Ziniel, Zaria, Syvia


Around the feeding pens, a couple dragons get their feed on while firelizards search for scraps.


It is sunset of the twenty-eighth day of the eighth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Pens, Igen Weyr

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"Are they waiting for scraps?"



Here thar be pens, in a variety of shapes and sizes fit for all manner of beastie. The largest pens are those housing plump herdbeast for human or draconic consumption. A few of the smaller pens are unoccupied, though there are remnants of their former occupants still evident on ground and fence. The actual pens themselves are made solidly constructed, proof of Igen's resilience in improvements. In each pen there are troughs for feed and water, and they appear again by the stableside.

It is the fifty-eighth day of Summer and 105 degrees. It is a bright, sunny day.

Sunset and a pair of green firelizards flits around barriers. Over, under, through while behind them stalks an overly tall girl with a determined look to her face. Ziniel's 'lizards are just out of reach, but at least she won't have to feed them? She pauses when she sees the dragons feeding, "Oi! Moss! Stone!" the girl shouts at this point, still trying to catch up with the pair.

With arms folded on the top rail of the fence around the pens, Zaria is watching patiently as her dragon carefully picks out a herdbeast for his meal. Azrith is circling low as his lithe neck cranes down at the pens, trying to decide which one looks the juiciest from this distance. Suddenly snapping back to reality when she hears a feminine call behind her, she turns with a smile as she observes Ziniel in her search. "You having a little trouble there?" she asks as she observes the stubborn green flits, a silent entreaty to her blue who reaches his mind out to the little cousins, urging them back to their humanpet.

Dakhanavarath is all about flying from place to place, since walking seems to look awkward and uncomfortable for the lean brown. Syvia on the other hand had arrived on foot some time ago, seated in a clean spot with her back against a post and her eyes away from her lifemate waiting overhead for the opportune moment. He gives the chance to the blue to choose among the herdbeast first, still calculating just what he wants to select himself. The sound of firelizards seems to pull Syvia out of her thoughts. She raises a hand over at Ziniel, but the other rider seems to have asked the question that was on her mind. "Are they waiting for scraps?" she asks instead, though her voice is meek from her seated position.

"Sometimes they just don't listen," Ziniel answers Zaria first, then she spots Syvia and nods to her question, "They like to hunt, but they're not above gleaning scraps," Ziniel explains. She's about to just give up trying to get the pair to slow down at the very least when Moss gives a startled squeak, and lands promptly on the girl's shoulder. Stone continues to the pens, and finds a small bit of left behind herdbeast. This she drops on to, and begins to hiss at all as she tears into the bit of dropped meat.

Azrith is aware others are waiting for him to make his selection, so he finally dives, landing neatly, breaking his chosen meal's neck neatly and then retreats with it to start eating. Zaria just grins at the little greens and Ziniel as well, eyes sweeping subtly over the girl's form. To Syvia, she shoots a look with another warm smile, "Always scraps to have here in the Pens and realyl the firelizards do the Weyr a service by cleaning up after. Keeps other vermin away. That one's found a good one," she chuckles at Stone and her hissing, "Is she always like this?" she asks Ziniel curiously.

"I was going to say if they did not mind waiting, my brown always leaves plenty of fresh scraps. Well… most of the time." Syvia turns her chin up to the sky where the brown is still spiraling. He watched the blue choose and even after the other politely moved aside for his own hunt, he does not yet strike. Let the herdbeasts settle down, think they are safe… maybe then he will dive down upon his prey. Syvia sighs deeply and turns to regard the younger woman. "Perhaps she is proddy?" She is going to throw a random guess about the hissing little green. Then she gets up from the ground, dusting her pants off as she realizes she is joining this conversation.

Ziniel gives a nod before adding, "When she's eating at any rate," the girl shrugs the shoulder that her other 'lizard is perched on. Moss only snugs in closer to to almost hide under the girl's hair. A shake of her head is given to Syvia, "No ma'am," Ziniel says, "She just dropped a small clutch not more than a seven back," damned if she can find the eggs though, "Moss should be flying soon though," which would be why the cling tight routine.

Zaria gives the approaching brownrider a bit of a look over as she comes to join the conversation, her smile brightening as she raises a ginger brow delicately, "Are you new here? I don't think we've met, I'm Zaria, and that's Azrith over there," she indicates the flashy blue who is snout deep in the innards of his meal but raises his head just long enough to croon a welcome, ever the social creature. Back to Ziniel, she turns, "That's too bad about the eggs. Haven't have to deal with any of that, I just have the one bronze, and that's plenty fine with me."

Syvia's pale skin has obviously not seen that much sun yet, even if she is living in Igen and it's summer. It makes the flush creeping into her cheeks a little obviously. "Oh-ah, my apologies. I transferred here not too long ago. We settled into Parhelion's Wing. I'm Syvia of brown Dakhanavarath." She would point out the brown, but he is still skybound and refusing to come down just yet. "We're from Ista," she adds. She studies the green on Ziniel's shoulder at the mention of her need to rise soon, giving a faint hmmm. "They have diverse personalities like dragons do, then." It's not much of a question as an observation. "Or does the other act like Moss when she is ready to mate as well, shy and attached? And no need to use ma'am with me." She waves that last thing off with a smile.

Moss finally lifts, and finds a bit to eat as Ziniel shakes her head, "No, she doesn't seem to change at all," then she blinks a few times before she adds, "Ziniel of the Zingari," she cocks her head at mention of Ista, "My mother was with the harper hall there," for a little while anyway, "Roads better."

"Oh me too! I transfered about a turn and a half ago now." Zaria blurts at Syvia's response, but quickly blushes at her own assertiveness, a grin on her face as she scrutinizes a litle closer the brownrider, to see if she might even faintly recognize her. But alas no, their paths must not have crossed. "So what brings you here then? I'm guessing it's not the scenery." she jests, still missing the tropical beauty of Ista. As Ziniel introduces herself, she tilts her head to one side, "Zingari? One of the trader caravans right?" she asks, wincing a little as she hopes she isn't wildly mistaken.

Syvia looks a little startled by Zaria's words, then tries to quickly hide it with a nervous laugh. "Small world then, is it not?" She reaches up to scratch at the back of her neck shyly. "It's not too bad here, it is quite different and the flora and fauna are new and exciting to study. I also do not mind the dry heat over Ista's humidity. I took the opportunity to get away from Ista for… well, reasons. And saw they could use more Dragonhealer trainees here." She turns to Ziniel with another startled expression. "Harper background too? My mother and father are there, as are most of my brothers. How did you wind up in with a Trader caravan?"

Ziniel gives a nod, "Yes ma'am," she says with a look of pride in her eyes, "I dance," no trace of embarrassment in her voice, and why should she be embarrassed? Stone hisses at a blue firelizard who tries to land near her, then goes back to eating, "She was a nightmare when she was just out of her shell. I'm surprised she's stayed with me," Ziniel shrugs with that. What can she do? Firelizards are mercurial beasts at best, and stubborn at worst. Leastwise that's been Zini's obeservation. Zini turns to look at Syvia, "Mother is Zingari by birth, she never could get used to life under rocks," Ziniel thinks for a bit before she adds, "The road is in the blood or it isn't. I'll never accept Search again. Once was more than enough, and I'm glad I was left standing. I'd simply die if I were to have to live in a weyr all the time. I don't know how you do it?"

Not wanting to pry, Zaria nods to Syria, looking a little sorry that she startled the other woman. "It is a small world, there's others here from Ista too, Vosji the Weyrlingmaster is one and one of ther assistants as well. I don't mind the humid heat, I grew up with a family of seacrafters, salt water runs through my veins, or it would if something like that wouldn't kill a person…." someone babbles when she gets a little self-conscious it seems, but her smile remains friendly as she blinks in Ziniel's direction now. "Dancing huh? What kind of dancing is that? I keep meaning on going to the Caravan Grounds to check things out, but duty keeps me busy," she remarks, listening to the girl talk about living on the road, "Well if you're happy, I guess that's what's important." She glances over at Azrith, who is neatly cleaning the bones from his kill, almost done with it.

"I cannot say I recognize the name, sadly… I guess as a dragonrider, no where on Pern is really kept from us. Good to mix bloodlines and have riders from all over for different points of views," muses Syvia. "I did not get the Harper blood in my veins… obviously. And I do not mind. I was a Healer before Impressing, actually." Which explains her desire to join with the Dragonhealer training at Igen. The bluerider has asked all her questions, as she gives Ziniel a new look. "I will have to check out the Zingari Traders when I have some free time. It sounds like you found your calling already. There are certainly benefits to Impressing…" With a sigh, she looks back up to her own lifemate. By her face, this is not one of those times. "I better go coax him down to actually pick and eat. He is not in one of his hunger moods, it looks like. I better go and convincce him he has to eat sometime. It was good to meet the both of you. Ziniel, Zaria." She gives each a nod and a smile before turning back to focus on her lifemate, moving down to another pen.

"A bit of everything," Ziniel answers, looking at her feet for a moment, "What I'm really good at though," she pauses for effect, "Is arial silks. We have regular performance nights, and you're always welcomed to come join us," after all what's a few more marks spent on a perfomance night aside from a few more marks earned for the caravan? Stone lifts with a final hiss at the blue, and circles over to Ziniel. The green needs a bath now, and soon Moss joins the other 'lizard, "Ugh, you two need a bath. Couldn't you learn to be a little less messy when eating?" Zini doesn't care that they make a mess. The problem is when the pair are done fully half their heads are covered in blood, and other bits of meat. How exactly they manage that, Ziniel will never know.

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