Th'res, Alyna, Jedameth, Haquith


Alyna seeks Th'res out for a drink she promised him.


It is afternoon of the thirteenth day of the third month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Jedameth's ledge and weyr, Southern Weyr

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"Am I your friend now Th'res? Or am I still just after your hooch?"

Jedameth's Ledge

A find, this large, squared ledge, if one can see beyond the grit, grime, and guano of disuse and the rodent nests in the walls above. What it lacks for in cleanliness and location, it makes up for in size and the charm hidden beneath dirt: good solid landing stone, excellent rain and snow divergence in rock-awnings and design, tidy stairs that lead to a little tucked-in almost alcove sized room here outside, with rings embedded into the rock for hanging hammocks. Best of all, a nearly complete set of dragonchess figurines have been carved from limestone and set into nooks along every wall. Though chipped and weatherworn in places, the pieces are all about four feet tall and are obviously intended for the vast checkerboard that takes up most of the ledge. Yes, beneath the sand and dirt or time one might find a well-squared board in white and time-aged redwort stain carefully painted onto the rock. It needs some work, to be sure, but once restored might well become a favorite past-time for Riders in the Interval: somewhere to while away the time with a drink or two, some good friends, and some long-running games of chess the trick is keeping the dragons from moving the pieces around when they're out sunning.

The rain has finally let up, well not that it mattered to the blue dragon and his rider. Nope seems Th'res took great pains to have a place to stay dry in when he moved into this weyr, the rock over hangs making for a pleasant spot to sit and watch the storms. Currently the red headed man is in his hammock, clear jar of liquid on the ground next to him as he seems to be dozing in the warm afternoon humidity. Jedameth on the other hand is 'playing' with the large chess pieces. Really he is just lounging as well watching the skies happily.

Haquith thinks to you, « I bespoke Jedameth with: Haquith thinks « Hello little blue…Mine wants to visit yours… are you free? » »

Haquith senses Jedameth thinks « of course, We would love company »

Haquith thinks to you, « I bespoke Jedameth with: Haquith thinks « Excellent! Where can we find you? » »

Haquith senses Jedameth sends an image of his ledge above the river cliffs.

It doesn't take long before the bright chartreuse Haquith is landing expertly on Jedameth's ledge, a trilling warble of arrival as she settles down with a shimmy of her haunches and a swish of her darker tail. « Thanks for having us over. » Haquith wafts the scent of lily-of-the-valley in the blue's direction. Sliding easily down from her green's shoulder is her petite blond rider, Alyna, wearing a tight pair of leather pants, with a pale blue peasant top, sleeves swept off her shoulders, lands on the ground with only a light sound. She offers a little bow in the direction of the blue as she scans the ledge and spies the redhead in his hammock with a wicked smile as she creeps up on him and then leans over the hammock before she says softly, "Hi Th'res." Blue eyes dancing.

If she was going for mischief she has succeeded, as Jedameth won't warn or wake his rider, instead the blue moves some the pieces back to there little cubbies in the ledge and makes room for the green « Thank you for Visiting, We LOVE company » His plastic blue ripples as he moves around making sure the space is well cleaned for the green lady. Th'res on the other hand is still in that happy dreamy state and not fully awake to open his eyes says "Five more minutes.." is the sleepy response as he reaches out to lightly paw at who ever is trying to wake him not really knowing what his hand might find.

As Th'res murmurs sleepily, Alyna laughs silently, pinching her lips together to keep from making a noise. But her eyes grow round as Th'res' pawing hand connects with her ample chest, she gets a mischieveously wicked smirk as she leans in closer now, getting right up to the rehead's ear and, with a soft giggle, says "You should buy a girl a drink before feelin' em up Th'res." Haquith watches her rider with amusement as she settles in close to the big blue wiggling her ample hindquarters before she curves her neck prettily. « You have a very nice ledge. What are those? » she asks curiously, nose pointing towards the dragon chess pieces.

Jedameth is quite amused as well, only because he knows what is going to happen next with his rider. Turning to the lovely green he will croon happily as bright colors of whites oranges and reds swirl around as he replies « They are game called Chess, Th'res loves to play it. He made these so I could understand the game. It is rather involved but sometimes fun. How is your day today? Have you seen the water fall near here? ». Th'res on the other *cough* hand *cough* actually squeezes his hand once before opening his eyes and realizing what situation he has gotten himself into. "Oh Shards… I am.." his apology is cut short when he recoils too far and flips back off the hammock landing with a loud thud onto the stone ledge. Face and upper torso completely red from both impact and embarrassment.

When Th'res' hand gives her a little squeeze, Alyna can't help but giggle slightly, which turns to full on laughter as he finally wakes up and realizes what he is doing. Her blue eyes dance with mirth as he recoils himself right onto the floor. She leans over him, offering him a hand, still chortling behind her lips. "You have a pretty good technique, but it's smarter to warm a girl up with other things first." Haquith reaches out to rub her cheek along the length of the blue's jaw. « My day is getting a whole lot better actually. » The green replies with a soft croon. « I have seen it, it's why I insisted we pick a weyr with a view on it. »

Jedameth enjoys the touch from the and croons at her, as he is a cuddle bug by nature just ask his neighbors. The blue reaches over with his tail and using the tips ever so gently starts to stroke them over the green dragon's. « So we are Neighbors then? Welcome! Did you see it at sunset when the light hits it? it is like the colored light show in side our Weyr!!!». Th'res on the other hand is not taking this well, or maybe he is as he takes the offered hand slowly raising up as he says "I troll didn't mean to. I am very sorry." He doesn't let go nearly as fast as he did before but still releases her hand blushing. There are other signs of body language saying he enjoyed the touch, but currently he is not paying attention to that as he asks "To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?"

Haquith's tail flicks in response to the blue's strokes, reaching out and twining with his loosely. « You have a colored light show in your weyr? » the green's mindvoice buzzes softly amount the crisp floral scene, as her head ducks up under his and rubs at his chin tenderly. Alyna just chuckles and shakes her head after he relinquishes her hand back to her, noting that he took a moment to do so, "Why are you apologizing? You were asleep weren't you? And that's what I get for trying to sneak up on you. No harm done." she waggles her eyebrow in his direction, "Well, besides the fact that I just found out we're practically neighbors, I have a little something for you." And then with a sigh she realizes it's back on the pack attached to Haquith's straps, the green who is now curling up with the blue much to Alyna's amusement, » He's a little young for you dearest. « but the response from her green is a deafening buzzing sound, like a whole swarm of insects on the wing, « I could say the same to you of his rider. » Comes the snappy response from the green.

Good thing Th'res doesn't hear that, as he realizes his own situation and quickly adjusts himself in the guise of picking up his drink "Really? That is something? What made you want to be around here?" he is starting to ease that blush abit as he looks over the side trying to guess which one is hers. Jedameth on the other hand is as always excited « OH YES!! TH'res made it and at night when it is cloudy he lights it so I can see the stars. You want to see!?! » He turns his head and looks at his lifemate but doesn't make the conversation private at all saying « IS it to early to make the lights?! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!»

"Oh, it was totally out of my hands. Haquith insisted, she liked the view of the waterfall." Alyna says as she heads back over to her green and reaches for the pack hanging off her straps, unclipping it and bringing it back to where the redhead is, rummaging around in it, and then removing a small bottle with a red liquid inside. "I told you I'd buy you a drink." she says with a smile, "It's a whiskey flavoured with redfruits made by Traders back at Igen. It's called Zingari Red, I don't know if you've tried it yet…" she tilts her head to one side and raises a brow in question. The green croons softly as the younger dragon's antics amuse her. « Ohhh, I would love to see that. » Alyna winces a little bit at the blue and hi antics.

Th'res raises his own eyebrows "I have not actually, only been to Igen a few times myself." Because he has enough to do around here with a very excitable dragon who is getting an eye roll from the red headed man but there is that giving in sigh as he says to Alyna "Would you care to have a drink inside so my goofy dragon can show off his favorite toy?" Jedameth rumbles and uses the end of his snout to nuzzle the greens cheek saying « OOH YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE THIS!!! COME ON » not waiting for the lady to say one way or the other heads into his weyr.

"Then you are in for a treat I think," Alyna says with a waggle of her eyebrows. When asked inside she offers a charming smile, full enough to bring out the dimples at the corners of her mouth and set her iced blue eyes to twinkling. "I would love to." she accepts readily as she makes to follow after the blue. Haquith is slower to rise, taking her time to slowly get to her feet before flicking her tail behind her, as she shimmies her way into the weyr proper when she's good and ready.

Jedameth's weyr
Someone at some point has spent probably a substantial amount of marks to get the arch of stone around this weyr's entrance worked into an elaborate carving of floral themes, twining and flowing up and around. Sadly, time and the weather have not been kind to the carvings, and some are substantially faded; others barely visible at all. Enough remains to tell of what this once looked like, but there would be a lot of work to be done to restore it to its former glory. Which someone currently is doing as there are new marks on the walls of stone where the current owner is attempting to restore and finish it. The weyr itself is unremarkable, clean but utilitarian, the furniture simple but serviceable.

When you look up at the ceiling you can see that there has been a good number of clear crystals attached by brass fittings around a lamp with a copper wide base designed to spread the light over the ceiling not down into the room. They make look like a hap-hazard placement but when lit the light of the lamp spreads out and fills the room with rainbows and bright spots that mimic the stars. The creator has gone to great pains to actually include constellations in the design.

Th'res steps in and goes over to the little cupboard and pulls down two glasses, in the back corner is his still which is not going at this time. He comes over to the well warn table and pours the whiskey into the glasses. He waits for the dragons to get in as he says to Alyna handing her a glass "Pardon the mess, I am still restoring it a little." Jedameth moves to his warm stone couch, it was obviously meant for a larger dragon as he fits there just fine with room for another dragon of his size or smaller. « This is going to be AWESOME!!! » is what is sent to the green dragon as he waits excitedly.

Alyna takes a look around her as she steps into the weyr of the bluerider, "Restoring all by yourself? For fun or out of necessity?" she asks as she takes the glass offered to her. She raises it in his direction, "To new friends, who aren't just trying to get booze off you." She says with a teasing wink, referring to the conversation they had when they first met. Haquith finaly makes her entrance into the weyr, her ample hindquarters shimmiying as she follows Jedameth to his couch, where she curls up into the blue's side, a soft croon from the green as she nudges at his jaw with the tip of her muzzle. « OK, I am ready. Show me these lights. »

Th'res nods and grins "To new friends.." he gets a good sip in and looks at the glass again before saying "that is awfully good, I hope it didn't cost you to much." Before he can even find out the answer as his dragon starts croon and pestering him. Th'res rolls his yes and pulls out a chair for Alyna saying "You should sit down for this.." He turns and walks over to the entrance of the weyr and pulls a rope to close a thick curtain that closes and blacks out the weyr. There is a quick sound of shuffling and then the ceiling explodes into lights as a candle is lit in the lamp. The crystals sparkle and send pinpricks of light around the room, a person can see constellations in the make shift starry night. He climbs down from a chair and moves back to the table to sit down near the green rider.

Alyna raises a brow in question when Th'res suggests she sits down, but does so anyway when the chair is offered to her. Sipping on her drink, Alyna watches Th'res go about whatever it is he's doing, growing more and more curious. Until the candle is lit in the lamp and the crystals send their pinpricks of light all over and the greenrider whistles appreciatively under her breath, "Wow! That's just..wow." she says as she takes it in while her dragon croons from the couch. « What a clever rider you have! I must simply have one of these for my weyr. » She says, including her rider in this and Alyna can't help but laugh a little bit as her eyes unfocus » I'm not asking him to make you one Haquith. We don't have room for it. « The buzzing she gets back from her dragon is so loud she winces, but she is standing firm. Haquith then turns to Jademath and rests her chin with a loud huff onto her outstretched forepaws.

Jedameth croons at the green happily putting his head up under the greens jaw and neck rubbing it gently « Thank you for sharing it with me ». The blue will try to cuddle the pouting green while Th'res raises an eyebrow at Alyna "Really? I mean it looks nice but I am not sure that it is that spectacular or anything." He is back to sipping that whiskey because it is really really good.

Haquith with let herself be slowly coaxed into cuddling with Jedameth, tiwing her tail with his if he'll allow it, her head resting easily on his neckridges, looking up at the sparkles, a soft croon in the back of her throat. « No, thank you dear blue for showing it to me. » And the soft buzzing of her mind fades almost completely away until all that is left is the rich wafting smell of lily-of-the-valley. Alyna rolls her eyes at her dragon antics, a chuckle as she shakes her head, but when Th'res speaks his last she just shakes her head, "Are you kiddin' me? Your own private night sky in your weyr, a still where you make some very passable hooch, thanks again for that by the way, you have the start of quite the bachelor pad here." she says with an approving nod.

Th'res chuckles a little and shrugs "I just keep myself busy, but always nice to hear that my work is appricated. I guess I got to used to working alot when I was a journeyman." He drinks more of the whiskey and looks up at the /stars/ "I am sure your weyr will be just as lovely given enough time for you to decorate it." Jedameth is more than welcoming to the twining of tails and rumbles happily as he enjoys his new friend.

Alyna takes in the bluerider's words and nods a little bit, brows furrowing as if the wheels are turning behind those blue eyes of hers. Definitely considering somthing as she slowly sips at her drink. Haquith lets out a contented huff as she half-lids her eyes, a soft croon vibrating through her that fades to nothing as she starts to doze cuddled up with the large blue. Alyna rolls her eyes with a sigh, "Wonderful, guess you're stuck with me until her royal green-ness is ready to go, because she's just decided Jedameth is going to be her personal pillow for the time being. I'm sorry. And this isn't even her proddy." she says with another exagerated groan. Then, because she's a curious soul, Alyna leans in over to Th'res, "Has he caught a green yet?" She wonders.

Th'res watches the dragons cuddle and smiles, looking back at Alyna when she apologizes for her dragon. "Oh that is fine, there is plenty to drink and eat here if your hungry. And We both enjoy company." He almost spits out the drink he was taken when she asks about his dragons record, there is a moment where even in the darker lit room his ears are turning red as he says "No he hasn't even flown in one yet…Why..why do you ask?"

Alyna's eye grow wide and dance slightly with mirth as she sees his reaction to her question, growing ever more curious where he is concerned. "He hasn't? That's interesting.." she trails off as she looks back at the dragons and eyes the blue, evaluating something behind her sharp blue gaze before looking back at Th'res, "I'm only asking for my own curiosity sake." she says with a shrug as she takes another sip, face impassive as she looks lost in thought for a moment.

Th'res nods and is all about letting the subject drop and just keep going with the evening. To bad he has a nosy blue, who doesn't know when to not include everyone in the room « Don't worry about it Th'res, Zynth says it is no more strange for me than it is for you not to have had a mating either. Everything is AWESOME!! We are a team. » This does cause Th'res to choke and sputter his drink a little his voice going up an octave or two "JED!!" But the blue is already back to sleep with the green leaving the red headed man at the little blondes mercy.

Alyna bites down hard on her lower lip to keep from exclaiming as the blue makes his revelation, and she clears her throat loudly before taking a long drink of her whiskey. "It's really none of my business and there is absolutely no shame in it at all…" Aly says with total sincerity in her voice, "…But don't you think it would be better to discover what that is like before Jedameth decides to chase and possibly catch?" Her question holds no hidden meaning or inflection, just honest. "And feel free to tell me to go fuck myself if you don't feel like answering." she adds with an easy smile as she sips again at her drink.

Th'res shakes his head and finishes the rest of his glass before saying "No no.. it is fine. No secret really, between D'ex trying to get me down to Ista for some paid vacation as he calls it. And some of my other friends trying to set me up I am quite used to it." He gets up and brings over a wrapped basket of baked sweets saying "would you like one? They are Red fruit tarts my sister sent over.." Because when in doubt food makes the world better right! He gives the woman a merry smile but is still very flushed.

Alyna narrows her eyes at the bluerider as she absently takes a pastry and places it on the table for now, "Paid vacation? Being set up? Yeah those are ways to go about it. But what do you want?" she asks openly now as she throws back her drink, "It's totally up to you, you can wait till Jedameth catches if you want to, but I know, for me personally, I'm not gentle when Haquith flies, and I would personally hate to be anyone's first time in that circumstance." The topic of sex is obviously an easy one for Alyna for she talks frankly and openly. But then she softens what she has to say with a smile, "You're cute, there's no reason you couldn't find a willing lass, or lad for that matter, as a bedmate for a night if you wanted to."

Th'res shrugs and sits back down, refill the glasses saying "well I always thought the first time should be with someone I am special about, and antiquated idea for a rider I know." He leans back and takes another drink. Quietly thinking and will add "I know that if the first time is at a flight, it might not be as I envisioned it. But then from what I am told I might not remember much of it. And all the riders I talk to say flights don't count against relationships so.." shrug.

"It may be antiquated, but it's awfully cute that you want it to be special." Alyna gets up from the chair and moves over to the bottle of whiskey and pours herself a large drink, Haquith seems to be snoring lightly, neck wrapped over Jedameth's, tails tightly entwined. She leans back on the edge of the table as she ponders the rest of his words. "You're right, there is a good chance you won't remember much, but that's not guaranteed either. And what do you mean as not counting against relationships?" She seems to be genuinely curious about this as she takes a long drink from her glass.

Th'res shrugs "most green riders and others I have talked to, say that because we aren't in control of what the dragons do it isn't concidered cheating." He takes his own drink and sips on it adding "though I think that only applies if a person is actually faithful and isn't out there actively looking for proddy dragons." He shrugs an watches the shorter woman as she refills her glass and raises an eyebrow at her.

Nodding thoughtfully at Th'res explanations, Alyna smiles warmly at the bluerider. "I see, but not everyone has the same expectations of what is or is not cheating. Someone Holdbred may understand that the rider isn't in control, but that wouldn't stop them from feeling like they were cheated on. Do you get what I'm saying?" She pauses to tilt her head thoughtfully, giving him a subtle once over, considering.

Th'res misses the once over as he nods and picks up a sweet, "Oh I can totally understand that. I mean I used to think that way, for the longest time." He looks over at the older woman as he nibbles on the treat. "What are your views on it?" is his question to the lovely lady.

Leaning back on the table, Alyna's eyes are downcast as she considers the bluerider's question, or more precisely how she might answer it. "I am not the jealous type." she begins and pauses to take another drink before continuing, "And I'm no one's one-and-only. Those are basically the two things someone should know about me if they should wish to pursue me as a bedmate." she says sincerely with a small shrug, but her ice blue eyes now flick up and search his face for his reaction to her words.

Th'res nods and smiles "I hear that is a common requirement amongst riders. Nothing to hold you down, no reason to stop doing what you want to do." He isn't judging at all, no the tone of his voice is more excepting of what she is saying. He finishes the treat and reclines happily saying "I guess I am just looking for that one, you know. That person who is going to want to be with me for me, that doesn't mind I go out of my way for people." He motions to the various projects dimly illuminated in the room "And of course my hobbies."

Alyna shrugs with a warm smile, "And I really hope you find it Th'res. It is a rare thing indeed, but very precious. You know the strength of your character is a very attractive quality bluerider." Aly pauses, her lips pulled into a playful smirk as she looks at him, "As is the way you blush at any little bit of attention from a girl. Put those two together and I think you'll have no problem finding what you're looking for." And with that, the greenrider will go quiet, maybe waiting for reactions to her words, maybe completely done with this subject now, her face is one of warm openess.

Th'res shakes his head, and yes his ears are pink, "Well thank you. But I am sure if I was a bit more forward it would make others happy." He stands up and stretches before asking "Never found the one did you?" He moves over to a little box at the foot of his bed opening it and searching through it as he talks over his shoulder "You don't need to answer, sorry I just get a little curious when I have been drinking most of the day.."

Alyna scoffs before she takes another sip of her drink, "Why care about making others happy? They seldom care about your hapness." is that a touch of bitterness or just the woman's usual sarcasm? it's hard to tell. "Not exactly. It's not in my nature, monogamy that is. I have no interest in restricting my life in that way. My dragon certainly doesn't, she is more fickle that I am at times." She snorts back at the green and blue sleeping still on the couch, "And that is no guarantee of anything by the way." Oh… is Alyna starting to slur a little bit? is that a wobble in her step as she finds a seat in a chair again, holding her glass to her chest as she leans back with a sigh, closing her eyes.

Th'res has carried for many a drunken friend, kind goes with the territory when one has good alcohol resistance. He nods and moves a foot stool near her saying "Oh I would never presume so, about the dragons that is." He smiles and his voice softens slightly "and Making my friends happy makes me happy, even if others don't want to admit it, we all want to be looked after once in a while."

Th'res is quite perceptive, Alyna will have to admit, deep down and unseen, while her face remains a neutral mask with the hint of a smirk forever dancing on her lips, without opening her eyes, she takes another sip of her drink, not spilling a drop. Alyna may be a petite woman, but she has over a decade of hard drinking under her belt. "Am I your friend now Th'res? Or am I still just after your hooch?" Alyna asks, voice rock steady as she continues to recline, eyes closed in the chair.

"That is up to you to decide dear" Is Th'res answer to her question, as he moves to put her feet up on the foot stool to help her recline better. He also gets a light blanket out, and lays it over her lap and stomach as she relaxes. "I like to think anyone is a friend until they decide they are not, but either way you are always welcome here."

Oh, that foot stool is just perfect to really slip down onto the chair. A soft sigh flutters out from between the greenrider's lips as the hand with her glass slackens slightly. "You may not want to answer, but I named you friend when we first met, and I plan to hold true to that." she says, a definite sleepy quality as the light blanket is layed out.

Th'res chuckles softly and nods slowly prying the drink out of her hand to put on the table "That is good." He will lean in and kiss her forehead lightly before saying "just relax and rest now I will wake you before evening meal." He will make sure she is comfortable before picking up another small side project and starts walking out to sit on his ledge. He slowly starts to tinker with what ever he is working on while Rukbat sinks slowly down towards the sea.

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