J'ran, Myziri


J'ran's been ducking Myziri - she corners him in the baths to discuss why….and do a little drinking.

mild language, innuendo
Slightly backdated to a few days after J'ran and Yerenath's first flight.


It is late night of the first day of the fifth month of the seventh turn of the 12th pass.


Baths, Southern Weyr

OOC Date 10 Mar 2016 08:00


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"Don't ever stop being my friend, okay? And don't..shut me out. I'm always gonna have your back, Jor."



The steamy fog of the baths could be an entirely different world, transitioning from the well-lit brilliance of the inner caverns: a different world entirely, one wrought in dreams and humid fog. Steam lifts from hot waters, obscuring those who bathe within, drenching any who dare enter. Well-maintained, well-stocked, the baths offer pre-netted portions of soapsand in various scents, fluffy towels in orderly rows, and five separate spring-fed pools, all of differing temperature: from scorching hot to soothing chill.

The end of another day finds J'ran soaking in the hottest pool once more, his bathing routine already completed and just relaxing and enjoying himself until he needs to go to bed to start another day when the sun returns to the skies. The young man's expression is serene, much more serene than it was the prior sevenday when he'd thought he'd been going mad when his green went proddy. At least now his bramble-twined lifemate isn't chattering constantly in his head since she's returned to her sweet-natured temperament again. A long slow sigh rolls from him as he shifts a bit on the ledge he rests on, damp hands coming up to wipe over his cheeks to clear away any sweat the steam might have raised.

Myziri pads into the baths wearing nothing but a warm woolen dress and slip-on shoes and heads right to that hottest pool, because she's looking for someone and Yerenath, that oh so chatty dragon (when she's not proddy) has told her right where she can find him. She spots him throught he steam soon enough, and her robe is divested and tossed over the bench silently, shoes following. Only the slight slosh when she slowly enters the pool, as well as the hiss as the heat from the water hits her cooler skin, would give away her presence since until she's fully submerged and resurfaced. "You've been avoiding me, J'ran. What the fuck?" Because he has been ducking out on her after drills, PT, everything. And she's gonna call him on it.

Of course Yerenath didn't bother to tell him that she'd tattled to Sahizath on his location. This is why when Myziri actually speaks, he gasps and his eyes fly open in surprise before his cheeks color darker than the heat of the water has already caused. "I … wasn't … avoiding you, Myz. Really." No, just every other non-green rider because he isn't entirely sure which other dragons had chased his green and he knows he did some weird things in the groundweyrs before the Istan blue beat out all the Southerners who'd chased. The young man's expression is shifty and he doesn't meet his friend's gaze, embarrassed enough that she'd had to be the one to comfort him before Yerenath had finally gone up in that maiden flight.

"Uhuh. So why is it that when I came by your weyr the other day, you told Yerenath to tell Sahizath you weren't home? Or when I called out to you after PT today, and I know you heard me, you didn't even turn around?" Myziri's look is a little bit hurt, but it's mostly pissed, and she flicks water at him to show her ire "Seriously, Jor. What. The. Fuck?" You can't lie to your bestie and get away with it, yo! "Seriously, what the heck is up with you? Did I do something to offend?" She's honestly bewildered, because from her point of view, having to find comfort in a friend is not something to be embarrassed about.

J'ran winces at the touch of that water she flicks at him though there's no way it hurt him, it's more for the words and the hurt and anger he can hear in her voice. That blush darkens until his ears are cherry red and he can almost be seen to be curling in on himself a bit. "No, you didn't do anything." His tone is flat as he finally voices that reassurance. His lower lip is chewed briefly before he manages to lift his eyes to look at his best friend. "I know what's being said about me … the greenrider that's gonna go crazy everytime his dragon goes proddy." It's probably not being said by anyone but he still thinks it. "I was so … confident about my abilities to control myself and Yerenath. I didn't think there was anything she could throw at me I couldn't handle …" He sighs softly and shrugs, the water rippling out from him at the motion.

"That's it? That's why you're avoiding /ME/?" Myziri practically shouts the last at him, flabbergasted that he would even contemplate…"You think I would say that about you? Ever?" And now? That hurt look is very evident. "Jeez, J'ran….fuck you." She reaches for the sweetsand, her glare likely as hot as the water they sit in. She scrubs the stuff into a lather, her fury definitely helping build up quite a foam, which she then uses to wash herself as she speaks "No one thinks that about you. It was your first flight, for fuck's sake. You can be confident all you want, but everyone knows first flights don't count." Or at least they shouldn't. "You'll do better next time, know what to expect. And, you won't have to worry about that whole 'who's gonna win my first flight' bovineshit, because it's over." She rinshes, continues to glare. " I can't believe you were avoiding me over that."

J'ran winces again as his best mate practically shouts at him, knowing he deserves her ire full well. If he could turn any redder, he probably would. "Of course you wouldn't." That didn't stop a couple of other riders he'd thought were friends letting him know what they thought about letting an outsider fly his green though. Her reassurances help him feel a little better about the whole fiasco but he's still sorting out how to handle himself and Yerenath's chatter the next time now that she's quietly occupying his headspace again. "I sure hope so. Maybe she'll calm down too now that I don't have to worry about that anymore." When she glares at him after rinsing, he sighs softly and murmurs, "I'm sorry, Myz. It was stupid."

"You're too involved with who flies your dragon anyhow. What the fuck does it matter?" she wonders "It's not like it's about you, anyway. It's all about your dragon. And…" wait. Did he just agree with her, and apoligize? Well. Some of her ire dissolves with the suds of her soaping. "Well, don't do it again. I mean, not for something so stupid, at least. Wait until you really fuck up to avoid me." A tentative grin then. "You know I was glad to help you, right? I mean…you've been my shoulder for so many times. It was my turn to help you." She moves to soap up her hair, more of her irritation leaking away. "So all that worrying, for nothing yeah? Who flew her?"

J'ran snorts softly at her insistence that it didn't matter which dragon had flown his and shakes his head as he continues relaxing from that curled in position he'd taken now that she's not yelling at him. "That's just it … it did matter. Se'rin was convinced that if Sekhameth flew her than T'rey would toss him out and weyrmate with me instead. I told you he was being an ass …" He just hadn't gone into great detail. He shrugs as he watches her continue scrubbing her hair and finally manages a chuckle. "Okay … I'll make sure I really fuck up before avoiding you. Maybe kick T'rey off his ledge? He'd only fall … two, three dragonlengths?" There is just a touch of humor in his tone but at least he's lightening up a bit. When she asks who actually did win the little green's flight, he can't help the faint smugness that suffuses his face. "Rhavinaeth. A blue from Igen Weyr. Not sure why they were down here but … I'm kinda glad he was."

"T'rey needs to get over himself." Myziri says "Or he's gonna find out it's his personality driving people away, not his dragon's ability to win or lose flights." She points this out right before dunking under to rinse away the suds in her hair. When she emerges, she sighs. "There. All nice and clean. Now I can soak." At which point she moves to the side of the pool and reaches for her robe. Rummaging around a bit in the pocket, she pulls out a flask, silver wrapped in embossed leather, the green dragon etched there painted a dark green "Look what my brother gave me. I went home the other day and he surprised me with it. I think it's his way of acknowledging I'm all grown up. He even filled it for me. It's just apple pie, but it's pretty good. Try some. I figured this was a good time to celebrate. To your first successful flight, of course." She laughs, moving over to settle on that underwater seat next to him. "Or commiserate, depending on how things went. I'm guessing pretty good, huh? This dragon got a pretty rider? Turned you to the dark side?" I.e., women.

A soft laugh is given when Myziri suggests T'rey needs to get over himself and nods. "Hmm … I've told him so. Several times. But he's damn good in bed which is why I don't kick him off my ledge." Blue eyes sparkle as he retains that slightly smug smile curling his lips. The flask is admired as he shakes his hand off of most of the water so as not to mar the leather wrapping. "Oh, that's lovely. I'm glad you were able to get home and apparently reconciled with everyone." Which is something he still needs to do. Taking a sip of the liquid in the flask, his eyebrows lift as he gets the flavor of apples and spices before the alcohol hits the back of his throat and makes him feel even warmer than the water. "Mmm … that is very nice. Any chance of getting a few bottles of that from him? Or wherever he gets it from?" He leans over to kiss her cheek as soon as she settles beside him, a continuance of his apology, and offers the flask back as he considers her questions. "Oh yes, his rider was very pretty in a … muscular kind of way. If you know what I mean. Name was H'ai and he was quite … adept."

"Then your problem isn't your dragon, it's what's between your legs." Myziri teases, rocking her shoulder against his. "And I've been 'reconciled,' as you call it, for quite a few sevens. My brother surprised me with this on my last visit, when I went home to see my sister's new baby. Cute as a button, too. She and my other sister had gotten married while I was away, and of course one of them got knocked up right away - or maybe before they handfasted. Who knows with my family? The other's breeding already too. I swear, we could repopulate Pern with just my family, you give them enough food and time." She grins "And we're all disgustingly healthy. Hardly lose a single child." And they never talk about the ones that do get lost, because…life does go on. "Glad you like it. My brother used to mix mine with milk - but as I said, I've graduated to the adult table." She takes a drink herself, after a laugh for that kiss, and sighs "Mm….love this stuff. It's actually even good with the milk. Tastes like apple pie with cream, then. But the milk wouldn't do good things to the flask." Speaking of the flask, she hands it back "Don't worry about the water. I've been oiling that sucker since I got it. Fairly water resistant, at this point. She settles back, sighing, but quirks a brow at him "A he? Even better, for you. And adept. Maybe I'll try to be in his vicinity when Sahizath goes up. Though, she's still not showing any interest at all. Beyond comforting Yerenath, that is."

J'ran grins at her teasing and shrugs, not really caring about where his problem resides. "Yeah, been told that a few times." Listening to her commentary on her family, he just settles back and relaxes as they enjoy just chatting while he goes pruney — though that's probably already happened. Soft sounds of interest or agreement are made as Myziri talks about her family, the young man back to his normalcy of being more a listener than a talker though that quirked brow and thoughtful comment earn another smile. "If he happens to show up when she's ready to go up, you'll have to see about that. I think you'd enjoy it if you like things a bit rough." His eyes sparkle with amusement as he remembers the way he'd ached a bit — in a very good way — afterwards and offers her a conspiratorial wink.

"Oh, you know me." And he does know! "I'm okay with a bit of rough. Kinda like it." She grins back - in perfect harmony with her bestie once more, hot water to soak in, awesome booze - what more could a girl ask for? "I'll make sure, the next time I'm home, to get you some of this stuff." She promises, taking another sip. "Although it doesn't come in bottles. Jars. It's a family recipe. Had it forever. Huh." She eyes the flask thoughtfully "Maybe this is why I'm so obsessed with pie. Sahizath picked up that I liked this stuff or something. You think?" She could be reaching a bit. "I mean, I like whiskey and all, but this has real flavor." She grins "And it'll kick you in the ass the next day, you drink too much of it. I know. Me and my nephews used to sneak it - without the milk, mind you - all the time and drink it and sit around telling horror stories." Ahh, good times." Of course, next day I'd be sick as a dog and my sisters would dose me with something noxious, but all in all, totally worth it." Sly glance is sent J'ran-ward "Kind of like a bit of soreness is just fine, if what makes you sore is out of this world."

Oh yes, he certainly does know Myziri. Probably better than most of their clutchmates. J'ran chortles at her reply and knows exactly what she means and agrees wholeheartedly. "Bottles, jars … doesn't matter to me if you can get me a bit of that. I'd appreciate it." He listens to that question thoughtfully and shrugs slightly. "Not sure. Never could tell why you were always dreaming about pie and such. I guess it's possible? But I know what you mean, booze with flavor is nicer than just booze. Specially if you aren't just wanting to get drunk." The story of what she'd do with her nephews earns a giggle, having done something similar with his cousins before he'd left home. "Yeah, it is totally worth it." His expression indicates his agreement with both assessments, not just the aftermath of dosing or the soreness.

"So what was it like? The actual flight itself, I mean?" Myziri asks, taking another swig and handing the flask back. "Was it like they said it was?" C'mon man, she wants details. "Did you feel what Yerenath felt, and all that?" Because one day Sahizath is going to do the same, right? And she wants to be ready. "And did she choose H'ai's dragon, or did it happen by accident? I know that happens sometimes too."

J'ran knew that she'd eventually get to the questions and he can't help but smile as he thinks back over that final culmination of that proddy cycle. "Yes … and no. It was more intense and … immediate than they said and just as overwhelming." He pauses as he tries to remember everything he'd been feeling in that brief eternity from the moment Yerenath pounced on the feeding pens to blood her kills to that sideslipping tumble that had sent her into Rhavinaeth's talons. "I remember feeling angry and the blood running down my throat when Yerenath started blooding. Then I felt weightless when she launched into the sky … it was like I had wings. Amazing." His voice softens as his eyes go a bit vague. After a few moments he takes a deep breath and sighs it out softly and continues. "I could feel everything Yerenath was feeling but I was aware of all the people in the ground weyr. I just couldn't tell you exactly who was there, you know?" Her last question makes him frown as he pulls that memory back up and finds it rather confused. "I think he managed to pull a maneuver she'd never seen before. She went into a sideslip tumble to get away from another dragon but he did something so that he was right there."

"Wow…all that.." Myziri goes silent, mulling over his experience in her mind, a slight smile on hre face. "I wonder if it'll be like that with Sahizath. We'll have to compare notes, when it happens. If it happens before. I'll have the only dragon ever who doesn't go proddy, maybe." Cheerful thought, but also a bad one - because it sounded a pretty amazing experience. "You didn't mind the loss of control? I mean, you weren't directing her, just kind of flying along, right?" She takes another drink, then laughs "Ha. Yerenath wasn't proof against a dragon of experience. Well, it'll have to take a dragon with determination or experience to win 'Zath, I know that. Gotta be faster for her, for definite, because I'm betting she won't go for fancy maneuvers. She's a speedster." She sighs "Not that it matters. Whoever catches, it won't be the one I want, either." She pauses a moment, looks sidewise "I didn't hear. Did he even chase?" It wouldn't be likely - after all, those bronzes are all about the queens, yeah?

J'ran falls silent as she mulls over what he's told her and smiles at the thought that Sahizath might not rise at all and shakes his head slightly. "She'll go up … she's just biding her time, most likely." The question nets a heavy sigh and a worried look before a shoulder lifts in a faint shrug. "Not … really? I didn't mind it once she started blooding at least. It was the loss of control before she finally went up that bothered me more. It was like I was … not split but … like Yerenath and I were blended. I don't think she could feel what I did physically but emotionally, I think she did." A soft laugh meets the assertion that whoever wins the dark green's flight would have to be fast, his eyes gleaming as he remembers the last race they'd had. "You never really know, Myz." That sidewise look isn't missed but the question makes his satisfied expression fade a bit before he shakes his head. "No, I don't think so. I really don't remember who all was there. I know T'rey was because he told me so but not sure on the others besides H'ai."

"Well, guess T'rey couldn't bitch, if the winner wasn't even from Southern, right?" The matter of Sahizath's rising? Well, it'll happen. It'll just likely happen when she least expects it. She takes another swig, enjoying the apple pie flavor as it goes down, the burn as it sits in her stomach. "Well, guess we'll find out when we find out, won't we? How she's caught. My marks are on a speedy dragon, though - gotta keep up if you want to use fancy maneuvers, and you know how Sahizath likes to leave em in the dust. Or clouds, as the case may be." She sighs, contented. "Have to say, times like these are good. I mean, I love threadfall and stuff, but just sitting here relaxing with you…as good a time as I've ever had, J'ran." She smiles beautifically at her friend. "Don't ever stop being my friend, okay? And don't..shut me out. I'm always gonna have your back, Jor."

"Oh, he bitched … plenty. Said I could have let Sekhameth have her … that no one would have cared." J'ran sighs and offers a twisted smile that looks more than a little wry. A gentle nod is given at the other greenrider's thoughts on what type of dragon might win Sahizath's flight, a soft laugh following that nod though he doesn't speak. His smile widens at Myziri's words and he curls an arm around the young woman's waist to pull her against his side despite the fact they are naked as the day they were born. "It's the best time I can think of in a long time, sweets." Reaching up a hand, he taps her nose teasingly before caressing her cheek with the backs of his fingers. "Nope, you're stuck with me. But I won't shut you out again. And if I do, I give you permission to kick my ass, hmm?"

Myziri cuddles into J'ran, despite that nekkid thing, and sighs "Seriously, J'ran, that guy's a little messed up. I'm surprised he lets Se'rin out of their Weyr…" She ain't joking, either. "You need to find some new playmates, is what I think - T'rey is an idiot if he thinks you could tell Yerenath anything. Seems to me, the episode before she rose should have told him you weren't exactly in control." She drains the rest of the apple pie from the flask, and looks at her fingers "Ugh. I'm all pruney. You want to go back to my Weyr? Spend the night? I know I'm not a guy, but I do give good cuddle." And since she knows he's going to say yes, she starts heading out of the pool - back in her weyr, they drink the rest of that jar of apple pie and when it's all gone, fall asleep together; a little bit drunk, but a lot happy.

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