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Dragons pushing people off cliffs is not okay. Wingleader and Rider need to have a chat

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Living Caverns, Southern Weyr

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"D'ex. Are you telling me you can't control your dragon's actions?


Living Caverns

Grand and spacious, the cavern curves high aloft in naturally-vaulted ceiling that soothes any sense of claustrophoba. Rich woods line the cavern floor, varnished and stained a rich mahogany, while round tables scatter about candlelit and intimate. The largest table lies southerly next the sideboard, long trestles that seem oriented to providing for the weyr's youngest. The rich blue of Azov can be seen from a distance in good weather, when the heavy stone doors covering the entrance are allowed to stand open.

It's evening, there's only a handful of people moving about in the lower caverns at this point. Food has been cleared away from the meal tables. If you want anything to eat, better go get some soup from the Nighthearth. But there's klah, and it's hot and plentiful. M'noq is sitting at one of the tables, a stack of files just to his left and a mug of klah to his right, making a few notes in his small, precise handwriting.

It is the agile green that appears first, zipping in and circling the cavern before settling on M'noq's table and streaching. She hops up on to one of the stacks of piles and sits down as if she owns it. It is moments later that her bonded enters, looking far more disoriented than Lady, but locating the pair of them and approaching. The bluerider is disleveled, off of sweeps for a few hours now, but looking as if this where not the case. Red hair a mess, riding leathers on and lacking his customary sword at his hip. D'ex stops short of M'noq's table and salutes, "Sir."

M'noq looks up as the firelizard lands on his table, giving it a bit of the hairy eyeball. "I don't have any food for you, and I don't think you drink klah," he tells her. When D'ex arrives, though, he waves the man over. "D'ex. Good to see you. Have a seat. You want some klah?" He waves a hand toward a pitcher and some fresh klah mugs that are already set out. "I want you to tell me what Zynth thought he was doing."

Lady blinks at M'noq and streaches out on his papers, flopping down into a londging and yawns, apparently uninterested if there was no food. D'ex will shake his head at the offer of klah, but he will sit. The man is tense and on edge, loosening the top few straps of his jacket. There is no immediate awnser at the question, just a frown, "I was actually hoping you might be able to tell me what he thought he was doing. I can't seem to get a straight awnser. He saw it as genuinely fair. He said he warned her, and comforted her afterwards, and that he was no longer angery with her. I'm afraid that it is my memories that gave him the idea that Dragons can potentially harm humans, though when I asked him to swear not to do it again, he got mad." D'ex offers a shrug, one hand rising to rub his temple, "And I had to hike back here. I'm sorry I'm late. He dumbed me."

M'noq arches his brows at this, genuinely surprised. "D'ex. Are you telling me you can't control your dragon's actions? Because there are a load of consequences to that, and very many of them will be unpleasant for you as well as me. Not to mention, Zynth." Though this look of surprise turns to puzzlement as he thinks over the man's other statements. "What do you mean, he 'warned' her and 'comforted' her? He was… talking with her directly?" He's genuinely puzzled at this.

"I am not saying that. I'm saying that he rarely gives me reason to do so. He didn't give me much chance this evening." D'ex sighs tiredly. He too frowns at M'noq's puzzlement, "What do you mean? Yes, he was. I guess you have no way of knowing, but Zynth has a collection of indiduals that he takes interests in, Talya is one of those. He likes to bring them gifts sometimes, or just hang out with them. A few months ago, she offended him. He took it very personally. I think she made him feel like she was treating him like an animal or something. I don't know, I wasn't there, but I think it was his way of proving to her that dragons are more than that? I don't know. I think Zynth's Collecting people is his version of Searching people? It's the same sort of thing. We don't Search, but he had been talking to her, apologized for his actions, then pushed her off. Then he went and caught her and tried to calm her down again. And she got mad, rightly so. But he still doesn't think he is did anything wrong." D'ex sighs agian, "He keeps saying that he had everything underconrol and she was never in any danger?"

M'noq just watches D'ex's expression as the man tells this story, his expression unreadable. "D'ex. How connected do you feel to your lifemate? Is this an issue of Zynth isn't getting attention from you, so he's going to other people? For a dragon to put a person's life in danger is… highly unusual. I've never heard of it before. Most dragons will flat out refuse to harm people. Their purpose is to protect Pern and it's inhabitants. I don't understand why he would be fooling around by putting someone in danger like that."

This has D'ex going tense again. He doesn't reply right away, and when he does, his eyes are focused on a point of the wall beyond M'noq, his tone tight and proffessional, words careful and slow. "Zynth …is very in tune with my memories. And my only memories of Dragons before being Searched where …very negative. And while it might be unusual, my first memories of dragons where a long time ago during the kidnapping of a lordling. Dragons then where trying to protect, but they where …violent toward humans. Sunk boats. And then later, they where burning ships while people where on them. I realize that this is not normal. But from Hatching, Zynth has walked my memories and mind better than I can. And while it has not occured to me before, it is possible he has a warped veiw of what 'normal' is."

"I see," M'noq says. He is quiet for a moment, picking up his mug and taking a thoughtful sip, his eyes not leaving D'ex's face. "Well. Here's what you're going to do. I need you to go to a mindhealer to try to get this straightened out. Because it's your responsibility to get Zynth straightened out. And until you can do that, you won't be flying Thread. But I may put you on double sweeps, because I think you and Zynth need to spend more time together." He finishes off his klah, then stacks up his files in preparation to head out. "Any questions?"

D'ex doesn't move. His little green firelizard perks up at M'noq's movement, as if he might have stuck some food in that klah cup while she wasn't looking. No luck apparently. D'ex's face has settled into a flat, neutral expression usually only saved for poker games, but now he will finally look back at M'noq and nod once, "Yes sir. No questions. I will shift my flights to sweeps." He watches M'noq, one hand rising to his firelizard and Lady will reluctantly abandon her perch and flop mellowdramatically into D'ex's hand. "Thank you sir. Though, when I do work this out, may I make a request? I do not particularly like Zynth collecting people. Next cycle, can we be put on Search? I think he would be good at it."

M'noq just makes a noncommittal noise. "Let's put that aside for now, and perhaps we'll come back to it," he says. "I'm going to mention this to Mayte and Amani, as well. Perhaps Rhiscorath and Zymuraith would be able to help. In the meantime, talk to your dragon. Spend time with him. Pretend you're back in your weyrling days, bonding. Try to sort out these issues." He sighs. "D'ex. I believe you and Zynth have the potential to be a good pair. But I need to be able to trust that you'll have good judgment, and Zynth will listen to you. Do you understand me?"

D'ex doesn't look away this time. "He asked me to ask." D'ex doesn't want to do Search, but he will nod a thanks. Do Golds help Perception? It's not something D'ex has put much thought into, but again he will nod. "I understand. I will do that." For a moment, he almost continues, but will bite back the words and just nod for a third time, "Thank you sir. We will."

M'noq picks up his files and slings his bag over his shoulder. "That's good to hear. Let's meet up again tomorrow. Maybe whenever your meal break is, between sweeps. Th'res will get you a schedule." He leaves the empty klah mug with the dirty dishes, nods to D'ex, then heads out.

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