Calliope, Vaeslyn


Calliope and Vaeslyn swap notes on how best to manage the care and feeding of their new pets.


It is the thirty-seventh day of Spring and 93 degrees. It is overcast and cloudy.


Southern Weyr - Living Caverns

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Living Caverns

Grand and spacious, the cavern curves high aloft in naturally-vaulted ceiling that soothes any sense of claustrophoba. Rich woods line the cavern floor, varnished and stained a rich mahogany, while round tables scatter about candlelit and intimate. The largest table lies southerly next the sideboard, long trestles that seem oriented to providing for the weyr's youngest. The rich blue of Azov can be seen from a distance in good weather, when the heavy stone doors covering the entrance are allowed to stand open.

There is a preceding sound to the arrival of Calliope and it vaguely sounds like a roaring non existent locomotive. Then comes the muttering, and the low curses. It might be daytime but by the sound of it this Apprentice hasn't been up for very long and she isn't all that willing. Entering the cavern she brings the sound with her, and oddly enough it's a small green firelizard making sounds that might one day resemble creeling. "I'm rethinking random bonfires in the middle of the night, I swear I am." says Calliope as she heads towards any table that might hold food, does this table have people or is it a buffet? It's random at this point. "Enigma, I swear there is food you are not dyeing for the lack."

It definitely catches Vaeslyn's attention, gaze darting to the source as soon as it appears. He looks… slightly more awake, and slightly less preoccupied feeding his own new addition. Little bits of meat are stuffed into Flare's golden mouth; effectively shutting her up. "Here," and he nudges the plate of shredded wherry toward Callipe, because apparently the table she picked was his! And it is definitely occupied. And contains food. "Just start shovin' meat down her throat," is his oh, so helpful and unsolicited advice. A squint and he guesses, "hatched same time, yeah?" and he points to the round-bellied gold looking about ready to fall asleep on the table.

Calliope squints in Vaeslyn's direction, ignoring the fact that she bumped into his table. "Ah. Yeah, think so. I did this with my other but I swear he wasn't nearly as destructive to my eardrums, or my sleep." a brown winds through, not very old himself but he seems intent on snagging his own breakfast. Even if it's off of nearby tables, maybe the training isn't going so great. Calliope doesn't notice, she's too busy stuffing food into the green's mouth. "Calliope, think I saw you the other night. Not real sure, I swear this one is completely off my regular schedule, I'm up all the time now."

Raised eyebrows are Vaeslyn's response, coupled with a glance that passes between the previously shrieking green and then his own new pet, who looks about passed-out by now. "She's not so bad," he remarks, reaching out to draw his index finger down the length of her tiny back. "S'probably cause I'm awake before she is," and he can get a head start on all of that food-mouth-stuffing business. A slow nod of his head comes in agreement with her observation, a verbal, "I was there," following soon after. "It was nice," he offers with a shrug. "Beer was good." And he got a firelizard, so. Winning. "They're kinda like babies, from what I can tell." A little scratch-scratch to the sleeping gold, and then Vaes withdraws his hand. "What do you do?"

Calliope makes another face as she keeps shoveling food towards the green's face. "I was only kind of there, saw the fire on the beach." Enigma gets more food, does she sound less like a destructive wind now? Yes, thankfully. "Yeah, I'm not up yet, I swear she never sleeps." she shifts the green to her other arm and drops into a chair at the table. "Senior Apprentice in the Starcraft, I'm up nights. The sun is still up right now, it's horrible." she might be a vampire if it wasn't Pern and not feasible.

"Oh." Because that kind of explains it, really. Or at least, Vaeslyn is looking a little bit more understanding at Calliope's state of distress. "Herder," is offered for himself. "I'm up with the dawn, so…" totally opposite schedules. He thunks his elbows to the table which, thankfully, does not appear to disturb the sleeping Flare. "Really? Doesn't sleep? This one," and there's another little caress of the slumbering gold, "sleeps all the damn time." At least, once he stuffs her full of food. "Maybe you're just unlucky." Is he teasing? Is he serious? Might be hard to tell, with the deadpan look and flat voice.

Calliope doesn't make much sense, she's still sleeping by all normal standards. "Oh she might sleep, but it's not when I do or we're just not on the same schedule. Argh! He was so much easier." she gestures at the brown that has come winging back to nuzzle into her braids. The mention of dawn earns a wry smile "Sometimes I watch those before I go to bed. Mostly it's too light to see the stars by then, but sometimes I'm still up charting." she eyes Vaeslyn's gold. "Really? I must have some horrible luck, or she's just a daytime sort of firelizard." she yawns again but the stuffing of the green has slowed down. And she totally looks like she might believe him about the unlucky thing, blame the lack of sleep.

"I mean… she wakes up," amends Vaeslyn, peering at Flare briefly before he's checking out the brown that's come in for a visit. "Just, you know… not all the time." He frowns briefly as he considers Calliope and her green. "Maybe she just likes daylight," he echoes, in the kind of voice that says he's trying to help, but knows it's not terribly effective. "Maybe she'll grow out of it?" he offers, in an attempted to console. "Or… I dunno. Have… lots of food on hand for her?"

Calliope holds a hand up as if Vaeslyn has thought of a novel idea. "She doesn't mind the cooked stuff, I'll just have to keep it in the dorm." and hopefully the other apprentices don't mind the daytime smell of cold meat while she sleeps. "Ah! I'll bet I could teach Glyph to feed her… maybe." she strokes the brown on her shoulder as she finishes stuffing the green on her arm. "Maybe it just seems like all the time because I'm trying to sleep then."

Vaeslyn squints toward the brown, and then the green, a dubious expression flitting across his face. "Maybe…?" he offers in a less than encouraging voice. "He was stealin' food from the other plates tho…" cause he definitely caught that, even if he doesn't seem to find it terribly offensive. "Might teach her bad habits." Which would be bad, says his tone of voice. But there's a little bit of a smile that's threatening his expression.

Calliope wrinkles her nose. "Okay so he's got some bad habits. He's learning to hunt on his own, we haven't quite got to the point where he's supposed to catch something that isn't already cooked and plated." she pushes to her feet, yawns again and tucks the green up on her other shoulder. "When I get up I'll find you again, maybe you can help me figure out a better way to get them to listen. I'm working on it you know?" is asked as she sleep stumbles out of the room.

"Me?" Wait, wut? Vaeslyn looks both confused and startled at the suggestion. "I don't know anything about training firelizards," he argues. But even as he says it, there's a drop of his gaze to the slumbering Flare. "Guess I better learn, though." Grump. "Bye… uh," and another squint in her direction, because names were not offered or asked for, "Yeah. Bye. Hope you get some sleep."

Calliope waves by way of acknowledgement as she disappears from the cavern.

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