E'gus, H'rik, Sesa


H'rik drops by the training grounds, where E'gus and Sesa's dragons are practising their flaming. Young dragons don't like smelly firestone.


It is midmorning of the first day of the twelfth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Weyrling Training Grounds, Igen Weyr

OOC Date 07 May 2018 23:00


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Weyrling Training Grounds

Here, a wide and spacious field, devoid of all but more of the glare of ubiquitous, fine white sand of Igen: not even a blade of grass dares lift its head against centuries of clumsy draconic antics. To one side, ever-present firestone bins are set, kept supplied by many a hand, while agenothree tanks line the curving angle just outside the barracks, primed and ready for use. Very often, a glimpse of classes in session or dragonets at play may be caught under the open sky under the watchful eye of diligent Weyrlingmasters and older dragons.

A sandstorm has just blown through the Weyr, leaving everything covered in an annoying sandy grit. There's still a slight breeze, as well, stirring the somewhat chilly winter air and blowing errant sandgrains every so often. It's obviously been judged to be good enough weather now for some extra flaming practice, as that's what's happening. Target dummies are set up at one end of the yard and some Weyrling dragons and their riders are arrayed at the other end, one of them being E'gus and his green Szokanith. E'gus still looks extra miserable, despite having weeks to get used to his new shorn hair and beard - he still has a very shortly cropped beard, though his close-cropped deep red hair looks rather unnatural on him and makes his ears stick out into the cold wind. "I know it seems a bit odd to be chewing a rock of all things … but … " the greenrider's deep rumble of a voice, flat and calm, goes on to explaining to his curvy green, "Kind of need to." Szokanith huffs irritably and daintily takes hold of the offered firestone, chewing it rather grudgingly.

With Whirlwind drills done, it's time for H'rik and Wendryth to go do some spying on - er, catching up with! - the latest crop of Weyrlings. The bronze sweeps in to land a sensible distance away, not wanting to disturb the practice that's taking place at one end of the training yard. H'rik dismounts, landing in a little puff of the sand that's covering everything this morning. He leaves bootprints in it as he heads closer to the weyrlings, Wendy trundling along just behind him. As he gets closer, he can hear the exchanges happening, and a soft smile appears at E'gus and his irritated green.

Sesa and Edleveth have arrived at the training grounds for more firestone practice. After the defeat at Crator Lake, Edleveth is finally out of his funk, his tongue is healed, and he's ready to try again, having begun to forget his earlier failures. Sesa is chatting animatedly to him as they arrive,, excited at the prospect of her blue's enlightened mood and a fresh day to work with. She's already had her run this morning, and a bit fo PT, so she's warmed up and ready to go. Despite the sandstorm coating everything in sand, it seems a good day to play with fire. A smart salute is given to H'rik when he lands, as they have not yet reached the target area. The weyrlling pair continue on however, until they find a practice spot of their own, waving to E'gus and his green along the way.

Szokanith continues to chew the firestone as slowly as possible, bent on looking as miserable about it as she possibly can. « You'd think they'd be able to do something about the taste of this stuff - I mean … come /on/. » Grumble grumble, tail twitch. E'gus heaves a sigh, his slightly amused expression no longer able to be hidden by his bushy beard … the short, neatly-trimmed one is so much harder to hide behind. "Just chew," he instructs in his flat, almost monotone voice. He does incline his head to H'rik and offer up a salute to the Weyrleader as he passes, "Weyrleader." The salute turns into a wave to Sesa as she passes. "Best stand far back," he notes to H'rik, "Not sure we've got aiming right yet."

The chattering is what tips H'rik off to another pair approaching, and Sesa gets a return salute in return to hers. Then the Weyrleader watches them as they head over to find a spot to practice. "Better stay back, just in case," H'rik says to Wendryth, low, though the bronze rumbles light-hearted offence. « As if my children could flame anything BUT perfectly! » With a slightly sappy smile on his face, H'rik strolls towards E'gus, being the closest pair. He picks his angle so that he's not getting too close. Wendy may have ultimate faith in his offsprings' abilities, but H'rik knows enough of learning Weyrlings to be cautious - plus E'gus gives him that warning. He returns the green weyrling's salute, then lets his hands come to clasp a wrist behind his back as he watches Szokanith. "Good morning." If he's a little taken aback by how different E'gus looks with short hair, he's managing not to stare. "It'll come. Let's see how she's doing?"

Everyone mourns the loss of E'gus' facial hair, specially Sesa. He'd been the subject of many a sketch during their candidacy together. Sad days. Sad days. But, that aside, this blue riding weyrling is currently digging through a couple of firestone sacks to see if she can get sme of the better sized stones. They'd learned already that it takes a bit to stoke Edleveth's fires. «There's no water here to temper the flames should we catch something afire Sesa…» Sesa sighs patiently and shakes her head. We have buckets of sand around for a reason my blue, we'll be fine. They would not let us practice here if it wasn't safe. Finally seeing a sack that has some decent stone in it (or as decent as you can get with low grade practice stone), she picks it up and hauls it to their practice spot. She opens it to Edleveth whos inky mind leeches green, ichor thick blotches into his scape, his dislike of the smell certainly hasn't changed.

Szokanith finally swallows, though with great effort. If a dragon could grimace or make faces, this green certainly would. Shifting back and forth on her haunches with discomfort, she never-the-less focuses on the task at hand. Despite the taste, she obviously wants to do well. Cocking her head to one side and then the other, the green focuses on the target and concentrates hard. There's a bit of a burping noise and a puny belch of flame spouts out, the orangey fire only going barely halfway to the target. E'gus, who had stepped well back at this point, tries not to laugh at the noise, his less-hairy face a picture of non-amusement. Though there is a bit of a twitch at the corners of his mouth that can't be hidden anymore, "More firestone, I think." Szokanith settles back on her haunches with a harrumph, « I /still/ don't like the taste. Pick out some tastier pieces for me, please, E'gus dear? That one I had simply was too disgusting. It didn't power the flame well enough. » E'gus obediently bends down to the sack at his feet and starts to dig through it, "She dislikes the taste. But … I can't blame her … the smell." He wrinkles his nose at the smell coming off one of the bigger stones he pulls out of the sack, which he holds out to Szokanith for inspection. A chill wind blows through, sending firestone stink blowing everywhere. And also making poor E'gus' unguarded ears cold, as the greenrider irritably rubs at them.

Is there anyone who can stand the smell of firestone - and the smell of the flame it produces? Even H'rik can't help but wrinkle his nose when Szokanith produces that flame. Though it's not disdain at the sight of it, which he is quick to make clear. "A good start - looks like she needs a few more stones, definitely." Stepping on Vosji's toes, H'rik? "It doesn't get any better," he grins at E'gus, perfectly timed when the wind blows the smell everywhere. Wendryth gives a rumble from his position as some of it wafts his way. "Looks like she's got the basic technique, so hopefully next time she'll reach the target." Still taking care not to get in the way of any errant flames, H'rik steps towards Sesa, to see how the blue weyrling pair are doing.

Sesa is encouraging Edleveth to chew a couple of more stones when H'rik meanders over. "Come on then love, just a couple more. The last time we didn't quite hit the mark." The young blue makes a sound of discontent around his current mouthful of stone and reluctantly takes another after he swallows. «You're not the one who has to ingest this stuff Sesa. It churns in my gut.» You'll be fine. She assures mentally, still quite keen on practicing both verbal and mental comunications with her blue. Edleveth's oozing ichor ink spreads, broiling and consuming the parchment of his scape and it pops and explodes when the blue turns his head towards the target and belches a flame that is hot and bright, but falls short of the mark by just a few feet. And it's followed by a deep draconian belch that produces a second burst of flame much shorter but just as hot. And the smell is just …well, just as bad as it is any other time.

Szokanith deigns to take more firestone, but with much draconic sighing and likely mental rolling of eyes. E'gus has since learned to ignore this and just wordlessly offers up choice morsels of firestone to his green - hopefully ones that will meet her approval for taste. He does pause to watch Edleveth's try and gives a brief nod of approval, "Two flames at once. Impressive." This all said in his usual rumble of a monotone. "Only a few more, Szok. Hit the target and we can be done for today, I think." Grumbling, the green chews more.

H'rik is trying to look casual in his attempt to find a position that's not downwind of the smell. Here? No. There? No, because the wind picks up again and just sends the stench his way again. Eyes showing his defeat, he settles to standing a way back from, and slightly to the left of Sesa as Edleveth lets loose his flame. "Good power! Good to see he's got the hang of how to do it, too. Some more practice and those targets will be paying for it." He aims his reassuring grin not just at Sesa, but also at her blue. "No accidents so far?" He asks casually, looking over at E'gus as well to indicate that the question is a general one for both of them.

Sesa smiles at H'rik and nods. "Thanks sir, he needs all the encouragement he can get. I'm glad to hear we aren't doing to badly." See, Edleveth, we're getting it! As for Hrik's question, Sesa shrugs. "He burnt his tongue a little the other day, but other than that, nothing." She angles the firestone sack at Edleveth again and the blue takes his portion and begins chewing, a bit emboldened by the comments and the heat of his fire. ow if only he could stop belching…how embarrassing.

E'gus shrugs his broad shoulders at H'rik's question and grunts, "She keeps turning her nose up at the taste. Been difficult to get her to eat enough of the stuff." He picks out another bit of firestone and holds it out to Szokanith, who sighs and plucks it reluctantly from his hand. "No accidents, though. But … not enough flamin' done to get an accident really." He scratches idly at his close-cropped beard, "I imagine they get used to the taste after a while?"

H'rik looks sympathetic for Edleveth's situation. "Sounds like it probably won't happen again then, if everything's been okay since." Draconic memories may not be the best - but that's why they have human partners to help them learn, right? To E'gus (with H'rik looking amused by Szokanith's reluctance about the firestone): "Once she works out how useful it'll be to her, I'm sure it'll get easier." You know, once they actually have to fight Thread and burn it. Pulling himself up straighter, he has one more question for both pairs. "Did either of you have any questions? Before I leave you to your practice."

Sesa shakes her head at Hrik. "Not currently sir, I think we've got the logistics of it down, now it's just practice makes perfect, eh?" She's trying to keep a good attitude about things, after all, these are things they must learn if they want to survive a fall. "Thank you for the unput thus far though, sir." Because any advice they can get is good, right? Right.

E'gus nods his head slowly, pausing in the middle of searching the firestone pile for a better piece for his green, "She's very tenatious. Needs motivation." He grunts to punctuate this statement, seemingly satisfied that all this will resolve itself when there is something more dangerous than a practice dummy to flame. He offerse H'rik a salute, "No questions. Thanks." Szokanith snorts and twitches her wings irritably, « Thanks for nothing. You should have asked him to get us better firestone, E'gus. He's the Weyrleader - he can /do/ that kind of thing. » E'gus merely gives his green /the look/ and turns back to her, offering her one of the stones. Back to work.

With the two pairs better than before, or at least okay, H'rik gives them a salute. "Keep up the good work." Wendryth's encouragement echoes mentally to the two dragons - he's not been AS shouty with them as normal, thanks to H'rik impressing upon him how important it is not to distract them from their training. with that, the Weyrleader takes his leave, meeting his dragon to climb up so they can fly off in the direction of the central bowl.

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