Willimina, Tallel, Javid, Aztrexia, Igraine, Milosh, A'lira, evka, Timotin, Daenerys, Malosim, Lillia(NPC), Taimin(NPC)


There's A Spooky Gather held By The Zingari!

Backscened: Halloween Themed Gather


-- On Pern --
It is 7:28 PM where you are.
It is evening of the twenty-eighth day of the fourth month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.
In Igen:
It is the eighty-eighth day of Spring and 75 degrees. It is a clear night.
In Southern:
It is the eighty-eighth day of Autumn and 71 degrees. Throughout the night, the warm autumn rain continues to fall steadily.
In Southern Mountains:
It is the eighty-eighth day of Autumn and 14 degrees. It's cold and dark out.


Igen Weyr; Caravan Grounds; Zingari Encampment

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"Oh my! What a scary little canine! Plan on eating any old grannies tonight?"


Igen Caravan Grounds: Zingari Encampment

Deep grooves in the hard packed earth criss-cross a large patch of denuded ground, bearing mute testament to the caravans that frequent this area. Despite the midden holes set back a ways from the main center of traffic, the air is sweet, redolent with the sagebrush that forms a loose perimeter around the flattened expanse. In what is as close to its center as the vague boundaries suggest, a stone ringed fire pit has been dug and surrounded with the odd log or two, ash overflowing from its darkly blackened core.

It is the eighty-eighth day of Spring and 75 degrees. It is a clear night.

The Zingari have been prancing around Igen for a couple of sevens now, showing off new costumes and piecing together new ones in the oddest fashions. All the reasoning behind it becomes clear tonight: They're throwing a gather!!! One that celebrates and pokes fun at the odd and terrible things that go bump in the night! Spinner and tunnel snake costumes abound, felines and ghosts and all the things one could think of that might make the skin crawl. Villains from stories and legends abound too! Is that a pirate over there??? The spicy scent of curry wafts on the air and barrels of the newest Zingari whiskey abound, a redfruit flavored liqueur named "Zingari Red". The festival grounds made by the Zingari are crowded tonight and merriment abounds!

Willimina walks the grounds this evening with a wide smile on her lips. Festival nights are her favorites, particularly when there are extravagant costumes involved. She's dressed up herself, resplendent in a gold and black patterned costume in the fashion of a spinner. She wears a black dress with gold filigree in wild patterns scattered upon it, eight legs are affixed to the back of the dress and curl around to frame Willimina in the front. An elaborate headband has been nestled into her long chocolate hair with glass orbs positioned and attached to it, creating the illusion of many eyes. Her own eyes are lined in dark kohl, dramatic in their appearance.

Lillia is present too, dressed as fire in a bold dress of gold, red and orange. She wears jewelry to match and her smile is as wide as her mother's. She breaks from Willimina's side once they reach the main fires and rushes to a group of her friends, who are gathered around one of the refreshment areas. Chatter begins and soon there is a tight gossip circle going.

Aztrexia is here too, dressed much like Willimina, as a spinner, though her own outfit is made up of pants and a tunic, both black and spattered with a green and silver pattern. She only has four legs attached to her back, making use of her own limbs for the other four. Her sunkissed brunette hair is swept up in an up-do and she sports a similar glass orb headband to Willimina's. She wears a half mask over her face that is decorated to match her outfit. She moves through the crowd, eager for once to be in the midst, as her mask affords her some anonymity. Her hazel eyes search from behind the mask as she wanders, taking in the delights of the gather,

Igraine is in her usual place, standing sentinel at the Healer's yurt. She's dressed as a brightly colored avian with a savage looking beak and claws. She's terrified of avians and she knows she's not the only one, so to her the costume seems appropriate. Besides, it makes her easy to spot as the Healer. She watches the crowd somewhat lazily. The gather has just begun, it'll be awhile yet before there's someone drunk or stupid enough to land in the healer's yurt.

Milosh is a shadow tonight, a watcher. He's dressed in all black and sifts in and out of the shadows, keeping an eye on things. After all, every big party need security right?

Timo sits outside his wagon playing guitar for a nearby group of revelers. He's watching the crowds, bursting with pride at his costume creations and how they're being worn by his fellow Zingari. It's a fair accomplishment for the Zingari weaver, A barrel of whiskey comes around and Timotin pauses in his playing to get a refill in his mug. He's quite enjoying the new whiskey flavor.

Reveka is not in costume tonight, but in a skin tight, one piece body suit. She performs near the fires, twisting herself in the most unusual ways, contorting her body into shapes no human should be able to get into. It draws a small crowd, who "Ooo" and "Ahhhh" over the things Reveka does. One patron turns ghostly pale, slightly sickened by the bulge of Reveka's joints as she contorts herself into a pretzel.

A'lira has somehow managed to get some free time away from the duties of wing and study; he's not here in any official capacity, and yet there he is, wandering around, taking all the sights in, just enjoying the night and all it has to offer. Eventually, he manages to fetch up at the Healer's tent after offering greetings to various and sundry costumed Zingari — he's a now-familiar face in the place, and several have gotten to know the extremely gentle giant of a rider who has been known to visit the place in the middle of the night.

And somewhere in the crowd is a new face, a probationary Zingari, mixing and flowing among the revelers in his usual dark clothing. Daenerys is not part of the entertainment tonight, not yet; he's too newly joined to feel comfortable with showing off his skills as yet, though he's avidly watching the seasoned among them perform their various acts with keen curiosity.

There is a pair of boys in wolf costumes (because it's tiresome to type "wild canine") prowling around the grounds tonight…though one is significantly larger than the other. Taimin had wanted to match with his father, and Tallel was more than happy to oblige. Though he'd had Taliana hanging onto his hand earlier, dressed up as a runner, all the costumes and excitement had gotten to be a bit overwhelming. She's with the nannies now, probably tuckered out. Taimin, however, is far from it, bounding around the ground and having fun play-growling at people, brandishing gold-thread claws sewn upon furry brown gloves with Tallel never far behind. The little boy decides to bound up to a woman in a spider costume (Aztrexia, not his mother, whose costume he is quite familiar with by now) and gives an unabashed "RAWR!" up at her, his furry hood with pointed ears falling back upon his neck in his exuberance. He doesn't seem to notice. Tallel, his own costume done in black fur, stands nearby and watches with a smirk, apparently not minding who his son has chosen to approach this time.

Despite having a very strong talent for disguise, the Zingari spymaster isn't openly around…to anyone's knowledge so far. Javid comes and goes from view, watching from his own shadowy vantages when he's not popping out to savor the new booze and fanciful food being offered tonight.

And then there's the guy who has NO idea what's going on except for knowing that he's stumbled into a party. Malosim had noticed the eccentric outfits passing through the Bazaar and, as soon as he was off his shift, decided to see where they were all going. He'd heard about the colorful nature of the Zingari…but the fact that his eyes are about the size of dinner plates as he stands at the entrance to the camp indicates he'd severely underestimated them. Is he actually going to get brave enough to come in, commonly-clothed as he is? Anyone's guess, at the moment.

Aw, isn't it adorable with the new ones show up? All wide staring eyes and amazed hanging jaws. A'lira might have looked somewhat like that at one point in time — but he's gotten used to their ways by now. And his amusement is well-hidden behind a cough as he catches sight of Malosim's wide-eyed amazement. He'll just stand here and watch, though — Malosim will sink or swim like the rest of the newbies here tonight.
I don't understand that.

Daenerys has made another circuit of the place, and fetches up near Malosim with a grin, his hair hanging loose down his back in a thick loose curtain. "Hey, man. Don't stand there staring like an idiot, come on in." He makes as though to nudge the man's shoulder in friendly amusement. "Don't be such a noob."

It may be a good thing that Willimina isn't close enough to see Trexa interacting with Taimin. She might be willing to cave and give the woman more freedom, and more of her work back, but the sight of Trexa anywhere near her children might drive her mad. As it is, Willimina has stopped near the performance floor, and is watching one of the choreographed dances they made up for the gather. It seems to be going well, and the girls don't seem hampered by their costumes, so Willimina is pleased.

Aztrexia is genuinely startled by the adolescent "RAWR!" that comes up from behind her. She spins around, her smile peeking out from under her mask and lets out a feigned shriek. "Oh my! What a scary little canine! Plan on eating any old grannies tonight?" Aztrexia wiggles her fingernails at Taimin and laughs. The child is adorable, though Trexa's hazel eyes do lift to search for his parents. She spots Tallel soon enough, his outfit matching his son's and nods her head respectfully at the Caravan Second before moving on to find a drink.

It's a wide smile that greets A'lira when he approaches the healer's tent, and Igraine is the one to give it. She stands in the doorway of the healer's tent, a drink (of the non-alcoholic variety of course!) in hand. She's got to be every color of the rainbow in her avian costume, looking beautiful but deadly with her claws and beak. Not so much of a stretch for Igraine, beauty and danger.

Milosh is still a shadow, though he does sneak into the light for a moment to grab a drink and a bit of food that goes walking by on a tray. He's hungry. He retreats back to the shadows where he can watch, observe and listen.

Timotin finishes out his song on the guitar and signals to the dancers that he's taking his break. MOving to the food tables, he orders a curry and another round of whiskey before sitting down to await his food. WHat comes out looks like a nightmare, but smells delicious.
Reveka is soon done with her own routine as well, or at least, the first performance for the night. She finishes up to a round of applause and collects her earnings before toweling off and exiting the performance ring. She towels at her neck as she walks barefoot towards a refreshment station, that happens to be right by Daen and Malosim. "Good evening gentlemen! PLease do come in and enjoy the festivities, eh?" Reveka tosses them a wink and keeps going. She's been so busy, she hasn't noticed they got a new probate the last couple of days.

"Nooooo, 'cos they give me bubblies to eat instead!" Taimin announces to the spinner-woman with a grin. Most of the old grannies know that bubblies are the best way to mollify this particular wee beastie, after all. Tallel probably knows Willa would go a bit apoplectic at seeing their son interacting with Aztrexia, though to be fair, no one's identity is immediately obvious tonight…and Tallel is not keen on children having their parents' prejudices handed off to them. Though wary, he no longer views Aztrexia as a threat, and inclines his head at her in turn before calling Taimin back. "I think I'm going to go pounce on mama," he says, spying Willimina not too far away. "No, I'm gonna go pounce on mama, papa!" And being spring-loaded as he is, he goes racing off toward his mother, Tallel following after him with a mock-ferocious growl.
Javid happens to be in the shadows nearby Aztrexia, watching the interaction between her and Taimin with great amusement. He utters a soft chuckle as they part, probably loud enough for Aztrexia to hear as she draws near the drinks.

Malosim starts a bit when he's addressed, though the fact that it's by Daenerys earns an immediate grin. "This is wild!" he proclaims, getting a few steps closer in before Reveka is there and gone, leaving him blinking. "People weren't kidding about this lot, huh?"

Daenerys laughs softly, glancing around at his new people — though it's not official to anyone outside the caravan yet. "They don't know the half of it. Reveka is eyed consideringly from beneath lowered lashes. Hurm. He'll have to talk with that one later — and probably not for the reasons one might expect, either. "C'mon, man, let's go taste that new Red they have. Heard it's worth the wait…" He gives Malosim a mischievous wink as he cants his head invitingly. "You didn't come to stand in the entrance and gawk like a country bumpkin, did you?"

Igraine is given a good long look of — surprise? mischief? admiration, certainly — amusement, as A'lira runs a hand over his shirt to keep the fabric from wrinkling over the slope of his chest. "So, thought I'd turn up to lend a healing hand if you all needed an extra. Know how crowds can get." And he's also been dying of curiosity to see one of these revels of theirs; he's not had much chance over the past few Turns to really see the Zingari in full performance mode.
Willimina has the grace to look scared when Taimin approaches her, even though she heard him coming a mile away. She starts and gives a little shriek before lifting her son in her arms and giving him a good tickle. "Oh my goodness! I was almost canine food! Good thing spinners like to eat little canines like you!" She pretends to nom on him a bit before setting the shrieking young Zingari down.

"NO MAMA NO! DON'T EAT ME!!!!" Taimin shrieks before howling and running back to his father.

Lillia and her friends meander off to watch the flame dancers, each exclaiming at the skill it takes to tame the flames. Lillia's costume flickers in the flame light, making her look like living flame in itself. It's one of Timo's finer accomplishments and she is proud to be wearing it.

Trexa shakes her head as Taimin and Tallel run off, a slight laugh escaping her lips. It's an adorable sight, really. Javid's chuckle is indeed heard and sharp hazel eyes lift to search the shadows for the laugh's owner. She'll find him eventually, it's a fun little test. The best part, is she gets to practice looking casual while she searches. So, she fills a drink and sips from it, continuing her stroll as her eyes hunt.

"Well I certainly won't turn down the help." Igraine says with a smile and looks out at the crowd and the revelry around. "Well, welcome to the chaos, I hope you enjoy it! We're pretty slow over here at the moment if you want to walk around and have a look love, I'm certainly not going anywhere." Igraine gives a wink and sips from her virgin drink.

Reveka retrieves a drink and begins her own tour of the grounds, fanning at herself as she tries to cool down. She also looks to see if she if she can't spot her beau in the crowd, but Bonifas seems absent, either hidden inside a costume, or on sentry duty for the night, in which case, she won't see him at all. It's a hard path they follow, what with the demands on their time, but Reveka hopes it works out nonetheless. She really likes the curly haired Zingari boy. Sans finding him, Reveka is left with touring the grounds alone, though she'll certainly find something to do.

A'lira laughs softly. "Suppose I can do that." He offers Igraine a wink. "Send a lizard if you need me, kitten." And he disappears into the crowd, becoming one of many look-arounds, seeing whatever he can see among the bright and dangerously beautiful people he's come to have a great deal of respect for.

Most everyone probably knows where Taimin is at any given time tonight. Getting into costume seems to have made him a bit hyper. Tallel laughs as their son escapes Willimina's clutches and comes back to take cover, though it won't help much since Tallel is prowling Willa's way himself. "And big ones too, I hope," he rumbles for her ears alone as he angles his way around their respective costumes to steal a quick kiss. Taimin, in the meantime, glance around for his next victim. Tallel looks up and spots Lillia, smirking as he watches the way the firelight catches her dress. "I almost think Timo was playing favorites," he notes.

Javid wasn't really meaning to test Aztrexia, her costume making it a bit hard to sneak off for investigations. Nevertheless, he obligingly slips a bit deeper into the shadows between wagons as he notes her search. The glint of his eyes will probably give him away at some point. That's usually his biggest risk when he's not wearing a hood.

"But I am a country bumpkin," Malosim quips, following Daenerys into the midst of the costumed camp. "So what's this 'Red' you mentioned? Not a wine, I hope; I'm not really a red wine guy." Blasphemy! Though perhaps not so much so among people who like their whiskey.

Daenerys smirks. "Oh, you poor, ignorant thing." He affects the languid, foppish air of one of those super-stylin' dudes, patting Malosim on the arm. "C'mon, man. Zingari Red — which is actually whiskey. But the stuff's delicious." He lifts his eyebrows inquiringly. "They've been talking about it for weeks." Only two, but jaysus man.

Taimin surprises all and actually swerves around his father instead of going towards him, spotting a group of children his age with one of the nannies. Howling like a madman, the young canine goes racing for the other kids, his giggling swallowed up by the din of the crowd.

Willimina laughs softly at Tallel's secret remark and drops a kohl lined wink at her husband. "Oh I have plenty of appetite for big bad canines?" She teases back under her breath. She watches Taimin rush off towards the group of children and gets the nanny's attention before turning toward her husband Taimin will be alright, he is watched. Tallel's comment about Timo has Willimina looking out towards her eldest child, pride and love blooming in her eyes. "She does look absolutely stunning doesn't she? And I think you're right. Her loves Lillia as if she were his own…all of them really." For being the most eligible bachelor in the caravan, Willimina's cousin sure has a way with kids.

Lillia is completely unawares of her Parents watching her, and it's probably a good thing. She's relaxed instead of self conscious or embarrassed, as most teens are by their parents. She laughs with her friends and gossips about boys and everyday life, and the runners she's training. She practically gushes about her runners to those who will listen, they're the pride of her life. However, tonight is not a gush night, though runners certainly are a topic of conversation, mainly the dark, sleek looking herd that had come with the Armida.

It takes Trexa a few moments to find out where Javid might be hiding, as costumes make for harder observation. But it is definitely the glint of his eyes that gives him away. She smiles lightly in that direction before refilling her drink and moving into an alley of shadows between wagons not far from Javid's hiding spot. Will he follow? Or will he not? Playing in the shadows is fun, particularly when you don't have every set of eyes in the caravan on you. Trexa suddenly has a newfound love and appreciation for masks.

Igraine watches A'lira melt into the crowd and smiles, shaking her head. Back to business with her, she has patients to tend!

It is now that Milosh comes into play. He'd spotted A'lira with Igraine and had decided he might sneak up on the dragonman. He waits for A'lira to get a bit of a head start before slipping from shadow to shadow behind the man. When he gets close enough, he slips his hands over A'lira's eyes and whispers "Boo!"

Reveka ends up stopping at the knife displays, watching the adept throw knives as sharp as dragon teeth at hay targets for prizes. It's an amusing display of skill that allows for the Zingari spylings to get some practice in without anyone else being the wiser. Reveka knows though, and it is fun to see who's sill has improved and who's hasn't.

Tallel almost snags Taimin by his scruff (literally), but there are nannies nearby and all is well. "Yes," he agrees about Lillia, taking his wife's hand almost absently. "Though I don't want her looking too stunning just yet." Hello, grumbly protective dad! He says it with a tilted smile, though. He also thinks his stepdaughter won't be able to help it the older she gets. Too much of her mother shines through for it to be avoided.

A'lira hadn't been expecting that playful attack and catches the wrists of the attacker, thumbs automatically set to dig into tendons and create the dead, cold sensation that would mean numbness — but then, he recognizes the voice. With a laugh, he instead yanks the man's arms over his shoulders, lifting him to his toes. "Boo, yourself. Gitcha self broken wrists, doing' that to me." Certain ladies might not appreciate him doing that. Letting Milosh go, he turns to eye him critically. "Hmmph. Black suits ya."

Javid doesn't move when Aztrexia spots him, chuckling soundlessly when she decides to disappear, too. Well, if no one is looking for either of them, he's more than happy to play. He stalks quietly in the direction he'd seen her go, crouching just low enough to see feet beneath the wagons if anyone is standing or walking nearby…though the shadows don't help him much there.

Well that has Malosim considerably interested. "Whiskey, huh? Bring it on, then!" He's all about a good whiskey, as if that weren't obvious by his reaction. His head is on a swivel as he trails Daenerys toward wherever the booze resides, passing by a group of costumed girls - one of whom looks amazingly like she's wearing fire - and automatically beaming a charming grin at them as he goes. "Don't suppose you've spied Xanthee in the middle of all this," he ventures, though he's sort of making a face at himself for wondering. He hasn't managed to run across her in quite a while, so…maybe it's a sign he's not meant to?

Willimina sighs. "No, not too stunning yet. But she is growing up, Tal, so fast." Willimina sighs, she wishes she could suspend time and slow everything down. Her children are growing up too fast. Willimina isn't far behind Tallel in thinking that her daughter will be more than stunning when she does come of age.

Aztrexia weaves in and out of the shadowed wagons, as the residential area of the Zingari encampment is quiet. She's a ghost in the light of the moons, moving from one place to the next. Giggling and running a bit if Javid comes to close. Feint and tease seems to be her tactic here.

Milosh laughs as he's pulled to his toes and grazes a brief and discreet nip of his teeth to A'lira's ear before coming into the man's line of vision. "Thank you!" Milosh gives a bow, the length of his tightly bound runner tail spilling over his shoulder. "And I'd like to think I could take care of myself if I truly tried to sneak up on someone." He'd make a horrible spy if he couldn't.

A'lira contains a shiver — it's unfair. Really unfair. — "Suppose you're right." He flicks Milosh's ear in amusement. "Come see me later, and we'll… discuss… this sneaking up on." He smirks. "I've a ground weyr now, so…" Ought to be easy for Milosh to prove his sneakiness.

"Whiskey." Daenerys confirms with a secretive little grin. The girls are bypassed without so much as a sidelong glance, though he's noted their presence, and hopes his sister has managed to come out for a moment, as well. He turns a knowing look on Malosim, even as he manages to snag two small samples of the whiskey and hands one to his companion. "Can't say as I have. And I've been looking for her, myself."

Tallel simply nods in the wake of Willimina's words, slipping his arm around her waist. It's a little awkward with those spinner-legs in the way, but he doesn't care. "As they tend to do, I guess," he notes with a hitch of his shoulders under the fur half-cape he's wearing. "So I've heard a lot of others say."

Javid doesn't make a sound, smiling to himself as he pursues Aztrexia further into the dark. This is an oddly familiar scene…though the intent is very different. He eventually rounds the end of a wagon, finding himself on the edge of the outer ring at the furthest point back on the entire grounds and peering about for any sign of the spinner-woman who's woven her web well around him.

"Hmmm," is all Malosim can really say for now, though there's a slight frown as he takes the shot of Zingari Red Daenerys offers him. "Well, I hope she's alright. Anyway. Cheers!" He'll brandish his bit of booze for a companionable clink before tossing it back…and grinning approvingly. "Yep, that's nice!"

Milosh laughs. “I will make sure and stop by. Tried the Red yet? Seems like Willa can’t keep the guests full of it, we’ve been through a few barrels already.” Milosh will walk with A’lira for a bit, he doesn’t strictly have to stay to the shadows. And as for being unfair, it probably won’t be the last tease Milosh passes off tonight.

Willimina nods with a sigh. “Aye, I’ve heard that one too….many times.” There’s true contentment in the way Willimina stands in Tallel’s embrace, as if no two could ever fit together more perfectly. “What would you think about having another one?” She asks on the fly, the thought only just now entering her mind.

Reveka moves on from the knife displays and moves over to where Daen and Malosim are taste testing whiskey. “Oh-ho! So you did finally decide to come in and face the crowd. Enjoying yourself?” Reveka snags a flagon of whiskey from a passing tray and invites herself into the social circle before pouring herself a double finger of Zingari Red. She looks to Daen and smiles. “And you, enjoying yourself?”

Aztrexia has wound back around, silent as a shadow as Javid reaches the edge of camp and she moves up behind him, using the wagons for cover. The last time they’d done this….the intent hadn’t been so nice, and Javid hadn’t known who he was chasing. Trexa wonders if he’s feeling the same sense of deja vu she is. She’s nearly got him know, moving slowly and silently up behind him.

A’lira grins wickedly at Milosh, well aware that the man just loves getting a rise out of people. “Haven’t gotten myself any yet — it sounds delicious, though.” As he’s joined on his stroll, he tucks his hands into his pockets, enjoying the night and the color and flavor of the scene sprawled out before them. “Yeah, I expect you two to show up soon — place needs warmin’ up…” There’s a peculiarly amused glint in his eye when he offers Milosh a sidelong smile.

“Real nice,” Daenerys agrees, taking another sip of his whiskey, turning to welcome Reveka in on the socializing. “Hey, I am.” He lifts his glass to Reveka before finishing that off and getting himself some more. It really is the best whiskey. “The calm before the storm — when I get to see the harsh taskmistress Willimina is rumored — by her own words — to be.” His eyes sparkle with amusement.

Tallel certainly isn’t expecting that question right then and pauses, blinking in surprise before looking down at Willa, relaxed into his arm. He’s definitely smiling though, tawny eyes glinting from the shadow cast by his pointy-eared hood. “I think I’m all for it, saikhan,” he answers quietly. “If you are, of course.” It’s fairly obvious that he loves being a father, and he thinks Willa is a wonderful mother, so…if it feels fine for them both, why not?

Javid slowly begins stalking closer to the direction he’d thought Aztrexia was going, but pauses again, listening. Yes, he is definitely experiencing the deja vu, but there’s nothing of the previous drive there’d been from the past. Plus he knows his quarry very well at this point. He hears a faint susurration, fabric upon fabric, and straightens, aware that she’s somewhere behind him now but not able to detect from which quarter yet. “Those extra limbs are giving you away,” he warns with soft amusement, his head turned slightly so that his ear is cocked somewhat backward as he remains stock still.

Malosim finds himself blinking a bit again as the girl who’d passed by earlier comes back around. Beaming at her, he nods. “Haven’t seen anything quite like it before,” he says, and goes to tilt some more whiskey into his mouth before realizing there’s nothing in his glass. Damn. He’s going to need to remedy that, if he’s able. “Willimina,” he echoes in Daenerys’ wake. “She’s…the Zingari’s leader, right?” He’s still getting all his caravaners straight - a must, if he’s ever to approach them for business in the future.

Willimina turns in Tallel’s arms and gives him a wide, happy smile. “I think I told you once I’d gladly birth a pack of little yous.” She laughs softly and feels a bit giddy. Making babies is something they are obviously good at. They have two hearty and hale children already together. “Another then.” She agrees, pressing a soft kiss to Tallel’s lips, though it can’t go much farther than that owing to her prop legs.

Timo is back from his break, striding confidently back to his place and retrieving his guitar. He waits for his relief to finish her song before relieving her in turn. Soon enough the sultry twang of Timo’s guitar wafts through the air, plucking out a salacious tune for a set of paired dancers. He’s joined by the low bass of a drum and the haunting tune of a set of panpipes.

Aztrexia stills and then moves herself behind a set of wagons, a whisper of a giggle floating behind her as she moves into another quadrant. Time for a different tactic. Javid’s right, her legs shuffle and move on occasion, giving clues to her whereabouts. She’s enjoying this game far too much, and she idly wonders how long she can keep him looking while she plans out another route of ‘attack’.

Reveka nods at Malosim’s question, eyes bright with a smile. “The very one, though she might have pulled your leg a bit if you’re thinking she’s some sort of heavy task master there sir.” Reveka drops a wink and laughs, sipping from her whiskey. Mmmm. Tasty. She levels a kohl lined gaze at the pair of men in front of her, examining them with mild curiosity. Realising Malosim’s glass is empty, Reveka refills it with a smile. “Have any plans for the evening? There’s shopping, food, entertainment….of all kinds, and dragon poker. What suits your fancy?”

“Well, let's go find some shall we?” Milosh says of whiskey and takes off towards the bar. “Come on, you should get a kick out of this.” The bar is full of costumed patrons and is stretched between three or four good sized yurts. “Shall we try our luck in here then?”

“Yeah, I think we should.” A’lira’s amenable to trying new experiences, as always. He’ll follow Milosh toward the bar, noting with amusement a couple random — and exceedingly scanty — costumes along the way. The more tight-assed of the Weyr would be clutching their pearls at the view. “I’ve heard it’s all manner of worth the price.” He grins a little, remembering that one dude who just wouldn’t stop complaining. And drinking while he was at it.

Daenerys looks between Reveka and Malosim ,idly playing with a strand of his hair, letting it twirl around his finger before he lets it go to fall back onto his shoulder in a shining half-curl. “I might.” He’s going to be remarkably tight lipped about. what, exactly, his plans for the evening are, though; no sense in spilling the beans before the plot is actually hatched. To Malosim, “Course not. It’s the Zingari, man. Got a reputation to keep up.”

“So long as there are good amount of little yous in the mix too, saikhan,” Tallel counters just before his lips meet Willimina’s. So far the mix has been equal, so he’s not worried about them both being satisfied with the variety of their offspring…not that they’d be unhappy with any result, of course. Costumes certainly make anything beyond that gentle kiss awkward, but at least they won’t be dealing with the things all night.

Javid stills again, listening closely for the betrayals committed by Aztrexia’s costume before deciding on his next path. He almost decides to climb to the roofs of the wagons…but memory prevents him, silly though he thinks it is in a moment of retrospect. He’d rather meet her on the ground. Presently, he stills and listens once more, backpedalling slowly between a couple of wagons, momentarily crouching and peering to and fro to see if he can trace any movement.

Malosim watches Reveka fill his little glass again with dark brows lifting in surprise, and his grin returns, grateful. He voices his thanks before sipping more and glancing to Daenerys. “Must be second nature to ‘em by now,” he says of maintaining a reputation, and then his gaze swings back to Reveka. “Uh…no plans, really. Just wandered by, but I definitely wouldn’t mind checking all the different kinds of entertainment you offer!” He likely doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into by saying that, but hey! He’s never been one to balk at a party.

Willimina laughs in Tallel’s arms and nods. “If we can manage it…” After all, she certainly has no control over that sort of thing, but the mix has been even thus far. Willa presses one more kiss to Tallel’s lips and then tugs on his hand. “Come, we should do some sampling of the new whiskey, and I would like to see how the other performances are doing.” Willa smiles. One never really does stop being a leader, and Willa is no different, even on a night when she’s not ‘working, she’s working.

Timo’s workings on the strings of his guitar get a bit more complicated, his fingers flying over the strings like they would over the skin of a favored lover. The tune that comes out is quick, and salacious and invokes a feeling of freedom, at least for Timotin it does. The panpipes pick up the tune as well, adjusting wonderfully to TImo’s change in pace, though the player stumbles a bit at first. The drummer just goes on, changes in music nothing new to the seasoned player.

Trexa stops, gaining her ground and listening for Javid following her. A game such as this becomes an interesting one when both players are trained in subterfuge and espionage. She doesn’t see or hear Javid, so she moves on, traveling the outer line of wagons around the camp, instead of back towards the center. It keeps her in the shadows, and allows for better vision because she’s not having it clouded by firelight. She snaps a twig or something laying in the sand and freezes, before altering her plan /again/ and doubling back before heading off in another direction.

Reveka looks between secretive Daen and unsure Malosim and grins. “There is definitely much to explore! I can be your guide for awhile if you like, I don’t have another performance for another couple of candlemarks, so I’m free.” She drops a wink before sipping more of the whiskey, her eyes dancing with merriment and mischief.

“I think so,” Daenerys grins, eyeing Reveka right back with the promise of devilry in his gaze. Let her use her skillful wiles to figure out what he's up to! Meanwhile he will savour another sip of the fabulous whiskey and offer first choice to Malosim. “Well? Where to first?”

Tallel is willingly led off for whiskey-tasting by his wife, pushing his furry hood back from his head in order to cool off a bit. Yes, he’s quite aware that Willa doesn’t ever really step out of the Leader guise…except when they’re alone. Those are times he’s certainly grateful for, much as he enjoys observing her in that role and being Second to her in it. Right now, he’s just content to be with her wherever she goes, and he’ll be just as content when the end of the evening rolls around.

Javid immediately alters course upon hearing that twig snap, though doesn’t go any faster. He’s still listening for her and doesn’t want to make too much noise himself, after all. He stops after a bit and then starts to backtrack himself, on a hunch. Eventually he slows to a quiet prowl, still keeping to the outside of the wagons. And although he’s in shadow, a keen I will make him out, if it’s fast enough.

Malosim chuckles as he watches Reveka, his own gaze dancing with simple delight at where he’s found himself and his cheeks flushing slightly with the alcohol, despite his tolerance being high. “I’ve heard you all have people who play with fire,” he says after a quick grin at Daenerys. A dark brow quirks quizzically at Reveka. “Any of them out and about?”

Reveka goes on to take the men for a tour. And all throughout the night merriment is had. The costumes are a huge hit, the Zingari Red too, and all in all, it turns out to be a pretty damn good night for all involved. When the Zingari camp finally settles down, it’s waaaaay into the wee hours of the morning, and many a person can be seen stumbling home drunkenly through the bazaar. Is there loud singing and a few brawls? Maybe. But hey, all in good fun right?

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