F'kan, Evka, Syri | Quaverilth, Saetyroith, Gamanturath


Another group of weyrling dragons get to test their wings and coordination, with mixed results.


It is afternoon of the fourth day of the ninth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Training Grounds, Southern Weyr

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Training Grounds

A broad and sheltered swoop of bowl lies bare for the talons and tread of countless weyrlings that-will-be, encased by stone scoured and scarred by those-that-were. Dirt lies as neatly as dirt can lie, swept and raked daily, at the mouth of the caverns that must indubitably be the weyrling barracks. Devoid of decoration, the place stands strangely absent of pressence when empty, the everpresent wind of Southern giving strange acoustics to those under the shelter of the towering bowl-wall.

It is the fourth day of Spring and 87 degrees. It is sunny and bright. White fluffy clouds drift lazily across the china blue sky.

The balmier weather is a relief as F'kan leads another group of excited weyrling pairs towards the Training Grounds, indicating they should form a loose line in front of Quaverilth who is standing, poised and ready for his part in the lesson. Wandering over to put his hand on the brown's leg, the AWLM waits until they are mostly settled, shooting sharp looks at those slow to quiet. When he finally has their attention, he smiles before clapping his hands in anticipation. "So, I'm sure you know what this lesson will entail. Your lifemates will be flying for the first time," he pauses to let that idea settle before continuing, "Now Quaverilth will demonstrate what you'll be doing today, pay extra close attention. After that you'll be coming up one at a time and do it along with him. Now any questions so far?" he asks, looking around for any likely queries.

Evka is one of the first to quiet down once F'kan begins asking for attention to the front. Her hand lays on Saetyroith's shoulder, both comforting and being comforted. The brown's whirling eyes fade and swirl in patterns of yellow and purple, his anxiety near palpable. Evka tries hard to temper her own worry, tries to shower Saetyroith in comfort and confidence. He is literally built for this, why else would he have such majestic wings? Evka has faith in him, despite some odd maternal instinct leaving her guts in knots. It's an adventure Sae, a frightening one, but an adventure none the less. Our next chapter… «An adventure that could have the potential for disaster… how am I to dance the beach with you or run the shore if I am broken from falling?»

When he gets no immediate questions, F'kan slaps Quav's shoulder before stepping back. "Show them how it's done mate," he calls as he watches his brown sweep his gaze over the waiting weyrling dragons to make sure they are watching. Once assured, he rumbles and moves deliberately, exagerating his motions so they are clear to follow. One, two, three steps and then he bunches his hindquarters and leaps to the sky with a powerful downsweep of galaxy painted wings. When he reaches a dragon length from the ground, he straightens out, tipping inward to do a single, lazy circuit before dipping his wings again and carefully angling his hind end forward so that he settles down neatly on his powerful back talons, taking a couple of steps before his front joins him and he settles his wings onto his back with an audible snap. F'kan turns back to the class with a wry grin, "So do we have any volunteers?" he asks.

Evka and Saetyroith watch as if their eyes have been tethered to Quaverilth himself. Evka stamps the sight to memory, burns it in, watching every muscle movement the larger brown makes. Saetyroith gives his mentor in flight the same sort of attention, wanting to not fail, to be able to fly. He does not want to see his own predictions come true, and neither does Evka. When she realises that F'kan is asking for volunteers, and that none of the other weyrlings in her group are stepping forward, Evka timidly raises her hand in the air. "We'll give it a go, won't we Sae?"

"Great! Thanks for volunteering Evka and Saetyroith. Now if you would please join Quaverilth," F'kan says with a grin and a wave of his hand towards his brown. « Come line up next to me Saetyroith, you feeling good about this? » He asks with a soothing but encouraging croon, « Now you'll go first, and I will follow right behind. I'll be right there if anything happens. » he reassures the younger brown. F'kan waits for his brown to pass on his instructions before calling out. "You may go whenever you feel ready."

Syri makes her way to the training grounds a bit late. She has some twigs stuck in her hair and is grumbling a bit. Gamanturath is following after her munching on something. "You ate earlier, you didn't need to go chasing after that into the bushes." Syri mutters. « But it was Fuuun!» Syri shakes her head a bit, "Yes but now we are late. Come on." she says to the blue before moving to get in line and gesturing for the blue to join her and take his place too.

Evka blinks nervously and stands aside while Saetyroith moves to join Quaverilth. «About as good as I'm going to feel I suppose.» There's less of the hedonistic ego present in Saetyroith than usual. He does listen to Quaverilth's instructions carefully. Whirling eyes look out to the path in front and there are a couple of false starts before Saetyroith gains the courage to bound forward and take the leap, pumping his parchment pale wings for all they are worth…

Quaverilth is the perfect picture of patience as Sae takes a couple of false starts, only following when he sees him actually gain the air. « That's it! Now point your nose towards the sky and really pump your wings, like the exercises you have been doing. Long strokes all the way down and then up again. » Bunching his lithe body, he springs to the air and follows. « Now when you've gained enough height, level out your body before leaning to the inside to start your turn. » On the ground, F'kan makes note of the latecomer with a look of disapointment as he makes a note to pull the pair aside after the lesson.

Syri just happens to look up to see what they might have missed and noticed the look of disappointment. She shakes her head a bit and looks at Gamanturath before turning back to watch Evka's Saetyroith flying through the air. Gamanturath turns his head and is watching raptly.

Evka is in knots as she watches Saetyroith make his attempt at flight. She's even covering her eyes a bit as he first takes off, and peeking through her fingers at the same time. But he makes it, barely, but it's done. And not for the first time, she's glad her brown listens to instructions well. She is then highly distracted by the sense of elation coming from her wine loving lifemate. «Evka, look! It's like swimming with no water! »

Quaverilth rumbles to get Saetyroith's attention, « Focus now. You need to do a circuit of the grounds and then you get to try out landing. » Dipping his inside wing, he starts a wide turn warbling along to the younger brown, « Come now, you'll get plenty of time to practice, but for now, others need a turn. » Wtih a sigh, F'kan turns to Evka, "Make sure he knows not to dawdle please, i want to get you all up twice if I can manage." Turning further towards the late blueling, he nods pontedly, "Make sure Gamanturath is watching closely Syria, he'll be next."

Syri nods her head and looks pointedly at her blue. He ignores her at first, seeming to stare raptly at the two that are flying. Well at least that is something. She shakes her head, "No getting us in more trouble," she murmers to him and scratches under his chin, which is the closest part she can reach. «SHHH Syri, I am watching» She shakes her head just a bit and stifles a giggle.

Saetyroith reluctabtly turns and circuits the grounds as requested and then circles once more before getting up the courage to try landing. Evka focuses hard now too, replaying what it had looked like when Quaverilth landed earlier between herself and Sae. The browning lands hard, not too hard, but enough that he stumbles when his front feet come down. He's soon shaking it off though, walking a bit wobbly back towards Evka.

«Just like that, very good Saetyroith, » Quaverilth encourages through the circuit and then rumbles on the landing, « Very good for a first try. Next try, back wing like this, » He demonstrates with his own landing, his wings flaping forward to halt his forward momentum, making for a smooth landing. F'kan claps a couple times, "Very well done Saetyroith, now please rejoin your rider." Looking over at the blue, he waves them over, "Come on Gamanturath, your turn, line up next to Quaverilth."

Syri nods and pats Gamanturath, "Your turn, remember to focus, don't get distracted, no playing till later." she says, but Gamanturath just moves forward to line up next to Quaverilth. «It looks fun Syri» of course that does make the weyrling relax a little, since her blue tends to focus on things better when they are fun. She nods her head, "Okay, fun, but still watch closely. Be careful." she watches him go and is still nervous though trying not to be.

« It is fun, if you do it correctly. Just take your time. » Quaverilth reassures as he lines himself up next to the blue. « Just take a few steps of running start, and make sure you point your nose up when you take off. I'll be right behind you. » Looking over at his rider with a nod, F'kan returns it and then calls out, "Alright. Whenever you are ready you may start."

Gamanturath dips his head up and down and then does just that he gets the few steps, his nose pointed up and leaps, but forgot to flap his wings, so it turns more into a leap then glide before landing again. «Oops» but the blue doesn't let it discourage him. He turns and gets another running start and remembers the flapping exercises and does it right this time. Leaping into the air with strokes of his wings, it takes him a few to get leveled out, but then he does.

Quaverilth warbles encouragement as Gamanturath makes his false start, « That's it, just try again. » Tensing slightly, the brown finally relaxes when the blue finally takes to the air, quickly taking off after him. « Good job. That was much better. Now once you're level, make sure to lean towards the center and you should start a loose turn. » Just below the blue, Quaverilth demonstrates.

Gamanturath is broadcasting his enthusiasm quite loudly. He apparently is really enjoing himself. «Oh yeah» he gets startled out of it by Quaverilth and wiggles in the air for a moment before gets leveled out again and does as he was told, leaning to start turning. Even still he seems to be enjoying himself. « Like This?» as he starts to make that turn.

« Just like that. » Quaverilth replies with a tendril of mist reaching out towards the blue. « Now once we've come back around to where we took off from, point your nose down just slightly, but remember to land on your hind legs first, otherwise, you're likely to go snout over tail. » Making sure to stay out of the blue's way, the older brown slows his speed to give him plenty of room for when he makes his attempt at landing.

Evka spends a couple of moments calming her excited brown and checking him over for injuries. Then both of them spend every moment after watching Gamanturath take his turn. They're silent though, any communication they might have kept silent as if taking mental notes, and maybe they are. This is serious business for sure.

Gamanturath nods «Okay, landing. Sure I can't stay in air?» The blue knows better, especially after some thoughts from his bond. He gets into the right line and starts to go down, but of course he doesn't exactly do it right, so coming in for landing he does just that, and ends up tumbling into a sort of forward roll. After stopping rolling, He gets up shaking his wings a bit. « I meant to do that»

Quaverilth's warbled warning comes too late as he watches the blue tumble forward with a heavy sigh. Landing besides him, he cranes his name just as his rider comes over to make sure everything is alright. "That was a good try, but next time, drop your hindquarters first. Is anything hurt?" he asks, turning to Syri with a nod, "He did good, just needs to work on technique. Back in line Gamanturath," he says before he looks for the next victim…er…weyrling.

Syri nods and moves over to check on Gamanturath and then leads him back to get into line when she finds him laughing. Apparently he enjoying that even the tumbling part. She shakes her head a bit and he does have a better second turn, actually landing properly.
You are empty-handed.

Evka tries not to laugh when Gamanturath comes in with his rough and tumble landing, after all, her own Saetyroith had not been far from the same sort of fumble. They both watch as everyone gets their first, and then second turns. They're in the last group for second turns thank goodness and so, have a good vantage point for studying.

Syri nods and moves over to give Gamanturath some suggestions and stretch out too as she checks him over for any injuries that might not be readily visible, "How is it going?" she calls out to Evka.

Evka waves at Syri when she hears the girl greet her. "About as well as it can be, I suppose." She grins. "I have a feeling once he gets the hang of this I'll never get him down again." There's a wider smile after this, a hand reaching up to pat at her now over eager brown. Two more. Two more ahead of them now.

Syri nods her head, "Probably the same here, just means more chasing him down. He went after something to eat in the bushes earlier, had to chase after him." she shakes her head and giggles a bit. « But Syri…was hunting » she shakes her head a bit and scratches a spot she finds that Gamanturath likes.

After cycling through all the weyrlings once, F'kan turns back to the class. "Very good. Now this time, Quaverilth will be in the air to spot you, but you'll be taking off and landing all on your own. Saetyroith, you're up. Wait until Quav is up and gives the signal, then you can go ahead and make your second attempt." With a nod to the lithe brown, Quaverilth takes off and flies a little higher, backwinging to hold his position over the training grounds. Once there, he bugles loudly down, « Whenever you feel ready, » he sends to the younger brown.

Evka looks up startled. Had the other two gone already? Guess so. She bolsters Saetyroith again before sending him forward and he goes at a bit of a trot. This time, getting into the air is easier. Gaining that height is still a bit much, but he makes it, veering to begin his circuit around the grounds.

Syri nods and is sure that Gamanturath is good and not injured. She moves next to him, scratching and giving praise as she also tells him to watch, so he can improve his focus.
You are empty-handed.

Warbling encouragement at the brown's take off, Quaverilth reaches out with a thought, « Make your strokes longer, really reach with your wings.» Moving out to give him plenty of room to make his turn, he rumbles approval. « Very nice, you may land whenever you are ready. » F'kan is watching from the ground, sliding his gaze then to Evka with a smile, "He's looking really good."

Evka bobs her head at F'kan with a grin. "Thank you." She blushes a bit, thankful to herself that she's been sneaking in extra wing excersises since they were introduced. She looks back up as Saetyroith is finishing his circuit and positioning himself for a landing. His backwing is more forceful this time, slowing his landing considerably so that he only stumbles just a little on impact. Evka cheers softly for her brown, ever so proud of him in this moment.

From his vantage point, Quaverilth trumpets as Saetyroith sticks the landing better this time. « Just like that, very well done. » Once Saetyroith vacates the area, F'kan will send the next one up, him and Quav offering up advice where needed. In all, the class manages better the second time and when they are finished, F'kan gets their attention one last time. "Now that you've learned the basics, practice the same kind of thing we did today until they can really nail the basics. Don't let them strain themselves though, and lighten up on the wing exercises too if you do a lot of flying, so they aren't getting double the workout. If there aren't any more questions, you are dismissed."

Evka gives a salute the moment they're dismissed and also bows towards F'kan in thanks for the lesson. Some Zingari habits never die. Then, chatting animatedly with her brown, they both head for a soak and a meal.

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