Th'res, F'kan, Akeylah


Th'res brings out Akeylah to the Mirror Hall to commission some cold weather gear, F'kan is dragged along for the ride.


It is afternoon of the twenty-eighth day of the second month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Mirror Hall, Southern Barrier Hold

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"You're mad bluerider."


Mirror Hall

Shadows dance and flicker from the stolen light of those who dare brave past the risky turbulence of the ice stream: stolen light, bouncing and reflecting at odd angles in this strange, winding way. Surrounding the path in surreality, sheets of translucent ice tower at every angle as the stream dives under the glacier proper and out of sight. The effect is having one's reflection constantly tossed back from all directions, a dizzyingly discombobulating phenomenon. Curves hide where this passageway leads, though a strange, far-off light seems to promise more room if only one continues to move forward. Careful of the step, here ice reigns supreme and only the most fleet footed walk without the devilish ice seeking to cause footfalls to stumble.

With all the complaints about the heat in southern the newest wingsecond from Lynx decides a little snow time is in order. So this afternoon he has wrangled a member of his wing and anyone else who wanted to get out of the heat for a while and took them up to the barrier. There are other reasons that the blue rider is here, but those are his alone to know. As he walks into the glass like hall carved into the ice saying over his shoulder to those with him "You alright back there? Watch your step because no one looks good with there rear in a sling in the infirmary." He doesn't even really seem hampered by the cold air, instead he is invigorated by it adding a bounce to his step.

Grumbles can be heard from behind Th'res, as the sandy haired brownrider follows him carefully, steps just a little too deliberate as he is unsure about this place. "What the shards man? I can't use my package so you're going to freeze it off for me?" F'kan seems to be his usual charming self as he rubs his hands together in his gloves. "I mean who would come to a place like this…on purpose." He asks as he looks around and all he sees is ice. Yeah, it's kinda nice looking, but shards it's cold,

Akeylah would be snickering if he weren't also half-frozen; good thing he managed to grab himself a thick coat and his best lined leathers, else his package might be in the same danger as F'kan's. He's shivering behind Th'res, and turns a mournful stare upon F'kan, all the agreement blazing there. Perhaps F'kan has read his mind in this case! Aloud, he ventures almost timidly, "Well… perhaps it's good survival training…"

Th'res chuckles and shakes his head "You will get used to it, I promise. It is the warm months right now, besides it could be worse. you could have no clothing on and have to run from the stream to the cavern and back." There is a hint of mischief in the blueriders eye as the taunts F'kan before he looks at the mirrored wall of ice saying "And yes it is good trying, just think about it this way. Either we are here exploring, or we are back home doing busy work. I for one am tired of hides."

F'kan side-eyes Th'res when he mentions running around naked, "You're mad bluerider." He says plainly before he moves further into the caverns. "And I guss I do have to agree with you there, hide word is dull." F'kan's obviously not a fan. But when he looks back at Akeylah, he shrugs, then back to Th'res, "I'm down for anything man. Although I do notice you didn't invite any ladies along with the group." he says with only a touch of bitterness. A place like this screams for a classic, 'I'll keep you warm' move, what a waste.

Such a waste! Akeylah could certainly use some ladies to — ah, 'keep warm. He gives F'kan one of those 'yo… braaaah' looks of purest agreement. "Hmm, I think this wingrider of yours has some great ideas, Wingsecond." Akeylah tightens his coat around his slim body and eyes the wall of ice dubiously. "So, what are we doing here, anyway?"

Th'res nods and chuckles saying "he has good ideas, to bad he knows what happens if he acts on them.." Pointed look at F'kan, before he turns and walks further down the tunnel "Well Journeyman I am glad you asked." He motions with a hand to the room at large saying "I am going to be doing a little hunting trip up here for some miner's I know. I was hoping you could help me out with a little problem I am having about supply.."

Whistling innocently, F'kan gives his most harmless look, "Yeah well…" is all he replies to that, because really he doesn't wanna get into it. Then Th'res explains why they are here in the most cryptic way possible. "What kind of supply?" the brownrider asks suspiciously.

Akeylah will take Th'res' word for it, as he has no idea what that whole side-bar is all about. Instead, he will turn his squintiest of squinty looks upon the bluerider, for that cryptic commentary leaves him filled with dread: what could Th'res be planning, here? "Supply of what? Extra rides away from here?"

Th'res grins and looks at the weaver "Well I need cold weather gear, blankets and such for overnight stay. And since I hear you are good at making such things out of yarn I was wondering if we could do bussiness." He looks over at F'kan nodding before looking back to Akeylah eyebrows raised waiting for an answer.

Quaverilth senses Jedameth thinks « the bright colors of whites on blues and greens « Mine says the desert friend is visiting Amani, and that is why we are here. He is also trying to show him his favorite spots.. they call it Bonding I think. OH LOOK A SNOW HARE » »

"Overnight stays? Here?" F'kan looks around at the frozen cave around him as if he wouldn't want to be the one doing that, but hey, whatever floats the bluerider's boat, he's not one to judge. Then his brown relays something that his Wingsecond's dragon told him, and F'kan suddenly understands with a heavy sigh, pinching the bridge of his nose. "Ok, now I get why I am here." he says resignedly.

"Well." Akeylah twitches at the very idea of overnight stays, in the middle of a block of ice, and is suddenly all too sympathetic to F'kan. Will the poor brownrider be forced to camp out here? Oh, poor, poor man, bereft of all the home comforts! "I suppose I could, rider. Shearling wool and wool yarn, for extra warmth. For how many, and when will you need these items? Any color combinations you prefer?"

Th'res pulls out a small slip of paper, handing it to the weaver "Six people, colors should be bright incase a snowstorm hits and we need to find them. All there mesurments are here, if you could do it in a month is when we are set to go." He looks up at F'kan and there is a very real sympathetic look and a nod before turning back to the weaver "Is that enough time?"

Akeylah taps his chin consideringly, eyeing the list with narrowed yes. There's some mental calculations, and a decision is reached. "Make it six — wouldn't want something ill-fitting, even for this kind of thing. Perhaps especially for this kind of climate. Something too tight, and you won't notice if you're too cold before it's too late. Too loose, and it gets lost all too easily. Even yarn can cut off the circulation if one isn't careful." The weaver is, naturally, a martinet as to the fit of clothing, especially gear meant to protect against the elements. "But yes, I could do it. Make sure I see all six of them to ensure a proper fit for each." One never knows how the weight will fluctuate in the time allotted.

Wandering over to the ice wall, F'kan places a gloved hand on the ice and runs it over the smooth surface as he gets lost in his thoughts while the other two talk business and cold weather gear.

Quaverilth thinks to you, « I bespoke Jedameth with: Quaverilth thinks « Mine is still prickly when it comes to the desert girl. Don't tell anyone, but I think he may have felt more for her than he admits. » »

Quaverilth senses Jedameth thinks « of course! Thank you for trusting me! »

Th'res nods and grins "Excellent, just let me know your price and when you will want payment." He looks over at the brown rider leaning against the wall and tilts his head before saying "why is Jed asking if your dragon can come over for a sleep over?" If he is suprised by this it doens't show but then Jedameth is know for being friendly and playful with everyone.

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