Divale, Ryott


Divale was probably out by the crater lake to relax, but then Ryott had to come along and ruin it.

Drug use at the very end, not very explicit.


It is sunset of the first day of the eighth month of the fifteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Crater Lake, Igen Weyr

OOC Date 26 Nov 2018 05:00



"What kind of games are you playing at, girl?"


Crater Lake

Four centuries ago, a chunk of the very comet that drove some Oldtimers forward crashed to the desert near Igen Weyr, collapsing the original inner caverns and breaking through to a new spring that now feeds into Igen's underground aquifer. The result? Beauty from destruction - a long, crystalline lake of brilliant sapphire blue. Sharp sandstone rings the water in jagged peaks, where sparse desert shrubs cling to steep, sandy slopes and reflect darkly on the pristine, mirror-like surface. Out in the midst of the lake, a small island pierces the glassy plane, umber from azure in a near-perfect cone. A startling break in the stark desert and savannah surrounding the Weyr, the crater lake sits like a jewel in the rough - a picturesque, inviting respite from the rough, dry terrain beyond.

It is the thirty-first day of Summer and 105 degrees. It is a bright, sunny day.

There is something alluring about the semi-remote nature of the crater lake and not just the draw of cooling waters on another blistering summer's day. Above, the skies remain clear, even as the sun begins to lower and edge to the very cusp of sunset. Late afternoon sees few souls out here, most already turning back to more populated (and shaded) areas or not yet ready to travel this far. For those not desiring to be easily found, the lake does provide some nooks in which to hunker down in and out of immediate line of view. It's in one of these areas that Divale has settled herself, safely under the natural cast shadows of some rocky outcropping and the helpful bulk of Lukoith lounging above. The dark hued brown is dozing, head resting upon his crossed forearms while his short tail idly flicks back and forth at long intervals of time. As for Divale, she has stripped down to the bare minimal of clothing and from the looks of it, had been swimming at some point from the dampness in the fabric. Most of her limbs are exposed and she currently has most of her legs submerged from the flat rock she's seated herself on by the edge of the shoreline she's "claimed". All in all, her being here is seemingly innocent and perhaps not so out of place.

As soon as Ryott was freed from her afternoon obligations, she sent off her oldest pair of blues to discreetly find where a certain brownrider might be and report back to her. In the meantime, the Zingari girl slipps to the rooftops to retrieve a little something she treats with the upmost care. It's at this point, she gets the first images of Divale and her brown at Crater Lake and grins as she makes haste in that direction. With Discord, her young queen, on her shoulder, she makes good time, her dark grey tank top over baggy shorts keeping her relatively cool, as well as her signature cropped hair cut. Lukoith is a good enough reference for the girl, as Ryott begins to saunter lazily in the brown's general direction, whistling rather tunelessly, but loudly, as she wanders towards the water's edge, acting as if her being there is an act of complete coincidence. Not that she's really expecting Divale to fall for it, but it's fun to play the game nevertheless.

Loud or not, whistling is certainly out of place enough that it won't just be Divale hearing it. Lukoith's eyes open gradually, blinking once as he slowly lifts his head. It's not an aggressive move, but more one of wary curiosity; the same can be said for the low vocalizations he makes and the constant roll of deep throated growling. Divale makes no immediate move to stop the brown from his antics, turning instead so that she can watch as Ryott makes her approach. While she's not exactly glaring daggers at the girl, her gaze is certainly narrowed and her features schooled to a cold neutrality. "You're a long way from home." she'll murmur low and hushed, the moment she's close enough to overhear her. No firelizards are visible, not even on the surrounding rocky terrain and if she had anything else on her person, that too has been secured somewhere else away from the water's edge.

Glancing over as if she wasn't expecting to run into anyone in particular on this little excursion, Ryott tilts her head thoughtfully in Divale's direction before ambling closer to the brownrider, swinging her gaze out over the glassy surface of the lake. Lukoith is eyed wearily for all his growling, but she just squares her frame and continues forward. "Like to get out of the bustle of the Bazaar sometimes, y'know, clear my thoughts and all that," she remarks dryly with a half-hearted shrug of her shoulders. "Actually it's kind of fortunate for me, running into you like this…" she trails off a little to turn her dark, inscrutable, gaze upon the brownriding wingsecond, dropping her voice to a discreet whisper, "I have a touch of business I wanted to see if you might be interested in." Dangling that little bit of bait, she reaches up to idly scritch the underside of Discord's jaw, eliciting a soft croon from the little queen.

"It is still an awful long distance for merely 'clearing your thoughts'," Divale is not so easily won over with Ryott's excuses and likely was always suspicious of the girl's appearance out here. Above, Lukoith's growling has subsided, though he occasionally makes a low, guttural sound and his head now angles towards both of them. Perhaps he is just as intrigued by this 'bait' the girl has come with! Divale, however, doesn't look so impressed and her brows furrow over her eyes which narrow further. "Indeed." she remarks in her driest of tones and eventually cants her head to the side. Following that, her mouth draws into the barest of smirks. "How fortunate you find me with little else occupying my time and in a decent mood to entertain you and this mysterious offer." Sarcasm laces her words, but she will relax much of the tension from her posture as she sighs, brow quirking up. "And?" What is it, that Ryott desires?

She can go on being as suspicious as she wants, Ryott just barely smirks in her direction, no further explanation offered for her appearance so far from her normal stomping grounds. Finding a nearby rock to perch on, Ryott settles, pulling one knee up to her chest, the other left dangling. When Divale seems receptive, for her at least, Ryott leans forward as she starts to dig into her pocket and removes something wrapped in cloth. "I got my hands on something that I think might be worth something to the right buyer. If you're not interested in taking it off my hands, maybe you could point me towards someone who might be," She carefuly unwraps the little package revealing a generous vial of a clear liquid, stoppered with an unbroken wax seal around the top. "I overheard this guy saying it's deleri, or some kind of extract or distillation of it, before I…ahem…relieved him of it," the girl goes on, casually referencing her known, less than legal, passtimes.

Divale remains still while Ryott uncovers that item and any initial interest she may show at the vial is well hidden. When the girl goes on to explain what could be the contents, her eyes widen for a fleeting moment and then narrow dangerously. "What kind of games are you playing at, girl?" she retorts in a near hiss. "The risk alone! And how long have you had it on you? Who else knows?" Yet even as she plays at chiding and disapproving, Divale's eyes have never quite left the vial. Normally she is good at pinning Ryott under her gaze, but the focus has shifted, even if subtly. "… and you don't even know if it is what you claim. Why would you think I'd dare chance that?" Now her eyes lift to meet hers, icy cold and yet heated.

"No games," Ryott answers plainly in the face of Divale's disapproval, continuing to wear her icy mask to betray nothing to the older woman, or at least she hopes. "What risk? I've kept it safe, it's quite well sealed. No one knows…I really hate reminding you of this almost every time we meet, but I know what the fuck I'm doing." Even as her words bear the sting of sarcasm, it's hiding a modicum of defensivenes, as if Ryott is tired of always being doubted for her abilities. To Divale's last, she shrugs with a rough nod of her head head, "I figured you'd ask that. I'm willing to try a tiny bit so you could see for yourself. I just have a really good feeling this is the stuff, the real deal." That's one heck of a hunch to have.

Silence hangs heavy for one lingering second and then broken by the sound of water rippling. Divale is rising to her feet, her movements almost as fluid despite the tension in the air. With much of her skin exposed, Ryott will see a few bruises marring the brownrider's skin; mostly old, some looking fresher. What stands out the most though is the damage to one of her legs, the skin a ruined mess of old Threadscoring that starts shallow near her upper thigh and knee but gradually worsens closer to calf and ankle. Her foot took the brunt of it and it's not hard to notice she's lacking the outer digit; it would've taken her months to recover from such an injury and yet when she steps down from her rock, her balance is even and her strides no less threatening as she aims to close the distance between her and Ryott. "You'd be willing to risk that?" she whispers roughly, mouth curving in to a grim smirk as she stares her down hard. Tempted, perhaps? "The stakes would be high, in volunteering yourself. If what you hold is deliri, there is no telling what you will do under its influence. Why…" And Divale's features soften in a mockery of comforting and gentle, as her hand lifts in an attempt to brush the back of her fingers against Ryott's cheek. "You could spill all you're dearest and cherished secrets to me… and never be aware." She ends it with a low, dark chuckle.

Ryott watches as Divale rises, not a twitch in her posture or expression as the woman moves towards her. Dark eyes do take in the rare sight of the brownrider unfettered by her usual garb, lingering maybe a moment too long on the woman's threadscored leg, but otherwise she doesn't move. When Divale is upon her, she turns her face up defiantly towards the woman, her gaze steady and unwavering. "What's life without a little risk?" she asks, banking on the fact that the brownrider seems at least a little tempted. Gritting her teeth against flinching away as Divale brushes fingers over the girl's cheek, her smirk only deepens, "You assume I have that many secrets to begin with. Maybe I do…Maybe I don't." She holds up the vial temptingly, "But what do you really have to lose one way or another?"

Divale's touch will be surprisingly cold and eerily at that. Her hands were never in the water and while they are under the protection of shade, it's not that cool here either. She does not leave her hand by Ryott's cheek for long. Once the gesture is complete, her hand draws away and she tilts her head, features set to a more predatory smirk before smoothing to neutrality. "Everyone has secrets and you forget that you've never even told me who you really are. There is much I could gain from you," she points out, while Lukoith rumbles deeply in the back, inhaling in another low growl as if agreeing with his rider. He's been listening, but his opinions are kept privately to Divale alone. "I'd rethink your position and think it carefully, Ryott." Her voice carries a patronizing edge, even while using her name and echoed further by how she narrows her gaze again. For a moment, she merely stares back at the girl when the vial is offered in temptation again. "Everything." she whispers darkly and without hesitation.

Try as she might to retain her composure, Ryott shivers slightly against the chill of Divale's touch, her dark eyes flashing a silent warning. When the hand is drawn back, the spyling girl lifts her chin defiantly, dark smirk twisting the corners of her lips upwards. "Or maybe I have told you exactly who I am, and for some strange reason you don't believe me," her sarcastic reply snaps back with bite. Lukoith's rumble and growls are pull her attention for a moment as she takes the time to consider the woman's words. But her mind was made up the moment she made the offer, and to prove this, she pulls a belt knife out and scores along the wax seal of the vial carefully. "Don't think I haven't considered what I'm doing. I figured you wouldn't deal unless you had proof what I'm offering is what I say. Now are we doing this or not?" She asks steadily, catching Divale's gaze with her penetrating dark gaze as she starts to peel the wax away from the stopper.

"No, I don't believe you've told me the truth of who you are," Divale muses in her driest of tones, keeping her gaze focused on the girl despite the defiance coming from her. If anything, that seems to humour her. It's only when she goes ahead and scores the seal off the vial and begins to peel it away from the stopper that she scowls again. Conflicting emotions flicker across her shadowed eyes, too fast to be pinpointed but disapproval rears briefly in the way her jaw sets. She allows a few tense seconds to pass and then her hands will reach out as she attempts to either stop Ryott's from opening the vial further or merely catching her by the wrists. Her hold will be firm, edging towards uncomfortable with an unspoken warning, along with a sharp penetrating stare. "Enough!" she breathes in a gruff whisper, eyes narrowing further as her mouth sets in a grim, hard line. "I told you, I am not willing to entertain the risks." She could be implying the ones to herself, as the area they are in is out of the way but not remote enough.

"After all this time, you'd think you'd have learned something if it was there to learn," Ryott remarks almost casually before she picks off more of the wax with her fingernail, but keeping Divale in her periphery. When the brownrider makes a move towards her, she snatches the vial away from her, tugging instinctively when she feels the hand try to catch her wrist. In one fluid moment, she jumps off the rock she was sitting on and moved behind it to glare in Divale's direction. To some it may be an act of desperation, but Ryott lifts her hand with the vial in it, and pulls the stopper out without a second thought. There's something else in the girl's usual stormy glare, a touch of desperation, or just pure stubborness, it's hard to read. "What risks? Leave me here once you see that it's taken effect. I'll have a friend come once you're gone to fetch me home." After she's had time to sober up of course. "Guess you're not as interested in my secrets as you make out…that hurts. I thought I meant something to you Divale." Her sarcasm is back in full force as she positions her finger, readined to dip in and collect a drop or two of the liquid for cosumption.

Divale's brows furrow deeper, "Not if you guard your secrets wisely, girl." Her retort is without much of an edge to it. She does make a low throated sound of mixed frustration and surprise when Ryott counters her movements, subtly impressed by the girl's reflexes. Of course she's intrigued by her, otherwise she'd have not bothered entertaining Ryott at all; it would be all too easy to force that vial back into her possession and yet here they are! The chance to reclaim it has passed and she hesitated once more on the threshold of truly being the dark creature she makes herself believe to be. Much of what is thrown verbally at her next is not commented upon and Divale will merely step forwards in silent warning and threat once more; but her movements are slow and Ryott will not be warned again to stop. There is only a icy glare from the brownrider, yet it's tinged with something akin to sadness underneath. "You won't be able to summon anyone." she points out, in a final attempt to see if the girl will reconsider her actions. Her words are truths; once Ryott is under the effects her mind will be too chaotic, too confused for even the best trained firelizards to understand and the desert at this time of season can kill even the sanest of hardened travellers.

Ryott is holding her ground even as Divale comes closer towards her, but she knows this game of chicken, or whatever the Pernese quivalent would be, is not going to last long if the brownrider gets up to her. So, inhaling deeply, Ryott stick the bare tip of her finger into the vial, extracting what she hopes is no more than two or three drops on the end of her finger and then immediately brings it to her lips to suckle the tincture off it. Not wasting any time, she stoppers the vial and pulls from somewhere on her person, her fingers moving with considerable speed, a scrap of hide and a stylus. "I'm not stupid, I was never going to wait for it to take affect before sending my note." Bending over the rock she was just sitting on, she scribbles an almost unintelligible note, scribbled handwriting almost not looking like any recognizeable characters at some points, and then silently calling Trouble to her, the blue popping out of between above her. Slipping the note into the message tube he's wearing attached to his leg, she holds him there for a moment before looking at Divale, "There's only one person I trust not to make trouble for me. I will leave your name out of it, and I told them to meet me here in a candlemark, plenty of time for it to take effect and you to get out of here." She waits for Divale's answer, knowing her boldness could have cost her all the trust she's gained, but at this point, the girl has little to lose.

The risks are rising too much in many senses and that note is one piece Divale was not taking seriously enough to start. She visibly stiffens when Ryott begins to scrawl the missive and once Trouble appears, the brownrider acts quickly before the girl can send him away Lukoith will bark-snarl from where he was resting, now bristling with the figurative sense of 'hackles' raised. If that is not enough to spook Trouble off his task and Between, the blue will be hounded and besieged by Divale's own (and mature) gold Mercy, with brown Eidolon and bronze Quixote to flank her, the moment he takes wing. Even in the chaos that Lukoith's presence is likely to cause, Divale will be unaffected and merely in her element as she closes the distance between her and Ryott again. Only this time she will come to loom over the girl, openly glaring in disapproval and yet smirking, as if impressed by her boldness. "I tried to warn you, Ryott and you would not listen. Your brashness and stubbornness is your weakness," she murmurs with a deep sigh. Her dark expression hardly shifts, yet her gaze settles on the girl with a heavy weight to it; almost as much as the silence that follows. "You are so much like my younger self." Wait. What? Divale grimaces and does not linger on that whispered confession as she holds out her hand to Ryott. "Come." It's not a request. "Seeing as you insisted on this foolish path, now we have little time to secure a safe place."

Trouble is no match for the brown looming over him, and with a frightened sqwack he goes between before Ryott's even had a chance to tell him where to go. Discord, who was draped around her humanpet's neck decides she's not sticking around either in the face of Lukoith, and quickly follows suit. Flashing dark eyes in the brown's direction at that, the Zingari girl hrumph's and holds her ground when Divale advances once more on her. Scoffing at the woman's next, she makes sure the vial is stoppered securely and wrapped again in that bit of clothe before disapearing into a pocket, "You're not the first who's said that to me, but I'm still kicking, so it's served me well so far." What follows does take Ryott by surprise, the brownrider comparing her to a younger version of herself was completely unexpected, and Ryott does waver slightly in the face of it. But bringing herself back under control, she nods her head and follows wherever Divale leads.

No apology will be given for Ryott temporarily 'losing' her firelizards. Let it be a hard lesson learned? It stands to reason that the girl wouldn't know that dragons had influence over their smaller cousins. Now she does! Divale isn't leaving, however, and once the girl seems willing to listen long enough to follow in her wake, the brownrider turns away and begins to stride back to Lukoith's side. "There's a place nearby," she explains briskly but she does not move to mount up. Instead she stoops to grab her belongings, quickly dressing again and stowing anything unnecessary. Lukoith will rise to his feet, shaking himself out with a low growl and looking far too smug for his earlier antics; unnervingly, he seems to be watching Ryott closely. "We can make it by foot. He'll provide us cover." No sense for either of them to suffer the still-setting sun's glare if they can help it. With no time to waste, Divale will strike out, making sure that Ryott keeps pace with her. That alone should speak volumes, if the girl is wise enough to pick up on the subtle, unspoken, cues. "Do not make me regret this." she mutters darkly, as part of the mask she wears. Yet even long after they've reached their hiding spot, Divale will stay by Ryott's side until the substance has run its course.

One of the smartest things Ryott has done this whole evening is keeping her mouth shut as she follows after Divale to this more secluded place she knows. Perhaps it's the way that Lukoith is glaring at her that's making her mind her mouth, but she's eerily quiet on the whole walk over even in the face of the brownrider's dark mutters. It's not long after their settled, that the drug seems to start taking effect, turning the girl into a giggling (giggling!?!?) bizzaro version of herself. She watches the rest of the sunset with awe and wonder, swaying a little in her seat as she trails fingers in front of her face. Then the chattiness starts, talking in rapid and sometimes confusing stories. Most are about her time in the bazaar, the cons she's run, the pockets she's picked and purses she's cut. But leaning in to whisper conspiratorily to the brownrider, she murmurs, "I would get into so much trouble if they knew I even had this in my possession y'know. It's totally against the rules for us. But I wasn't dumb and hid that shit in the wagon where they could find it. Nope, I'm smarter than that me." she tries to tap the side of her nose, but misses terribly. Soon she's sprawled out like a starfish, looking up at the stars, wide eyes with pupils fully dialated as she is awestruck by whatever she's seeing.

To some degree, Divale is relieved that Ryott is handling the dosage well. She'd seen the effects on a girl not much younger than her once and while similar… one can never be too sure. Remaining close, she will be silent while the girl rambles; much of it is ignored but there are a few tidbits there that she plucks and stores away in her head for future use. It could be that some of her assumptions have been partially validated too and that would explain the wry smile curving Divale's lips. That or she feels secure enough to let some of her masks slip while Ryott is under the influence. Easy enough to dismiss as 'hallucinations' later if questioned about it! "You've a long way to go." Will be one of the few comments Divale mutters; which is her way of saying Ryott is far from 'smart' at the moment but who is she to argue? That she willingly remained by her side, however, says much more. When duty comes calling, Divale briefly entertains the idea of fabricating a lie in order to dodge, uncomfortable with the idea of leaving her here alone. Self preservation wins out however and with too many risks piling up with her weaving such a complex web on the fly, Divale will see to it that Ryott is well provisioned and secure; the effects should be reaching their peak and coming down. Then she and Lukoith will leave, returning to the Weyr and leaving little to no trace of themselves behind; only Mercy remains,perched out of the way, in silent vigil but no threat.

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