Sienna, Thierry


Sienna and Kehemath take Thierry for his first flight. It goes well - then takes a sudden unexpected turn.


It is sunrise of the seventh day of the third month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Igen Weyr North Bowl…and then all over!

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North Bowl

In the quieter spaces of the Northern Bowl, there is less activity; all is kept serene for young, forming draconic bonds. Beneath the sweep of skies' ever-changing colors, this round little panorama hosts the short distances between the Hatching Cavern and the weyrlings' ultimate destination: the barracks and training grounds. More packed dirt and tiny little hillocks than clean white sand, the floor is an uneven thing, a startling trap for the unwary and the clumsy. Further onward, the Ground Weyrs beckon, a haven for those who may seek medical attention.

An early-morning summons isn't normally something to be worried about; Thierry's grown quite used to getting out of bed for guard shifts at all hours. It's the /nature/ of this particular meeting that has him dragging his feet a little, though; dragging them right across the bowl, to the designated meeting spot. His cold's almost gone, just a lingering cough that will no doubt disappear on its own in the coming few days, but he's still dressed against the cold in typical bazaar gear, rather than his guard uniform. Not quite sure /where/ to wait, though knowing he's likely going to be spotted no matter which place he picks, the teen decides to stand /smack bang/ in the middle of the northern section of the bowl, digging his hands into his pockets and looking about him with a somewhat nauseas green tinge to his face. /Nerves/, man!

Sienna walks down the slope that leads up to the ledges where the leadership resides, while Kehemath simply hops and glides down to land a short distance away from Thierry. Moving at a swifter pace now, Sienna is not far behind, the greenrider dressed in her standard riding gear with her knot on her shoulder. "Morning!" she calls, bright and eager. "How're you feeling?"

"Mmmpf." Thierry's got a scarf wrapped around his neck, and he hunches his shoulders to hide the lower half of his face in its woollen foldes when Kehemath lands /right there/. He's not scared. He's too manly to be /scared/. But that's hellishly close, with those big wings and all! And he can't seem to stop looking at the green, even when Sienna approaches; his eyes flicker to the rider, but whether he's smiling or not can't be seen. "Just coughing now, Sienna." A little cough proves it. "Snot's all gone."

Sienna nods as she moves closer to her lifemate's side, right up to sling an arm around her muzzle. "Good, I'm glad to hear it. So, this is Kehemath." The green settles slowly onto her belly, the tip of her tail twitching as she regards Thierry with slowly whirling eyes of blue and green. Then she decides to yawn, showing off her massive maw and allll those sharp teeth. Rolling her eyes, Sienna jabs her in the muzzle which has the green snorting softly, amused. "Stop it."

My, what big /teeth/ you have. All the better to… "Kehemath." Thierry blinks at her, peering up over his scarf and trying /not/ to flinch at the sight of those /teeth/. His hand twitches nervously by his side, before he lifts it to run fingers through his messy dark hair. "Can she, uh… can she smell me? From here? She's meant to be doing that… right?"

Sienna shakes her head with a smirk. "She's just being a jerk. Come a bit closer though." Kehemath doesn't move much, just lifts her muzzle a bit to begin sniffing him. Great big dragon sniffs. Sienna watches for a moment, and then closes her eyes with a little smile. "She's learning your scent. She says you smell like sweat and spices. Not bad, she met someone a while ago she associated with stinkweed, so…sweat and spice is almost complimentary." Kehemath rumbles low in her chest, pleased that she finally gets to smell this one. It's rare her rider spends so much time with someone without her getting to smell them.

Thierry stands there and takes it, all that dragon-snuffling barely making him react beyond a slight narrowing of his dark eyes. When Kehemath rumbles he jumps back, drawing in a sharp breath; was he /holding/ it the whole time she was learning his scent? "What's that noise? What's she doing? Why's she /growling/?" His hands come up in front of him, fingers splayed and palms towards the green. Clueless!

Kehemath rumbles again, drawing back a bit and tilting her head. "She's a noisy dragon," Sienna admits. "Relax, she's not growling." There's a pause. "Her growl sounds different, you'd know. That was just a rumble. It's like…she was just relaxing." The green huffs softly, eying Thierry, and rumbles again towards him. "Now she's wondering if you're always this jumpy."

"Only when dragons're eying me up." Being called out on his jumpiness makes Thierry straighten up, puffing out his chest - because he's not /scared/. He doesn't get scared! With his chin high and his eyes firmly on Kehemath, he slinks to Sienna's side. "She likes making noises? That was a /happy/ one." Less of a question, more of an affirmation to himself. Happy noises are good. "Can I, er… she's gonna let me touch her, right? I sorta touched that other green before."

Sienna glances at her lifemate for a moment, and Kehemath rumbles again. "You can touch her," Sienna answers. "She's…usually really skittish around new people but she knows I trust you." High praise, really, as Kehemath extends her muzzle slowly towards Thierry. Sienna just watches her trickster dragon. Don't be a jerk.

Thierry holds his hand out warily, letting Kehemath close in on his palm; he doesn't force it, for all he's been given permission. His breath is nervously quick, his eyes wide - excited, as well as a little freaked out. "You /trust/ me?" /That/ confuses him, but he's too fixated on the green to look away from her. "Whatcha wanna do that for? Dunno if there's many others gonna do that."

Kehemath gently presses her warm, dry muzzle into Thierry's hand, and then shifts it a bit, trying to get his hand on top of her muzzle. "Scratch," Sienna translates the green's soft rumble without having to think about it. "No reason not to trust you," she adds with a little smile. "I tend to trust until given a reason not to…"

"Like this?" Thierry reaches a little higher, gently scrubbing at the green's nose with his fingertips. The good reaction so far seems to have emboldened him, and he even reaches around to place his other hand on her muzzle, a little lower than the first. "Wouldn't get your hopes up, lady. Trusting people only leads to getting screwed over, one way or another."

Kehemath's croon is soft and drawn out, and her eyes begin to drift closed. That answer enough? Sienna doesn't bother to translate, instead moving around to her straps, tugging on buckles and making sure everything is as it should be. "It's worked out so far," she responds with a smile. "So, are you ready?"

"I'm, uh, kinda liking doing this, yeah?" Scrubbing away at Kehemath's nose, getting her to croon - with both feet safely on the ground. Thierry runs his tongue over his lower lip, biting it as he looks at Sienna. "We gotta do it /right now/?" There's those nerves back, bringing a green tinge to his otherwise flushed cheeks.

Sienna grins at him. "Good! I'm glad you enjoy it. Feel free to approach her any time, now. She knows your scent, so unless she's startled by something, it should be fine. And yeah, has to be now." Duties, you know. That's why they're doing this so early. She holds up a wide leather belt with secure buckles hanging from it. "You need to put this on."

Before backing off, Thierry leans in to nearly press his nose to Kehemath, taking in a deep breath of her own scent. It makes him cough - he turns his head away at least, so as not to cough on her - then he pats her sotly and steps back. "You smell like… nice things." What nice things? Who knows. But he's happy enough with the way she smells, and confident enough to take that funky-looking belt. "Looks like some of the dodgy shit you get in Rosie's. How d'you put it on?"

Both Kehemath and Sienna are a bit surprised when he smells her in return, but Kehemath easily submits to it. It's only normal, right? She smelled, him, he smelled her. At least they're not smelling each other the way canines do. That'd be awkward. She croons softly, watching him as he moves back. Sienna just smiles, holding out the belt. "Just wrap it around your waist and pull the buckles through. It's just like a belt, only it goes over your clothes. See?" She's already got hers on, and she reaches down to flick the metal pieces. "This holds us into the straps."

Thierry buckles the belt around himself, giving a little wiggle of his hips once it's secure. He tugs at one of the rings, smirking. "Yeah. They got one've these at Rosie's, right? Only it's not for strapping you into /dragonstraps/… heh." He winks at Sienna, clicking his tongue in his cheek. Nudge nudge, wink wink! "Didja buy that whip that day? Saw you playing with it an' all… betcha you know what this is in Rosie's for, huh?"

Sienna lifts her brows as she walks up to him and grabs the belt, giving it a yank. Foreplay? No, preflight check. Nodding, she turns and climbs up onto Kehemath's foreleg, then grabs a rug of the straps and hauls herself up without any trouble at all. Swinging a leg over, she settles into the first spot at the base of the green's neck, clips herself in, and then leans over to offer Thierry a hand if he needs it. First time and all. "I did buy it, yeah," she answers, tapping a bag on the straps. "And…" She looks down at her belt. "I'm guessing…it holds you down while…uh. Other people do things to you?" Is she blushing? A little.

"All /sortsa/ things." Thierry was paying attention to Sienna's mounting, and he tries to copy it. Not /quite/ as smoothly, and he does take her hand to help him when he needs it, but he gets up, otherwise, without incident. "Easy peasy," he says, surprised, as he settles in. "But fucking high, ain't it?" He rests one hand on Kehemath's hide, clutching onto Sienna with the other. "And… d'you get /used/ to sitting like this? /Thighs/, man…"

"Like what?" Sienna asks curiously. When he's up, she turns around, twisting enough to reach for the straps, showing him how they clip in so he can do the rest. "It's…not that high. If this is high, be grateful your first flight isn't on a bronze." Neither she nor Kehemath seem to mind his hand. "Ah, yes. It's…well. I'm sure Rosie's would appreciate it," she teases. "Just like folks who ride runners. You get used to it, your muscles adjust. You'll need your thighs too, to hold on when we take off."

"I can't tell you!" The thought of it! Thierry looks worried for a moment, but luckily he's got the distraction of strapping himself in as an excuse to look away. "I, er… yeah. Can't think I'd be going on any dragon, let alone one've them /bronzes/. "Never really been on a runner either, y'know? No point in the bazaar. Got to ride a pony when I was a tot, but that's all. And," he's all buckled in now, shamelessly leaning as far forward as he can to wrap his arms around Sienna's waist, "y'didn't say this would be such hard /work/, lady. But she's gonna take it easy, right? Kehemath? No crazy shit?"

Sienna looks back at him and quirks an amused grin. "What, so you're going to make me go down there and ask?" Because now she's curious! When he wraps his arms around her she doesn't mind that one bit, though she does reach down a bit to adjust his hold. "Dragonriding is hard work. And yes, she'll take it easy." To start. Shifting, Kehemath smoothly gets to her feet and spreads her wings. "Are you ready?" Sienna asks, pulling down her goggles and digging out a pair for him to wear as well.

Putting on goggles means letting go! And he's reluctant, but Thierry does manage to get them on and get his hold tight back around Sienna. Is he ready to go? Sure. He nods, which she'll feel against her shoulder as he clings and hides his head there. "Sienna? Make me not throw up and I'll tell you when we're back down." He gives her a squeeze. "Promise."

Sienna chuckles softly, reaching up to pat his head or his face, a bit awkward to do a reach-behind-pat. But she manages. "It'll be okay." Reaching forward, she thumps Kehemath's shoulder and gives the nimble green permission to rise. Fanning her wings a few times to stretch, the green crouches and then kicks off into the sky, stomachs dropping - but this is her in /low/ gear - as she beats her wings and rises, and within seconds the bowl is a hundred feet below them.

A hundred feet of no-way-not-looking below them! Thierry's got his face pressed right into Sienna's shoulder, his arms in a deathgrip around her. He's not screaming, which is a good thing; but neither is he exactly /embracing/ the whole flying thing, either. Or the whole /going up/ bit, anyway! He just clings in grim silence, white-knuckle tight with his hands - and damned tight with his thighs, too. Is he gonna wobble on them later? He doesn't care.

Kehemath glides in a wide circle, and then she swoops down towards the bazaar in a gentle descent. Staying high enough not to irritate anyone, she drops low enough to give them a good view, if they'd look. Sienna is looking, and she gently shakes Thierry's arm around her. "Look, the bazaar…it's so beautiful from up here."

Home, from above? That at least piques Thierry's curiosity enough for him to risk raising his head and looking… he does just for a second before burying his face again - only to slowly emerge after a few panic-panting moments. This time, he's more prepared for what he sees… and he even leans away from the greenrider a little to be able to see all the better. "Fuuuuuck." That's an awed sort of fuck, not the freaking out kind. He's even gawping, mouth as open as can be with the wind rushing by it.

Kehemath reaches the end of the bazaar and turns gently, a shallow, easy arc to fly overhead again. "See, there's the Dustbowl, and if you follow that street…" Sienna calls out, pointing. "There's Ravene's shop, and the Night Flight over there. It's beautiful, isn't it? Anything you want to fly over inparticular?"

Even from up above, Thierry knows his ways around the streets once he's got his bearings. "/There/." He's brave enough to let go and point, even if only for a few seconds! Then he's back to Sienna-clinging. "There," he repeats, looking to where he'd pointed. "That's the 'ring. That's home. Can we see that? Fuck, that's awesome… Worm's not gonna /believe/ this. Betcha I'll see him!"

Sienna grins and nods, and a moment later Kehemath is dipping a wing to circle over the ring. That's not foreboding, right? Hopefully Sienna doesn't get in trouble for flying over the bazaar like this. "If you see him, holler at him," Sienna calls, grinning crookedly.

"D'you think he'd hear?" Thierry laughs, curling his arm tightly around her so he can lean out and wave with the other one. "Hey! Oi! I seeee yoooou~" He points out some bazaar urchin or another below them, laughing as they wing on by. He grows a little more quiet as they reach his home though, curling both arms back around the greenrider, but still looking down below. "Shit." Barely loud enough to be heard, really. "It's so fuckin' /small/ from up here." He leans back against Sienna, pressing his chin to her shoulder. "Can we go down, please? Back to the Weyr?"

Sienna laughs, directing Kehemath to circle once more, but when Thierry asks to go down she twists a bit to try and catch sight of his face. "Already? You don't want to see what's outside of the weyr?" So the bazaar flight was just a warmup, apparently. "Of course we can, if you're sure you're ready to be done."

Thierry shakes his head; no outside of the Weyr for him. "Nu-uh. Downtime. Definitely ready." With both arms wrapped around Sienna's waist, he presses his cheek to her shoulder to use her as somewhat of a wind buffer. "Deeeefinitely wanna go down now, lady."

Sienna nods, "Alright, easy," she murmurs, touching his arm gently. Turning, Kehemath glides slow and easy back towards the weyr, setting down in the center bowl just outside the bazaar entrance. Backwinging, she lands lightly, talons digging into the earth to haul herself out of the sky. "There," Sienna says, patting his arms. "We're down. You okay?"

Thierry keeps his face buried against Sienna's back as they go /down/, clutching her tighter and tighter, the closer they get to the ground. And when they land? He keeps clinging, even with the pats. "Fuuuuuuuuck," the recruit hisses, finally easing off with his deathgrip hold. "Fuuuuck. Fuckity fuck-fuck. /Fuck/ shit balls fuck." Slowly he raises his head, peeping sheepishly at Sienna. "Aw, /fuck/, lady. That was fucking /awesome/." And perhaps terrifying too on some level, as he's actually slightly trembling. Or maybe that's adrenaline?

Sienna grunts softly as he keeps clinging to her, and then she laughs at his swearing. "Yes, it is," she agrees, grinning back at him with her cheeks flushed and her eyes bright as she pushes up her goggles. "Let me know if you want to go again sometime. We love flying and we'll take any excuse." Below them, Kehemath rumbles happily, tucking her wings against her sides as she swings her head around to peer at them bown.

"Um, maybe just… little by little? /Slowly/. Yeah." Thierry's still not managed to fully let go yet, and his face is still pretty much pressed to the greenrider's shoulder. "I didn't throw up, Sienna." Which means he has to /explain/ something to her. "Do you /really/ wanna know what it's for?" He gives a gentle tug at her belt, in case she wasn't sure what he meant.

Sienna isn't in any hurry to pry him off of her either, amused at his clinging but not offended by it. "Slowly, got it." She grins, and then nods. "Yes, I want to know."

Maybe Sienna will feel Thierry's grin as he leans in close enough for her to feel the brush of his lips against her ear; unnecessarily close, really, given that there's unlikely to be anyone able to overhear him. "They've got a room," he starts, husky-low, "and a chair, with a belt like this one." Thi tugs gently at Sienna's again. "They tie you down in it, buckle you up here," a gentle touch to her waist, "and here," then to her wrist, "so's you can't move, an' then…" His voice drops even lower as he explains the /rest/ of what happens in there. While still clinging tightly.

Sienna holds herself still, as does Kehemath, as both green /and/ rider listen intently. Sienna gives a little shiver, a blush on her cheeks suddenly as her breath catches. "Ah," she manages to say, her voice a little raspy before she clears it. "I see." She'll never look at her riding belt the same way again. "Have you done it?"

Thierry shrugs, resting his chin properly on the greenrider's shoulder now, so he can just about see her out of the corner of his eye. "Dunno," he replies quietly, smirking. "D'you wanna try it?"

Sienna starts a bit at his question, her brows lifting. Her answer is…both an answer and not an answer. "Not at Rosie's!"

Thierry laughs, dropping his forehead to the spot just vacated by his chin. "I dunno, lady! Mebbe you'd /like/ it with the girls, yeah? They got this tongue thing going on—" He draws in a breath to continue, but holds it instead, cocking his head slightly to look at Sienna. "Y'didn't say /no/ though, didja? D'you fancy yourself being the one doing the tying down, or the one /tied down/?" Is that… his thumb, hooking into her belt? Yes. Yes it is. He's trying his luck, alright.

Sienna is blushing well and good now, but she's intrigued. "I've been with girls before," she murmurs, "during Kehemath's flights. Some of them are…were…rather talented. And there was this one goldflight, there were three of us…" Is she teasing him? It's hard to tell. "No, I didn't say no. Kehemath's flights are always wild. I've the scars to prove it, as do her winners, and I fancy myself open minded when it comes to sex. The idea of restraint…is intriguing. I'm not sure which side I'd be on though. Have to have a lot of trust there, to allow yourself to be the one tied, hmm?" When his thumb hooks into her belt she lifts her brows and tilts her head to look at him against her shoulder. "And you? Tied? Or tie-r?"

Sienna's admissions have Thierry /blushing/. A /lot/. Those words have affected him so much so that he's actually got to scoot himself back from her an inch or two, with an awkward little laugh and grin. "Depends who's, um… y'know…" Is his breath a little quicker? Absolutely. "Normally, I'm… I can't tell you /that/." He shakes his head, groaning as he drops his forehead back to the rider's shoulder.

Sienna twists her neck a bit to try and see his face, her grin a bit crooked, wry and amused. "Why not? I told /you/."

"Because I caaan't." Thierry wriggles his lower half away as far as his restraints will allow, hiding his blushing face against Sienna. "Cos it's fucking /hot/," he explains, equally whiny. "And you're a damned shardin' /woman/, and it's not /right/! Y'can't just go telling people you have… /girly threesomes/!"

Sienna holds herself still, letting him fight - ironically - with the restraints that got this conversation started in the first place. "It's not right? Women can't fool around with women if they want to? And I don't /now/, not outside of flights. But goldflights…surely you've felt them? Last leadership flight I ended up in the meat cooler with a rider I'd never met. Nice guy though. Tall." In more ways than one.

"Nononononono." Thierry even loosens his hands, holding them up in the air. See? Not touching! It's… not really helping him. He presses his hands to his face to hide his blushing, peeping between two fingers to look at Sienna. "S'not that you /can't/, it's just… aw, /fuck/, I can't talk about this with you!" His hands drop from his face to cover more, ah, prominent parts. Making them less so, hopefully, because he's embarrassed as all hell. "Yeah I've felt 'em, but I… I dunno!" He's /squirming/. "Can you just… y'know. /Stop/? Talkin'… lookit the /mud/. From the rain. Shiiit, we had rain last night."

"Why not?" Sienna presses, though she does peer down at the mud. "Nothing wrong with talking about it." Kehemath also looks down at the mud, and the green shifts to start pawing at it, gently dragging her talons through it. "Lake, Kehemath," Sienna murmurs, and the green begins to walk in that direction. Digging holes in the middle of the bowl is a bad thing, they have learned. At the lake shore though…not as bad. "Rain is good." If she notices him covering parts of himself (and she does) she doesn't comment on it. But she does lean forward to rub Kehemath's neck, touching a dry spot and making note to oil it soon. Which does two things. One, it moves her a bit further away from him. And two…well. She's bent over in front of him. "What did you do at the 'ring? What was your job?"

Lake. Cold water. Cold water to /dunk himself in/. Cold water and - oh /shit/, Sienna's /butt/. Whatever cool-down thoughts Thierry might've been having are blown out of the water when the greenrider leans like that, so… "Argh Sienna!" He can't help it. He's gotta touch… even if it's just a fingertip prod at her tush. "Aaaarghfuck-" turns into a mini coughing fit, which is a /welcome/ excuse for him to turn away and look elsewhere, while spreading the last of his germs.

Poor Thierry. Where's a goldflight when you need one, right? Sienna startles a bit when he pokes her butt, and she turns her head to peer back at him, and then to try and look at her ass. "What, is there something on me? Get it off, these are new pants." All while Kehemath gets closer and closer to the lake. No one's paying attention to her, right? Noooope? Good.

"There's just a fingerprint! Just a fingerprint! That's it! I didn't touch you!" Thierry has a bit of a freak-out, holding his hands up between himself and Sienna. "Fuuuck no, I ddin't touch you other than…" He does it again. A fingerprod. "OhFaranth'sfuckingnortherncocksuckingllama-lovers lemme off. I /can't/. I can't!" He covers his face again - which leaves other bits exposed! So he covers them - and then his /blushing/ is open for all the world to see. What to do!

Sienna is confused now. She thought he'd touched her to get something off of her pants. Sitting down again, she twists in the straps to look back at him, reaching out (not helping?) to grasp his shoulder tightly. "Thierry. Easy. Relax." Only then does she seem to realize the scope of his, ah…issue. And she's about to comment on it, when Kehemath is suddenly bounding forward. Three quick strides, a hop, and they're all in the lake, water up to their waists as the green sinks. "SHARDIT!" Sienna yelps, and within seconds she's got herself unclipped and spun around nimbly, so she's now facing him. Her hands then reach out to grab for his belt. Hopefully she /just/ grabs his belt, right?

There's a lot more than belt to grab there, but luckily? /Luckily/ Sienna hits home with a handful of leather, because otherwise Thierry would be sitting there happily sinking into the lake, embracing a watery death to put an end to his embarrassment. As it is, though, the reason for her reaching for his belt suddenly hits home - he's strapped to a sinking dragon. "Oh /fuck!" Panic. Panic! He scrabbles at his belt too to try and free himself, pausing for half a second to look wide-eyed and freaked-out at Sienna. "Can't swim proper," he manages to whimper. This is it: this is how he dies. Strapped to the back of the dragon whose rider's arse he just poked… and not in the /fun/ way, either.

Sienna's eyes unfocus and Kehemath stops sinking, the green bobbing upwards again and beginning to paddle happily around the lake. "Sharding stupid dragon," Sienna mutters, exhaling and slumping forward a bit, her forehead to his shoulder as she peers down to quickly unclip him from the straps. She leaves the belt on though, not wanting to invade his personal space any more than she already has. "I'm sorry, Thierry. This has not ended well has it?" And she looks both guilty and concerned as she sits up to look at him.

"From fuckin' soaring to drowning to shit, I'd say." And yet, for all he's a little trembly, Thierry's got a crooked smile for Sienna - it's a little uncertain, but it's definitely there! He's breathing a little heavily, caught up in the adrenaline rush of it all when he reaches out a trembling hand to touch Sienna's cheek with his rough fingertips. "Y'still alright, Assistant Weyrlingmaster." Just in case she thought she might've lost that street'snake honour. "Thought you mighta freaked out a bit with the whole, y'know, Rosie's shit, but… the fuck sorta getting it on you been /doing/, woman?" He laughs - a snorting, loud honk of a laugh, before he leans in with the most awkward rookie attempt at a kiss ever.

Sienna laughs, and though she's surprised when he tries to kiss her, her turn so he kisses her cheek instead is smooth. "Sienna," she corrects, both for the use of her title and the term 'woman'. "Thanks, Thierry, so're you. And…it's hard to freak me out, these days." She grins, a bit sheepish, and shrugs, leaning back against one of Kehemath's neckridges, bracing one foot against where she used to be sitting, and letting the other dangle off while Kehemath continues to swim. "Sex is fun. Before I weyrmated, I fooled around a lot. Different places, different people. Why not? It's fun, and if you're not committed to someone exclusively…you can have a lot of fun. And Kehemath…it's wild."

"You're kinda crazy, lady." Thierry grins, his blush fading somewhat when his rough attempt at a kiss is so easily dodged. "D'you wanna take me back in to the shore, Sienna? I wanna go back 'n get outta these clothes and shit. Y'know?"

Sienna chuckles, tilting her head a bit to mentally request (order, demand) that Kehemath take them back to the shore. "So I've been told," she drawls, amused. "Right, don't want you getting sick again."

"Uh-huh. The Weyrsecond only gave me a sevenday off've training, reckon he might be annoyed if I took even /longer/." Thierry coughs into his hand, then scrubs the hand against his thigh. "Next time, you're gonna do all the kissin' work though, yeah?" He's teasing, winking at the greenrider.

Kehemath paddles them to the shore, crouching down low enough so that Thierry can dismount. Sienna laughs, shaking her head as she offers to help him dismount. "Flying first," she teases him back. "Keep the belt. Use it for whatever you want." She returns the wink and then directs Kehemath to move further up the shore so they can take off and head back home, where she can warm up and change.

Thierry slithers down from Kehemath, hitting the ground with a thwump as his legs buckle beneath him. Not that it /hurts/; he grins awkwardly up at the green and her rider, giving the pair of them a salute. "See ya later, lady - lad/ies/." Then he's up on his feet and trotting off towards the bazaar, so he, too, can get changed.

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