Eostre (A'lira), Gigan (Agertha), Ina (H'rik)


A few fire-lizards go to Igen River Hold, and have an altercation with some kites.

RIP kites </3


It is sunrise of the twenty-second day of the ninth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Igen River Hold

OOC Date 14 Apr 2018 23:00



Igen River Hold

Sitting on the cusp of a striking juxtaposition of sand and greenery, Igen River Hold hugs both rugged cliff and gentle slope of riverbank. Small fishing craft with brightly-hued hulls and sails can be seen to coast easily along the currents here, as well as larger boats built for transport and the occasional journey downriver to the ocean. Crafthalls for both boat-builders and fisher folk make up most of what can be seen from Igen River itself, the ramps and piers extending past the thin strip of tidal swamp to be found at this point along the water's edge. A smallish sprawl of industry, this hold - but a bustling one, with a colorful and thriving community of river-bound Seacrafters and holders who find such a lifestyle to their liking.

Scary fake dragons in the sky? Ina just had to check this out. The fierce little green bursts out of between above Igen River Hold into a dark sky, her dark green colour good camouflage. There aren't many humans down below right now, so the floating things in the sky have been left to their own devices. And in the winds that are getting worse, this means a lot of flyin about wildly, which gets a curious creel out of Ina as she tries to find an empty bit of airspace.

There was a rumor, you see, of things flying about in the sky! And so, Eostre had to come find out, for she is a firelizard, and firelizards simply live for gossip. And so, she appears from between, shrieking her annoyance at the high winds and the obstacles in her path. What. Are. These. THINGS. She dips and wheels, avoiding the flapping kites left to dance in the wind all on their own, even trying to take a bite out of one that comes too close to her precious wings.

Ina catches sight of Eostre as the gold joins her, and the newcomer gets a welcoming trill. In that moment of distraction though, one of the kites - an alarmingly pink thing - gets blown into her and the green gives a shriek of challenge. OH, YOU MESSED WITH THE WRONG FIRELIZARD! Her sharp claws come into action, biting into the kite and shredding several tears through its fabric, while Ina beats her wings to stay aloft for her attack.

Eostre will join in, for girls must stick together! She dive-bombs the pink monstrosity, rending and shredding with teeth and claws alike. DESTROY THE MONSTROSITY! DESTROY! More tears appear, ribbons of ripped paper now flapping uselessly before they're ripped free to fly away like confetti. Eostre calls out, encouraging Ina to further displays of dominance over the impudent kite.

Poor confused Gigan simply trying to figure out what these things are. Now it seems there are other firelizards determined to destroy these things in the air. The bronze firelizard slips sideways to avoid one of the kites, only to find he must dive to avoid the pink kite and Eostre's attack of said flying thing. He gives a confused meep as he climbs above the chaos that's erupted, and here he thought he was just going to get a look at the strange things flying in the air.

GRR! How dare you! The pink kite is getting a damn good thrashing from Ina, who's delighted that Eostre is helping her out. As the remnants of the kite fall away, she sweeps her wings to pull back from the scebne of the carnage with a satisfied chirp to her gold sister. A good job! She turns in the air, joining Eostre in shrieking a challenge to the other flying things. Who else wants some?!

Come at us, bro! Eostre dips her muzzle to Ina, returning the compliment of showing that kite who's boss around here. She circles higher, searching for another victim — and is soon presented with another challenger: a lime green kite that has dared touch her butt. She whirls on it, slicing a good long tear in one side as she HISSES her dislike. How dare this thing touch her hiney? Oh, she is pissed now, and indulges in a royal snit of a fit. Ina can come get some, too, if she wants, for this kite is gonna go down.

Ina follows Eostre's path, but rather than going for the body of the kite, like the gold, she spots the string that's attached to it. Curiosity getting the better of her, the green swoops for that instead, chomping on it with sharp, angry teeth. Grrrrr! She's practically clinging to it as she tries her damndest to bite through the whole thing.

Eostre dalnds on the frame of the thing, sinking her teeth into theframe and trying to shake it — this of course results in some windsurfing kind of moves as she tries to break the wood. Of course, the kite dips downward, not built to hold up a firelizard; she's light, but she's heavier than the kite. With a squeal of outrage, Eostre lets go with another sharp-clawed swipe, disappearing between, only to reappear underneath the kite to join Ina on the cord, biting and clinging stubbornly.

With the kite bobbing under Eostre's weight, the Ina gets thrown around somewhat too. Noises of irritation escape her mouth, muffled by the cord she's savaging. Eostre joins her in those efforts, and Ina shakes her head in an attempt to tear through the string - so close! Just a little more! Her wings are working to try and keep her stable, but the wind is buffeting the beleaguered kite and making it a difficult task.

Chewing and gnawing and snarling, Eostre, too, is making progress! And then some fortune falls upon her: A lucky tooth slices through the cord, and the kite comes untethered! Could this spell doom for the firelizards still clinging to their mouthfuls of cord?

The string snaps with a sudden PING, and Ina finds herself tumbling backwards now that she's got no taut string to cling to. With a shriek, half victory and half alarm, she disappears between; when she blinks back into existence, she's up above where the kite once was, chittering happily as the pink monstrosity is carried away by the wind, tumbling and bumping into other kites. HA HA!

Eostre calls out victoriously. They have won! The kite will never, ever be able to accost them again. She circles happily above the straining kites, singing out her pride in their conquering of the kite. So long, Monstrosity, so long!

Ina's voice joins Eostre's, pride the emotion she gives off. That'll teach these silly flying things! Then something distracts the green, and with a faint noise, she vanishes between again - but not to return back here. She's gone, for now, but for how long will the kites be safe?

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