Miel, Sesa, Doji, En'rys, Ca'elian
Ivaenth, Edleveth, Raktraeth, Briamiorth, Tuanhjaliteth


Lesson number one: Don't burn your weyrling.
Lesson number two: Preferably burn your target.


It is sunset of the twenty-eighth day of the eleventh month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Igen Weyr - Crater Lake

OOC Date 07 May 2018 05:00



«What? It made me gassy.»


Crater Lake

Four centuries ago, a chunk of the very comet that drove some Oldtimers forward crashed to the desert near Igen Weyr, collapsing the original inner caverns and breaking through to a new spring that now feeds into Igen's underground aquifer. The result? Beauty from destruction - a long, crystalline lake of brilliant sapphire blue. Sharp sandstone rings the water in jagged peaks, where sparse desert shrubs cling to steep, sandy slopes and reflect darkly on the pristine, mirror-like surface. Out in the midst of the lake, a small island pierces the glassy plane, umber from azure in a near-perfect cone. A startling break in the stark desert and savannah surrounding the Weyr, the crater lake sits like a jewel in the rough - a picturesque, inviting respite from the rough, dry terrain beyond.

It is the fifty-eighth day of Autumn and 78 degrees. Mercilessly bright, Rukbat's light heats the desert as a small dark cloud appears on the horizon.

What a picture perfect beautiful day! What could possibly go wrong? Plenty, as weyrlings gather on the far side of the lake. For today, it's firestone chewing and flaming! Inexperience is bound to lead to some… interesting outcomes. Which is why, prior to gathering one group here, Miel's taken every precaution in the book! Low grade firestone awaits sacrifice in various sacks. The ground has been carefully selected as to be devoid of anything that could easily combust and spread. And the targets? Are placed facing the water's edge. Not to mention, there's likely other failsafes in place. No matter how much preparation is made, someone always ends up singed! The greenrider is probably just hoping it's not in this group. Ivaenth rests sentinel like on the sidelines, whirling eyes flickering with excited sparks of yellow; could be wariness too! "… I'm gonna save the real worrying for Between." Miel mutters out loud and to no one in particular, from where she waits, arms crossed loosely over her chest, for her 'class' to arrive.

It's not long before a pair of weyrlings come into view, Sesa and her blue Edleveth to be precise! Sesa seems animated and excited as she walks up to the lake and Edleveth soars overhead. Miel is given a sharp and crisp salute once she's within the girl's view and a bow once she's closer. "Hello ma'am!" She greets, taking her place as Edleveth settles behind her, the parchment of his mind a miasma of oozing inks, he's worried about this, not wanting to catch anyone afire. The blue dances on his paws, eyes whirling a light yellow.

And given the possibility of something going wrong with this particular lesson, is it really surprise that two additional adult dragons wing in around the time the final targets are being set up and find a spot conveniently away from the possible firing line to settle down. Both riders carry sacks of supplies, but nothing too large and they're not really in a hurry to get them out. It's more a just in case kind of thing. Once on the ground though, and finished double checking everything is indeed there, Doji will give Miel a bit of a salute. "I'm sure they'll do fine…" Are the words that come out of the trainee's mouth as she's also warily eyeing the class as if trying to guess which one might be the first to injury.

Finally, the day has come: Briamiorth shall learn to flame, to chew the fuel that shall destroy her ancient enemy for the love of Weyr and lifemate. Her cariage is proud, her neck arched as she slinks along at En'rys' side in good and highspirits. Occasionally, he glances at her, smiling a little at her commentary in the back of his head, until they come abreast of the rest of them. And here is where the silence is golden, and the attentiveness complete: both younglings are intent on the teachers ahead of them.

Backup is certainly appreciated and may be one of the reasons Miel is breathing a little easier. She smiles appreciatively to Doji's reassurance. "Dunno, Doji." she muses, a light teasing note in her voice. "Have you met some of them? We could be in for some surprises…" She says this about every clutch she happens to be assistant weyrlingmaster with! Straightening as the first pairs arrive, her smile morphs to a wry grin. "Ready? 'Cause I'm gonna get them going right to it, before they get too antsy!" Last call for final preparations! Moving towards the arriving weyrlings, Miel returns the salutes, while her gaze turns to Sesa and En'rys both. "Afternoon, weyrlings!
So… I think this is pretty straightforwards? We briefed you earlier today what to expect. You're to take a sack each of firestone and line up just behind those markers, there." Turning just enough, she'll gesture to what is literally just a long shallow line dragged across the dirt and sand. "Get 'em chewing the stone and remember what you were taught! When you feel they're ready, take aim at the target across from you. Directly across! Don't go crossing over or pulling anything fancy! And if they can't get distance… praise them anyways. Won't be perfect the first go and this is low grade stone." No pretty pyrotechnics for anyone! Miel smirks, "And lastly, be safe. Take your time! I'd love it if we could all report in unscathed!"

Sesa can't help but chuckle a little to herself when Miel gives warnings, the 'first times' must be nerve wracking for the AWLM's. She salutes when saluted to and pays rapt attention to the directions given. When given the go ahead, she'll retrieve their bag of stone and hold it open for Edleveth to check out. The blue seems to dislike the smell of the stuff, but sticks his muzzle in to check it out anyhow. Sickly green ink oozes across his mindscape in retaliation to the smell. Sesa just laughs.

"Well, we wouldn't want anyone accidentally biting their tongues in anticipation…" Doji might just have a bit of a grin on her face as well. She can totally understand the nerves seeing how it wasn't that long ago for that she was the student and not the almost-an-authority-figure over here with the medical supplies! And while Doji might be set on being all helpful and non-obtrusive and stuff, Raktraeth has no such qualms. He'll take a moment and pick the time when Ivaenth seems the most distracted before rampant tree roots reach out to nudge at the two nearest weyrlings to him with a « Bet you can't reach the target on your first go… »

En'rys hauls up his bag and presents it to Briamiorth, wondering what her reaction will be: and true to form, she recoils, her eyes practically crossing, upper lip curled. Her mindscape is nothing save roiling greenish fog and the meaning could not be more clear! EEEEEEEEWWWWWW. En'rys barely stifles his laughter at the undignified expression on her face. "I know, love, but you have to chew it. It kills Thread, remember?" Briamiorth huffs, but lowers her nose to take the first chunk with something akin to indignant tolerance. When Raktraeth puts in his two cents, she rolls her eyes toward him, then snorts loftily as she begins to chew, squinting at the noise all that rock makes.

« Don't encourage them to challenge! » Ivaenth pretends to scold Raktraeth, though she mentally 'winks' at the brown, while also secretly nudging another weyrling dragon. One of her favourites (while she remembers, anyhow)! Nice try, bud. She's not so easily distracted! … today. Miel shoots Doji a quick grin, "Never too late, y'know!" Don't tempt fate. A bitten tongue may be preferred to the various other less pleasant outcomes! The greenrider focuses then on making her rounds among the weyrlings; encouraging and firmly correcting, she's very much the big sister to some and commander to others. Set in her orders, but not so tightly that she won't allow for some "fun" in this lesson ? at least until the first few flames are made!

Sesa holds the bag out further for Edleveth, who seems to want to put things in reverse at the sulphur like smell of the firestone. «I bet that tastes *disgusting*» He commonts, the green ink of his mind thick as ichor as it coats those that can hear him. "It might not smell great, but you have to chew it if you want to flame at thread, or flame at all Edl." The dragon looks hesitant, but snatches up a piece or two of the stone, his teeth grinding as he pummels down the stones to swallow.

Raktraeth takes no offense at angry rolling fog or Briamiorth's offended little snorts (because they're soooooo adorable!). The brown haunches down to get even a little bit closer, to better inspect any of their flami-work possibly, or else just to better egg them on. Ivaenth just gets a rustling of the pine needles. « Who me? I'd do no such thing! » While still clearly looming near impressionable young minds. Doji meanwhile is getting out a notebook and actually attempting to jot down some sort of notes from her own lesson today.

« Uh huh. » Ivaenth's doesn't believe Raktraeth for a second and she'll keep tabs on the brown! so long as the weyrlings don't end up being to needy of her. Of course, once the first attempts are made? The green is going to crow her delight. « That's it! Almost got it! » She encourages. « Try going for a narrow stream of flame! » Easier said that done! One blue attempts it, but barely gains any distance, ending in a rather burbled sound of embarrassment. Miel wanders over to offer some suggestions beyond her green's blunt ones, before moving on. Next she drifts near Sesa and she will give her a reassuring smile, "Everything moving along okay?" Just a quick check in!

Tuanhjaliteth is here, but the bronze is half-lounging, allowing other weyrlings to tackle the targets first before he steps up to the plate. It's not that he's lazy, it's just, well — look, he already knows he's going to be amazing at this, and he doesn't want to embarrass the other weyrlings. If anyone asks? « I'll get to it when I get to it. » Ca'elian has his share of that low-grade firestone resting at his side as they await the opportune moment. Tuanhjaliteth noses through the lot, already picking out his 'prime' pieces — because for all the bronze may look lazy, he's just biding his time so as not to overcrowd the arena.

Briamiorth is so, so offended! So offended indeed that she does manage some flame: right at the target, but it fails to meet its mark, singing the ground a good few inches in front of it. She meant to do that, clearly, for she tosses her head proudly before craning her neck to STARE at Raktraeth, daring him to comment. "Briamiorth. He outranks you. Stop that." En'rys reproves sternly, offering forth another nasty, ghastly handful of rock. "Chew this. And concentrate." Because he is not going to be here all day, putting up with shenanigans! The little green whines, but eventually complies, resulting, this time, in a better flame that actually gets to the target. "Better!" Even if it didn't burn it down, it scorches it good.

« That's what they all say… » Whether Raktraeth is responding to the green's encouragement or Tuanhjaliteth's assurance that he will eventually flame at some point, equally debatable, but look, he doesn't have all day! Targets gotta burn, although Doji will swat at the brown's side when it appears he's nosing at one of the unattended firestone bags that hadn't been claimed by a weyrling for a lesson. "You already know how to flame." and then almost apologetically as if to make up for the shenanigans her lifemate is trying to provoke, the brownrider will offer some advice to En'rys. "If you have her eat a couple pieces at a time, she'll build up more of the gas. If you just give her one at a time, she'll basically be running on fumes."

Sesa looks up when Miel approaches and nods. "His inkiness is offended by the smell, but he's chewing." Right then, Edleveth turns his head toward the targets, open's his mouth to release flame and emits a resounding draconic belch followed by a sparking of flame with a weak tail. The second belch, however, emits a burst of flame, short, but bright. "Uhm…. Is that normal?" She asks her supervisor with a cocked eyebrow. «What? It made me gassy.»

Ivaenth merely sighs gustily for Raktraeth's comment, whether or not it was for her and then it's back to doing her "job" and making sure no one is about to burn something they shouldn't! Tuanhjaliteth is given a little mental prod. « Try not to take the whole afternoon? » Seriously. Miel quirks a brow, "Is he now? Well, they'll soon outgrow it." Or forget about it. "You'll get used to it too, I'm afraid." Edleveth's attempts are met with a critical eye from the greenrider. "Decent attempt! Low grade stone won't offer much. It's normal for their first tries to be a little… less than polished? Try again. Maybe a little more stone?" As Doji has already offered to En'rys!

En'rys sighs gustily at Briamiorth, reassuring her that she's just perfect, for she looks just slightly wilty for a second when she thinks no one is watching "You're magnificent, darling. There, you see? I didn't give you nearly enough to do it properly." He croons softly, then offers his girl several decent pieces to chew, giving Doji anod of thanks for the suggestion. She'd know, right? Her dragon has obviously survived thus far! As he waits and Briamiorth chews steadily — the stink and disgust of the taste and texture of firestone quite forgotten now — he looks around at his wingmates, noting their attitudes in turn. Tuanhjaliteth and his too-casual attitude, Edlveth and his offended 'inkiness' as Sesa put it — his ruminations are interrupted by a startlingly loud belch from Briamiorth (how unladylike!) and a burst of flame! A good broad swatch of it this time, bright and hot, engulfing her target rather… enthusiastically. Perhaps too much rock?

Tuanhjaliteth won't take whole afternoon — he'd be too bored sitting around all day. A dragon has to keep himself busy! But those not-so-subtle reminders have had the opposite of the desired effect, as the bronze seems further inclined to stick to exactly where he is. Ca'elian rolls his eyes, ill-tempered as always and impatient to be away from foolhardy fellow weyrlings who might swing that flame in their direction. There's a silent, lingering exchange between the pair, during which Ca'elian's expression somehow grows even stormier, the tension in his jaw almost painful in its intensity. Tuanhjaliteth, by contrast, looks more and more relaxed the angrier his other half becomes.

Doji claps slightly as Briamiorth does manage to hit (and ignite!) her target, although when it doesn't appear to be the sort that will go out in the wind, she shifts a bit. "Uhhh… you might want to grab that bucket of sand and toss…" Just smother the fire on out. At least it's where the fire is supposed to be and not doing anything crazy at the moment. The brownrider does take a brief glance around at the rest of the class. Sesa can't be getting into too much trouble with a weyrlingmaster right next to her, but Ca'elian's broodiness is basically a neon sign of 'possible problem child here'. "Has that one actually done anything yet?" Is muttered to the other dragonhealer in attendance who gives a shrug. Nobody's tongue is bleeding or got burned yet, which is about all he was watching for.

Sesa hums in thought and offers Edleveth a bit more stone. The blue is a bit less hesitant to take the stone this time and is soon chewing along, the grind of his teeth making Sesa wince just a little. When he does produce a flame, it's long enough to reach the target, but lacks real heat and heart. Edleveth wilts around the edges a bit, despite Sesa's mental coddling and praise. «But look at Bria's!» I promise that was a magnificent effort my blue! We might just have to adjust some more! «Why do I not believe you? Clearly the art of pyrotechnic accuracy is beyond my bodily efforts!» Black ink moves in Rorschach patterns across Sesa's mind. Third time is the charm my love. Try once more won't you?

« Edleveth, look around! » Ivaenth's swift to chime in, cued as she is by her rider. By now, they're more canny to the moods the blue can get into. Not nearly to the depth Sesa can, but enough to catch a glimpse of a warning. « All struggle at first. Keep trying! Wield it like a tool! » Whatever tool that may be. Miel grins, a touch sympathetic, as she reaches out to pat Sesa on the shoulder if she'll allow it. "You're both doing fine! Just keep him at it." And with that, the greenrider is back to drifting among the weyrlings. She's not going to loom over Ca'elian's shoulder quite yet, but he's no doubt feeling her stare in his direction. Mercifully, he's spared further intervention when another nearby weyrling struggles and she's drawn to them first.

Briamiorth looks on in awe: now that is some good old-fashioned destruction! She looks eagerly for more, but En'rys is applying sand to fire lest his girl be blamed for laying waste to the entire practice ground! The tiny greenling reaches out a foggy tendril: «Brother? Brother! Try again! More stone is the secret!» She's so very excited to share encouragement that she doesn't notice En'rys coming back until his hand is on her shoulder, gentle and insistent. "Goodness, girl, we're gonna burn the place down at that rate…" He laughs at her mental demand for a veritable mountain of rock to chew. He swivels to look at Doji, raising his brows questioningly. "Should I give her more or make her wait a bit? She… seems to think she ought to eat four or five sacksfull like right now."

Doji turns that critical eye to the tiny, but oh so eager, green. "You can give her a bit more, but she probably doesn't need more than half a sack full at the moment. Kind of like with meat, if they eat too much firestone, you might not know for twenty or thirty minutes, but eventually, you'll know." She gives a very convincing nod at that but then another question is being raised from a weyrling on the complete opposite side of the group. And the answer to that question is "Nooooooo, his tongue shouldn't look like that!" And the numbweed is already coming out.

Lucky for Ca'elian, there are no stone walls handy into which he can slam his fist, and so he settles for sinking one jab into the considerably softer flesh of the bronze beside him. Tuanhjaliteth seems about as troubled as a horse flicking away a fly, ignoring the blow save to share his dry, « Are you done now, kid? » with the rest of the class. In a single, easy movement, he rolls himself to his feet and plucks up those prime pieces, chewing through the firestone with a quiet determination which contrasts his casual exterior. Ca'elian is still brooding, his frustration not the least bit diminished by the fact that Tuan has taken it upon himself to actually do something. Then with little warning, the bronze lets loose a controlled gout of flame for a bullseye hit, taking out the target on his first attempt. Followed by a belch. « What did I say? I know what I'm doing. » And with that declaration, he settles himself back down. A stunned Ca'elian stands by, swearing under his breath.

Sesa comforts Edleveth to the best of her ability, accepting with a smile, the hand layed on her shoulder by Miel. "Thanks miss." She emits before urging her blue to eat just a bit more stone. It may take a bit of cajoling and after two or three more good attempts, the blue gets something close to a good flame, but singes his tongue in the process. It's not long after he's treated for the burn that the pair are headed back to their weyr for the time being, Edleveth having lost heart in the practice. There are days like this and it's a good excersize in patience for Sesa, who must work her blue through his moods. It's rather like dealing with her moody brother Kanriel, she's used to it by now. And besides, most of the time Edleveth is in good spirits. Most of the time.

With confidence, comes errors! Or just mistakes in general. Doji and her assistant will likely find themselves busy enough all too soon. With two pairs now sidelined, Miel is of half a mind to start calling an end to the lesson. Tuanhjaliteth's timing couldn't have been better and he'll earn himself a few gaping, open stares from his fellow weyrlings. Miel's just dumbfounded for a moment, before heaving a sigh. "Ca'elian? We'll talk later." She's got bigger issues than to beat the same dead runnerbeast with him right now, over his control. "Well done, En'rys! Briamiorth is a natural." she will offer to him, on her way back to Ivaenth's side. "That's enough for one day! Let 'em finish with what they have left. Any remaining firestone is to be collected and stored properly for the next group! And… well. Make sure they purge their stomachs! Might take a bit but expect it." And they should expect to clean it up too! "Don't try to avoid it! You'll only land your dragon's butt in the 'Yard and I think by now we all know how unpleasant thick tail is?" Need she say anything more? "Go on, you're dismissed!" Miel flicks off a quick salute, while she goes to check on those who're misfortunate enough to injure themselves, before sending them back too once cleared.

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