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Two Zingari women bond over a mutual friend they share.


It is afternoon of the twenty-eighth day of the sixth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Caravan Grounds, Igen Weyr

OOC Date 18 Mar 2018 04:00


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"You mean, Daenerys is the father? Wow…."


Caravan Grounds

Deep grooves in the hard packed earth criss-cross a large patch of denuded ground, bearing mute testament to the caravans that frequent this area. Despite the midden holes set back a ways from the main center of traffic, the air is sweet, redolent with the sagebrush that forms a loose perimeter around the flattened expanse. In what is as close to its center as the vague boundaries suggest, a stone ringed fire pit has been dug and surrounded with the odd log or two, ash overflowing from its darkly blackened core.

It is the twenty-eighth day of Summer and 105 degrees. Rukbat's heatwave has not yet let up, gripping Igen in its tight fist. Escape the heat!

Reveka probably shouldn't be outside, it's too hot, but since the Zingari's return to Igen, she's been living in A'l and Igraine's Weyr, and hiding in it. She's a bit stir crazy now and has risked a venture to the caravan grounds, dressed in a light summer dress that drapes in an empire waist from under her breasts and over the swell of her pregnancy. A pregnancy her parents have yet to forgive her for and one she still is on the rocks about, even though she loves this baby, she can't be sure if she's the right choice for it and so, the foster plans are still in place. She sighs and lays a hand over her belly. "Oh little one, what a mess we're in Huh?" A slight frown for that before Reveka makes her way to the cook fires. Something smells delicious.

Echo is already at those cook fires, wandering around the various offerings but wrinkling her nose up at the strong food smells which bring a vague wave of nausea washing over her. Idly she wonders if it is that stomach bug she had just gotten over when they left the Steppes. She has been ok for over a sevenday now, and she'd heard others complaining of the same bug, so she didn't think much of it. As she finally turns away, deciding against food for the moment, she spies the dancer girl, and smiles warmly, "Oh hello!" Even though she has never been formally introduced, she has seen the girl around camp. Well this new and improved Echo is going to rectify that right now. "I don't think we've been properly introduced. I'm Echo." And she hold a slender hand out towards the younger woman.

Having been sequestered (read: hiding) for the better part of her pregnancy, it's surprising when she finds someone is addressing her all of a sudden. Jumping just a little, Reveka smiles at Echo and offers her own hand in greeting. "Hello. Bloody hot isn't it?" As if to accentuate her words, Reveka swipes her hand across her forehead and goes for the juice offered at the food tables, because now that she's near the curry it smells disgusting.

Echo blinks a little bit at having her introduction ignored, but the girl does look like she has other things on her mind so she'll be helpful and offer, "You're Reveka, aren't you? I think we have a friend in common.." she smiles softly at the pregnant girl and chuckles lightly at the comment on the weather, "It really is, I think I got used to being back home.
Although, I was starting to miss the desert by the end. It's become home too." This is said with a sweet sigh and a slight shrug of her shoulders. As she watches Reve go for some juice, she decides on a glass of water for herself. "How much time do you have left?" she says as she takes a sip to try and settle her stomach.

Reveka looks a bit embarrassed, had the girl introduced herself? Oh, Faranth, she had. "Aye I am, sorry about that, the good was smelling a bit off the closer I got." Nice save Reve. "What friend would that be?" Reveka is wracking her pregnancy addled brain, she's seen Echo around, but doesn't remember if they've ever really bumped into one another. "Are you Kheeriin then? Oh! I remember you now, you're Tallel's cousin right?" As to Echo's last line of questioning well… "About eight or ten sevens left, according to my healer."

"I am, my name's Echo." Echo repeats, catching on that maybe the pregnant girl hadn't heard her the first time. "And the friend would be Daenerys. He worked with me as 'punishmemnt' for being involved in that fight right before Turn's End. So we struck up a friendship of sorts. Well before he was hauled off as a Candidate anyway. I hope he's doing well. I'm glad we're back in time for the Hatching though. I'm excited to see that." Look at the chatty Echo over here. Or maybe she is rambling a little bit with a case of mild nerves. As the younger woman's last she nods thoughtfully but doesn't pry any further into talk over her condition.

Reveka tries to commit Echo's name to memory but is totally side tracked when Daen's name comes up, a bright blush staining her cheeks the second it's heard. Reveka's hand moves to her belly and it's her time to look nervous, and maybe just a little heart sick. "Daenerys is a good one to have as a friend. I'm glad too hear he has more." Reveka goes a bit quiet after that, stopping at her juice slowly and thoughtfully.

Echo wonders at what she could have said to cause the reaction she sees on the younger woman's face and she looks worried that she's said the wrong thing. But when she makes her comment about Daenerys, Echo feels it safe enough to nod along with that sentiment. "That he is." Hoping a change of subject might relieve whatever it was she said. "So what are you doing these days? I remember you dancing at Willa's birthday."

Reveka waves at her belly and chuckles, though the sound has no real mirth in it. "Not dancing much now. These days I pretty much sleep and eat and cuss the heat." Now there's some laughter, but it falls short compared to Reveka's usual laugh. "And you? You're the farrier right?" Reveka is trying to remember as much as she can about Echo now that she knows she's Tallel's cousin.

Echo bobs her head genially, "That sounds like a rough life to me. I need to keep busy." she smiles warmly, her brown eyes on the younger woman. "I am the farrier indeed. I also do more general herder work as needed." She then realizes that the two of tehm are standing there in the heat and she gestures to a nearby table, "Listen to me, chewing your ear off and you standing there like that. Do you want to sit? I will gladly fetch whatever you want. I have some time before my next client."

Reveka nods. "Let's do sit, thank you, but I don't need anything right now. I thought I was hungry… the smell of that curry told me otherwise." Reveka moves to sit and ponders Echo's first for a moment. "It is rough, but only because I'm bored and missing this one's father…" Reveka heaves a sigh of relief once seated and sips at her juice once more. "I'm glad to be home, amongst the familiar though. Being away was fun but there's something about Igen that's just home." And perhaps, the chance to see her cat like man….er… friend.

Echo sits across from Reveka and places her glass of water down in front of her. "Maybe it wasn't just you, nothing smelled good to me etiher. But I'm fighting off a stomach bug at the moment so that could be why too." she says as she takes another sip of the water. "Is the father not a Trader?" Echo asks at the pregnant woman quizzically at her talk of missing him. At her last though, she just smiles softly, and reaches up to touch the pendant hanging from the chainmail necklace at her neck. "I know what you mean. I have become quite attached to Igen myself." her tone is wistful as she sighs blissfully.

Reveka sighs. "No he's a trader, he's just caught up in candidacy and I won't let him ruin his chances to come home." If that doesn't give a few clues… Reveka drinks some more and wipes her brow of sweat. "Is there something going around? Should I be worried?" The last think Reveka needs is to fall ill while with child.

A trader Candidate? Like Daen? It doesn't take Echo long to put together the glaringly obvious clues as she gasps softly, "You mean, Daenerys is the father? Wow…." the herder says softly as she takes in that little tidbit of information and processes it for now. "That's some news. I can't imagine how he'd take that." Shaking her head softly, she then processes the second part of that. "Well it was either a bug or some food poisoning, I heard some other people complain about it too. I have been feeling better, but something about the food just unsettled my stomach just now so maybe I'm getting a relapse or something." Echo shrugs to show that she has no Healer knowledge whatsoever of course so what would she know.

Reveka nods in response to Echo picking up on the 'who' of the situation, blushing madly as she does so. "He is. And he handled it wonderfully, even offered to come home and marry me. But I couldn't do that to him…ruin his chance at something greater than ourselves. And besides… " Reveka looks as if her heart shatters with every word of the next sentence. "We're fostering the baby." As Echo goes on about her illness, Reveka looks a bit suspicious, she too has been hearing complaints of food poisoning… hmm. However, Reveka had first thought her situation was a stomach bug too, which made her uneasy around food. Shoukd she say something and possibly scare the girl? After all, just because it happened to Reveka, doesn't mean it will someone else. "Are you sure it's a bug?" And that's all she asks for now.

"Well that is good to hear. He really is a good man. And if that's your choice only you can make it." Echo says softly as she gives a warm look in the direction of the pregnant girl. "I really hope it all works out for you." And the sincerity in her demure eyes is clear as she smiles encouragingly. To her last she laughs and waves a hand dismissively. "Oh I am sure. My.." Echo pauses before she finishes her thought and changes tastics in the middle, "Milosh, is very strict about our herb use." And now she is chuckling at the mere thought as a pure impossibility.

Reveka nods. "I hope it does too." If Daen will take her after all she's put him through. Reveka chuckles patting at her belly. "I wish we had been more careful, maybe this little one would have come when we could keep it." There's a heavy tone of sorrow that takes over Reveka's features but it's fleeting and she's soon chuckling along with Echo. "Aye, I could see Milosh being very adament about things like that. Do tell, did he stay as flexible as he got during his dance training with me?" There's a bit of information Reveka has been dying to know.

Echo blinks a little bit at Reveka, her eyes growing wide, "You know Milosh?" a little blush colors her cheeks as she mentions his flexibility. "Well, I definitely don't have any complaints. But then there are advantages to having a 'professional' for a lover." The way she says professional is obviously a euphemism for Escort. She giggles at this before remembering and adding with a widening smile, "Well ex-'professional' now actually. He's…well.. I guess you can say, retired from that line of work."

Reveka nods. "Aye, he needed to learn dance for a… " Reveka isn't sure what to say here so she goes for the easiest "Job and he came to me for lessons." Reveka laughs when Echo goes on about having a professional for a lover, or ex for that matter. "He'll always be a professional, whether he still does it or not. He's just retired" Reveka had noticed the change in the rosters.

Echo laughs heartily at Reveka's assertion. "Oh that he will," she agrees with the fact that Milosh remains a professional. "And I will never complain about that fact that he had this particular profession. It is the reason we met afterall. I didn't even really mind it, I knew that's who he was. He really surprised me when he said he had taken himself off the rosters permanently." There brightness of her smile brings what looks like a soft glow to Echo's whole face as she talks about Milosh.

Reveka chuckles. "Men do the funniest things sometimes, don't they?" Reveka looks thoughtful after that, finishing off her drink in the meantime. And, of a sudden, getting far too hot for comfort. "I'd love to continue this conversation but can we get indoors? I shouldn't be out here too long, Igraine would flip her mind if she knew I was sitting out here in the first place."

Echo looks alarmed when Reveka mentions wanting to get indoors, wondering why she hadn't mentioned it sooner. "Of course! You should have spoken up sooner, I wasn't even thinking…and in your condition." There's a small touch of nervousness in her voice as she stands and looks around, hands braced against her lower back as she ponders where they could go. "Our yurt is all the way on the edge of camp if you think you can make it, or we can go to your place if it's closer." She watches the pregnant girl for her answer, ready to move in whichever direction she indicates.

Reveka nods and stands. "My yurt is closer, I still have it set up even though I'm not living on the grounds right now." Reveka leads the way to her yurt, hands at the small of her back to relieve the ache sitting in one of the camp chairs had given her. "I would hate to be on the outer rim of camp. I always felt a bit exposed out there."

Echo bobs her head and follows along after Reveka to her yurt, but she cants her head to one side when the girl mentions not living in it then, "Oh really? Where are you staying then?" Her own back almost aches in sympathy at the way that Reveka is carrying herself as she walks. When she talks about being on the rim though, Echo just blushes slightly, "Well, we enjoy our privacy." And the rest of the camp doesn't have to hear their activities, so it's a win-win really.

Reveka chuckles and continues to chit chat with Echo until they reach her yurt and go in. There's a good set of time there where the Zingari women chit chat and get to know each other a bit. By the end of the visit, Reveka hopes she's made a new friend, because she does like Echo quite a bit. She's somehow easy to open up to and Review will return 'home' to the Weyr shortly after, feeling much less cooped up, even if met by a worried Igraine at the door.

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