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Super friendly dragon is super friendly to Talya, and everything is awesome-ish…


It is late night of the thirteenth day of the eighth month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


River Cliffs

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River Cliffs

Towering cliffs topped with the verdant growth of brilliant greenery hover over the churning, steel-grey river far down below. The winding Black Rock River crashes against the base of the cliffs, churning as speed is slowly picked up over the rapids as it spills quickly towards the Caspian Lake, seen as a glimmering jewel in the distance. When the chilly grip of ghostly fog rolls in, it clings to the jungle that grows right to the very edge, giving the whole length of the river's cliffs an eerie sense of danger. In the distance, a feline's yowl may sometimes be heard. Dotting the towering cliffs are ledges; this is one of the best spots for those who seek a view in Southern.

The night time is the right time, with a break in the weather the cliff path seems to be somewhat free of debris, well that is if you don't count the large blue dragon as debris. Jedameth is currently lounging near the edge of the cliff, what is he doing why casually using his tail to bat rocks off the edge trying to see how far he can get them out to see. His rider is no where to be seen but that is probably for the best as he the young man is probably still hung over.

Talya seems to be a night time wanderer, which probably is a reason why she cannot hold down a steady job around the Weyr if she was always going to be late in the mornings. That night she was looking for a change of scenery. The cool breeze is welcome as she lets out her hair and runs her hands through it, looking wearier than she has in a long time. In her other hand is a skin of wine that she takes a swig from. There's a bit of a wobble in a step as she nears the edge. The blue dragon is noted, and she tries to give him a polite nod and his space for the moment. The dark is hard to distinguish dragons but there is something awfully familiar about him.

Jedameth looks over as his nighttime fun is encroached upon, one large whirling blue eye regards the woman. As she nears the edge he watches her more closly now as soft hues of greens and oranges swirl out to lightly touch the mind of the young woman. « Watch your self, mine would be quite unhappy should you fall form this great a height. Are you good at throwing rocks? » is the concern and then curious question all roll up into one sentence from the large blue. He is with out a doubt one of the largest blues in Southern but no one as told him that yet..

Wouldn't it be hilarious if Jedameth made her spill wine twice from scaring the beejezus out of her? Talya chokes instead, bringing the skin down and coughing violently. She at least stopped a good distance from the edge of the cliff and in no current danger of falling over. Once her fit is over, she takes a deep breath. Her watery eyes look over at the blue. "Je-" breath in "-damath." Breath out. She finally composes herself, wiping at her eyes. "Good evening to you," she starts, obviously very uncomfortable addressing the dragon and looking around for his rider. "No worries, no falling any time soon." Realizing that Th'res is either absent or hiding somewhere, she turns to look at the blue and approaches caustiously. "Throwing rocks? I guess… why do you ask?" And why does she keep talking to him? It must be the wine.

Moving slightly to readjust as the sound of russeling wings is heard, it seems this dragon can never be truely still, Jedameth will again use his tail to bat a rock out from the little pile he has to send it creening over the edge of the cliffs. « I was hoping you would like to play. It really is a fun game, and Th'res says you are great company! » comes the excited response, and when his lifemate is named soft sliver flecks of light are added to his colorful mind scape he shares with her currently.

Talya leans forward, finally noticing the pile of stones that the dragon has been kicking over, then watching as the next one is sent out. "So that's what that noise was," she notes, more to herself than to the dragon. She takes a heavy swig from the wine, corks it, and then hangs it from her belt in some fancy method that probably involves a tie or something. One hand goes to her head as she rubs it when the blue changes up the lighting in his mindvoice. Ugh… She does her best smile to the dragon instead. "If I throw some of them, will that make you happy? I'm going to throw it further than you." And maybe a happy Jedamath means less talky in her head. She quickly shuffles forward to get a rock, probably rolled away from the pile, and then moves back away to give them room. She wobbles a bit closer to the edge, sticks her tongue tip out of the corner of her mouth, winds her arm back, and the rock SOARS! She isn't half so bad. In the dark, she quickly loses sight of it. She turns back to grin at the dragon triumphantly.

Jedameth croons happily to her and then takes his turn knocking another rock out into the abyss that neither can really see at this time. He still watches her though, and instead of words this time a picture is formed as multicolored blocks are stacked until the image of her is fully captured. It takes but a few moments for him to capture her image completely and accurately in the brick work mosaic of his mind before it is disassembled and reassembled a few times. Once he knows he can build it from memory it is stored in his mind somewhere. He uses his snout to roll another rock towards Talya.

Unlike when she is around other humans, Talya actually suddenly seems to be a little childish and playful, with a mix of apprehension when it comes to being near the dragon to grab a rock. It may be a combination of trying to please the dragon and the wine together. The image in her head of herself is given a bark of a laugh, loud in that quiet darkness. "Is that how you see me, Jedameth?" She runs her hand through her hair, adjusting it this way and that as if self conconscious of the dragon. The laugh sort of turns into a quiet snicker and she shakes her head away of the mental image, not as disturbing as the talking and the lights. Like having been shown a painter's portrait. She picks up the next rock, does her best to balance on her feet, and shoots off the next stone away. Her eyes squint in the darkness. "Can you even see where they are landing?"

Jedameth shifts again letting his front limbs move against the ground, « i can see a distance, you throw well. Are you good at scratching? Because I like it and my eyeridge could use one. » yup even trying to be soft he is still full of energy and joy. This dragon is nothing if not friendly and always happy it seems. He watches her a little more before adding softly « that is what friends do right? help out and give scratches? »

Talya seems happy with knowing she can throw good, even if it means having to suffer the happy mindvoice of the blue dragon. When he continues, however, she hesitates. Even as lubricated as she is with wine she doesn't seem to want to cross that kind of boundary. She looks around again, as if expecting Th'res to show up by now, but finding that she is still alone with the blue. "I don't know if I'm good at scratching. I can scratch my own back, but a dragon's eyeridge? Isn't that… Uh, more of a thing for their rider? Seems rather intimate." She demonstrates her scratching skills by scratching at her own head, unsure on what to do.

Jedameth is undeterred as he moves his head closer to Talya to just with in arms reach « Th'res says it is fine, just be firm but gentle » Other images of people giving him head scratches will drift over to her in the small mind link. « Th'res trusts you, so you must be a good person. you can sit here if it would help relax you » he moves his front leg to make a little nook for her to sit down on him if she wishes.

"Th'res says it's fine, does he?" Talya looks around the darkness, hands on her hip. "He just hanging around somewhere else?" And leaving others to scratch their poor dragon's itchy hide. She huffs, and shakes her head at the offered leg. She takes a step back out of habit when he moved closer. Heads usually meant sharp teeth, even if no dragon has ever given her reason to feel like they may actually do harm to a person. She did shuffle forward again if a bit reluctantly. "I got something else to help me relax, thank you though." She unties the skin, opens it, takes a loud deep gulp, recorks and ties it back. Okay, liquid courage in place, she finally closes the distance. Just close enough that she can stretch her arm and give him the scratches on the eyeridge. She's felt a dragon before, when mounting. But up close to their face? She's much more gentle than she should be.

Jedameth croons happily when she finally starts to scratch him, and that happy flows out in the form of warm light like a summers day « He is washing » A none to flattering image of the redheaded rider in the bath, is sent across to Talya « We had late sweeps today! It was great, oh did you like the ice place? Th'res says the drinks are good but I like playing in the snow ». While he talks to her and she scratches he instinctively curls his tail around them closing off all retreats except one that leads away from the cliff.

Talya sighs in defeat when the dragon starts crooning. There she is standing, scratching the blue's eyeridges, making him happy. "If anyone told me I'd be making small talk with a dragon while giving him a good rub down a few months ago, I'd have laughed at them for being stupid," she thinks out loud to herself. She still doesn't seem too comfortable getting mental feelings and colors and all, but the image suddenly makes her stop her scratching. She blinks heavily, then starts giggling. Actually giggling. "I have a feeling that a person like Th'res would be embarrassed to know his dragon is sharing private moments with others." Giggle. Cackle. What if he was in the middle of something worse. She realizes she stopped the scratching and continues before Jedamath may grow sad about it. "The drinks were great, the ice not so much. I guess it isn't really cold for dragons even though ya got no fur." She squints and leans closer to study the hide right in front of her. A little distracted makes her notice her exits are getting cut off. She jerks back, turning her head behind her and around her. At least there's still a way out. "Feeling better?"

Jedameth half closes his eyes as he settles down « Much better thank you, and I keep telling him he shouldn't care about stuff like that. I don't have clothes and no one makes fun of me. » Which is probably true because if they did all of his clutchsiblings and then some would probably materialize and vaporize the offending party as Jedameth seems to be the group mascot. « Do you like being our friend? » it is a straight question at the nervous woman.

"Some people just more comfortable than others," Talya tells the dragon with a renewed snortgiggle at her own image of dragons wearing clothes. "There are also others that should be covered more than others. Th'res ain't one of those though, I'll tell you that," she says matter of factly to the dragon. Better show off while they are still young and healthy. That wrinkly old auntie from the lower caverns? No one wants to really see that walking around naked in the bowl. She makes sure to be nice and give him one final scritch before dropping her arms and taking a small step back, as much as is allowed. "'Course I do. I probably would have gone back to Black Rock without any friends to tie me down here. Didn't think I had much of a choice." Thoughts of her past seem to flood into her mind: the unsavory crowd she hung out with, friends she would steal, gamble, drink with. Men she'd fool around with only to get into fist fights with them when she didn't do as they said. They all come bubbling up in her mind. She throws her arms up, claps them on her head and stares at the dragon. "Uh, ya can't go breaking into people's minds like people say, can you?"

Somewhere there is one embarrassed red headed rider that is sneezing as he is being talked about. But that doesn't concern Jedameth right now, instead he looks up at her with what is possibly the sadest dragon face ever!!! « Why would I break into your mind? Is there something blocking your mind from working? Wait.. Th'res says I can't and not to try.. Well Southern is Home! Would you just have gone for a visit? » he can't see the images she shares to him unless she wants him to. But that doesn't stop Jed from making sure she is ok as he lifts that wide head and lightly brushes her shoulder affectionately.

Talya visibly relaxes and releases her arms back at her side at the blue dragon's questioning. If the dragon was concerned about her mind working, then she was likely safe. And safe from all the other dragons is a good thing. Though with her wine soaked thoughts who knew what may slip through. Being aware of the thoughts just makes them all the more clear in her head as she does her best to stomp them back down. She clears her throat, then chuckles at the sad dragon instead of reassuring him right away. "It may be broken from working right but not in that way." She isn't very good at comforting him, probably.. When the head comes down, she actually only flinches a little and then accepts the comfort, arm reaching up to scratch at the chin. "Don't worry about it, Jedameth. I ain't going to visit and I ain't going back." She also doesn't seem to make any promises on staying.

Jedameth croons happily as she finds one of his favorite spots to get attention, his back foot goes to start tapping like a dog's would before the dragon stops that motion as to not scare the drunken woman. « That is good, Th'res seems to think you shouldn't go back to that place. He had a dream he had to get you out of there, I think he drank to much. » Yup there he goes again sharing all sorts of secrets with her about his riders inner thoughts. « Though that one wasn't as bad as the one where he woke up in someone elses room and hand to run through the caverns with no clothes on. » The images of the dreams are sent over to her, they mostly are of Th'res trying to cover himself with a pillow as he sneaks through the caverns with everyone turning to stare at him.

Talya seems to be getting used to the dragon, and the talking part of the dragon. At least for now, when she is expecting him to be speaking directly to her mind. "Th'res dreams about me!" she says with a snort. She may have to tease him about that later. On the subject, though, she shakes her head at the dragon. "Him getting me out of there? As if I'd be kidnapped. If I ended up going back for some reason, it would be by my own terms. He'd just have to go visit me. But that's only likely to happen if I get chased out of the Weyr." Pause. "Though that can happen I guess." One can never be too comfortable and secure. Something could always go wrong. When the next dream is mentioned, and even better the /image/, she has to hold her side as her body shakes with laughter. If only poor Th'res knew what was being shared. "Oh, the poor man! I can bet you ten marks I knew what he was doing in that room too." Probably. Thankfully the dragon doesn't have marks (right?). She is so relaxed, that she actually flops down and leans up against the previously offered leg.

Jedameth seems more happy too as she sits down and leans on him « Will you be coming to the weyr party? Th'res doesn't seem to be able to recall anything after the graduation. » The wind changes and the temperature drops but the dragon is warm so she might not notice.

Talya is happy to huddle down and enjoy the dragon warmth. She'll also make sure to get her skin back in hand, swirling the contents that are left inside (and it isn't much). She sips gingerly, making sure to make it last. "I'll go, I'll go. Unless someone forces me to miss it, locked away somewhere or in the infirmary. But don't worry, that won't happen," she adds quickly to Jedameth. Be happy, yay! She pats his foot, more comfortable with him than ever before. "Didn't remember the rest, huh? Did he get his gift from D'ex at the end?" Brow waggles. Though really it looks like face spasm at this point.

The response is probably predictable as Jedameth explains « no sadly he did not. I was hoping to see what the surprise was too but he became ill and after a few bottles had to be tosed over the saddle like sack of tubers for me to take him home. » The image that comes acrossed is Th'res sprawled out on the floor with his new Lynx shoulder pauldron tucked under on arm like a teddy bear. He is still fully clothed in this shot but he is drooling all over his his face as he sleeps awkwardly on the floor.

"Well, I can't say I'm surprised. It sounds like it was a much needed binge for all the graduated weyrlings," Talya says sagely, nodding her head at the image. She can't keep the serious face long, because soon she is laughing again. She has way too much ammunition to make fun of the dragonrider the next time she sees him, if she can recall everything herself. Which is likely. Drunk but not /that/ drunk. Yet. She finishes off the last sip of wine and then scrambles up to her feet. "I'm all out, Jedameth. And I should probably go find myself a bed somewhere. Thanks for the images and the…" She isn't sure what to call it. She points her free hand from him to her and back again. "Chat." She sounds like it is awkward calling a dragon to non-rider communication a chat. "Make sure to tell Th'res all the fun stuff you shared tonight!" If she forgot, at least he may be mortified still by his dragon. She's slipping between the dragon and his tail, exiting the safe way and back in the direction of the caverns.

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