Javid, Aztrexia, Timotin (Cameo)


Wine and dine, wine and chase. Meh, what's the difference?


Adult Content, Sexual Themes


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Igen Weyr, Caravan Grounds, Aztrexia's Yurt, Timotin's Wagon, Javid's Wagon

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“Stuff and things…”


Igen Caravan Grounds, Zingari Encampment

Deep grooves in the hard packed earth criss-cross a large patch of denuded ground, bearing mute testament to the caravans that frequent this area. Despite the midden holes set back a ways from the main center of traffic, the air is sweet, redolent with the sagebrush that forms a loose perimeter around the flattened expanse. In what is as close to its center as the vague boundaries suggest, a stone ringed fire pit has been dug and surrounded with the odd log or two, ash overflowing from its darkly blackened core.

It’s mid-afternoon and Trexa is quite done with work for the day, she’d cut some classes short because she has planning to do and a fitting for the dress she’s having made for her wedding. Javid is like to think her absolutely crazy at this point, but she wants the whole wedding experience, despite who may or may not actually show up to the thing. She’s never thought of herself as being married, ever, so now that the chance has arisen, she wants it to be all it can be, and more. Her wedding dress is a bit of a surprise for Javid and so she’ll have to swing by Timotin’s wagon before heading to Javid’s for their mutual planning.

Aztrexia makes sure she has everything she needs for the evening packed in her bag and heads out the door of her yurt for Timo’s, her well trained eyes on the lookout for her fiance, she doesn’t want him spotting her. She really does want the dress to be a surprise and she’s been quite secretive about it. Possibly more secretive than she’d been about the runners she’d brought back to gift to Willimina and Tallel. She is glad they had accepted her gift. This gift, her dress, is all for Javid and being made to compliment the pendant he’d given her. Arriving at Timo’s she knocks on the door .

“Hey there Aztrexia, come on in, I just finished some of the add ons we discussed!”

She’s let in and only comes out a couple of candlemarks later, a smile on her face and a thank you to Timo most sincerely given. “Thanks again!”

“No problem! And Congratulations Trexa…” Timo is willing to extend friendship finally, the girl has worked damn hard to get where she is. Javid seems to be good for her.

Now…. Trexa turns towards home. Time for Javid.

Javid has appointments of his own scheduled with Timotin, though he’s rather quiet about it. His heart swells to see how eagerly Aztrexia embraces the process leading up to their wedding, especially since it surprises him a bit. It would be relatively easy to follow her around and see what she’s up to, he thinks…but it’s just a thought that makes him chuckle. He has no intention of doing so, wanting to be surprised. Perhaps he can return the favor on their wedding day.

He’s at home right now, sitting cross-legged on the bed with a sketching pad on his lap…but he doesn’t seem to have actually sketched much. He’s rubbing his temple and grumbling mildly, and eventually sets the thing aside. Whatever he’s trying to accomplish just isn’t going to work right now, apparently.

Trexa’s walk back to Javid’s wagon is a pleasant one, one in which she is quite literally brimming with excitement. She’s well pleased with how far her dress has come along thus far and she almost wants to spoil the surprise, but she won’t no…she won’t. As she walks up to the door she’s fingering the pendant around her neck, it’s presence a comfort and a reminder of the man she’s bound to marry. She lets herself in, long past the need to announce herself anymore. She’s probably the only one that just walks right into Javid’s wagon without asking. But after two turns of sneaking in and out of each other’s places, and the missions where they’ve shared a wagon, it feels more like home to her than her own yurt. Javid’s form is quickly spotted on arrival and Aztrexia greets him with that excited smile she can’t seem to break lately.

“Good afternoon.” Her tone is warm and inviting as she takes off her rucksack and sets it gently in one of the table chairs. She then moves to properly greet Javid, bending over the bed to kiss him hello.

Aztrexia is indeed the only one who may approach Javid’s wagon and enter without announcing herself, but he knows the sound of her now. No one walks quite the way she does, nor do they set their hand to the latch the same way. He looks up as she enters, flipping the sketchbook shut and grinning in turn when he sees the smile he loves so much lighting up her face.

“Hello, my fire,” he answers, lips meeting hers eagerly as she bends close. One hand finds her waist, the other coming to her cheek, yearning to pull her down to him and even beginning to without forcing. She may wish to do a few other things first, after all. “And what have you been up to?” he asks before renewing the kiss, his tone huskily teasing because he knows full well that she won’t tell him. He knows what motivates what she’s been up to, but she’s quite good at keeping her lips zipped otherwise…except for their current occupation, of course.

Aztrexia chuckles when Javid asks what she’s been up to. “Stuff and things…” as is her usual answer to this question. She’ll gladly be pulled down to the bed, going quite malleably into her fiance’s arms. His renewed kiss is met with fervor, a hint of fire and passion that Trexa fully intends to fan to a burning blaze later, but not just yet, because she does indeed have other things on the docket for this evening.

“And what have you been doing all this time my shadow?” Trexa asks when they finally have to break to breathe.

“Stuff and things,” Javid echos after Aztrexia’s answer, chuckling into their kiss as he leans back onto the pillows with her in his arms. He clearly reads what she hints for later, sampling what he can of that hinted heat and ardor as his fingertips lazily glide over the contours of her back.
“Why, my own stuff and things, of course,” he teases in answer, eyes glittering roguishly above his smile. “I fear I’m not so good at determining what to wear as you might be. I may end up on the dais in naught but my smallclothes at this rate.” He deadpans, but he’s kidding, of course. He may already have his own outfit picked out, in fact…but he’ll keep her guessing, just as she is doing to him.

“Hey, that’s my line, y’now…” Trexa teases, chuckling and nipping at Javid’s lower lip as she flattens herself against the length of his body. His next has Trexa outright laughing, the sound crystalline and light and joyous. “I think I would very much like to see that my shadow. But I may be biased, preferring to see you in your small clothes, or better yet…” Trexa brushes a kiss to Javid’s lips, “in nothing at all.” She kisses him again and winks before getting up, being a tease and she damn well knows it. She moves to the table and gets her bag before sitting in the chair it formerly occupied. “I found our centerpieces today for the gift and food tables. Come see. Jharrahd is a genius.”

Javid can’t help but laugh in turn, groaning a little when Aztrexia expects him to get up after laying herself along him like that, amongst other things. “Infuriating,” he grumbles as he pushes himself up to sitting, though he’s smirking deeply as he says it. But he gets up and makes his way slightly stiffly to the table, parking himself in another chair as he awaits Aztrexia’s reveal. “I hear he’s been outdoing himself lately,” the spymaster notes, stretching his arms briefly overhead before bringing them to rest upon the table.

Trexa smirks back at Javid in response to his first, a low heat burning in her eyes that tells she knows how ‘infuriating’ she can be. She begins digging carefully through her bag and pulls out first a blue glass bowl that seems to be purely decorative because in its center is a long green stem that holds up a green and purple water flower where it might sit just above the fluid line of the bowl. Trexa sets it carefully on the table, removing any padding she may have had wrapped around it. The next thing she pulls from her bag is a water skin that she fills the bowl with. Lastly, three small candles which she lights and sets them to float upon the surface of the water.

“See? I think it was fate…that he had one in these colors, it sang to me from his table, I swear.” Trexa laughs lightly. “He’s making me two more.” She stares dreamily at the lit centerpiece for a moment before her gaze wanders back to Javid. “What do you think?”

Javid has probably seen floating candles before…but somehow, watching Aztrexia reveal that this already beautiful centerpiece has more that amount to their inclusion mesmerizes him. He watches her amusedly at first, admiring the obvious craftsmanship of the bowl and the flower that rises from the center. The addition of the water makes it prettier still, but the addition of the candles brings it to a surreal life that he can’t help but smile at. “You’re right, the man is a genius,” he murmurs, lifting a hand to skim a fingertip across a glass petal before turning his smile upon Trexa. “I think it’s beautiful, my love. Very fitting.”

Aztrexia’s face seems to glow with happiness after Javid’s assessment, and she nearly laughs with the joy of it. “Good. I’m glad because I wasn’t going to take no for an answer anyway.” She winks at Javid and does actually laugh this time. She pulls two more skins from her bag, which now slumps to the floor, empty of anything but her clothes for the next day. “I also brought two wines to taste…” Aztrexia wiggles the skins at Javid and gives him a suggestive look. “I hope we had no plans to leave this evening? Or if we do, I’m hoping we’re home early?” After all, she doesn’t know if Javid had anything planned for the night. And she’d like to see what she’s allowed to in regards to what he’s been up to.

“Oh, I’m quite certain you weren’t,” Javid rumbles amusedly to Aztrexia’s first, dark brows hiking when she produces the wine. “No plans that can’t easily wait for tomorrow,” is his answer to that. “Besides, I’m looking at the only solid plan I had for the evening,” he amends, the heated glow limning his eyes as he looks at her leaving no doubt as to what he means. So the wine is most definitely a serendipitous development.

“Good, because I wasn’t.” Trexa likes Javid’s answer to her question and his next earns him a coy smile and a low chuckle. “Oh really now? And what was this solid plan for this evening then?” She stands and sets one skin aside and then goes looking for something to drink it out of. And she may just add a bit of extra sway to her hips as she’s moving around.

Oh, Aztrexia is in an impish mood this evening, and Javid likes it in a way that makes him amusedly grumbly. He rises after her, very aware of that bit of extra sway and catches her around the waist, pulling her back against him with a little growl. “Tease,” he names her as he nuzzles at the back of her jaw, giving her earlobe a gentle nip before reaching for one of his cabinets, opening it to pull out a couple of wine glasses and setting them on the counter before doing a little more of his own teasing along her neck.

Aztrexia lets out a half giggle, half squeak, when Javid pulls her back against him, squirming playfully in his grasp, squeaking again when he nips her ear. “Maybe…” She answers his accusation, and as he teases down her neck, Aztrexia slides a hand up his thigh, up over their hips and onward until her hand rests over his wrist, soft gasps and mewls escaping her lips. She seems as if she might submit to his ministrations, relaxing a bit. But it’s a ploy, and using a skill she learned back when they were spylings, she presses the pressure points in his wrist and twirls out of his grasp to dance across the wagon, laughing. She turns to face Javid and removes the cap to the wine skin. “We have wine to taste my shadow. Time enough for that later…” Or when she’s teased him to the point of no return. She puts on her best come hither look and smiles coyly.

There’s a little hiss of breath through Javid’s teeth when Aztrexia hits the pressure points she does, and he has to shake the tingling out of his hand for a second. Now she’s done it! So says the determined sparking in amber eyes as he watches her slip across the wagon and out of reach. “Indeed,” he says, straightening and picking up the wine glasses she’d departed without. He lets them dangle between his fingers as he stalks her way, the crystal clinking lightly as he stops halfway between the cabinets and the foot of the bed, a dark brow arching. “Do you intend to do it from all the way over there, or are you going to come get a glass?”

Trexa smiles and moves closer. “No, I’m not that long of arm.” Or at all. Trexa really is a petite thing. When she’s close enough, she’ll reach for a glass, her own eyes sparking a silent challenge. She can sense something building in Javid, that wilder man behind the logical one. Time for a game of cat and mouse? Why yes, yes it is.

And Javid very much likes Aztrexia’s size, too…for several reasons both personal and professional, but especially personal. He takes advantage of it now, waiting until juuuuust before her fingers touch a glass to suddenly lift it out of reach. “Are you sure? Can you be longer in other ways?” he teases, his own arm stretched nearly overhead.

Oh-ho! So this is how it’s going to go? Javid gets a playful glare, but then Trexa’s face smooths into a smile and she looks up at him, eyes twinkling merrily. “No. I cannot. But I can most certainly drink out of the skin like a wild woman!” She winks at Javid and tips the skin to her lips, baiting him.

That was not the solution Javid was expecting Aztrexia to try putting into action. She does keep him on his toes! “And just how am I supposed to give my opinion on it when you do that, hm?” Oh, he does have an idea how he might despite his asking. This is just too much fun, however.

“Well, problem solving ws a part of our training, right?” Aztrexia asks before taking another sip and beginning to back up. “So…problem solve SpyMaster.” She winks and wiggles away, skin in hand, hips swaying in a provocative way.

Javid prowls after Aztrexia as she backs away, the curl of his smirk deepening along with the heat in his gaze. He lowers the hand with the wine glasses, setting them on the end of the counter as he passes it, his gaze never leaving her face. “Is it to your liking, my love?” he questions at a low rumble as he continues forward while she goes back, clearly intent on following her wherever she might go. He stays close as well, starting to lean forward little by little over the course of his chase.

“Oh aye, sweet, but with a full body, and a hint of something spicy.” Aztrexia takes another sip and dances backwards and around, trying to avoid the furniture and travel the border of the wagon. “Why don’t you come get a taste, eh?” She sips again swallowing all but just the tiniest bit. Enough to make her taste of it should Javid catch her and take his prize. SHe keeps moving backward all the while, trying to leave herself routes of escape.

“Now that does sound intriguing.” And it really does, though the low, husky tone Javid’s voice has taken on makes it clear that the wine is not what’s at the forefront of his mind, the longer their little game goes on. “I think I shall.” There is, fortunately, a limit to a wagon’s space, and Javid hasn’t exercised the full extent of his capabilities just yet. But now, quick as lightning, he surges forward to cage Aztrexia between his arms and pin her to the wall beside his wardrobe. He uses his body to keep her in place, a soft growl vibrating in his throat as he dips his head to capture her mouth, exacting his sampling of the wine from her in a way that hungers as much as it thirsts.

“That is lovely,” he declares in a break for breath, catching her lower lip in his teeth before seeking another taste. “Especially this way.” Who needs wine glasses, really?

Aztrexia might try to get away, but in this instance space and time are not in her favor. Not that the giggling squeak she emits isn’t a telltale sign that she doesn’t care she’s trapped. The feeling of Javid’s body pressing her against the wall is a heady one, his growl sending a shiver of anticipation down her spine. The press of his lips has her opening to him, responding to that hunger with the depth of her own. Desire surges to the forefront, leaving her tingling as gooseflesh races across her skin in a wild rush.

Her eyes blaze when Javid breaks the kiss, one of her hands at his hip while the other hangs at her side, wine skin nearly forgotten. In fact, she almost drops it when Javid takes his second sampling from her. Who needs wine glasses indeed!!!!

It hasn’t been a particularly strenuous chase, of course, but Javid feels a potent surge of primal, possessive want blazing through his veins nonetheless. It makes his body taut, his entire air rather predatory, the dangerous side of him brought out to play in a rogue’s seductiveness. “And…” he questions raspily as he nips along the edge of her jaw to her neck, one hand leaving the wall to sink into her hair and tilt her head to his attentions, “…what of the other, hm? Shall we see how that one suits us as well?”

Aztrexia loves it when Javid gets like this, when she can feel his energy prickling against her, that primitive beast that lurks within but he keeps so tightly in control. It brings her own want and need blazing to the fore to greet him. “I think we might…” She hisses and mewls softly as she feels his teeth against her skin. “Before I become biased to this one….”

Long Story Short: They Choose Both.

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