Alyna, Ariele, Kelati


Haquith's quest for flowers ends in Kelati's Search. Ariele bystanders (and feels fine about it, really. REALLY.)


It is sunrise of the twenty-second day of the third month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Clearing, Southern Weyr

OOC Date 13 Jun 2018 23:00


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Because otherwise they smell like sweaty man feet.



The rise from sea to Weyr is made serene by a charming road winding sand-trodden from beach below to stonecut entrance above. The path wanders among a surprisingly green valley where purple flowers bloom in charmingly unfettered profusion. The meadows themselves are often in high demand as picnic areas, for dragons are not allowed to land in the narrow valley itself. No trees nor cliff lies near to shadow the clearing, however, and the intensity of sun can be unbearable for those not familiar with the humid drench of Southern's summers.

Most people who aren't required to be aren't outdoors in cloudy, cool spaces at sunrise, but most people also are not Kelati — the clearing is easier to handle when it's less sunny, and it's still warm enough to her Igen-bred sensibilities. In typical fashion, she is kneeling in the grass carefully picking specific flowers, and talking to one of her menagerie of blue firelizards. It's the larger, darker and ostensibly smarter Sagitta; he seems to be listening raptly to her instructions. "It's white. Like this. And it only blooms in early hours and rainy weather, so you actually have a chance to find it now, go."

Sunrise is not an uncommon time of the day to find Ariele out and about, especially these days: it's the best time of the day for a lengthy walk, not least because there are fewer distractions and tasks to be managed. In acknowledgement of the cloudy skies, she's not wearing her usual hat, just light, comfortable clothes and boots that fend off the moisture of the dewy grass. "Is he any good at finding that which you need?" she wonders, close enough to hear Kelati's instructions to the firelizard, but not close enough to crowd. "Hello, Kelati."

Sunrise is definitely not a time one would a certain diminuative greenrider out and about, and indeed, Alyna looks just as confused herself to find herself in a clearing in the not-quite morning, but Haquith was most insistant. Hastily stuffed into a light pair of wherhide pants and short jacket, sun-bleached blonde hair roughly tied back in a runnertail. As they land, far enough from Kelati and Ariele so as not to alarm, Alyna slides down from her lifemate's neck. With a curious eye quirked to her dragon, who immediately lowers her head and takes a deep whiff of the wet grass and flowers with a contented warble. Alyna looks ready to spit, "Seriously? You dragged me out of my warm bed so you could smell the flowers?" Haquith is happily ignoring her rider as she commences to roll around in the wet grass and flowers. With a sigh of exasperation, the greenrider strides over to the only other two people here, "Can you believe that?" she says as if they had been privy to the conversation all along.

"Hi," Kelati glances over her shoulder to smile at Ariele; it's just slightly more friendly than her standard fare distant and polite. "He's much better than the others," she damns Sagitta with faint praise, "And has a reasonable enough success rate I let him keep trying." She continues her work as she talks, focus more on selecting leaves and petals than on talking but with a cursory attempt to not be rude about it. The arrival of the dragon does get her to turn her head, only to interject: "I think that's an excellent reason." And not to miss a sales pitch, "Though you can also bottle the scents, if you don't want to get out of bed."

"Which reminds me that I'm about due for another visit to your stall," comments Ariele, expression abruptly brightening with the prospect: who can pass up a shopping trip, after all! The glance she aims in Alyna's direction, however, is sympathetic. "I'm not entirely sure why she needed you to assist with that, greenrider, but… who are we to argue with the whims of dragons? Good morning to you too."

Alyna makes frantic shushing motions as Kelati mentions bottled scents as she strides quickly closer, "Keep it down please. If she finds out there are bottled scents, she will have our weyr smelling like a brothel in no time which I'm pretty sure my weyrmate would disapprove of." Turning her head to Ariele, she smiles almost wickedly, "Oh I know why she dragged me out here at the butt crack of dawn all right. Because she needs me to carefully remove all traces of her roll in the grass when she's done." The greenrider rolls her eyes sharply as she crosses her arms over her chest. At the mention of stall, she turns an interested eye towards Kelati, "You're a vendor?" she asks curiously, like Ariele, she finds shopping most diverting.

After an initial smile for Ariele's interest in stopping by soon, Kelati goes silent for a moment, considering, before concluding: "The grass could be good for her hide, you might want to leave it," in that sort of way where she's not really sure, and it's also possible it's just annoying, but she's at least confident it's not harmful — and then she smiles, because it's difficult to resist with the setup provided. "Oh. Yes. Of bottled scents that definitely do not smell like brothels. I make soaps, perfumes, hair products, lotions, that sort of thing?" There are rumored candles, but there haven't actually been any in a while. "If either of you were looking for anything in specific, I don't mind doing custom work."

(Does Kelati know what a brothel smells like? Question for another time.)

Ariele has washed too many dragons in her time: she laughs. "I've a handful of candidates I can roust up to assist," she offers, serious-with-a-side-of-mirth. "Kelati's work is lovely. I've bought a few things— sometimes a person just needs to know that they smell delicious." Her own phrasing seems, after a moment's pause, to embarrass her, the faintest of pink flushes suffusing her cheeks. "I've had nothing but the smell of herbal remedies for a few days, and as delightful as they are, I'll be glad to wear something pretty again." A very, very close glance might find the much-faded remains of some bruising about her eye, but it would be a very close glance indeed.

"Oh I would glady leave it, but Haquith is…" Alyna searches for the most delicate way to put this, "A little precious when it comes to her hide and not letting anything mar it's perfection." There is a fair amount of good-natured sarcasm dripping from the greenrider's words before tilting her head in consideration of Kelati's wares, "And you make them all yourself do you?" she asks with a touch of curiosity. Behind her, Haquith has stopped her rolling and, unbeknownst to Alyna, has turned her attention on the conversation going on. Ever so sneakily, she begins to shimmy slowly towards the trio. To Ariele's endorsement, the greenrider actually raises a thin brow when the assistant headwoman so eloquently praises the product, "Delicious huh? That my weyrmate might approve of…" she trails off with a mischievous half-smirk playing on her lips, "Are you on the Boardwalk then? I know you mentioned stall," she turns her attention on Kelati again.

Ariele's offer of slave candidate labor, the greenrider lights up with a grin, "i will definitely take you up on that. Could always use a few extra hands."

"While everything is technically edible unless stated otherwise I wouldn't recommend it," Kelati warns Alyna as regards her weyrmate's tastes — she doesn't know who the weyrmate is, myabe it's an important disclaimer! "And yes, I prefer not to work with others." She absolutely doesn't trust anyone else and has no interest in training them. "I'm toward the far end." Of the boardwalk, presumably. "Easy to find on a windier day."

Carefully, "Delicious to the nose." Ariele's darker blush suggests she's not necessarily entirely comfortable thinking about the logistics (or just perhaps the details) of the whole taste side of deliciousness in this context. Thank you, no. "I'll make sure some candidates are available for you," is a safer thing to say, and an easy promise to make.

"I just meant…." Alyna starts then shakes her head as she decides against elaborating, "Nevermind. I will come and check you out for sure." Behind her back, Haquith advances still, her head low to the ground as her ample hindquarters wiggle to and fro with each creep forward. She's not the stealthiest of dragons, so it's quite comical to see. When she is alongside them, Alyna gives the green a sidelong look as she curls her neck to look from Ariele to Kelati with interest. Rolling her eyes, the greenrider's gaze shifts as she speaks to her dragon for only a moment. Shifting her gaze back on Kelati, she tilt's her head to one side, "Guess we weren't quiet enough, now she wants to know if you make scented oil, so she can smell nice all the time." The look on Alyna's face shows just how thrilled the greenrider is with this, which is not a lot.

Again with the thoughtful lip-pursing from Kelati, before she says, "I can, but I think the quantity might be an issue? I think I remember discussing something similar with Rocketh at one point. Well. Not with Rocketh." Because Kelati wasn't having a conversation with him, but by proxy — "I have made scented oils for Healers, for massages. I assume dragon oil would be much the same but substantially larger, so it would be time consuming and thus very expensive? Or maybe she'd just like to have a little bit for a particular spot?" Kelati should probably just shut up, because it's clear Alyna doesn't actually want pretty smelling oil for her dragon and Kelati doesn't want to make an entire giant vat of it, but she also doesn't really want to lose a sale.

Ariele's head turns, allowing her to watch Haquith's approach with a steady - and increasingly narrow-eyed - gaze. If she's drawn a conclusion of some kind about the green's purpose (and her expression, indeed, seems to suggest some kind of suspicion), she evidently chooses not to make comment on it. Instead, mildly: "Perhaps just for around her face. Or perhaps some kind of sachets to go in her couch, so that she might sleep in something that smells pleasant?"

Haquith is not to be deterred on such technicalities as cost, in marks or time, as she continues to creep a little closer, reaching out her verdant nose in the vendor's direction to take a long sniff, maybe to see if Kelati uses her own products. Alyna looks to be considering the recommendations given to her from both of the other young women, "Yeah a small amount could work. I just don't have the marks to be spending on tubs of floral scented oil," turning back to the green, her eyes unfocus slightly for a brief conversation as Haquith continues to invade Kelati's personal space. "She says you smell good, which product are you using right now?" she asks curiously a the chartreuse green whuffles hard enough to rustles the woman's hair. Back to Ariele, she beams, "Oh I like the idea of satchets, she already sleeps on a heap of furs and pillows so another thing would probably suit her just fine."

No one should ever want to spend that much money on tubs of floral scented oil, says Kelati's expression without actually affixing words to it; no, she's too busy holding as still as possible while there is dragon nose in her space. Not that she minds demonstrating her own work, but she's never been good at close proximity to anything alive except her own firelizards. "My hair? That's lemongrass," she replies, and then, "Floral sachets aren't hard. Just let me know what you'd like, if I have any I can dry them out for you later today …"

Ariele's half-step backwards is probably unconscious. Those grey eyes of hers are watching Haquith, still, and the look on her face… yes, that's one part resignation and one part regret or loss. One part, too, of pure stiff-upper-lip determination, and it's this that draws her chin upwards in the air. "I like to put them in with my unmentionables," she agrees, ever so calm. "The sachets."

Haquith was once told about respecting people's personal space, but she's a dragon so she quickly forgot. She doesn't crowd Kelati any more, but her round eyes whirl blue-green with increasing speed as she chirps softly in her rider's direction. Alyna though is distracted by Ariele, her eyes a little narrowed at the flicker of emotion she sees there, offering her a warm smile, "Hmmm, there's an idea. I'll have to come check out all your wares…" she trails off as she turns back to see her green staring at her, "What….Oh!" With a turn of her head in Kelati's direction, she stuffs her hand in her pocket, "So Haquith thinks you smell like a Candidate actually. Did you want to stand for Zymuraith and Ravaith's clutch?" she asks rather bluntly, although with an amused smile playing on her lips as she holds out her hand and a slightly crumpled, but new white knot there.

"I never thought of actually marketing them like that," Kelati admits, giving Ariele a brighter smile. Thank you for the inspiration! "It is a good idea, though." Haquith's inquiry via Alyna makes her laugh; just the once, a single exhalation of laughter. "Is candidate smell one that lingers from clutch to clutch? Because I had stopped standing — " Was it lemongrass that Rocketh had liked? No, that was some sort of flower. "I don't mind doing it again, though, no. Oh, and this one's so clean," is for the knot she accepts slowly but confidently. It's not kind of grey like the one from Khalyssrielth's clutch.

There's a hint, somewhere in Ariele's eyes perhaps, that the smile she now offers is a little pasted on. "New business ideas, just in time for your business to be put on hold. I'm delighted I could assist. Congratulations, Kelati." The greenrider, too, is recipient of one of these smiles. "You may have to hold off on your shopping. Shot yourself in a foot a little, haven't you?" But so cheerful. Cheerful! See? Smiling.

"Excellent! Then you know the drill," Alyna looks relieved to have snagged a repeat offender candidate, and smiles as Kelati takes the knot from her. Haquith for her part preens rather smugly as she gives the vendor-turned-candidate a little more space, her job clearly done here. Oh look, that patch of flowers hasn't been properly rolled on yet. To Ariele, she smiles a little sympathetically, wondering at the pasted on smile but tactful enough not to comment, maybe the greenrider will seek her out for a quiet word later. "I guess I have in a way," she comments about shooting herself in the foot.

"Oh," Kelati would feel guilty, if she were thinking about it, that she can't trade spots with Ariele: she is clearly ambivalent on the idea of Impression, and would like to be able to make all these products instead. "I can still do some things. I found time before, for specific commissions at least." The cringe? That's for Haquith rolling on flowers she otherwise would have been able to use. "And I need to get more dried petals together anyway, if I'm going to be in those barracks again." Because otherwise they smell like sweaty man feet.

Ariele's expression, now, gives nothing further away. Really, she's fine. "Thank goodness for commissions, then. I still need another bottle of scent. But no doubt I'll be seeing you plenty, Kelati, since I'm partially responsible for assigning chores. I'll let the two of you go and get settled, shall I?" She waves a hand, idly, towards the path. Her walk, after all, has been interrupted.

"Okay then. Let's get you settled in then," Alyna says as she waves her hand in the general direction of the Candidate Barracks, taking a few steps in that direction. Haquith is left behind to her rolling. Ariele is given a warm smile and a wave at her departure, "Have a good day!" she calls before once again turning to Kelati and smartly taking up the path leading back to the Weyr Entrance, sure to take advantage of this time to discuss a commission of her own.

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