Runa, Th'res


Runa just moved to the Weyr so naturally she wants a bath. Just hope she wasn't wanting a quiet one..


It is late night of the twenty-eighth day of the eleventh month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Baths, Southern Weyr

OOC Date 07 May 2018 07:00


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The steamy fog of the baths could be an entirely different world, transitioning from the well-lit brilliance of the inner caverns: a different world entirely, one wrought in dreams and humid fog. Steam lifts from hot waters, obscuring those who bathe within, drenching any who dare enter. Well-maintained, well-stocked, the baths offer pre-netted portions of soapsand in various scents, fluffy towels in orderly rows, and five separate spring-fed pools, all of differing temperature: from scorching hot to soothing chill.

Well since his bath earlier was interrupted, Th'res went running and rock climbing in the heat. So now thoroughly soiled he is currently slowly slinking in to the bath with a happy sigh. It is still way to hot on this spring evening but right now clean over rules not being hot. The blue rider is quite happy to just lay there for a bit and relax, as even this late at night most people aren't up and about.

Not most people but here comes Runa. The recent transfer has been moving the last of her stuff in, and rearranging furniture to get it all perfect for both herself, and her lifemate. The bath in her place is messed up a little, and so here she comes to use the public baths instead. With a pack holding her clothes, she enters to strip down, reappearing wrapped in a towel before heading for one of the baths. Imagine her surprise to find someone else here, "Oh.." Well, this is a surprise.

One of these days Th'res is going to get that nice quiet bath to himself. BUT NOT THIS DAY!! The red headed man looks up at the towel wrapped new comer. It takes a moment for Th'res to understand what is going on right now before his ears turn pink and he closes his eyes turning slightly "Evening, guess I am not the only one who has been busy all day!" He reaches for the soap sand and starts to scrub with his back to the woman.

"I am sorry.. if you want the baths to yourself, I can come back later.." Runa offers, her gaze taking in the redheaded guy for a moment before turning away, letting her gaze skim the other pools. "Or I can go to that one over there.." Now there's no steam from it, so she might get a might rude awakening if she stepped in to find it ice cold!

Th'res waves off the apology as well as confirm any suspicions she had about the other pool saying "If you go in there, you will freeze and catch a summer cold or worse. I don't own the baths and you have just as much right to be here as I do." He turns his head keeping his eyes closed but gives her a warm if not tired smile "I am Th'res rider to blue Jedameth of Lynx wing, are you new to the Weyr?"

"Oh, well thank you for that warning. I'd rather keep my body parts where they are, and not end up sick." The young woman offers with a hint of a chuckle, edging over to the bath that likely near the one he occupies. Not too warm, not too cold. Dropping the towel, she quickly steps in, taking a seat beneath the water. Hearing the introduction, she ohs, "Runa, rider of blue Sheroth, transferred in from Telgar." A sigh escapes her then as she sinks inot the water, laying her head against the back for a moment. Ah, yes, this will work.

Th'res nods and goes back to scrubbing "Well then welcome to Southern, have they put you in a wing yet?" Because he is just feeling nosey at this point, he also adds "Just a heads up, there was a leadership flight so at least a green or two will be raising in a little while, if that is an issue for you." Cuz the first egg knows it is for this blue rider!!!

"Oh, yes.. Serval, it looks like?" Runa offers, her eyes still closed as she just soaks for a little bit. A few muscles sore from moving things around in her new weyr. "Ah, yes, leadership flights. Always fun, hmm?" At least she's gotten a few turns in as a rider to not be quite so nervous as he. Cracking one eye, she peers over at him, "Not an issue for me, but… you okay about it?" Curious, yes.

Th'res shrugs "Oh I am fine with it, Jed will either chase or he won't." He dives under the water to scrub his hair before coming back up and resting in the warm water "So why the change of location? from Telgar I mean?" Yes he is changing the subject, no more blushing today for this boy.

He's got her curious, yep, and his artful - or not so artful - way of dodging the question, has Runa chuckling softly. Shifting to where she might be closer to where he bathes in his pool, she shrugs, "I wanted to get away from my family. Parents are both riders at Telgar. Most of my siblings are there as well. Just needed… to get away?" Not many can understand that need.

Th'res nods and grins "well you came to the right place, plenty of people runing from something here. and lots of places to hide or find yourself." He starts to scrub his hair keeping up the small talk "If you get a chance you should go to the Barrier. There are many many interesting things to find up there.." he blindly starts feeling around for wash cloth as he seems to have gotten soap in his eyes..

"The barrier?" Runa asks of him as he brings it up, though when he begins to search for the cloth, she moves in closer to pick it up and place it in reach of his searching fingers, "Here it is.." Of course, there may well be a peek into his pool, a brow raised upwards slightly before she looks away again. "You come here running from something then?" She dares to ask once she's settled back into place before he finishes rinsing his eyes out, no doubt.

Th'res would be happy he missed the peeking as it would probably create more problems than it is worth. "Thanks.." is his answer to the help as he goes about wiping out his eyes and then rinsing his hair. "Yeah the Barrier Hold, it is part of the Weyr's ride area so you should probably get to know it. Just pack warmly, someday's I think Between is warmer than up there." He is grinning the whole time talking about the cold frozen place "They got a great little cafe up there called the Klah Bark, is good stuff." He looks back over at Runa "Oh I didn't run, I was stationed here, well at the Barrier first then down here after I got my Journeyman Knot. I was a Minecrafter before Jedimeth decided to take my five turn plan and toss it out the window."

There's a time and place to tease a person, and for Runa, this isn't it. Now, if she gets to know Th'res better, then you can count on the teasing to come! All in good time, as they say. Listening, she tilts her head, soon to open her eyes and look back in his direction, "Oh? Sounds nice. I figure one thing I might miss about home is the cold at times.." So now she knows there's a place she can get a taste of it whenever she wants, without running into family! Chuckling, she hmms, "Beastcraft myself. Until Sheroth. Funny how they like to ruin all your plans, hmm?" Ah, yes, there's that happiness of having a lifemate in her voice, something he can share with, right?

Th'res nods and grins "yeah they do, and Jed is probably the nosiest of them all." he says before he closes his eyes, but as with all things in this young mans life, the universe listens. Bright plastic-like colors dance into the minds of those nearest the redheaded rider, on the waves of the lights dance blocky looking birds and maybe fish as the overly excited voice thunders around « TH'RES, TH'RES!!! I FOUND SOMETHING AWESOME!!! » an image of a surprisingly great detail for a dragon on his own is quickly built out of those strange multicolored blocks and shared. It is of a scraggly feline that looks to never had a bath in its little life curled up on a shirt and possibly a pillow. « ZYNTH SAYS IT NEEDS A NAME, BUT IT WON'T TELL ME WHAT KIND OF NAME IT WANTS!! BUT LOOK AWW IT IS CUTE… WAIT WHY IS IT LICKING ME… WAIT THAT IS NICE… THIS IS AWESOME!!! »

Thankfully, Runa doesn't have to worry about such loud intrusions in her mind from her lifemate beyond that first week or two when Sheroth was getting the hang of the bond between them. To have her mind blasted by this unknown voice, surprises her, to say the least. Eyes widen, and she looks to Th'res when his name comes across so well. Surprise fades to merriment, and she giggles softly, trying to hide it as the dragon shares the image of the feline and what goes on next. Awwww.

Th'res just sighs loudly and gives Runa an apologtic smile before » I will check it when I get home, but you have to watch it and be calm until I as you to come and get me. « There is some sort of acknowledgement on the other end. Th'res pinches the bridge of his nose and exhales saying to Runa "sorry about that, he is usally good at not bombarding people, but well sometimes he forgets when get overly excited."

There's another giggle given, though as he speaks to his dragon, Runa nods her head in understanding. "Well, if you want, I could come and check it out with you? I /am/ a Beastcrafter? Make sure the little thing is okay if you're going to keep it?" IT did look a little scraggly in that image, right? "But if you have someone else to take it to, I understand, just thought I'd offer?"

Th'res blinks at grins at Runa "well I don't actually, I hadn't really thought of what to do with it once I got there.. But I mean if you don't mind I would greatly appreciate it." He goes to stand up to leave but then quickly sits back down in the water, face going a little flush before adding "I mean after your bath of course.."

"I don't mind helping out? And perhaps ease your lifemate's worry about the feline?" Runa offers, only to try not to laugh at his brief rise out of the water before he realizes what he's about to show off. Turning away, she nods, "If you want to get out, I'll follow in a few?" She's at least giving him her back to some degree as she reaches for a cloth on the side of her pool. She won't peek, promise!

Th'res nods though she can't see it and is put of the bath as soon as she has turned around. Quickly dressing, he grins and calls "I will meet ya in the Bowl" and is off, probably to visit the kitchen to get some food for this new found critter. Then will wait for Runa in the bowl before heading off to his ledge..

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