Calliope, Elonoora, Alyna


Elonoora is kind enough to share her picnic of delectable baked goods with Calliope and Alyna


It is afternoon of the twenty-fifth day of the ninth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Clearing, Southern Weyr

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"Why do you think I brought a whole basket? Nothing seems to summon company more than 'free food'. Want some?"



The rise from sea to Weyr is made serene by a charming road winding sand-trodden from beach below to stonecut entrance above. The path wanders among a surprisingly green valley where purple flowers bloom in charmingly unfettered profusion. The meadows themselves are often in high demand as picnic areas, for dragons are not allowed to land in the narrow valley itself. No trees nor cliff lies near to shadow the clearing, however, and the intensity of sun can be unbearable for those not familiar with the humid drench of Southern's summers.

It's another great day here at Southern, or at least the weather is. Spring, 80 degrees and all sorts of sunny. It would seem that a certain someone is not having such a great day, regardless of how nice the weather is. Calliope is wandering the field, crouching down and rifling through the grass before moving on to another spot. It appears the young woman has lost something and is not having the least little bit of luck finding it. "Shard it!" is muttered as she yet again comes up empty handed from digging in the grass. "Where could I have dropped that thing." this said a bit louder, but still as if she's muttering to herself.

One of the great things about working in the kitchens means having access to ALL the goodies before they can get consumed by the ravenous masses in the living caverns. Sometime during her shift, Elonoora made sure to tuck away enough to fill a smaller basket and now she's fleeing anywhere food related before the late lunch crowd turns into early dinner and what note. The baker didn't even take time to remove her flour dusted apron in her flight out towards somewhere, but she's definitely not going to set a world record for speedwalking. By the time she gets to the clearing, the apprentice is huffing and puffing a bit and her pace slows to basically a crawl which gives her plenty of opportunity to watch Calliope's searching before getting too close. "You know… lost things are always found in the last place you look. That's what my foster mom always told me anyways." The 'helpful' advice is offered with a bit of a grin once there's no more than a few paces distance between the two girls.

What would a greenrider be doing lying among the pretty purple flowers on another fine Southern day? Who knows what brings Alyna there, but she is obvously deep in thought as her head is cushioned on one crooked arm. It's only when there is muttering nearby that the woman lifts her head to look around before her pale blue eyes rest on Calliope. "Whatcha looking for?" she calls loudly as she sits up and pulls her knees to her chest. Then the apprentice baker is spied and nodded towards as her lips smirk as she bandies about an old addage. With a snort, Alyna replies, "That's because you don't keep looking once you find something."

Calliope pauses in her search at the sound of the huffing and puffing of Elonorra and plants her hands on her hips. "Argh!" is muttered before she throws up her hands and goes back to looking. Perhaps she's not very good at finding things in the first place, at least on the ground, seeing as Alyna was here all along and she missed it until the greenrider speaks up. "Haven't seen a metal bit about this size and has sprockety things on it?" she makes a gesture, turning to show Elonoora too. "Somehow lost it off of my hand telescope last night when I was up here."

Elonoora jumps a bit when suddenly there's a greenrider rising out from the flowers. The apprentices can both blame all those flowers over there for the oversight, right? El just gives a bit of a shrug for the older woman's snort. "Depends on what exactly you lost. If it was something like… a rabbit, you might want to keep looking if you lost it for any amount of time. Could end up finding even more." But alas, it wasn't anything moving that appears to be lost. The baker looks slightly disappointed to find out it was just a piece of sprockety things and dubious as she looks around the meadow that appears just a bit over grown. "Good luck? Hopefully a firelizard didn't make off with it."

It's totally the long grass and the tall flowers that obscrured the petite greenrider from the two apprentices. Alyna offers the pair of younger woman a bright smile as she leans back, bracing herself on her hands. "Yeah, I'm with Elonoora here, it's it's metal and even the tiniest bit interesting, likely a firelizard has made off with it." she says with a shrug of her shoulders. "Is it terribly expensive?" she queries, maybe considering if it's worth her time to help Calliope to look for it.

Calliope glares at the ground for another few minutes as both the Elonoora and Alyna give her the news it's likely gone. She grits her teeth and looks as if she might be contemplating hoping up and down in a show of a hissy fit worthy of a toddler. She reins it in though, gallantly even. "Grah, more annoying than anything and my Master is going to be giving me extra work for not keeping better care of my instruments." she glances at the trees around the clearing "Probably wouldn't have found it if they hadn't made off with it anyway." realizing she might have seen the two around before but doesn't actually 'know' them she offers her name. "Calliope. Thanks for the advice, better than wasting more time I guess. Just so aggarvating."

You know who has had enough walking? Elonoora for one! And since this looks as good a place as any, the baker pulls out a blanket from the top of the basket and unfurls it with a bit of a flourish. One dirt free sitting spot, served right on up. She takes a seat and makes sure to smooth her skirts out after doing so. "When don't masters find more work anyway?" She'll just give a bit of a dismissive shrug with that. "Elonoora. I guess we just keep opposite hours. Haven't seen much of you around the dorms?" And as for that blanket, it's more than large enough to share if anybody else was needing a seat. She doesn't look like the sort to bite random passerbys all willy nilly.

Alyna nods along with the girl's explanation, remaining where she is, her head tilted up towards the warm rays of the sun as she lets her eyes close. "Well that's some shitty luck, but hey it happend. Maybe you should get a little nuisance of your own to help you keep track of these things, they can be quite useful if trained correctly." she'll offer in a breezy manner…maybe a little too breezy. At the other girl's introduction she offers a little wave, "Alyna, green Haquith's. Well met Starcrafter." before turning her gaze in the direction of the baker to see what she's up to. When she sees Elonoora setting up her picnic, she can't help a hearty chuckle. "You know, a picnic is great with company." her smile widening over the memory of a picnic date she had enjoyed rather recently in the company of one swarthy bluerider.
Calliope might have a bit of a temper (see hissy fit) problem but she seems easy enough over it as well. "I'll just worry about it later, maybe I can trade one of the others for a spare. " that or food makes everything better, especially food from someone wearing an apron and looking like they know their way around a fire. "Yeah I'm usually out at night mostly, but I'm told I need to expand my horizons. Which I hadn't planned at the moment but look, expanding away." Alyna's mention of getting a nuisance of her own receives a hmmm "That could work, maybe I'd get one that was neater than me or I have no idea. Some of them are neat right? Mostly I just see them flying around or sunning themselves."

If the saying never trust a skinny baker is true, Elonoora is probably pretty trustworthy. And the fact that she's pulling out a few golden brown hand pies from the basket is certainly only helping to establish her credentials, along with that baker's knot on her shoulder if it's not completely covered in flour from the earlier work. At Alyna's comment, she grins. "Why do you think I brought a whole basket? Nothing seems to summon company more than 'free food'. Want some?" This is offered to both the women present along with a wave towards the basket. She takes a few bites of her pie before piping in with her own limited knowledge about firelizards. "Some are finicky? And want to get scrubbed and oiled the moment anything dirty touches their hides. Others could care less. But if you're hoping to get a firelizard to be a drudge for you… well, better you than me." There might be a reason why despite living in two Weyrs, she still hasn't gotten a flying stomach for herself.

Alyna raises an eyebrow in the direction of the starcrafter as she shakes her head, "I can only speak for my one, but she had to be trained to be useful, so I'm not sure one would be helpful naturally. But she does fetch and carry things for me, as well as deliver messages. Handy little creatures." Is the greenrider talking up firelizards a little bit much? Maaaaybe… But then Elonoora is offering the sweet summons of free food and that's her cue to bounce up to her feet and saunter over to the baker and her basket of goodies. "What a kind and generous offer, how could anyone refuse?" she lays it on a little thick with a hearty chuckle as she kneels down on the blanket and selects one of those intensely apetizing hand pies. "All your own work?" she asks as her eyes wander to the basket and what else might be in there.

Calliope doesn't take too long to settle onto the blanket in a crosslegged position. "Smells good" is offered with a bit of a smile, almost absently she runs her hands across the grass at the edge of the blanket. It would be great if her sprockety thing just popped up, ah wishful thinking. "Finicky huh? I mean I guess anything can be. I had a feline once, she just kind of did her own thing and found me when it was time to eat." she rolls a shoulder, leaning back on her hands. "I agree with Alyna, you made all this? Maybe I should have been a baker…" then she shakes her head. "Nah, I'd have scarred myself for life. I know it."

Elonoora has a tiny bit of modesty tucked away somewhere, really. But it's definitely hidden far away as she gives the others a very proud grin. "Well, thanks, but I can't take credit for all of it, but I did make the best bits. One of the pies with a herdbeast and turnip filling… and then another with some spiced wherry mix. And if you dig way down in the basket you'll find some citrus cupcakes." How she stored them without getting the icing squished is a mystery for whoever digs into the basket to find out. "I mean, felines and firelizards are kind of similiar? If you don't train the feline to work, it'll just get in the way and steal things its not supposed to."

"Well they are definitely more useful than felines." Alyna scoffs as she takes a dainty bite of her pie to reveal the filling, humming her approval as she chews. "Ohhh, I think I got the spicy wherry." she exclaims as she sucks in cool air, "That's good." And she'll take another thoughtful bite before she returns aghain to the subject of firelizards, shaking her head at the baker apprentice's assertions, "A firelizard is vastly more intelligent than a feline, and more comforting as well. And they go between to do their business, so the muckiness is kept to a minimum." the greenrider is once more quieted as she takes another large bit of her pie.

Calliope sets about enjoying the pie that she's managed to snag. A decent sized nibble is taken and she mmmms "Herbeast and if that's turnip you're my new favorite baker. I usually /hate/ turnips!" a bit of juice is licked off the side of the pie as she considers the conversation about feline vs firelizard "Oh that bit about going between for their business is great, I always hated the sand box cleaning, sometimes I think she did it just outside of the box for spite." Elonoora gets a gesture with the pie "This is awesome."

"It's a special turnip," Elonoora lets out a stage whisper towards Calliope. "But just hits the spot. Especially when you roast 'em and add some butter and oregano. And well, apparently the farmers crossed that with a cabbage or something." As for the root of her rhutabaga secret, she just gives a shrug. What matters is, its tasty and has that pretty golden color. And she blinks at the topic of feline business comes up. "You didn't just like… keep a window open for them to go out and do their thing?"

Alyna raises an eyebrow in Elonoora's direction as she explains about the special turnip, but the greenrider if highly skeptical. "You'r pulling my leg? How can farmers cross a turnip and a cabbage? Those are two very different vegetables." she says with all the wisdom of one who knows nothing about how these things are done. Turning back to Calliope, she finally comes out with it, "If you're interested, I still have a few eggs left from my gold's last clutch." the reason for talking up the little greedy guts is quite apparent as she turns to look at Elonoora, offering it to both of them.

Calliope stares at meat pie with interest. "Truly?" she shakes her head with amusement "I can show you lots of things in the sky? But mostly we keep watch, and track things that need tracking you know?" the pie is finished in a few bites, apparently searching for things makes you hungry. Then she actually realizes what Alyna has just said and she arches a brow. "Really? I mean, you'll help me teach it right? Because I've never done something like that before, but I'd like to try."

Elonoora is distracted from Alyna's question and really anything else as a young blue dragon arrives from between not too far over head and bugles out a visitor's welcome to the watch dragon. "That's not a Southern dragon…" She sounds awfully sure of it before the dragon lets out his bugle but once that sound is out, she's jumping to her feet. "No'lan!" Then a brief nod to Alyna and Calliope before she gets too far. "I uhh… that's my brother. Enjoy the pies and I'll just come back for the basket later!" But for now, she's going to practically jump her way down towards the beach where the Telgar pair seem to be heading.

Alyna is just about to reply to Calliope's questions when Elonoora takes off like a shot and she is just left chuckling in her wake as she eyes the baker's basket as she says with a smile, "It would be so sad if they went to waste." she says magnanimously before she gets to her feet and walks back over to where she was laying among the flowers and plucks up a pack that was laying hidden in the tall grass. Carrying it over carefully, she kneels back down on the blanket as she opens the pack and inside are a couple of clay pots with tight fitting lids. Apparently the greenrider has come prepared to foist her nuisances-to-be on unsuispecting seacrafter apprentices. Carefully removing one pot she hands it to the younger woman, "Just keep it somewhere warm, and turn it regularly so that it heats evenly. It should hatch in a seven or so, but that's only a guess." And then the greenrider will finish her spiced wherry-filled pie. Belatedly she adds with a noncommital shrug, "I suppose I could help you train it."

Calliope is licking the juice off of her fingers from her pie, she can't help it. It's like a snack after a pie. Don't mind her anyway, but then Elonoora is taking off and she just stares "Man, I didn't think she could move that fast, maybe it's because she's going downhill." she shakes her head and digs down into the abandoned basket with interest. "Wonder what else… " she trails off, distracted by the site of Alyna and her little pot which she's handed. "Oh, really?" the lid is opened and she dusts off the sand a little to see the egg. "Warm, turn it and baby firelizard at the end." she takes a deep breath. "I can do that, yeah… then food right? Everybody knows that, just feed them until they're full… "

Alyna snickers brightly at Calliope's comment about the baker apprentice and running downhill. "I'm sure it helps." she says with a shrug. Also leaning forward she finally spies those citrus cupcakes that are so beautifully frosted and she can't help herself as she reaches in to pluck one out. "This looks amazing." she exclaims as she takes one bite and mumbles softly through the crumbs, "Shards that is deadly!" her eyes rolling back in bliss. "You need to try one." she says as she holds her hand in front of her mouth to not be too rude. When her mouth is finally clear, she will go back and answer Calliope's previous question. "That's pretty much it, just stuff em full, fresh meat is better."

Calliope says, "She seems nice though, that's always a plus. Honestly she's probably nicer than I am from what it seems." with a shrug of her shoulders. The pot is placed next to her on the blanket ever so carefully, and she makes just sure that it doesn't tip over. Her eyes light up at the cupcake that Alyna draws out "I think she needs to be my new best friend." is muttered as she reaches for one of those glorious citrus cupcakes. A finger is drawn through the icing and she licks it off and mms "Oh yes, very most definitely. I can't even boil water properly. " back to the egg "Fresh meat, I can do that I guess. I'm sure I can.""

"I might fight you for the priviledge." Alyna says about the position of Elonoora'a next BFF before she finishes devouring the citrus cupcake, licking the icing from her lips. "That is almost better than sex." she says rather bluntly as she brushes the crumbs of her fingers before pushing herself to her feet once more, grabbing up her pack and slinging it over her shoulder, "Anyway, just let me know if you need any help when that one hatches." she says with a friendly wave as she saunters off down towards the beach, obviously having very important rider things that need doing right that minute.

Calliope has now been stranded with a basket full of goodies and her very own future firelizard. Missing sprockety thing is moving farther down on her list of things to worry about. "We can share, it'll be great. I'll show you the best places to have nighttime picnic under the starts." is called out as the rider heads off with her bag.

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