Talya, Alyna


Two good friends discuss the difference between love in reality and what is written in trashy romance novels.



It is afternoon of the thirteenth day of the twelfth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Nighthearth, Southern Weyr

OOC Date 12 May 2018 04:00



"There's a story behind that sigh. You better spill girl."



A comfortable nook, this natural extension of the living room is cozily attired with overstuffed chairs and a couple of well-worn loveseats. All have been covered in various shades of green, giving the very incongruous appeal of a miniature forest hidden away inside… a grove of man-made proportion. Fish stews and spicy white-wherry chili are often kept hot on the minor hearths east and west of the main, for those whose hours defy when meals are kept. Ornate, the largest hearth towers high, rich with carving and utilitarian in fashion: it holds court by providing the weyr with rich klah, the air thick with the scent of cinnamon wafting.

Late lunch only finds a few scattered people in the living caverns, but Talya has taken to the more secluded spot for some solitude as well as food. She's taken over a loveseat where she can stretch out —boots off the furniture of course, because the cavern Aunties would beat her with a wooden spoon if they saw that. She has some kind of hearty beef stew half eaten and set down with a mug of klah, but her full attention is actually focused on a little balled up scrap of hide she is throwing for a golden firelizard. Beast actually dive-pounces the thing from her perch on the loveseat, picks it up… and flies back to deposit it into Tal's lap. Repeat.

With the thunderstorm cancelling her afternoon sweeps, Alyna decides to check out the quiet little nook that is the Nighthearth, she has some novel in her hand, the title not readily visible. A quick sweep of the room and she spies a certain guard sprawled over the loveseat, her lips curling into a smile as she walks over there and flops on an adjoining highback chair, tossing her legs over one arm, feet dangling off the ground. "Shouldn't you be guarding something?" she quips as she leans her head back to combs her fingers through blond waves.

Talya jerks her head up when someone approaches, a wry smile forming on her face when she realizes it is Alyna. Her dark eyes watch her get settled before she gives a huff that may have been the start of a laugh. "I'm guarding this spot right here," she says with a firm nod. "Have to stop the delinquent weyrbrats from jumping all over the seats when no one's looking." She is still tossing the scrap for her firelizard, aiming further away. The gold definitely has this fetching trick down! "I hope you got my message." It may be out of the blue, but the guard recruit only has to wait a moment for Beast to return with the scrap, which she finally unravels to reveal the message scribbled inside 'Someone bring me booze'. "I'm hoping that's a book-looking flask you have there."

"And doing a good job of it as well. Don't see a single weyrbrat in the area," Alyna retorts, sarcasm playing over her words. Ice blue eyes watch the back and forth with the gold firelizard. "You teaching her anything useful?" she wonders before quirking a brow and shaking her head in confusion, "What message?" Narrowing her eyes at the scrap when it's unraveled, she giggles after reading it. "When have you known me to go anywhere without booze?" she asks with an offended scoff. Shifting in the chair, she reaches underneath her and pulls out her flask from her back pocket. Tossing it to Talya, she picks her book back up and rifles through it, "This is just one of those trashy romance novels. It fun fluff for a stormy afternoon."

Talya smirks back at Alyna and her sarcasm, "Make sure to tell my superiors 'bout that, I would always appreciate a good recommendation on how good of a Guard I'm being." Beast is hovering on the top edge of the loveseat, waiting for that scrap to be thrown again. Her head waggles back and forth between the two women. "I taught her /this/, is that good enough? I was trying to get her to send messages to people she's met— mainly you, someone at the guard barracks. This is the closest I've gotten to her delivering a message." And Beast is happy to play this game! Throw it again! This is likely the reason now why Talya never sends messages to her friends. She sits up from her seat at the appearance of the flask, catching it with a big grin. "/Thank you/," she says sincerely before taking a swig. "I really am off duty," she adds in case the drinking is seen badly. Her eyes light up on the novel now. "Oh, I read so many of those when I stayed with Vani. They are… educational." She lives through the books, considering her lack of trashy romance life.

"Well it looks like a fun game," Alyna smirks as she puts the book aside for now, just reclining into the high back of the chair as she stretches her arms over her head. "I could help you if you want sometime, Jem is really useful," she offers before reaching for the flask. "I figured, I don't encourage drinking on the job." she says with a soft chuckle. Talk of those certain books being educational causes the greenrider to snort loudly with laughter, "I wouldn't use them for education if I were you, they are hardly realistic."

Because the firelizard has been waiting mostly patient, Talya throws the scrap again for her. Let her play. "/Please/." She is actually begging the older woman for firelizard help. "I would love to have a useful firelizard like Jem. Fetch things that I'm not throwing and maybe deliver messages to the people I want them to go to." She hands the flask back over, her dark eyes hopeful on her friend. "I thought the rumor went that they were written from actual people at the Weyr. Not that I could pinpoint a single one, even the one written about the Guard. Wouldn't that be realistic then? Not that it matters I suppose." She sits back into her comfy loveseat with a heavy sigh. "Not like I'm needing the education for anything."

"I've heard that rumor too, I'm more talking about what they get up to, not the characters or the stories," Alyna elaborates as she takes the flask back and takes a swig. To the begging, she laughs and holds up a hand, "Awww, how can I say no to that face?" One more swig and she passes the flask back over before she narrows her eyes at the girl's last, "There's a story behind that sigh. You better spill girl."

"Well… okay, I guess things are not quite so hot and steamy as they get up to in the stories," Talya agrees. "But they make it sound a lot more fun than it probably really is. Considering my few experiences so far…" she waves a hand dismissively. "Thank you." She is certainly relieved to get some proper firelizard training from an expert for once! Beast is just going to drop that scrap right in her human's lap again, looking pleased at this delivery. But it's Alyna's question that makes her toss back another swig from the flask when she receives it again. "There's nothing behind it. Literally, nothing." She leans back to give the flask with a furrowed brow. "I ran into Th'res again, and it's just nothing. He didn't seem to want to hang around long. Did leave me something… which reminds me, you in need for a sword?"

"Yeah, no, it's soooo overrated," Alyna tries to look convincing, but is probably doing a very bad job at it. Taking the flask again, she sighs herself as she drops her head back to look at the ceiling, "That one…" she shakes her head as if she wants to say more but is holding back for some reason. "I ran into him recently too…quite a lot of him actually, in the baths. He seemed..preoccupied. But he did explain why he's started charging for his 'shine, and it's not you." Maybe that will reassure the younger woman. Taking the flask back, she's just taking a sip when Talya asks her last, and barely keeps herself from choking on the liquid as she stares at the guard for a long moment, "Uhhhh…no. But don't you need one? For guarding and shit?" she asks, more than a little confused.

Talya levels a look on Alyna that says 'yeah, so not convinced'. "Exactly what I've been saying for the last Turn. Did you finally realize this?" Sarcasm drips heavily from this one. She glances back to the book and then to the woman. "Is there one yet written about you?" A grin tugs on her face as her curiosity is suddenly perked, and it actually doesn't fade at the mention of running into the red headed man in the baths. "Preoccupied in the baths puts a really bad image in my mind, Alyna." She chuckles as she sits back yet again, this time the grin does fade. "Not me, just trying not to be taken advantage of. See who his true friends are. Something like that… And yet he goes and leaves me an expensive so-called present. Got got me a short sword, and it isn't even confirmed if I will /remain/ a Guard. It's still a few more sevendays away before I hear if I made it in or not. I ain't putting any more high expectations on things anymore… I would rather not see the thing in the bottom of my truck." Hence her

"I don't think so, I'm not popular enough to attract attention I guess." Alyna remarks with a wry snort, "Or my life is too boring," the look on her face though speaks to not really caring one way or the other. "It's ok though, I am thoroughly happy with my love life." she says soflty with a smile spreading to her lips. The younger woman's next has her chortling, "Yes well, not that kind of preoccupied. You have a dirty mind Talya," she chides softly, but there's a twinkle of mischief in her eye as well, "I like it." Her smile drops though as she sighs, "The more I learn about him, the more I'm convinced the poor guy isn't sure what he wants and he has many people telling him what he should want." then again, the greenrider could be completely off base, just her own thoughts on the matter. At to the sword, she shrugs, "He cares about you. That's so obvious. And it shows that he believes in you. If you don't want to keep it on you right now, I'll store it for you. But when you do make guard, I will give it right back to you. "

"/I/ don't think it's boring and enjoy the updates on the Alyna story." Talya seems sincere in her words. She holds her hands up as if in defense, giving a laugh as well at the fact of her dirty mind. "You helped guide it in that direction, perhaps. At least when it comes down to him. He doesn't get all red and flustered around me anymore, and now that's boring. If I ever run into him again that doesn't feel so awkward, maybe I need to figure out a different tactic." There is definitely a tone to her voice that makes it sound like it's a big if, avoiding him as she has been. "He's said so much in words, sure, and maybe it's not jars of shine anymore… but if he says that's costing him too many marks in materials, maybe he should keep the presents for himself as well. He'd already gotten me more than enough." There goes that sigh again and she nods her head once. "Yeah… when I do. " She doesn't seem comfortable to give confidence in making it to Guard. "Thanks, Alyna. I'll bring it by sometime soon. I don't even know how to use the things well, but have plenty of ugly practice ones to chip away.. Would hate to ruin the new thing."

"You're not the first person to accuse me of corrupting them," Alyna answers with a wink that clearly indicates that Talya will probably not be the last either. At the mention of updates in her 'story', the greenrider gets a faint blush just over the bridge of her nose as she shakes her head just a little before clearning her throat and moving onto the next subject. "I think it's a good sign that he doesn't get all red and flustered, means he's completely comfortable with you. But I'm sure you could still manage if you wanted to," to the next part she shakes her head slightly, "If you're not comfortable with presents from him of any kind, you should tell him. But it's just another way men show their affection, he might take it as you rejecting him outright…" she pauses to tilt her head to one side and looks meaningfully in the younger woman's direction. With a sudden thought, the greenrider pipes up, "Have you thought about going on an actual date with him? Not with any expectations, but just to see what it would be like?"

Talya is looking at Alyna just in time to see that blush, to which she points it out. Literally. Finger in the direction of the older woman's face as she grins toothily. "There /is/ an update then! I hadn't heard anything, I was just prattling on about myself that time we got drinks. Spill." Back atcha Alyna. When it comes back to her, however, she listens and gives a noncommittal shrug regarding not liking presents. "First it's taking advantage of him when I visit and pick up some shine to restock on supplies. But expensive gifts when /he/ gives them? I don't know." That's more to the idea of a date. Her nose wrinkles up. "I mean, a date is just hanging out with someone you enjoy, right? We've done that plenty, before things got weird. He's been the best friend I had since arriving to the Weyr." She throws herself back on the cushions, head back on the armrest. "If he wants to hang out again, he knows where I am."

With a soft groan as Talya catches her blush, Alyna fortifies herself again with another swig from her flask before clearing her throat, "Well, it kinda happened the next morning," she adds cryptically, not elaborating on what 'it' is. "I woke up in D'har's weyr with no memory of getting there and the worst hangover," she groans just remembering it. "He filled me in, and took care of me and…" her voice drops to barely audible and increases in speed for that her words are jumbled together, "Wesaidthatweloveeachother." Once that declaration is out though, she will look at anything but Talya, a speck of lint on her knee taking a special interest. When the subject gets back on Talya, Alyna will just roll her eyes, "Well, it's not. There's something different about the expectation of a date and just hanging out as friends. The mood is completely different…" she trails off then with a sigh and a soft shake of her head, "Or maybe you're right, maybe you just need to wait till he comes to you, but that could blow up as well. If you like his company, there's nothing wrong with seeking him out."

Talya is on the edge of her seat, figurtively considering that she was happy to be reclining, listening to her friend's story with eager eyes on a grin on her face. "Well, well, considering what I've learned about you I think that is /definitely/ some big news." She snickers as well, considering it is making her friend flustered. At least she can still make someone else all embarassed at times. She leans her head back again, looking at the cavern's ceiling. "I wasn't in too much of a bad mood at first the other day, but it didn't last with him around. Not that he seemed to want to stick around, probably had somewhere to be. Not going to hold on to high expectations anymore, right? Riders certainly aren't the most easily accessible of people." Her head turns to regard the greenrider with a lifted brow as if to gain confirmation, but then her attention turns back on the other woman. "So love, huh? Were you thinking of… being weyrmates?"

The blush deepens over her cheeks as Alyna tries to shrink her petite frame even more onto itself as she raises a hand to shield her red cheeks, "It's news alright." her tone of voice betrays that she's not quite sure if it is good or not. Swinging back onto Talya's troubles, she sighs with a shrug, "Then maybe it's best you give him space. Best for both of you. You have your training, he has his work as Wingsecond. Who know what will happen down the line?" At the mention of weyrmating D'har, Alyna's blue eyes grow round as she shakes her head vigorously, "Oh Faranth no! For one, we're not exclusive and we're not going to be. For another, I already tried weyrmating once, it was a disaster and the thing that made me swear off love in the first place." With firm resolution, she looks over at her friend, "It took me over five turns to let anyone close enough to get this attached again. I'm not going to mess it up by weyrmating D'har, he's too.." she catches her words just before they come out, a brief look of apprehension on her face before she continues at a softer volume, "He's too important to me."

Talya's head is nodding to Alyna's words, awkward as it is with how she is laying. "I guess that's what I'll do." And focus back on her duties and training, considering the direction she wanted to head to at the Weyr. She turns her head again to watch the greenrider's reaction, brows quirked. Slowly she sits back up again, scooting a few inches forward on her chaise with pursed lips. "I get that. It's hard to really even know what the feeling was like after something bad— at least, I figure it must've been bad if it's been five Turns. Sometimes I wonder if I even knew how to love another person." She shrugs her shoulders helplessly at the thought, but there's a smile for her friend. "I guess it's a different thing to consider as a Rider, too. Still, happy for you, finding someone like that." Pause, then with a brow waggle she adds, "Maybe they /will/ write a story about you someday. Someone just has to hear all the juicy details first."

Alyna sighs softly as she leans her head back, "It was bad," she confirms with another slight shake of her head but doesn't elaborate further. "I will admit it's different this time, for one I'm not pretending to be someone I'm not to please him. For another, D'har just gets me, on so many levels," there's a pit of a goofy smile that takes over the greenrider's features as she talks of her love. At Talya's next, she shakes her head, "It's not something you know how to do. It kinda just happens. Takes you by surprised and before you know it you're hooked. And the right person makes all the difference." The bright smile on her face indicates that she seems to have found the right person herself, "I'm happy too, very happy actually." The younger woman's last though makes her laugh out loud, "Oh so I jsut have to go about advertising the juicy details huh? That's how I get a book written about me? Well did I ever tell you how we met?" she grins with a playful waggle of her brows as she will regale her friend with all the steamy bits she can handle.

"I have no sharding clue," Talya admits, when it comes to who the right person is or if love just happens. She once believed she was in love, afterall. At least Alyna's story makes up for her more somber thoughts. It may not be girl night's out at the bar, but perhaps this is better. Talya grabs her cold klah off the ground and lean over eagerly. "/Do/ tell," she says eagerly. She'll definitely waggle eyebrows at all the appropriate parts. Later, she'll look for a way to drop off a certain box she received at the greenrider's, and perhaps get a firelizard obedience lesson or two while she's there.

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