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Three candidates discuss and offer to trade lessons in their separate skillsets


It is midmorning of the twenty-second day of the fourth month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Ista Volcanic Island, Hidden Sea Cavern

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Hidden Sea Cavern

Narrow and barely able to allow a ship within, this seacave is the creation of a lavaflow that reached the sea and then the remains where battered by it. Fissures above leave what available daylight with eerie illumination off of the becalmed waters and dark rock. There is a smoothed out portion for a ship or two to dock against, and a clearly used path to walk out to the main island.
Crates, barrels, and boxes are here, showing that indeed this place is currently inhabited. Cargo is here, of various types and in various states of either being offloaded or ready to be taken away. Some enterprizing soul has set up a 'tavern' of sorts with barrels for seating, bigger barrels for tables, and a long bar to serve from.

At some point, this cavern was occupied by someone. But currently it appears as if the barrels and other things have been abandoned. Alecsei has been largely wandering off from the group the last several days and today isn't any different. However here in the dimness of the cave he's set himself up on a smoothed out section of stone, a used and abused bucket next to him. It's more or less holding water and inside are the flopping sounds of something trying to escape. Pants rolled up to the knees, his feet are in the water as he casts a super-home-made fishing rod into the calm waters. What's probably his last smoke (by the way he's been inhaling them since they got here) hangs out of his mouth, halfway done.

Prymelia, wandering soul that she is, has spent spare time away from contributing to basic resources, exploring as much of their current surroundings as possible. Which means that without a hat she’s now sporting flushed cheeks and upper arms, freckles deepening beneath the constant kiss of sun. Coolth and shade is what’s needed and it’s this that brings her into the cavern. Breeches have long since been modified into knee-length shorts and long mahogany tresses are woven into a tight braid down her back. “Hey,” her husky alto breeches the peace of the area as she meanders over to where Alecsei has situated himself and then plonks herself down next to him. “How many you got in there?”

A minimal amount of time has been spent exploring for this Candidate, although it's not from a lack of want - Sacitca simply felt bad exploring when some of the other Candidates were a milling mess! Some of her time has been spent trying to help get them at least sorted out, but even she needs a break from the chaos every now and again. Now is one of those times, and the candidate is finally exploring the Island they've been dumped on. As almost always, she wears a dress - but having brought a change of clothes, she looks pretty clean. If perhaps tanner than normal. She wanders into the cave a little while after Prymelia, and pauses when she spots the other two candidates. "Hello," she says, approaching them.

By now, Alecsei being somewhat jumpy probably comes as no surprise to the other candidates. As such, there's the involuntary hitch of shoulders and catching of his breath when Prymelia disturbs his peace and solitude here in the dark cave. He almost loses his smoke, pressing it between his lips before it can fall into the water. After a brief moment, he plucks it from his mouth, exhales in a way that's meant to make him appear badass (and totally not a coward afraid of his own shadow) and answers, "One- no two." The 'no two' comes on the heels of the rod bending. He pulls it towards himself and drags the line in by hand. Sacitca's presence generates more of the same, except this time he almost loses his fish. "Ugh, no."

Did Prymelia sneak up on purpose knowing how jumpy the dirty blonde male candidate is? Hard to say though there are the markings of a smile being suppressed by the tuck of lips. Apparently the smoking doesn’t bother her either for aside from a small tilt of head to avoid the silver plume, she seems more worried about his catch. “Two? Big ones?” Because hey, sharing is caring, dude. At the arrival of another, attention swings upward. “Hi. Saticca, right?” Mangling the other poor girl’s name. “You going to fish too? Alec here,” yeah she knows his name too, “has quite a meal tallying up already.” Plump the ego and get the male minions to feed you. That’s been her game plan over the passed several days and so far, it hasn’t failed her.

Sacitca merely smiles when Alecsei flinches at her greeting, and chuckles at Prymelia. "Sacitca," she corrects easily, as if it's something she's had to do her entire life. "Prymelia, right?" At the suggestion of fishing, the younger of the two women raises an eyebrow lightly. "I've never fished before, they'd probably run in terror." But her tone is light and amused, rather than dismissive. "Does he now? Good on you, Alecsei - and sorry about making you almost lose that one." Because it was totally her fault for coming in and speaking, right? Surely. "Are you two…enjoying our island paradise?" Sacitca's voice is so carefully bland there, though her expression itself gives nothing away.

They're not fish that would make any hobbiest of the sport proud, exactly. But they're enough that a meal could probably be scrounged from them. Pulling the second into his hands, Alecsei fights the slimey animal until he gets it lowered into the leaking bucket and off the hook. "Big enough." He responds simply to Prymelia, ego plumping as is the case so easily with teenage boys and pretty girls. The cigarette burns down in his mouth as he digs around in the fish bucket for some more bait, poking it onto the makeshift hook. "That's fine." He assures Sacitca simply, yep totally her fault for speaking and nearly making him drop his haul. "It's nice." A thing that might not seem that strange given Alec's background of having nothing. A deserted island probably doesn't seem too bad. Okay, maybe that is odd.

“Sacitca.” Prymelia carefully pronounces the other girl’s name. “Its prettier than Saticca.” Well duh. “Aye,” accompanies a nod to her own name being spoken. “You’ve never fished before? Fishing is fun. Peaceful.” Until two girls ruin the moment for you. Sorry, Alecsei. “Pull up a piece of rock,” she goes on to offer and then turns to the fisherman extraordinaire, “I can scale and gut them for you if like?” Oh look, she’s not a total mooch. A smile curls about her lips next. “The only thing missing is my wagon and I could stay here. Oh, and a little boat so that I can go visiting,” visiting who? “when I get bored. Do you like it here?” The question turned back onto Sacitca.

Sacitca watches Alecsei with the fish in mild curiosity, and turns her gaze back to Prymelia after it's in the bucket. "Thank you. I haven't, no; this is one of the only two places outside of Igen I've ever been." The first being Southern, briefly. Sacitca sits as well, finally, crooking a smile towards Prymelia. "A woman of many talents, aren't you?" The Tlatoani girl questions, before turning eyes back to Alecsei, and watching him curiously with the fishing pole. "I could adjust to living here, I suppose," she answers, finally. "If I had my scent boxes, and a way to store the perfumes." But who would she SELL to, all the way out here? "If I imagine the others gone, it would be…peaceful." No expectations, no rules, just Sacitca and an island. "Although I suppose I would miss people.." The perfumist isn't really a person who could be called a hermit! "You've traveled, Prymelia, haven't you? What about you, Alecsei?"

Alecsei casts a glance towards Prymelia for that offer to scale and gut the fish. He pops the line back into the nearly still waters of the cave, a moment of quiet silence from him before he produces a smile. "Deal." The former Igen Hold refugee casts a more skeptical look onto Sactica for her talk of perfumes, storage and missing other people. But so far he has no audible comment to make on any of it. Yes, he's a quiet, skittish creature at times. The smoke in his mouth is finally too far down to be any good. With a reluctant sigh he finishes it off, snubbing the remainder into the stone. "No. Just from Hold to Weyr."

“Good. I’ll do them all together once you’re done.” As if perhaps there’s an egg timer ticking away in the background somewhere. Amusement flicks over to Sactica. “My clan are traders. You’re expected to learn from an early age how to fish, and take from the land what you can to supplement supplies.” There’s given a husky chuckle to words of peace gained minus the other eighty seven or so souls. “They’re okay. Except for the whiny ones.” Attention drops to the water where Alecsei’s line disappears into the water and then she flashes each of them a surprised look when they confess to not having traveled much. “Oh you must. Discovering new places and new people. New things to see and taste and touch and experience…” She could go on forever. “You have to do it! I spent a turn in Southern trading for the Weyr into the wilds and its was wonderful.”

Sacitca, while having several talents, is all but useless when it comes to the knowledge of anything to do with fish! "Would you teach me how?" It's asked of the other woman, eyebrows raised in question. "I might as well learn something new while I'm here." A small smile crooks her lips upwards then. "My family used to be traders, until they settled at Igen Weyr, many Turns ago. Traveling…is not something we do much of, anymore." The mention of Southern gets a bewildered look to cross her face. "Southern is weird." Or at least, the people at the bonfire were, including the Weyrwomen! "What did you do before coming to the Weyr, Alecsei?" Sacitca's just full of questions, today!

The line and the water that it's sunk into remains still for now, as does the boy holding onto the rod. Except for the swish of his feet as he gives them a little kick. He seems content to allow their conversation to swirl around him for now, it's pleasent enough and it doesn't affect his fishing really. Alec does nod in silent agreement to the idea that Southern is some kind of a weird place. "And sweaty." He tacks on, just for good measure. Sactica's question is met with a furtive glance from the corner of his eye. Lifting his shoulders, "Picked pockets." Whether he's still engaging in that kind of behavior is probably up to debate. But one would hope not?

"Aye," Prymelia's reply is little less enthusiastic, "my clan have been in Igen for going on ten turns now. And with Thread falling…" slender shoulders lift and fall in a shrug, the rest speaking for itself. And then she looks almost affronted. "Southern is wonderful! So wild and free and open. So much to see and discover." Alecsei's reply earns him a sidelong look and then a delighted laugh spills. "Were you good at it? I always wanted to learn but whenever I tried I wound up groping someone's bum or getting my hand stuck in their pocket or carrysack." A pause and tilt of head in contemplation. "Could you teach me? How to pick pockets? And Sactica to fish and then I'll teach her how to scale and gut them and you to…." Well she's not sure what she can offer Alecsei in terms of learning new skills.

There's no judgement from Sacitca's corner about Alecsei's picking pockets, not when her family is the family it is. Instead she simply smiles. "Did you indeed, well, that's a respectable enough pursuit." Maybe not in the eyes of some, but well. Get raised by the Bazaar mafia, and you tend to think just about any of the less respectable paths are respectable enough. "The only time I've been in Southern, the Weyrwomen were…..very strange." A shoulder slides upwards, and a thoughtful frown crosses her lips. "Are they always going around…kissing each other?" Then she's nodding in hopeful agreement with Prymelia's words. "I could teach you to make perfumes or sew or…I don't know much in the way of more 'manly' pursuits." The lastb it is almost said as an apology as she tugs at her braid, thinking of what else she could offer to teach them.

"And things that can eat it you. Or poison you. Or eat you while they're poisoning you." Alec's longest remark this entire conversation and that's what he comes up with. There's really no question why he doesn't have a girlfriend. As for Prymelia's wondering for his skill, his shoulders come up again in another little shrug as he gives the rod a tentative teasing pop. "Good enough. It takes a lot of time to learn." Which isn't a no. "Anyone can learn how to fish." He hands the pole over to the perfume selling Bazaar merchant gone candidate. As for other pursuits that he could be taught, he laughs quietly and shakes his head. "I'll just count future lessons in something as an IOU."

Sactica’s query about the Southern Weyrwoman finds Prymelia doing a double take. “I’m sorry? They were kissing…each other?” Clearly not a sight she’s ever been privy to going by her reaction. “Uh, well I’ve never really had much to do with Lendai and Bailey but Hannah is lovely.” And hopefully not one of the smooching Weyrwoman. She does however brighten at the offer of being taught how to make perfumes. “Oh that would be wonderful. There’s these little purple flowers out in the wilds that smell wonderful in full bloom. I was going through the archives but haven’t yet discovered what they are.” Alecsei weighing in with his opinion on the Southern continent earns him a dubious look and then a short chuckle. “Aye, but that’s half the adventure right there. Going out and coming back with both legs and all of your fingers.” Pause is taken to consider the skill of picking pockets and being held to an IOU. “Deal.” Stated with a firm nod of head.

"We'll have to wait until we're back at the Weyr…and we'll need to get you a scent-box made, but it's easy enough to do once you've the right things." Sacitca's saying, but then there's suddenly a fishing pole in her hands, and although her fingers curl around the pole to keep it from falling, the look on her face is fairly startled. "Um." Eloquence thy name is no longer Sacitca. "Are you sure? I've never had much to do with any type of water deeper than wells or the Baths.." Before this trip, and clearly she's bathed because she doesn't stink of anything more than the ocean, really. "Bailey wasn't one of them, so it must have been Hannah and Lendai." A glance slides to Alecsei, and Sacitca nods. "An IOU works." GUYS IS SHE DOING THIS FISHING THING RIGHT SHE REALLY HAS NO IDEA.

"Each other?" Alecsei must have missed that when he was there. But there's something extremely thoughtful about his expression right now. It's probably a good thing that he doesn't say anything outloud, the little pervert. Mouth pressing into a tight line, he peeks into the bucket at the two captive fish. "I don't like to gamble with my legs and fingers." He tells Prymelia, unconsciously rubbing his together. He reaches out now and again to adjust the makeshift fishing rod in Sacitca's hands. "Yeah. You're not here to fish anything exciting. Just little fish in a little cavern." He seems confident enough that she should be able to catch something. What's the worst that could happen?

Sacitca will find herself put under uncertain scrutiny when she discounts Bailey’s presence in the kissing goldriders a glance darting Alecsie’s way to see if he might confirm this at all. “Oh. Well….” Uuuuummmmm. Awkward pause. “Maybe someone lost a bet?” Plausible right? Because she is SO not going to speculate about the proclivities of Weyrwomen whose territory she may well find herself trading in again. “Can you swim?” Prymelia suddenly asks out of left field, the question posed to both Sactica and Alecsei.

"Bailey said it's a traditional goldrider greeting." Where Sacitca might have believed it before, she now sounds at least slightly doubtful. "But who knows." Dragonriders are weird. "Just barely. With the lake nearby, kind of had to learn." Even if it's usually only used by dragons. Never know when someone's going to push you in! "What about you, Prymelia?" When Alecsei adjusts the fishing rod, Sacitca gives him a grateful smile, and chuckles. "If you say so, but I— Goodness is it supposed to do that?" The last is when the pole dips, suddenly, her fingers tightening their hold on it. Clearly she wasn't paying close enough attention earlier, when Alecsei was catching a fish!

"Or maybe…" He's just not going to elaborate. Alecsei has a sister. He knows enough to just cut off right around there. As for whether or not he can swim, light blue eyes drop down onto the still waters of the cavern and he gives an easy enough little shrug. "Sure. Who can't swim?" He wonders to them both and then stares at Sacitca when she admits the 'just barely' thing. That lasts just a moment before the line begins to bend and he lurches forward to grab at the twine and pull it up. "Sorry, no reel." We're talking string on a stick here. "Swing it to the bucket."

Once again Prymelia’s lips tuck inward, sly humor suppressed. Goldrider greeting indeed. Yes, and getting naked and doing the horizontal tango with someone is just dancing. “Or maybe?” Yup, she isn’t going to let that one go, Alecsei sent a taunting little grin to see if he’ll go there and finish his thought. Attention flicks away when Sactica makes her admission of only barely being able to swim and elegant brows arch upward not quite staring as the male of the little trio does but still somewhat perplexed by such a thing. But a twitch of rod sweeps that away and the redhead emits a squeak of glee. “You got one on your first go! You must be charmed or something.”

"I don't even know what a reel is!" Sacitca replies, eyes perhaps slightly wide as she swings the line over to the bucket, staring at the fish as she does. It's quite possible she might not be certain what they've pulled out of the water is actually…edible. She hasn't done much with fish ever, after all! A glance slides to Prymelia in bafflement all the same. "Or maybe they're just really hungry?" Which is probably the more likely reason in Sacitca's eyes. She's all but entirely missed their reactions to her only barely being able to swim. Alecsei wants the pole back now, right? Right?

"Or maybe-" But even prompted he doesn't finish the thought. He's a little distracted by the fish he's detatching from the makeshift hook and dropping into the bucket. "That's enough for lunch." Alecsei decides, peering down into the bucket at their haul. It's not enough to feed everyone back at camp, but it's enough for the three of them to sneak off and eat without being badgered. "Do you want to do these?" He asks of Prymelia, even as the he finds the rod suddenly being pushed back into his possession.

“Hungry?” Laughter bubbles and dances in hazel eyes. But no, much like Alecsei, she doesn’t go there. Instead, Prymelia unfolds long legs that had been crossed and pushes up to her feet and takes up the bucket. “Sure. I’ll go do it outside. And you two can get a fire going so we can cook them. We’ll need some nice straight green sticks to shove them onto.” On bared feet she pads off, pausing in the mouth of the cave to flick a look back at the pair. “I’m kinda glad we all got lumped out here like this.” A small smile and then she’s away.

Sacitca gives Alecsei a quick, sheepish look before she heads outside as well. At least firebuilding is something she's familiar with! "Fishing, that's something…maybe I could get used to." If only because they really know the dragonriders are actually planning on ABANDONING THEM ALL on this island forever! "Me too, Prymelia." She says, before starting off to find appropriate kindling for a little fire. If Alecsei joins her in finding kindling, before long they'll have one going and the fish roasting on it. Now if only the other Candidates don't hunt them down for it!

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