Syrianna, Talya, Xanthee


A visitor from Igen joins a couple of candidates in egg gazing from the Galleries


It is evening of the fourth day of the fifth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Galleries, Southern Weyr

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"I really must be touching the wrong ones. They are a lot of ones feeling like they're staring, or watching, or creeping, or want to bite."



Stone benches rise up.. and up.. and up: grooves upon grooves show marks of their hand-hewn origins, small chips and uneven textures to tell the tale of humble beginnings in a place which looks upon the black-and-white Sands of Southern, a place of greater beginnings indeed. The Galleries take up roughly a third of the perimeter of the Sands: to the west are flat, staggered entranceways, ledges for dragons interested in watching the proceedings. Below and just easterly, a stitched-hide curtain covers the entrance to the bowl, keeping the wind away from the precious cargo often housed upon the Sands. It cannot help the shrieking of the wind above: though it is muted in this hollow, the intermittent sighs and moans of the thermals shrieking through the viewing-ledges above can be unsettling.

It is early evening. The galleries aren't that crowded, not at this time, most are off getting a bite to eat or getting ready for evening chores or bed. Syrianna has already eaten, and her chores done for the day. She came to the galleries for a more offical visit to watch the eggs though she gazes at them often in ways one isn't supposed to. The girl shows just the barest hints of a tan on her pale skin, the skin of her neck and cheeks, showing a little sign of peeling too. She is playing with her hair a bit, as she watches the sands.

Dressed in riding gear, with her battered jacket thrown over her shoulder, her black tank top clinging to her in the residual heat of the day, Xanthee walks into the Galleries. Thick raven tresses are pulled back in a messy runnertail, several escaped tendrils framing her face. She managed to oveheard a rider from Igen who was coming to visits friends for the evening, and she begged to tag-a-long. Her doe-eyed look accompanined with those emerald eyes of hers, was enough to get him to agree to the weyrbrat-turned-assistant headwoman's wishes. Planning on surprising Amani and Reveka with a few candlemarks of quality girl time, she first made her way to the Galleries, reluctant to give up the element of surprise by sending out a firelizard. But no luck, the goldrider isn't there. Not wanting to go hunting them down over the entire Weyr, she decides to find a seat and send off some notes. Taking a seat near Syrianna, she digs in the pockets of her jacket for scraps of hide, but comes up empty. Clearing her throat, she turns to the pale girl with a bright smile, "Excuse me? You wouldn't have a spare bit of hide on you, would you?"

Talya must have just come fresh from some messy chore, or rather the bath after a messy chore, with her hair dripping wet down the back of her long sleeved top. If the evening gets cooler, she will regret leaving her wet hair down, but it seems she's come to the galleries in the hopes of getting some egg watching done and allowing the warm temperatures to dry her hair. As well as a place to get away from the crowds of the caverns and barracks. She has a blue firelizard draped on one arm (since her shoulder is wet) and petting him like a content feline with her free hand. A scan of the galleries for a comfortable spot makes her hesitate and squint, at two particular young women… One seems a little bit familiar but it /has/ been almost a Turn. So when she makes her way closer, the smirk on her face grows. "Well, well, this is a surprise to find you here," is said to Xanthee. To both of them she nods to a seat just behind the two. "Mind some company?"

Syrianna turns, her white knot visible on her shoulder. She smiles and reaches into the satchel she has with her, "I have a couple pieces." she offers. She pulls out, a bikini top. Shoving it back into the bag she rumages around before coming up with a piece of hide and offering it to the other. She smiles to Tayla, "Don't mind company, just came to look at the eggs again." she flushes just a bit.

"Thank you so much," Xanthee says, looking relieved as she reaches into an inside pocket on her jacket and pulls out a stylus she always has stashed there. Secretly she wishes she'd brought her satchel-of-many-things with her, but she's off duty and the thing is heavy. With a thought she calls her firelizards, and the air around her burst into life as two greens, a bronze and a gold appear, softly chittering in reverence to the golden dam. The greens find perches nearby while Selkie and Grymm take up residence on each of her shoulders. She was just about to start on the notes when she hears a somewhat famliar voice and looks up, a look of surprise before she nods a greeting in Talya's direction, "I've been getting down as often as I can manage. My one best friend rides the clutch mom and my other best friend is standing, so if I want any quality bestie time, I have to make the trip." She shrugs, as if it's really no big deal, smoothing the hide on the bench next to her and scrawling a short note.

Talya settles down in the seat carefully so that she doesn't jostle the firelizard, still calmly petting Blue. He's enjoying this personal time even if he does not have to share it with two other humans. So long as he continues to get his pets and he doesn't have to move. One lazy eye opens to peek at the fair that appear, but he doesn't give them any other hint that he's noticed. "I didn't think I'd ever see anyone else from Igen… I mean, unless I went to visit, which I never did much." Her eyes open a little widely. "Small world though. And you're not Standing for this one?" She glances from Xanthee to the clutch of eggs and then to Syrianna with a sigh. "I guess by now the only ones that come to look the most are us candidates, huh? You would think we got enough looking when we were right in front of them but… It isn't the same." Here she is, having had nothing else planned by to stare and pet.

Syrianna nods and smiles a bit, "Touching and being right in front of them is definitely much different." she daydreams for a moment, flashing back to the last touching she did. She shakes her head, "You are welcome." she says to Xanthee, and then smiles to both, "I am Syrianna." she offers. Her eyes do watch the firelizards for a few moments, with occasional glances down to the sands.

Xanthee finishes with her note and ties it around Grymm's leg before sending him off. Before she gets started on the second note, she shrugs in Talya's direction with complete nonchalance, "I've come back often actually since I stood oh…over two turns ago now I guess. It's the only other place I've been other that Igen, and I have friends here besides Amani and Reveka. There's Th'res as well, and a couple others I knew from my candidate class, those who impressed and those who didn't." Bending to her task again, she continues talking, "And no, I'm taking a bit of a break from standing. just a turn or two, I got a new job, with quite a lot of responsibility now, and I just want to focus on that for a bit." Her tone is kept as casual as she can, but there's may bee a subconscious puff of pride as she finishes the next note with a flourish and then calls her little queen to her lap to attache it. "Well met Syrianna," she says as she sends off Selkie with her message, "Touchings were my favorite part of Candidacy. Any good ones out there?"

"Huh," is Talya's reply to that, her brows furrowing down in thought. "Th'res did mention something about that, though I guess it was back when I was Standing at Igen." Name drops and being nice to his friends there, those were things long in the past it seemed. Her eyes trail back towards the eggs. "Talya." It's more instinct these days with all the riders she's doing errands for and people in the barracks. "I mean, if you didn't know that already," she tells Syrianna, looking back to her. "I can't remember half the candidates in the barracks, not to mention the weyrlings there. It's all so crowded." When Xanthee asks about the eggs, she gives a snort and leans back, still careful with Blue and her caressing. "They're freaky. I liked touching Zsaviranth's eggs better." Says the woman standing for /these/ now.

Syrianna shakes her head a bit, "There are a couple I really like." she flushes just a bit. Her eyes brighten for a moment when Th'res is mentioned but is looking at her hands, "It was strange the touching, first time I have ever been on the Sands, or seen it really." she says and shakes her head again. She nods, "I don't know many of the others. A few yes, but not a lot, too busy with chores and stuff." she shakes her head, "At least was no stranger to those, being a herder apprentice." she chuckles a bit.

"I don't miss the chores though," Xanthee perks up with a bit of a smile as she looks over at Syrianna, "Yep, chores are pretty much universal, Weyr, Hall and Hold. And yeah, touching is unerving at first. And you should try to meet as many of your fellow Candidates as you can, they will be your future wingmates should you impress and they will be the ones who have your back." Nodding knowingly in the pale girl's direction for a moment before swining her attention back at Talya, "Right…I think you mentioned that you knew Th'res. How is he? I keep trying to snag him whenever I come up and he's always just so sharding busy." she puts on a bit of a pout then as she considers the eggs, "Freaky eggs are the worst. There was one when I was standing here at Southern, it was like spinners were crawling all over me and catching me in their web." she shudders at the memory,

Talya makes a face at both of the other young women. "Chores… Yeah, even as a Guard it was basically never ending. That brig doesn't get cleaned on its own." The conversation shifts to her favorite bluerider, and while at first her smirk turns all grin as she replies, "He's doing good." And then there's no grin and a sigh instead. "I mean, he was. I haven't actually run into him since I became a candidate." Turning her brain away from those thoughts, Tal shakes her head at Syrianna. "I really must be touching the wrong ones. They are a lot of ones feeling like they're staring, or watching, or creeping, or want to bite." Her eyes widen at Xanthee briefly. "Maybe it's a Southern thing? There's one down there that felt like a swarm of bugs coming up— Ugh." Shudder.

Syrianna shakes her head a bit, "Did have a couple like that, but the first two. One really reminded me of Shimmer." she shakes her head and flushes just a bit, "He was well two days ago, that was when I saw him last." she says and there is a hint of blush to her cheeks, hoping that she isn't intruding but she looks down just a little bit. She looks up, "There were two I really liked." she shakes her head a bit.

Xanthee holds up her hands to Talya as she describes the swarm of bugs, cringing a little bit, "Please no. Yeah, they don't sound pleasant at all. Wait, you're a Guard? I thought you were a bartender?" she's pretty sure that's what she remembers, and Xan has a pretty good memory. "I don't know, I think I would almost trade some of my mountain of hidework for a chore now and again." As the conversation goes to Th'res, she raises a quizzical brow in Talya's direction, noticing the sigh and the lack of smile. Hmmmm…Interesting. But her emerald eyes swing back to Syrianna to rest on the girl with a warm smile, "Who's Shimmer? And that's good to hear, is he spending a lot of time with you Candidates? I think he'd make a wonderful Assistant Weyrlingmaster actually."

"A /shit/ bartender," Talya reminds the Igen girl with a chuckle, not that Xanthee had a way of knowing her skills specifically. "I didn't even bother getting that job back. I just made it to full Guard just before I was Searched, so at least I do have some good things waiting for me after I'm left Standing. I don't know what I'd rather do, hidework or scrubbing a nasty lavatory." Then she is looking to Syrianna with a raised brow, as if to also question who is Shimmer. Or maybe what that egg was specifically. But the fact that she saw Th'res the other day makes her sit up straighter and making Blue squeak in displeasure for finally being disturbed. There's also no more petting happening. "Is he?" she queries after Xanthee. "He makes a great Wingsecond too, maybe he can join up after the eggs hatch." And she was no longer a candidate (and assuming not a weyrling either).

Syrianna nods her head a bit and then smiles, "Oh she is my Canine. I rescued him from the wild as a pup and nursed him back to health, we tried to release him to the wild again, but well now I have a companion that rarely leaves me alone. I have got him trained now. One of the other herders is watching him for me." she sticks her hand out showing what would be a massive canine, "He is all white, huge, but he is gentle." well except to those trying to hurt the girl. She nods her head, "I run into him now and again, He brought me back to the weyr once, when I went down to visit my parents back home, that was before I was asked to stand though. We knew each other before I came to the weyr." The girl smiles a bit and then quiets a little, "But yes, he was well, just busy."

Xanthee has to chuckle at Talya's admission as to her bartending skills, "I actually made it back to the Tea Room for a full two sevendays before I was offered my new job. It wasn't working on my feet all day so I accepted of course." She giggles to indicate there was maybe a little more to it than that, she wrinkles her nose at the Guard-turned-candidate, "Hidework beats cleaning the lavatory ant day," she says with fuill conviction. As Syrianna explains, she listens with interest, bobbing her head a little bit, "Never really got into canines, the ones we get around the bazaar aren't the prettiest creatures, but your Shimmer sounds beautiful." She notices Talya's interest in how Th'res is going, and her curiosity is piqued enough that she leans towards her, starting to speak when Grymm returns with a note tied to his leg. Reading it quickly, she smiles and pushes herself of the bench, "Well, if was nice meeting you Syrianna and seeing you again Talya. I'll definitely be back for the Hatching and root you both on." And with jacket flung once more over her shoulder, Xanthee fairly skips down the stairs in her eagerness to see her friend.

Talya listens intently to Syrianna's story about the large canine. "Too bad you can't keep him in the barracks, meanwhile firelizards they just can't get those to stay away." She nudges under Blue's chin fondly for emphasis. "Good thing you're a Herder to have others to care for him at least. Sounds like a smart canine." She turns to Xanthee, looking relieved when the firelizard suddenly appeared and called the Igen woman away. She noticed there was a question in her eyes right before that… better not to answer those questions. "Was good seeing you again too, Xanthee. See you after the hatching, then." She looks back to Syrianna afterward, and it took her a moment to digest something the younger girl said. "Before the Weyr? Like even childhood friends or…?" Her dark eyes finally take in the other candidate, looking up and down at her with a questioning hum. "I guess it's no surprise everyone 'round Pern knows him, he can make friends with a rock." She says it fondly though and with a chuckle.

Syrianna nods, "Don't have a firelizard." she says and then looks to Xan and gives a bit of a wave and smiles back to Talya, and shrugs. "I was born and raised at Southern Barrier Hold, he was there for a while, left about a turn or two before I transfered up here." she says and then shakes her head a bit. A hint of color does rise in her cheeks. She probably has a crush on the rider or something like that.

Talya nods her head along to the girl's explanation, even as she seems to study her for a moment. "Must be nice to share something like that in common together, and he still enjoys visiting up there a lot." She drops her eyes down to the firelizard, whether because she wants to focus on scritching the best place… or most likely because something passes across her face. An actual shiver catches up to her, despite the heat of the Hatching grounds. "I better get going and let you enjoy the eggs some more," she tells the other candidate, getting up from her seat and making a hasty escape, only offering a wave over her head back to Syrianna as she heads out.

Syrianna waves a little, "Take care, sure will see you around the barracks." she says and waves as she goes, looking back to the sands and eggs.

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