Alyna, Talya, A'lira


Alyna makes a trip back to Igen and seems to have forgotten basic sun safety, thankfully Talya is there.


It is afternoon of the seventh day of the seventh month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Lake Shore, Igen Weyr

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"Good thing that I came by when I did or you'd have been cooked."


Lake Shore

Sprawled out beyond the Weyr proper's hustling activity and ambling roads, the cool, blue paradise of the Weyr lake promises escape from the oppressive hammer of Igen summer's cruel climes; the asymmetrical, sandy white shores hook delicately around the deceptively still waters running deep and sure, greedy peninsulas reaching white fingers stretching in crooked lines towards its center. A sturdy shack, weather-beaten and brown as cured leather, resides in isolated splendor upon one such finger, screened shelving offering a variety of brushes and fragrant oils housed in colorful tureens. Out beyond a small and dusty paddock ringed by a white fence, a long rocky pier stabs out into the lake, providing a panoramic view of the Weyr itself, while the southern shores provide varied shrubs and grassed for the massed herds in their pens.

It is the sixty-seventh day of Summer and 104 degrees. It is a bright, sunny day.

Ahhh, heat! How Alyna has missed it. So much in fact that when she remembered she still had some non-essentials back in Igen's Stores, she had jumped at the excuse to make for the desert Weyr on her rest day. After a quick bath and oiling for Haquith in the lake, Alyna decided to just lay out on her towel and bake happily until she felt the damp leave her bones. Unfortunately, that was closer to midday and the dry heat had lulled both her and her dragon into a deep sleep. Now it is late afternoon and the parts of her not covered by her small two piece bathing suit are bright red as she lays out on her stomach, head cradled on her arms.

Talya is really missing being surrounded by water, probably at odds with plenty of other people that would prefer the dry heat than the humidity of Southern. But at this midday hour, avoiding having lunch in the more crowded of places, Tal finds herself bringing a picnic over to the lake shore for a refreshing time even if she has to suffer the full sun. Her skin has definitely darkened in the summer, and it definitely helps unlike the lighter skinned Weyrfolk. Like the one she walks by laying out in full sun. "That's going to shardin' hurt," she says aloud to herself as she passes. Then stops dead. Backs a step closer to the rider. Oh, that's someone she actually knows! "Hey Alyna," she calls loudly to wake her, and then unhelpfully, "There's something crawling on your face!"

Blink! Alyna's ice blue eyes open when she hears 'crawling' and 'face'. "Huh?" Automatically, her hand reaches out sleepily to swat at her face, but she is still bleary eyed and manages to slap herself full in the face which actually helps to wake the greenrider up further as she shakes her head, raising it further and using her hand to shield her eyes against the glare of the sun, "Talya?" She seems really confused for a moment. "What the fuck are you doing in Igen?" she wonders out loud, propping herself up on her other elbow. Then the movement causes a ripple of pain from her crispy back. "OW!" she exclaims loudly as she winces.

Talya wanted the greenrider to slap her own face, and gets just that. The rest is just bonus, apparently. She shifts her basket of snacks and what looks like a cold skin (that won't be cold for long in this weather) that is unfortunately just juice (because she's being good here). "What am /I/ doing in Igen? What are /you/ doing in Igen, and looking like a spiderclaw recently boiled." There's definitely laughter to her voice, even at the poor woman's painful exclamation. "Yeeeah, that definitely is gonna leave a mark for a while. Good thing that I came by when I did or you'd have been cooked." Talya is still wearing clothes, either going to strip at the shore or just stick her legs in. Which makes it easy for her to turn her torso sideways to show off her white-knot and all. "This is what I've been doing."

Alyna gingerly reaches up as she looks to her burnt shoulder and presses a single finger tip against the bright red skin, when she lifts it, there is a perfect white impression until it slowly goes red again. "Fuck!" she curses emphatically as she hisses slightly at the heat she can feel coming off her skin now. "I was coming here to pick up the last of my things from Stores. But I was going to get a bit of a tan first, but I must have fallen asleep." She looks over to where Haquith is laying, sleeping as soundly as any dragon ever has as her green hide still shines with the oil recently applied. She slowly walks her hands up until she is kneeling gingerly on the towel. At the sight of the white knot, she snickers softly, "Oh fun! How is that going for you? Staying…dry?" she teases the girl.

"Oh that's right, from Igen," Talya notes as if she only just remembered. Maybe the greenrider told her this, maybe she heard it elsewhere. Either way she didn't seem to remember until just that moment. "Small world." She moves closer and then kneels down to get a closer look towards the greenrider, setting her basket aside for the moment. "I just got away from helping out in the infirmary too, would have brought some salve with me if I thought anyone would be crazy enough to be sunbathing. I guess you're too used to Southern being winter right now and the sun not too terrible, huh?" She smirks at the other short woman, even going so far as to reach a hand out as if she wants to touch the terrible sunburn herself. How fun, going from red to white to red like that! Her glittering eyes look away and she pulls her hand back with a scowl. "Dry, indeed. I mean, is it so bad to have /one/ off day to indulge at least? Just a little? We're gonna be committed to several Turns after the Hatching with nothing!"

Oh, the sizzle is real out here! So much warm! Kyprioth, naturally, is soaking it right up, sprawled by the lake with his tail in the water and eyes lidded against the glare. And as for his rider? A'lira has decided to ditch all that damn leather and opt for loose linen trousers and no shirt, soaking up some of that sun, too — mostly because he has to convince his dragon that a bath might be a good thing, and the less he has on, the better. He's going to get wet, anyway. And then Talya and Alyna are spotted, and his brows arch as he notes the angry tone of Alyna's skin, and decides to head her way, just because. "Bakin' yourself ain't the best idea." He's teasing. Sort of.

Alyna peers at Talya out of the corner of her eye when she sees her reach a hand out towards her sunburned back. "Oh just try it…" She growls a, mostly playful, warning. With that though she seems to remember something and tilts her head to one side to looks up at the younger woman, self-satisfied smirk tugging at the corners of her lips, "And where was my salute Candidate? You know that's for all riders right?" Oh 'Lyna could have fun with Candidate Talya, but she'll behave cause look, there's A'lira! She slowly gets to her feet and waves in the brownrider's direction, "Really? And here I thought red looked good on me." Acerbic as ever, the blonde woman snorts as she makes her way to where her clothes are folded neatly nearby, moving slowly, her arms held comically away from her body as she hisses slightly every now and then.

Talya would totally have tried it, though she had other things on her mind… like probably not getting kicked out of candidacy if some Igen rider spies what may look like her hurting a Southern rider. "Even foul-mouthed greenriders from different Weyrs?" she snarkily questions back regarding the missing salute. "My poor innocent candidate ears." It's way too late to be giving that salute, but the sound of someone else approaching has her snapping up to attention. Hey look at that snazzy salute she gives A'lira! All proper and sharp before giving Alyna a smirk at her sarcasm. "You sure you don't want to even the color out, at this time the sun won't take long to turn the other half of you the same shade."

"Yes, even foul-mouthed greenriders from different Weyrs." A'lira informs Talya with a squint. Really. The fact that she does salute him is somewhat amusing, though — notice how he completely ignores how snazzy and pretty it is. Instead, he cants his head at Alyna, consideringly. "Perhaps not that shade. I might have some salve somewhere. If I felt like getting it." Uh huh. Or maybe he feels more like seeing how long this sarcasm will go on between candidate and greenrider. It's the closest thing to entertainment he's had in many moons, between the flora and the gestating girl hiding in his spare bedroom. One can only take so much chatter about pregnancy.

Foul-mouthed greenriders from different Weyrs? Yup, that sums up Alyna quite nicely actually that she won't really protest. "Innocent Candidate ears my bright red ass!" Cause it is actually. She rummages through her clothes and comes back with a long sleeved cotton tunic that she now slips over her head, to at least keep any more sun off her skin, hissing as even the light fabric settles over the reddened skin. When A'lira offers his two marks worth, she glances over with a smug look at Talya, hands on her hips, "Well? I'm waiting." it might not be as bad if the blonde woman wasn't smirking so smugly at the younger woman's direction. To A'lira's last, she just manages a soft chuckle, "It's no worries, I'm sure the healers back in Southern have something. And I even know just who I can ask to help me apply it." then there's is a briefly heated look on the greenrider's face that has little to do with the sun overhead.

Talya gives A'lira some widened eyes, as if she heard something so very surprising. "Well, I learn something new today, sir," she says informs the Igen rider slowly, doing her best surprised act here. No need to keep squinting at her! "You figure after over a Turn at a Weyr, and then a little as a candidate, I'd have had it all figured out by now. But there's always something new 'round the corner." She picks up the basket she had left behind, apparently not starving enough to go away and eat her lunch. But she does distract herself a moment as Alyna gets something on, her eyes only turning back to her with a "Hmmmm?" at the waiting. "Oh right." Her arm lifts— no, not a salute, it's got that cooling skin of juice. "Here! Probably overheated from being in the sun for who the shells know how long. It's still even cold." She was totally waiting for that, right? A grin trying not to spread on her face. "I've seen you blush the color of your back like that once before, when you were staring at a bluerider." Probably not the same bluerider in mind as she teases Alyna.

"Well, now you know…" He grins lazily at Talya, all casual amusement at her failed attempt at flying the innocent act by him. What, did she think he hasn't seen that one a time or two? It's kind of standard operating procedure for the malingerers of the Weyr. Alyna's commentary and look earns her a long glance, and a smirk. "Good for you, then, Alyna." Oh, yeah, he remembers her from her time here in Igen, a woman who liked her flirtations.

Forgetting, at least for the moment, about the salute, Alyna will gladly take the skin of cold juice and unstop it before taking a couple of careful sips before taking a longer one. Lifting the skin in Talya's direction she smiles, "Thanks." And she'll just hang on it that for now. When there is talk of blushes, the greenrider rolls her eyes at the candidate, "I think you are mistaking me for a certain bluerider we both know." Alyna counters without missing a beat. To A'lira, she offers a saucy wink, "I think you mean 'Good for him.', although it's by no means an exclusive arrangement.. just so you know." She's teasing…right? Her hearty chuckle seems to indicate so.

"It isn't spiked," Talya immediately says towards the greenrider's careful sips. As if that is the reason she was doing so… Then again, it was probably safe for her to do that considering who it came from. But white-knotted now, she honestly has been good! Let's just forget about that silly saluting thing, though. "I know blushes when I see them," she notes to Alyna with her empty hand waving at her own face. "It's not as obvious right now, but it was before. A blushing pair," she adds with a snicker. It looks like she probably had more to tease the greenrider about, but then her stomach audibly rumbles. With something that may look like a salute in the general direction of the two riders, she makes a vague motion back towards the Weyr. "Keep the juice, you need it more than I do. I better finish this food off on my way back to the caverns. Got some more slave— candidate stuff to get to." She's off, this time digging into the basket and eating a sandwich as she goes.

"I think you are a little confused there Talya. I don't do the blushing, I cause it." There may be a little too much vehemence in Alyna's voice as she shoots a look at the candidate. At the younger woman's grumbling stomach, the greenrider with just shake her head for a moment before blinking when she is told to keep the juice. "That girl likes giving me drinks for some reason." Alyna muses as she takes a longer sip on the cold juice. With one final sigh, she starts to gingerly get dressed for her trip back to Southern. What about the stuff she was here to pick up? They can wait for another time.

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