drifts towards her man, and the providing he is doing for them all. SHE LIKES TO WATCH. « Talk about what? » Caelisth pauses in her attempts to tackle Taliveth to ask that innocent question, even as her starstuff attempts to cajole Zynth into joining in far more subtly than Taliveths honking. « She is well pleased with his efforts. » She reports, that siren song of stars and light twinkling with inner amusement.

A'ndi oh so briefly smiles back as the drink is accepted. "You do not hate the cat." However, he's quick to get back to watching the preparation of delicious food. Blue eyes drift between Hal and Vani at their commentary, drinks are taken, and there is a decent amount of internal screaming as panic does indeed build. There's a certain amount of choking down his next sip before he asks, "Vani was right about what?" Taliveth snorts in actual annoyance while rolling over and wiggling his paws at Caelisth. He too can multi-task. « Well I GUESS I'm not supposed to SAY because SOMEONE is being a big ol WHERRY about it. … Are there any wherries around here cuuuuuuz I could sure use some feets to crunch on! » Attention span = short.

« Mine is good at talking of nothing, Taliveth should learn to talk not of things that his would rather he not. » Zynth can try to keep the inevitable down, but it is likely a frutile attempt unless this distraction can be kept. Though that Zynth's heart is really in keeping scerets could never be said. « No werries here. » Still, the blue will remain aloof and watching. "Everything is settled more or less. But mostly less, given the state of A'ndi's kitchen. It's okay, we're working on it." On getting that whole weyr to be D'ex's idea of clean, anyway. He smirks as A'ndi grows tense and plops himself back down in his chair, "I do hate that cat. It gets fur everywhere and it's not like it's possible to have a tunnel snake problem as high up as your weyr is."

Siizzzzllleeee. The meat adds a very pleasant backdrop to the absolute nothing being discussed. Some of the tension of the day drains from A'hali's shoulders as he stands guard over his bastion of manliness. "Are you moving D'ex, to A'ndi's weyr?" Because why else would he clean up A'ndi's place? (Yes, he does realize this is D'ex, but if it bothered D'ex too much he would have taken care of it already in A'hali's opinion.)

Speaking of cats, it is about now that Vani's own black ball of fluff puuuuuuulllllllsss himself out from his current prefered sleeping spot. to blink blearily at the assembled as Flufferkins assesses who is the easiest mark to score a feed from. He may be a while. "I don't think D'ex has an actual weyr." Because Vani hasn't seen it, so clearly it doesn't exist. As to that question? Vani is just going to smile, although it isn't a smirk, it is closer to a warm cheshire-smile of gentle acceptance and blessing for the things A'ndi does not wish to speak of. « Does it matter if there are? It's not like we don't have wings? » And everyone knows that aerial tag is way better than on the ground tag. And that's all the warning Caelisth is going to give before she launches herself away. Don't worry bruh's she's playing not mating. There would be WAY more swearing if she was proddy.

OH THANK FARANTH THERE'S A CAT. A'ndi will look at the cat and then crouch down to pet the cat. The best way to calm a man's nerves, aside from grilling of course. "He has one, he's just never there. He's always cleaning at my place. I try to put shit back the way I want it, and he messes it up again." Another super casual shrug. It's now that A'ndi hazards to look up, meeting Vani's eyes and that smile. "D'ex is just weird. That's all." But perhaps there is more said in his glance than his words. You can do that when you're BFFs, right? The brownrider straightens up now, returning attention to the sizzling slab of beast. "He doesn't hate the cat. Don't listen to him." Whether intentional or not, Caelisth has become a master of distraction. « LET'S GO FIND THE WHERRIES! And we'll eat them all and absorb their POWERS because that's what friends do! » Misunderstood advice carried from weyrlinghood.

"Live in A'ndi's weyr? Hell no!" Have you seen that place? It's completely unlivable. D'ex's arms fold and he shakes his head, "I would never live in that weyr. It lacks the space of my weyr and there is no place to think. It's too cluttered." However, at the idea of him not having a weyr, D'ex straightens, "Excuse you! I have a lovely weyr! It's perfect and huge and makes far more sense than A'ndi's! Why the hell would I live in A'ndi's weyr when mine is so perect?" He totally has his own weyr and spends pleanty of time there. It takes time to make perfection. The blue will stay still and watch his clutchmates for a moment, a few words with his bond, and finally Zynth will follow, but at a much slower pace, « That is not how werries work, brother. »

"Seems a waste of space." But A'hali isn't going to add more to that. Instead he'll shoot a glance at Vani again with an eyebrow raised. There is tension between the two that was obviously not there before when the pair have come back to the shipweyr for a short visit. Instead, "Vani has taken in a stray." He should probably say that it's a person and not another animal but… anyway.

"If your weyr is so perfect… is he moving in with you?" Vani retorts, ALL THE ASSUMPTIONS THROWN TO THE WINDS. "There is nothing wrong with asking." And her attention returns once more to A'hali, and that perfect masculine tableau he has going on. "Took me a while to realize that." She says a little softer, it's probably the closest to an apology either man is going to get for her objections all those turns ago. There is a wry twist to her lips even as she gently toasts each guy in turn. "Who'd of thunk we'd be here like this back then though right?" I recall lots of yelling and possibly some knives. But that was long before the three persons currently winging their way in search of mountains joined the family. « I bet I can catch more wherries than the pair of you! » Caelisth and Vani are well matched. VERY well matched. "Oh, they've met Talya." She waves that away breezily. "I like her." She admits to all and sundry. AAAAAND because there is a cat, it deigns to allow the petting, very slowly and insolently streeeeetching so that the entire spine can be petted the way it deserves. And then with all the dignity — NO wait! Flea *chompchompchomp* — Okay, as Flufferkin's was doing with a great deal of dignity. 'Meh.' Foodplz.

A'ndi is going to give D'ex a major Look about the supposed perfection of the bluerider's current living space. "It looks like nobody even lives there. Can't touch anything." There's a sigh, and a bit of grumpy pouting into his mug. Perhaps even he knows THE TERRIBLE TRUTH BEING DISCOVERED is kind of inevitable, at least with these two particular people. "No one is moving in with anyone right now," he finally mumbles between sips. A'ndi only snaps out of it at the mention of Talya. "The chick with the jacket? She's living here now?" It sounds like he disapproves somehow, but what's new? « Of course that's how wherries work! Nadeeth said so! I'MGUNNAEATEMALL~ » Just try to stop him, Caelisth~

Pointedly A'hali turns again, "Right now?" Totally a mild-mannered question. D'ex, got anything to add?

"Hell no. My weyr is not fit for a dragon of Taliveth's size." He'd make it less perfect. D'ex huffs, "No one is moving right now, and I do live in my weyr and there is not likely going to be a suitable one anytime soon." His words are flat, but he meets A'hali's look and smiles. D'ex certianly did not think that this was a thing that would ever remotly happen to him, or that a couch could have brought so many issues that didn't seem like issues anymore. Still, apology will take a but to accept. So, moving right along to the next topic, "Vani has taken in a stray? That's new." D'ex stops, "Her? The hell Vani! That girl is trouble on feet! She's possibly Perns third or second Most Annoying Person!" Contending with that nasty wildling girl that D'ex can never remember the name of. "Why'd you bring her in?! She is always popping up at bad times and pushes buttons and Zynth likes her and it's a total and complete pain."

A'hali takes some nice solid time to sizzle his meat upon the grill before responding to that. "We are happy for you two." Because that smile in D'ex's eyes? It says everything. A'hali's making some leaps but having been friends of both men it's not a terribly difficult one to make. Vani gets left with all of the other questions about Talya to answer since A'hali has only met the woman very much in passing when she says occasionally. This side grilled enough? Yes, time for flipping!

"You could wait until one of the shipweyrs become available." Vani shrugs pretending nonchalance, but inwardly giggling as she coaxes more and more TRUTH from the other two men. There ain't no room for secrets here, just LUB. « If you eat 'em all… they wont be able to make baby wherries, and then there would be no more wherries forever and ever » Caelisth weaves a sad, sad story - but it could all be distraction so that she is sure to win her bet. Flufferkins senses that perhaps now is not the time to mooch (mostly cos he is being ignored) and stalks off, his tail flicking a rapid tattoo of his displeasure. MEH! As D'ex's description grows she even goes as far as to giggle slightly. "Doesn't sound familiar at all. It's not like she's been charged with anything." Hinthint Mr. Attempted Murderer. "I set out some ground rules." Because while she may be following in A'hali's footsteps, she isn't as trusting as her weyrmate. "And we are." Vani once again looks towards A'hali, as she adds her agreement. But he is busy with his meat, so she will continue to wait paitently. For his meat.
"Happy for you both."

Sausage isn't on the menu for Vani right now kthanks.

ALL the sausage is belong to A'ndi? :(


Well. Not gonna win this one. A half-hearted one-shouldered shrug this time and more mumbles. "Maybe," to the shipweyr idea. "I guess. I don't know." That is probably a blush creeping onto his face. Yes, it's entirely possible. "… Getting a dog, though." His now empty mug is shoved towards D'ex. Gonna need a little more, thx. If he wasn't dealing with so many awkward feelings right now he'd probably LAUGH AND LAUGH at the bluerider's particular set of objections. But he does half-smile and comments, "You really don't have any room to talk." The rest of the evening will be reasonably more relaxed for the brownrider, now with certain kinda-sorta-confessions out of the way. And Taliveth will probably not eat all of the wherries, because Caelisth makes logical points. But he WILL crunch some feets.

"I will not be living in a Ship ever again." Just going to make that clear now. Because No. No. No. Not happening. He has this cool frozen wasteland in his head and hasn't stepped foot on a proper ship in a turn and that is totally okay. Regardless of how much room he does or does not have to talk, D'ex will talk. It's what he does. He talks and BSs and over all does lots of refilling of drinks as the night drags on. Perhaps a deck of cards will be produced at some point, and perhaps an attempt to get people to play. But whatever embaressment might be seen in A'ndi, it will be absent in D'ex. He is relaxed, chipper, and as much of a jerk as usual.

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