Divale, Xia


Xia is unwell and Divale visits…


It is afternoon of the seventh day of the eleventh month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Zafroxth's weyr, Igen Weyr

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Zafroxth's weyr

It's been a solid SEVEN now. A seven where Xia hasn't gone far from her weyr except to hit up the healers for more herbs. Not much of anything is staying down even with their help and she's starting to look like a ghost of herself. Her pale skin shows up a sickly white against her black hair that hasn't been washed in a bit. Laying in beat she's got a cold rag covered over her eyes as she tries to suffer in silence.

And it’s been longer than that since Divale even so much as thought of checking on Xia. Harsh though it may seem, but the brownrider has been otherwise occupied and given the way things ended, it was assumed space would be welcomed. Gossip is a funny thing or perhaps it was by chance that she caught wind of the bluerider’s ‘condition’, as it were. Regardless of the ‘how’ or ‘when’, all that matters is ‘now’. Her arrival may be of no surprise, depending if she’s tattled on, but she does not barge in. Hovering far enough back, Divale will speak in a hushed, gruff voice — easily recognizable. “Xia.”

Not harsh, space is exactly what Xia needed. She's been doing her best to fill her void with anything but another single person, urged on by Zafroxth who has been MORE than happy to encourage her into riskier and riskier pursuits. The last apparently was the riskiest having left Xia sick as a dog. There's a groan from the woman on the bed as she hears her name. "I've been told I'm highly contagious. If you come in be careful." Typed the words seem clear, but as Xia speaks them they come out congested and with a hacking cough in the middle.

“I’m confident enough in my immunity,” Divale counters that warning and while Xia may not be able to SEE it, there’s enough of an implied smirk there. Sickness has never put fear in the brownrider and she will wait until the older woman’s episode passes before she makes her quiet approach. “I came to visit and see how you were…” Dry, dry humour. “I think I’ve plenty of an answer now. How long?” Has she been sick. And don’t mind her either, Xia… She’s going to carefully rummage through whatever the Healers have given her.

"Your head." Xia doesn't really have the will or energy to fight the brownrider on coming in. Divale can just GET SICK. (And then pass it on to the rest of the weyr because that's always fun. A guest implies that Xia should pull herself together a little and she pushes herself up a little on the bed. It's a bad call because that movement is what decides Xia's body in another fit of vomiting. She's got a bucket though, right there, so she can throw up bile into it. There's nothing else left in her stomach. "A seven."

Divale doesn’t even so much as look up from her rummaging while Xia empties the contents of her stomach (or lack thereof). Consider it an act of modesty? Or just plain kindness. No one likes an audience during their weakest moments. Once assured that the bluerider is done, she will further tempt fate by seating herself on the edge of Xia’s bed and leaning forwards. She’ll feel Divale’s familiar fingers testing her pulse, checking her temperature. Basic things. “And they’ve not insisted on confining you to the infirmary?” she mutters. “What are your symptoms? Beyond the obvious.”

"Ugh," That's a generally good description of illness, right? It covers all the symptoms. Xia's skin is hot against Divale's fingers, fever basically speaks for itself. Her voice is raspy from coughing. Sprawling back against her pillows Xia tries to flick sweaty hair out of her way. "Fever, aches, vomiting, feeling sharding tired. Apprentice caught this and we figured this would be better." Keep Xia far away from anyone else who can catch it.

Divale frowns when she discovers the fever and noting how pale the woman is. “All very common symptoms,” Which is somewhat of a relief. Worrisome is the length of time she’s been suffering. The bed shifts with the lack of her weight as she rises and those medicines are rifled through again. Some are sniffed, others sampled. Some bring a disapproving huff from the brownrider. “Have you kept any of these herbs or medicines down? Water?”

"Trying." That wet rag gets reached for and Xia uses it to wipe her face and then lays down again. The ache is enough to keep her from being properly a good host. "Healers stuff water at me when they visit and it ends up there." In the bucket where Xia threw up just moments ago. She's keeping enough water down that she isn't dying from dehydration, but wonders are happening.

She should know that in a case like this, being a host can be waved off. Divale doesn’t seem to mind the lack of any hosting. “Did you eat some tainted food or…?” It’s likely to be the last of her questions and in the silence that follows, Xia will hear the sound of things being shuffled and moved about. Of course she’d go about modifying something medicinal for the bluerider. There’s the sound of firelizard wings too and the low, hushed murmuring of Divale’s voice. “… you know where to find them. Be a good girl and bring them here.” If Xia happens to look over, she’ll catch a brief glimpse of Divale’s gold Mercy taking wing before popping Between.

Xia would LIKE to be a host but… meh. The blanket gets pulled up more securely. "No clue. One day fine, next day, shit." There is no glancing upwards when Divale starts muttering mostly because Xia starts coughing then, a dry hack that shakes all of her small frame. At least Xia isn't hallucinating or something like that. She's herself, just a sick-whiny herself. "You probably shouldn't be here…" It's a weak attempt to get Divale to go.

“No,” Of that they’re in agreement! “But I’m not going to just leave you here in the state you’re in. I’ve some knowledge of these things. Might not cure you but it may… help, a little. Better, at least, than what they’ve been trying to push into you.” Disapproval voiced, she’ll come back to the beside and merely readjust that wet cloth and push back some of Xia’s hair. For as dark a creature as she is, she can have moments of tenderness. “Let me do this much for you and then I will go.”

"I don't deserve it." But at the same time Xia can't really stop Divale from doing whatever she wants. Not without causing a great deal of gastric distress needlessly. "Is it at least going to take better than the healers things?" Serious wistfulness happens there. Xia doesn't have much HOPE for better tasting medicine.

Divale levels Xia with a ‘don’t start’ look that the woman will likely not see but hopefully sense, at the very least. “Can’t promise that,” she admits honestly, as she returns to her work and waits on Mercy’s return. “But it may work better for you. I’m surprised they did not modify your dosage or try something else if you weren’t keeping it down.” Or Xia’s virus is just THAT unpleasant! A flurry of wings herald the arrival of the gold firelizard and Divale’s murmurings of approval for whatever the little gold carries. Back to the task, she won’t be wholly focused on the fact that Mercy has flitted over to land beside Xia and sniff in an inquiring manner to the ill woman’s hand.

"Course it won't." Grumble grumble grumble. "When I was a girl… and sick…" She MUST not be felling well if she is willing to talk about her childhood. The memories of being cast off by her family are very painful. "Ma had a way to make it not taste like piss. Don't know how." When Mercy starts to investigate she's meet with a loud hiss from above Xia's bed. It's Study, Xia's gold, not at ALL wanting another firelizard.

“Mother’s often have that touch,” Divale murmurs softly and with a hint, a very small hint, of sadness to her voice. “Regretfully, I am no mother and never will be. I’ll try to make it less torturous however.” Some humour there, even if grim. The hissing draws her attention and she gives a sharp, low hiss of her own. “Mercy! Leave off.” The young gold had bristled to Study’s possessiveness, but she’ll obey and vanish under Divale’s firm command. More sounds of rummaging and the quiet clink of something being mixed and prepared, followed by the soft sound of her footsteps approaching. “Here,” She’ll help Xia sit up a little, before offering her the glass of whatever concoction she’s brewed. “Sip it slowly. Just a few, to start.” It’s definitely going to be medicinal tasting, but masked a bit by what tastes like ginger and something else. Mint, maybe?

Xia is more like a rag doll than anything else when Divale helps prop her up. She's also obviously lost weight since she told Divale that she needed some space and they went separate directions. She reaches up to try to steady the drink herself, but she will also let Divale hold most of the weight. Sipping she doesn't attempt to talking other than to make a slight gagging sound at the taste. When it's halfway gone she'll try to push it away to prevent any more going down her throat. "It's horrid Div."

Divale will note the difference but she keeps her concerns at bay and merely helps Xia settle comfortably… or as comfortably as she can be. Once that glass is pushed away, she’ll set it aside, no about to force more of it on her. “Most medicines are,” she points out. “If I knew your stomach could handle it, I’d try slipping it into some juice or another base to mask it.” This is tempting fate enough, isn’t it? “If this works, it should help settle your stomach.” Not enough to allow her to eat a full meal, but maybe get something bland and plain to stay down. “… it may also help you sleep.”

"The world is wasted on you being a sharding dargonrider if this works." Xia manages to squeeze that out breathless until she begins coughing again. Surely the medicine will help with that, but it'll take some time. Laying back on her pillows Xia closes her eyes like she doesn't really want to see the faint light in her weyr. "You're a good friend."

Divale chuckles dryly for Xia’s comment on her talents being wasted. “Or they’ll just try to strip me from Parhelion and force me back into Mirage.” she points out, shifting a bit on the edge of the bed as Xia lays back down. With her eyes closed, Divale risks letting some of her mask fall. “I can be that, at least.” It’s a whispered soft admission. Silence falls, not wholly uncomfortable but she will linger to be sure Xia doesn’t react negatively to the medicine. Should all go well, she’ll gently rest her hand over Xia’s in a bid to get her attention for a moment. “If it works, I’ve left some. Already measured. Just mix it with water or broth. If you cannot eat still, just keep to fluids.” There’s a moment of hesitation, but Divale never voices her request and simply pats Xia’s hand instead before withdrawing. “Rest, now. And may you recover soon.”

On a completely empty stomach the herbs are going to work fast, especially as it can probably be assumed that Divale'd be willing to use stronger combos than what the healers would be willing to try. It doesn't take long before Xia's falling asleep with Divale sitting next to her. The hand shakes the sleep for a moment though Xia doesn't manage to open her eyes. "You're a good friend Divale."

Oh, what was created is probably not at all the usual Healer scripted medicine. If she were caught, they’d likely have a fit. Not that the dosage was in any way dangerous, as she’s not so foolish as to risk that; but it’s more the combinations. Some are merely set in their ways, while Divale tends to… improvise. There is no answer to Xia’s comment, but the shadow that settles about Divale as she glances down at the sleeping woman speaks volumes. A good friend? No, she won’t let herself believe that. Lingering just long enough to arrange a few more things, Divale will quietly leave Xia to her rest.

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