Diem, Divale


Diem needs the guards, Divale needs a break from paperwork. And, yes, there are still strange noises everywhere.


It is dawn of the twenty-fifth day of the tenth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.



OOC Date 26 Apr 2018 04:00


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"We're no closer to figuring out the source of this."



What was once nigh-obsolete has been wrought anew in understated radiance: Igen Weyr's guardhouse has always been a weathered thing, but now the two-storied building shines with a little more gloss than the dilapidation of yore. Gutted and refit with a brighter interior, new wood lends itself to a staircase upward to the guard quarters and to long, functionally-assertive desks that sweep behind the main focus of the room. Determinedly upright, the entrance desk allows the one on shift full sight of the room, and requires all comers to submit in lowered-height submission against the glory of the rough-shined skybroom.

Bright and clear skies welcome a new dawn, with the hour just edging towards the first rush of morning within the Weyr. Inside the Guardhouse it's quiet, with the few currently housed in the brig likely sleeping off their previous night's transgressions. The usual Guards are posted about, with a few coming and going as patrol shifts rotate out. All the desks are unoccupied save one; at that particular desk sits an all too familiar fixture in the form of a young brownrider. Exhaustion is evident in Divale's tired and grim expression as she neatly writes out a few more lines, only to pause to pinch the bridge of her nose and massage at the brow bone. Someone's getting a headache! And it's likely nearing the end of her shift (but not soon enough). Lowering her hand, she is about to resume her work when a click-click-scrabble noise breaks the silence. Divale glowers first at the floor, but soon her gaze works up the wall and to the ceiling in an effort to trace the disembodied sound.

Zsaviranth may have given Lukoith warning that Diem is en route to the guardhouse at this early candlemark. The only people who are up and at 'em this time of day are the guards, Parhelion riders, and she who has a meeting to attend in roughly forty-five minutes. Which means Diem has just enough time to swing by the barracks since Nasrin is busy prepping the council chamber for guests — perfect timing! The Senior's footsteps can be heard before she is actually seen in the archway. When she arrives, there's a pause as she stands in the entrance while she does a quick sweep of the office area. "They're both out." she utters to herself before focusing on Divale. "I'm looking for the guard captain or Eala." Hi, Divale~

Lukoith would pass along that warning, should it be given, from Zsaviranth. For her, he'll play the part of the silver-tongued gentleman, whereas others he's unlikely to give the time of day. With some forewarning, Divale is at least not staring at the ceiling when Diem arrives and has, instead, returned to her writing. Fresh ink shows noted time and a little notation following it, among a carefully scripted list of others. Times, locations, notes… "Good morning, Weyrwoman Diem." Divale's greeting leans heavily on formality, though her voice remains dry with a hint of a smirk. The report is casually set aside to dry, while she keeps her gaze focused on the goldrider. "They're both occupied, I'm afraid. If it's urgent, I can send for them?"

"Good-," Diem is cut off when the click-click-scrabble interrupts her sentence. "morning, Divale." Now it's her turn to cant a look toward the ceiling as if she can determine the root of the noise. A finger lifts and points upward just as her attention returns to the Wingsecond. "That's what I came to talk to them about. If you could pass along a message, I would appreciate it." Her hand lowers and she steps closer to the desk to bridge the gap between them. "I would like a few extra guardsmen or Parhelion riders stationed along the administrative corridor tomorrow and the next day. H'rik and I are expecting Keroon leadership and they will be here for a day-long conference. We-" The bumps and taps begin again, intensifying for a moment. "cannot have disturbances during that time."

Divale's scowl returns when the mysterious sounds return; not so frightening as they are annoying at this point. With a resigned sigh, she makes a few small notations, while listening to Diem's message; not that she transcribes what the Weyrwoman is telling her. That she can keep record of in her head and, if necessary, have Lukoith relay to Oriahysciath. "I could easily tell you what they'e likely told several who have come about the very same thing," she murmurs with a grimace, gaze lifting to meet Diem's again. Seeing her approach, Divale will gesture for her to sit if she so chooses. "I'll pass along the message. But," Pausing, she'll wait to see if the sounds return again but is met with only silence and the normal sounds of activity outside of the Guardhouse. "If I may speak openly?" No pause here, as Divale boldly pushes forwards, less further interruptions happen (or she's denied). "I am unsure what additional Guards or Parhelion riders could provide, save for an… illusion of security and safety? We're no closer to figuring out the source of this."

Diem stares at Divale when the open statement is made before she can answer the request. "I understand that the source hasn't been found." She doesn't bother to glance upward this time when the tappings continue — it's like it's aware that the noise is being discussed. Instead, she opts to continue standing. "I still want the extra bodies present tomorrow and the day after." It's not open for discussion and her reasons are her own. And while she's thinking of it, the hides on the desk remind her that there are reports to be read on the matter. "The Weyrsmith, Weyrminer, and the Assistant Headwoman are meeting this afternoon to see if the noises can be traced. Are there any updates on the screaming that's been heard in the desert?"

Divale stares right back, never wavering from keeping her gaze level with Diem and her expression neutral. As the noises continue, a small smirk curves her mouth at one corner but she too ignores them. "I was merely curious," she calmly notes in level tones; it's likely a lie but she is returning to politeness in the next breath (which is also arguably debatable to be genuine). "No offence was intended, if I have overstepped with my query." The subject is then dropped and brushed aside, as they return to other matters of interest. Nodding her head, Divale will lean forwards in her seat, hands reaching to neatly pick apart one stack of hides. It won't take her long to find which ones she's seeking and she will rise to stand, reports in hand, to take the few steps required to offer them to the Weyrwoman. "These are the latest reports. There have been a few more events concerning the wailing and screaming, but anyone sent out to investigate yield nothing. We're running out of logical explanations, too. Storms can make howling noises depending on the wind's direction and force, but those who have witnessed these 'screams' claim it is something else entirely."

A quick glance at a nearby sandglass has Diem noting the current time and gauging how much longer she can spend in the barracks before she must leave. The reports are then accepted and she skims the first page — apparently the brownrider's comment on curiosity has been unacknowledged and dismissed. "This is just baffling." she says with a knitted brow. "Screams, howls, wails… and yet no rider on sweeps can find any evidence of a source." Her mind is currently fluttering between her upcoming meeting and the reports she has in hand, which are then surrendered back to Divale. "Alright then. I might drop by later this afternoon for a copy of those reports." Which means it'll be either she or Onari that shows up for them. "Thank you for keeping track of things. If there are any updates, I want to know about them."

"It is," Divale readily agrees on the baffling nature of the current phenomena. She will stand there, patiently at attention, while Diem skims the reports. When they're returned, she will collect them and set them back into the stack where she'd originally taken them from. Turning her full attention once more on the Weyrwoman, she dips her head respectfully, though her true expression and emotions are carefully guarded. "Perhaps either the Guard Captain or Eala will be here at that time." she ventures to suggest. "I will pass along that note as well. Regardless, the reports will be ready." Whether it's her or Onari who come to claim them! A vague, fleeting smile and she steps back to return to her desk. "Thank you, Weyrwoman. If we come across anything new or… useful, you will be among the first to know." Lowering herself back into the chair, she'll pick up her writing stylus but forestalls returning to the last of her work in favour of a proper farewell. "Clear skies! And hopefully the rest of your day proves less baffling than…" Cue some faint, faraway tapping sounds buried in the wails. Sighed, "This."

Diem takes a moment to sweep her gaze across the central space of the guardhouse before nodding. "Only time will tell." About how the rest of her day will go. Right now she has to get to the council chamber to see what progress Nasrin has made on prep work for impending meetings. "Right then!" Cheery is her tone of voice as she bestows a grin — time to get in Admin Mode! Booted heels sound with purpose against the stone flooring as she makes her way toward the archway. "Never a dull moment around here." Departing words from the Senior as she exits the guardhouse with the council chamber as her final destination.

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