Delaney, Mayte, Muirnin, Ravene, Thierry, Trek, Sadaiya, Veresch, Zalara


Girls should never be allowed to bathe in swarms. Never!


It is evening of the first day of the third month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Igen Weyr Baths

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Public Baths

Stout walls have been erected around several naturally formed pools, serving to provide a semblance of privacy and protection from the harsh wind and sand. Above the pools, well cleaned walkways criss-cross beneath tiled arches and descend with a stairway or two leading down to each pool to provide one means of slip-free access through the area. Surrounding the pools there are benches, receptacles to put used clothing and towels in, and areas to get sweetsand and towels from - if you didn't bring your own.

What's better than to relax in the baths at the end of a long day? It's a few hours past sunset, a time when most folks are likely to have already taken their supper, and where evening's intentions turn to far more pleasurable things. For Thierry, that means a visit to the baths to scrub off the day's grime. When he arrives he's hot, sweaty, in a guard's uniform that's clearly gone through /some/ degree of activity in recent hours, as it's as scuffed-up and dusty as the teen wearing it is. He takes his time once he's in the steamy warmth of the baths, though, soaking in the humid air as he slowly peels off the layers of his clothing, starting with his boots.

So, too, does Our Lady of Igen prepare herself for her ablutions. Slithering out of her monogrammed, terrycloth robe, Sadaiya lets the nubby material pool at her feet while she piles her luxurious curls on top of her head. Securing the whole mass with a pair of intricately carved hairsticks, she hums to herself, turning to admire her bathing suit clad roundness in a convenient mirror. Her reflection gets a thumbs up and a click of her thumb before the woman turns to walk down the stairs into the steaming pool. The only thing that cracks her blissful expression is the brief grimace as she passes the sweaty, work-stinky guard, her nose wrinkling and pulling her lip up with it.

Zalara comes into the baths after a long day in the forge. Nothing like a long soak especially when it's a warm one considering how cold it is outside, even though it is spring. She moves off to one side so she can get undressed and get into the water.

Muirnin cups a tiny glinting thing of shadow and emerald in her palm, a basket of her own wash stuff and clean clothes in the other. Seeing oters here, she smiles and gives nods of greeting before settling her stuff down on a side bench. The little bit of green in her hand is put on her shoulder where it quickly disappears, hiding under her hair while she gets undressed. Miners and guards have their place, but werybrat diapers and todder mush food have taken their toll and she needs this bath badly, wasting no time stripping down.

And it seems the baths is a popular location this evening as Ravene enters into the very place in question. A towel that could easily pass as a sheet is wound around her slight form, this is dropped and like Sadaiya the woman is clad in a swimsuit. Hey, you can too get clean while wearing a swimsuit, it just takes some practice. The steaming water earns a hiss of pain from the baker as it engulfs one of the many not quite healed burns. Hazard of the job, burns and such are.

Thierry notices things - such as the Weyrwoman's grimace when she walks past him. He looks up with narrowed eyes as he manages to kick off his second boot, watching her pass as he pulls off his socks. Undressing is a /slow/ process when you've been busting your ass (and busting ass) on duty! The sight of young Zalara coming in doesn't go unmissed, his dark eyes coolly flickering over her figure as he checks her out… though Muirnin, when she starts peeling off her layers, offers a somewhat more pleasing silhouette for his roving eye. It's when he spies Ravene, too, sinking into the pool by the Weyrwoman that he ends up taking a doubletake… did he pick /ladies' hour/, or something? With his boots and socks off, Thierry stands to start shedding his other layers, starting with his tunic, and warily watching the /women/ he's suddenly surrounded by.

It's Taco Tuesday, and bring Sadaiya her Sombrero of Leadership. Noticing Thierry's pointed look, she returns it with an innocent, almost beatific smile. "Good afternoon," she murmurs to him across the pool, her cheeks quivering with the attempt to hold in her giggles (though not the twinkle in her eyes that betrays her whimsical mood). Various other people get greeted and the occasional 'HAY GIRL HAAYY' is dispensed with impunity to acquaintances before, sighing, she sinks up to her chin in the mineral-laden water. "Oh. Ohhh that is the STUFF," she gargles, Homer-esque in her savoring of the sensation.

Zalara doesn't seem to look around at anyone as she goes to get the soapsand and she starts to wash up. She does look up as other people come in. She nods, "Hello there." She gives a smile as she keeps her eyes on everyone face as she continues to wash off the sweat from the forge.

Muirnin notices the eyes on her and gives Theirry a wink, equal parts playful and dismissive. Curve by curve she's stripped out of the clothes marked by grubby hands of toddlers and spit up of infants until she pulls the halt-tugged-loose braid out of her hair too. She makes for the big occupied pool.. safety in numbers and all, leving her basket on the edge's reach while she sinks into the water. "Ungvvmmddrraaahahahhaha," she jibbers out as tired legs and feet leat the way for the rest of her pale skin to be lost under the water's edge. "Mmf.. hello to you, and you.. and.." she goes down the line, giving nods and smiles. "Dont mind me, seems like a good night to turn into a prune." she groans.

Ravene is, for the moment, simply soaking in the warm water not too distant from Sadaiya. The Weyrwoman's voice earns her a cracked open eye, and a light snort of mirth on her own part. She's seen her friend in mischievous moods before, and usually it's fun to watch so watch she does. The burn on her arm does finally get an inspection before she's grimacing once more from the heat. Numbweed will be applied later, but for now the grease and grime of the kitchen must be cleansed away.

"Weyrwoman." Thierry /knows/ who she is, and he forces a passable smile as he greets her. "Evening." Although not typically self-conscious when stripping off in the baths, he does seem somewhat uneasy in dropping his hands in the present company; indeed, he's standing there holding his tunic to his buff and bruised torso with his trousers still firmly fastened. Muirnin doesn't have the luxury of being the big lady in charge, and her wink to him is met with a who-do-you-think-you-are sneer, as he casts his gaze equally dismissively over her curves. The need to get /clean/ though presses him to continue shedding layers, and he, somewhat reluctantly, drops his dirty tunic to start unbuttoning his trousers. Slowly. Warily. Watching the ladies to make sure they're not watching him - they all have boobs anyway, right? Boobs are /far/ more interesting than anything /he/ has. Look at your chests, ladies, not the black-and-blue marked guard.

"Hey everyone." It's true. Boobs are pretty great, and Sadaiya's are no exception to this sentiment, glistening wetly as they are as they float atop the steaming waters, catching the light dramatically. Bam. "Agreed," the Weyrwoman burbles at Muirnin with a blissful sigh, leaning back to rest her head on the lip of the pool. The mood of her boobs is unknown at this point. "What I wouldn't give for a whole fleet of masseurs with tiny tiny hands to do my back a solid." Awkwardly, she casts an eye over at Ravene, then frowns. "Hey, what'd you do to your arm, Ravene? Make sure to disinfect that after you get out of the water, sinc we're essentially making people soup here."

Zalara finishes washing and she looks over at Ravene, "Looks like burns, we see them sometimes in the forge, you have to watch yourself, did you have a healer take a look at it?" She asks as she settles down to relax in the water that's up to her neck.

Muirnin nods at the weyrwoman. She's no rider but you'd have to be stupid and blind not to know who she is living in the wery proper. "Oy, that sounds too good. I'll go with becoming a .. soup soaked prune," she chuckles at her comment about the waters, "And a good scrub, and then sleeping like the dead," she hopes. Her attention turns passively to the woman with the burn, eyes doing equal flickers of sneakiness between Sadie's boobs and Theirry's other bits, trying to look sly. Reaching up she fishes around in her hair, a shrill little protest coming from there as she pulls out the tiny new hatchling and then reaches for her basket, sandsoap and oils set at the ready for them both and quietly put to work, cleaning up the tiny green first and then starting in on herself.

"Cooking," Ravene answers, "Or more precisely teaching Zisiene how to cook," she nods absently, "Planned on it, numbweed too," because hello, burns are ouchy things, "She's not as apt in the kitchen as E'bert," ah well, can't be helped now. Then she's noticing other people. Slow? Not really, just really enjoying the warmth of the bath. Zalara is given a nod, "Common enough in the kitchen, it's nothing," is asserted. Though from the look of it, there will likely be some scarring.

There's only so long he can prolong the inevitable. Thierry finally bares all, grabs a towel, and tries to slip into the water without the women noticing him. The less interaction there the better, right? Right. He's at Sadie's end of the group, though, and she's got those /floating boobs/ that he just can't seem to fully drag his eyes from… and oh /poo/. Where's his soapsand? Reluctant to interrupt the girly chat-session, the grumpy-looking guard clears his throat in as manly a manner as he can to try and draw their eyes to him. "Er… soapsand." His voice is a little husky; smoke-roughened. "You got any I can borrow?" He's not looking at anyone in particular - faces or otherwise. In fact, he's looking /up/. Nothing distractifying up there!

It's a herculean effort that has Sadaiya holding in the urge to torment the poor guard. She doesn't really need to hoot and holler at Thierry's Little Guardsman, though. The barely contained mirth is revealing enough, and her titters (ehehe titter) send little thrills through the water. "Ahem. Sorry, I'd loan you some of mine, but it was handmade for me based on a blend of scents I'm fond of. You probably don't want to smell like all the flowers, either, being all, y'know. Manly." The flick of her eyes follows Muirnin's flick, but she manages to right her gaze before it's TOO inappropriate. "Not that massages or scents are totally emasculating. A few of the bronzeriders swear by mani/pedis." Dongage is, for the moment, forgotten, and Ravene gets a surprised look from Sadie. "Wait, E'bert can COOK? I … had no idea, actually. Is he any good?"

Zalara ahs, "Yah that would do it, I've heard some cooking burns can be pretty bad, especially with hot grease and oil." She hmms, "You can use mine too if you want it's made to get off the toughest of soots and dirty."

Muirnin catches Sadie's eyes for just a moment, her miss-matched hues widening and then dipping away in a rush. Busted! Fuck… She huffs and goes back to scrubbing the little hatchling up to get rid of her itchies. Once Fleck's creeling's calmed down, she sets her on a towel in the basket and goes about scrubbing herself up, pale skin turning rose pink in moments between the heat of the water and the scrub. Happy to have had Zalara offer the guard some of her scrub, she goes about her cleaning and manages not to suggest he get out and get some himself, if only to see him squirm.

Ravene chuckles softly as she gives a nod to the shocked question from Sadaiya, "He learned pretty quickly, and some of my best pastries were actually his concoctions," a smug bit of pride in her voice for that. Never mind she didn't give birth to the boy, Ravene's proud of her son and it shows in the tone in her voice if not in the look on her face. A nod to Zalara, "I know," she's got a few scars from that as well. Thierry has no worries from Ravene, her eyes remain firmly closed as she soaks the aches of the day away. Soon though, she's reaching for the soapsand to quickly scrub clean then it's back to soaking. The small hatchling is heard, "Don't forget to oil the hide," is said gently to whoever is the owner of the flying stomach. She has a couple of those herself, and they both are often insisting on oilings even when not really needed.

Flowery soapsand? No thanks. "Eh. Yeah. Fuck that." Thierry sneers - then remembers who he's talking to. "Er. No, thank you. Weyrwoman." Grudgingly forced politeness for the win. The smile he gives Sadie is half-sneer, with a curl of his lip to echo that one she gave him before he got into the water. Then he has to look away quickly, because /boobs/. She has 'em, and they're /right there/. Luckily, it's Zalara to his distraction rescue! He grunts and nods at the youngster, holding out his hand for her to pour some into his palm. Muirnin's noisy firelizard is shot a glare, which reaches up to the woman herself. His advice isn't quite as gently-delivered as Ravene's: "Oughta stuff it's face with food to shut it up. Shouldn't be making /that/ much noise."

Zalara gives Thierry some of her soapsand and she moves back over, "You are welcome." She says with a smile and she looks over at the firelizard, "You have a cute firelizard there. I have three of them myself, they are all napping right now or at least they should be."

Between Muirnin's subtle ogling and Thierry's angry cusses, Sadaiya pauses for a moment and then explodes into peals of musical laughter. "You don't say!" she giggles, both of her eyebrows shooting upwards in surprise at the colorful candor. "Next time, I'll try to remember to bring extra of this stuff my Weyrmate uses, just in case you're here and wash all that guarding out of your skin. He can't abide smelling like a chick, either."

Trek enters from the bazaar with all the usual supplies and extra clothing. She gives the baths a general once-over when she first arrives, but she otherwise just does her own thing, casually undressing over by one of the benches, then bringing a big towel with her as she approaches one of the baths. She steps onto the underwater ledge beside Sadaiya then slides in, eventually propping that towel behind her head as she settles in to soak for a bit before getting to the actual washing.

Muirnin looks over to Theirry, the little green curled up on the towel doing her own thing as Muir washes. "She was just fed, thank you. But that advice sounds like it's born of knowledge, is that how your woman shuts you up.. feeding you?" she smirks and then dunks under the water to rinse her coppery mane, trying surfacing with bubbles as she couldn't hold in her giggle.

Ravene sighs as she finally removes herself from the water. It's time to go back to the bakery, and get things closed up for the night. A finger wave is given to Sadaiya, a nod to Trek, and a general, "Good evening," to all as she wraps her towel around herself again before she's exiting the baths.

"Uh. Sure. Thanks?" Thierry is attempting to be /civil/ in present company. Goldriders are /freaky/ beings, after all, and if one's going to offer him something on the off-chance they may meet again in the baths, then he's gonna suck it up. And then there's /another/ woman, sliding into the water between him and Sadaiya as he slinks back to use the soapsand given to him by Zalara. Trek is /eyed/ warily from the chest up, before he looks to Muirnin for her comment. After a moment of thunderously dark glowering and lip-biting as he perhaps counts to 10 to cool down, he slinks back behind the hopefully neutral bluerider beside him and mutters a gruff "Fuck off." Some things are just better /not/ argued over when there are /knots/ around. He's learnt his lesson there.

"Mm. Hey Trek," greets Sadaiya, scootching slightly to briefly rest her head against the bluerider's shoulder. "How're you and the wing holding up?" Before Trek can answer, however, she lifts her head and frowns slightly at the bickering pair. "Behave, children," she admonishes lightly, her voice that of someone whose mellow is being harshed, her jimmies being rustled. This aggression will not stand, man.

After Delaney shows up she stands there staring at the crowd already here for a long moment, clearly debating whether or not to run. Bathing can't be that important, right? But it must be, for she steels herself and, with a stubborn jut of her chin, proceeds to to place where one gets soap. The pools are all occupied, so she chooses the one with the least amount of people in it which is still the one with a bunch of people in it and, after stripping off her clothes the fastest anyone's ever done that, she's in. And sinking down to her neck with a wary eyeball for the others.

Zalara settles back down into the water and she stretches out a little bit. She waves to Ravene, "See you later." She waves to the new person, "Hello."

Muirnin works a bit of oil in her hand and then brushes it lightly through her hair, tsk tsk'ing at Theirry. "So sour," she sighs, refraining from further teasing. Instead she piles her hair up on her head with a clip and then pulls Fleck off the towels, drizzling a little oil over her and goes to relaxing, half floating with the tiny green on her chest, petting her to sooth herself and work the oil into her hatchling's skin.

"Oh, fine," Trek answers Sadaiya with a quick smile. As for the others? She glances at them, but possibly not long enough to notice Thierry's reaction to her arrival, or the bickering, or… wait, she catches Zalara's greeting and lifts a hand to the teen before settling in again against her towel, soaking in the heat.

Close on Delaney's heels comes in Mayte. She's not looking too copacetic, hair tousled to one side and up to her chin in a warm, fuzzy housecoat. But instead of getting into the water, Mayte goes to sit on a bench near one of the pools, watching the pool where Sadaiya, Trek, and Zalara, et al, face down… Thierry. She does manage a wave and borderline-polite, "Hi," to everyone, but the Vintner doesn't make a move towards the edge of the pool, or any motion of removing her housecoat. NOPE, happy here.

Thierry flashes an almost hope look at Sadaiya when Muirnin continues the ribbing despite the warning; c'mon, Sadie. There's gotta be retribution for /that/, right? But it's a look that lasts only seconds, before his glower turns his expression dark once more, brows surly-low over his dark eyes as he scrubs at himself with the borrowed soapsand. Borrowed with no intention to return - Zalara's not gonna want it back when he's done with it anyway, right? The appearance of Delaney's unfamiliar face draws his glowering attention, and he flicks his gaze over her appraisingly as she sinks into the water. She has boobs, too. It's /Boob Central/ in here, and he's… looking at Mayte when she says hi, though his gaze is a pointed few inches /below/ her chin. Are they gonna join the party?

Trek looks up to catch Delaney's entrance and gives young woman a nod of greeting, then spots the Vintner sitting all the way over there. "I don't think the sweat lodge option works in here," she calls over, grinning at Mayte. "Sharding arid climate. There's just no fixing it." Except by submerging herself up to her chin, of course. It's temporary. Heavily lidded hazel gaze slides toward Thierry and Muirnin and narrows slightly as she finally starts picking up on the bath's current vibe. "Uh… so what's going on in here?" she asks in a casual tone.

Life is not fair, especially where Sadaiya's concerned, and so Muirnin's comment flies right under her radar. Besides, she's canoodling with blueriders. And, hopefully Vintners, as Mayte's entrance gets unfairly noticed with an enthusiastic wave. "Am I the only person who never wanted firelizards? Granted, I ended up with my own bunch anyway, but, like, I had to make my brown sleep outside because he kept pooting all night and waking Tan and I up with his funky firelizard butt."

Delaney does have boobs. She also has a face that, though not unattractive by nature, is very good at giving very dark, very scary and intense glowers that narrow her eyes and tense her jaw all up; that's how she chooses to return Thierry's look. Trek is close enough that she catches that nod and maybe returns it, if you count that subtle, barely-there duck of her chin. 'Funky firelizard butt' understandably warrants a widening of the eyes like woah, and she very calmly tries to just bathe herself. Juuust gonna do that.

The denial of sweat-lodging just makes Mayte snuggle in deeper to her collar, but she'll crack a reluctant grin: "Gonna try it anyway! Maybe we can do a dry-heat thing. Water poured over hot rocks'n'stuff." Sadaiya gets a little wave from her own hand and maybe that's a giggle from where Mayte's trying to pretend she's a headless housecoat but for two dark eyes and furrowed eyebrows (fierce!) peek out. Thierry's look isn't missed, but she just glares at him for a moment before waving at Zalara. Housecoats have no boobs.

Especially not headless ones.

Muirnin snickers at the firelizard comment and shakes her head. "I never really wanted one either, but when I found this girl's egg when cleaning up the Creche, I couldn't leave her there for some little kid to crush." she shrugs. "She's an affectionate enough and I'm sure she'll come in useful sooner or later." she comments, keeping her gloating over getting in the last word eith Theirry to herself. Looking over at the others who've joined in, the dark little green curling around her throat like a choker, she smiles and nods to the Vinter she remembers seeing in the Dustbowl the other day. "Hello everyone," she blanket greets, not knowing a single name in here anyway.

Zalara waves to Mayte, "Hey Mayte, how are you doing?" She wrinkles her nose a little bit, "Ew that stinks, what are you feeding the firelizard. Mine don't do that." She frowns, "Who would crush a firelizard's egg?"

Oh, Delaney. What a pretty /glare/ you have. It draws Thierry's attention, for sure; he looks back at her with narrowed eyes, and the hint of a smirk tweaking up the corner of his mouth. Is that a /challenge/ you're tossing his way, pretty lady? He watches her unabashedly from the corner of his eye… when he's not watching Mayte. She's a slightly more familiar entity to deal with. "Oi. Stop fuckin' ogling and get your ass in the water." Because that's /totally/ what the Vintner's doing, isn't it? Then… hi again, Delaney. Here's looking at you, as he scrubs down his shoulders.

My, there's such a crowd in here. It's crowded enough that Veresch blinks as she wanders in, loaded down with a towel and small basket. "Evening all," she greets pleasantly, and makes for one of the pools.

It isn't immediately that Delaney notices Thierry looking at her. Again. Some more. She's trying to ignore everyone, thanks very much. But eventually she turns or twists or whatevers to get to a spot with her soap and catches his eye. And since his eye shouldn't be there for the catching she narrows hers again. It speaks. "Stop looking at me." Pretty straightforward.

"Have you never been around toddlers Zalara?" Sadaiya asks, amusement foremost in her expression. "Because they will crush or destroy just about anything you put in front of them, then act like it's the world's fault that their toy was destroyed." Our weyrwoman, mother of the year. "Once again, Thierry, your vocabulary leaves me breathless, though have you tried expanding your sentiments into more anatomical or biological terms? It really makes things POP when you know exactly what happens when you shove the proverbial 'it' there."

Trek pushes her towel back to safety just before she dunks herself under the water, coming up a moment later to slick water back. She reaches for some of the soap, then hops onto the side of the bath so she can start that whole ablution process. It would seem she, at least, doesn't much care one way or the other who's looking and who isn't. She glances over at Mayte, grinning slightly. "We could start a business. Get a big ol' tent and go out to the desert or something. You can ply people with wine, and I'll keep the steam going."

"'S a free Weyr," Thierry replies to Delaney with a nonchalant shrug. "I like what I see, I'm gonna look. That's what you got it on show for, right?" Scrubscrubscrub at his shoulder with soapsand, until Sadaiya's speaking to him. "I got more. Didn't think it'd be what you'd wanna hear, Weyrwoman, but say the word and I'll spew it out." He sniffs wetly, scrubbing his hand under his nose… there's possibly bogeys on it as he dunks said hand beneath the water to rinse it off. Right next to Trek.

It takes longer for Veresch to undress than normal, given how she's snickering at Mother of the Year. Her things go out of the way of splash-radius, she grabs the 'sand and into the pool she slips, wading a little closer to the talking. "Isn't heat and wine together a bad combination?" she questions idly, starting to scrub down.

Zalara shakes her head, "No I try to stay away form babies, they are cute to look at but they will do something gross, like puke or sneeze on you or poop their pants." She hmms, "Sounds just about right for toddlers. Well I'm glad that you saved the egg and the firelizard inside."

Muirnin waves her friend nearer, sitting up some so her ass finds the ledge under the water's edge, making Felck scramble around the back of her neck for balance. Theiry's comments earn a glance, and nothing more, biting back the urge to scold him like a toddler past their nap time. Speaking of toddlers, she nods at Sadie's words. "I could see some of them being all hyper and deciding to sit on the egg or something and crushing the poor thing. But it's all good now," she shrugs. "I got a message runner at the very least," she chuckles, more from Flech's head inching forward along her neck in a ticklish manner to look out at the others.

Sadaiya gives Thierry a long look, the laughter that shook her body at Zalara's pithy assesment of toddlers dying down. "Dude, do you want me to convert the baths away from being co-ed because I can do that," she scolds, knitting her brows together somewhat irritably. "You'll be stuck with only K'vvan and that one old uncle that talks to himself and smells like old milk."

Slowly but surely, Mayte is being consumed by her own clothing. That is, until Thierry's voice calls her out; if Pern had turtles, Mayte's head would re-emerge from her fuzzy cloth like an infuriated chelonian to stare at the guard recruit: "Got nothing to ogle at," she returns waspishly, then the black-haired pile of laundry quiets for a moment before nodding at Trek and replying, "Open a thing where ladies go for wine and relaxation." Pern's first spa. The appentice falls silent, then huffs, standing. "If you'll excuse me. Should get back to the store before it's much colder." A nod and "Weyrwoman. Wingleader," to Sadaiya and Trek respectively before Mayte's making tracks out the door. What's the apian in her bonnet?

'On show'. Probably not the best choice of words, but then again Delaney isn't one for that herself. Her eyebrow twitches upward and so does her hand. She deftly flips him the bird. "How about that? You like that one?" There's a second after where she remembers others are present and glances nervously around from face to face, but ultimately she decides she doesn't give a shit and stands to leave. The rest is hurried, gathering her clothes, some of which are a little wet, and putting them on as she leaves. On Mayte's heels, this time.

"Mine forages for himself," Veresch informs Muirnin as she idly scrubs closer to look at the new decoration around her neck. "He finds enough to eat." It's a bit vaguely-said; then again, she's not got the nurturing gene. "Where'd you get that one, Muir?" There's a flick of curious eyes for the bird-flipping party on the other side, but ignorance is definitely bliss.

Trek really can't help but smirk at Mayte's comeback to Thierry. "I knew I liked her," she says in an aside to Sadaiya, nudging the goldrider with her heel as she goes back to soaping up. "As for wine and steam and all that… probably," she admits, smirk turning into a more casual grin, "but that's why you need company." Right? Sure. She watches Mayte and Delaney leave, "Didn't they both just get here?" then turns back to the others. "Wait… are children foraging, or were you guys talking about firelizards?"

Muirnin pulls the top-lit emerald girl from the back of her neck and holds her out toward her bestie in the palm of her hand, the fresh hatchling still pretty tiny. "In the crech cleaning up, I found the egg tucked in a stack of old rocking baskets and decided to look after her," she smiles. Fleck s.t.r.e.t.c.h.e.s out her neck to peer at Resch as Muir answeres Trek. "Her bronze firelizard, Resch isn't into .. uh.. child care.. as much as I am," she chuckles.

"The children," Veresch says idly. "Well, probably, since Muir is here." With shoulders washed and back carefully tended to. There's a sulky pout as Muirnin prevents her from selling a tall tale about packs of roving feral kids in the hills, and she leeaaaans forward to look at the green. Don't snap at her nose. "My bronze. We've got an understanding." One hand flops. "I don't ask him to take messages, he doesn't sit on my head to creel the whole time." Then, brows twitching together. "Muir's good with them. Liv too, though I hear she's a guard now. Pretty soon there's gonna be more of them than the guys."

"Honestly, Weyrwoman?" And Thierry is being honest with his nod of approval, "I think that'd be a /good/ idea." Because look at him. The only source of testosterone in an ocean of estrogen. Adding a few balls to the mix would make him a /much/ happier man. "Shouldn't be that men and women get all… /soapy/ together." He pulls a face, shuddering. "I don't wanna see lady bits outside've Rosie's or my room, but I've gotta bathe. Dunno what the water's passing by before it gets to me, and that's not /right/."

Zalara nods, "I've heard that, but I like to take care of mine and it's fun to feed them and take care of them." She looks over at Thierry and frowns, 'Then turn around and face the wall or grow up and ignore it. I don't like plenty of what I see in here, but you ignore it."

Trek ahs quietly at Muirnin nodding to her in thanks for the clarification, though she grins just as quickly in Veresch's direction. "I think children should at least learn how to fend for themselves. Survival of the fittest, right? At least give them the tools." Serious? Maybe. "But… yes! I was very happy to hear about that guard restriction being lifted. Where we came from," glance including Sadaiya, "some of our best guards were female. Best looking, too." Serious? This one is a Probably. "They notice things sometimes that a guy wouldn't. And the other way around, I suppose, logically." There. Top, arms and torso are all nice and sudsy, so she just slips back into the water, clearly not in any hurry tonight. She grins at Zalara, then gives Thierry a sidelong look. "She sounds like a smart cookie to me."

Muirnin can't hold it in, her eyes wondering to Theirry again, "If you've been to Rosie's and aren't sure what the water's passing by in here, then you're obviously doing something wrong while there," she says, alto tones almost candied as she smiles at him, like she's being helpful or something. Having been looking away, she doesn't notice Fleck headbump Resch's nose, looking back when she feels the little push in her hand and puts the green back on her shoulder. "What've you been up to anyway, Resch.. last I caught you around you were.. um.. drowning your sorrows."

Veresch squints across the pool to Thierry as she hears the explanation. "What a delicate little flower," she says idly, smushing another patch of sweetsand flat and wet. There's a moment of confusion at the thought of best-looking female guards, but the headbump from the green snaps her out of it. "Blame Chel's drinks. It had wine in it, I'm sure of it. My head wanted to fall off the next morning. I'm doing a little of this, little of that." Dressing up as a boy, running around the scummiest place in the Bazaar — you know. Girl stuff.

"Wait, hold up, Guardo," Sadaiya says, a hand coming up out of the water with a small *splish* to be held up, palm outwards at Thierry. "You think we should do major construction on the weyr just 'cause you can't keep your eyes to yourself and your thoughts out of the gutter? I mean, it's not like I'm here rubbing Trek down with scented oils or nothing. We're washing our respective funky butts and those of our firelizards." Both hands are now up out of the water, and droplets fly as the Weyrwoman gestures to include the room as a whole. "Don't these fine ladies have the right to not be cussed out just because you're getting all rutty at the sight of oh no ~naaaked fleeesh~"

Thierry shrugs, sinking sullenly into the water. Hey, wet protection. "Don't mean you've gotta go and /rebuild/ shit, but mebbe put up screens or something. I dunno." Perhaps he forgot he's talking to the woman who put /women/ in the /guards/. "It's not comfy coming here and seeing /bits/ everywhere. I wanna come and have a /bath/, not get distracted by…" A gaggle of girls, such as the one he's in the midst of. "One's alright. Mebbe two. But there's a sharding /swarm/ of you here…" And it makes him /nervous/. He shrugs again, sinking lower into the water so only his chin up is above the surface. "Just a screen. So's there's a choice."

Muirnin looks between the Weyrwoman and the other rider and bites her lip. She'd been oggling Sadie's boobs before, but now.. the whole oiling bodies comment. Shards help her. She swallows back the urge to groan and gives Resch a blank look before snapping out of it, checking her hormones and stuffing them away. "Yeah, not to mention mixing that fruity wine drink with whatever you had before, I'm not surprised your head hurt."

"Who would do that in the baths, anyway?" Trek asks quietly, regarding those scented oils. "Faranth, it'd take days for that stuff to cycle out of the water." She soaks her hair again, then begins lathering some soap into it. "If anything, the numbers would dictate this is the women's pool. You could go find your own," she suggests to Thierry with a small smile that doesn't quite reach her eyes. Then again, she's distracted with washing her hair. "Or," she adds, once the hair is rinsed, "you could do what everyone else here seems to have done, and get over it. Though that takes a lot of maturity and respect. Some people just don't have what it takes." Up on the ledge she goes again. Time for the feet and legs.

There's a look to Veresch's eye, the kind of glint that any moment now, she's going to fly off her handle and then bubbles will fly. It's then that the comment on maturity and respect sinks in, and her jaw ripples with tension. Reaching up to scrub her hair roughly, she dips in under the water to rinse out the suds, sinking like a little stone. Perhaps she's admiring some feet down there or something.

"OOooooooo!" Sadaiya's your live studio audience today, and Trek has her full support, judging by her reaction. "Seriously, though, you're acting like it's our fault for not wanting to smell terrible. No one's grinding on you or giving you a lapdance. Is it somehow different when we have to see YOUR bits? Notice that no one even laughed or anything."

Muirnin arches a brow at Theirry as he's shamed and shrinks further into the pool. "Besides, it's not like this is the only choice you had in here. You could have crawled your dangly bits into one of the others. You had no problem looking at tits.. and yes, we all saw you do it .. but now you want to act all butt hurt because you're out numbered? Seriously?" she half scoffs and half laughs. "I know 5 turn olds with more sense." she shakes her head and plops her butt back on the seat ledge again.

The fact that he's still got soapsand scum in his hair doesn't seem to matter to Thierry as he hoists himself up onto the side of the bath - manly bits /covered/. There's a dark-eyed glower for the girls he leaves behind as he tries to scrabble to his feet without flashing too much, grabbing at the nearest towel to wrap it around himself. He doesn't offer so much as a goodbye as he makes a dash for his discarded uniform, shoving his wet feet into his boots before plunging towel-clad into the Igen night - /someone's/ gonna get himself frozen, but it's a better option than the fiery pit of womanhell he's leaving behind!

The silence that follows Thierry's abrupt departure is only broken by the soft splish of the moving waters. This goes on for a few moments before Sadaiya pops up with an "Ooooops" accompanied by a purely estrogen-fueled smile, all teeth and dimples.

Veresch's head pops out again, eyes still tightly pinched shut, and she wipes back at the wet locks impatiently. "Sometimes," she gets out, raking her hair into a mess. "Sometimes I get this desire to stab guys so damned hard in the mouth that the knife comes out the back. All fine and well when they gang up on you, but turn the tables and they turn into a bunch of little whining shits." She stomps back to the side of the pool, body scrawny enough not to leave many ripples. "Seriously. It would be better just not to have any men around."

Muirnin looks over at Sadie and just gawks a minute. "We don't know each other, but .. I love you so hard right now," she says through gales of laughter, eyes watering as she holds her side, Thierry's little huffy departure having made her whole damned week. "Oh man.. whew.." she tries to catch her breath as Resch rants. "I wish I could tell you it got easier, sweetheart, but .. some of them aren't as dumb as all that. I promise." she smiles, shaking her head. "You've had some bad brushes lately is all."

Trek slides back into the water to finish the last of her rinsing, then tugs her towel back toward the edge of the pool so she can go right back to lounging. She doesn't watch Thierry go, instead watching the reactions of the other women. Including a possibly worried look as she waits for Veresch to resurface. Finally, she comments with a lightly drawled, "I love logical women." And she'll just leave it at that for now, though her grin might suggest Veresch said it for her just fine.

As best she can, Sadaiya executes a small curtsey in the water. Neat trick, though mostly it serves to get a little water up her nose and makes her have to pull some faces until her nostril clears. "Wugh. Ugh. WORST feeling," she grouses. "Though I think being stabbed might be worse. Please don't start stabbing people who can't keep their hormones in check, Veresch my dear. I hear it's dreadfully hard to get blood out of sandstone." One more sniff and she pats the side of her nose, shifting her hand to dash away the watering from her eyes with her wrist. "Myug. Oh, I'm Sadaiya, the Senior Weyrwoman, if you couldn't tell by my grace and quiet dignity here. It's nice to make your acquaintance, though I'm also on the 'what's your name?' boat myself."

"I've not had bad brushes with them," Veresch mutters sulkily. "That's like saying I hate kids just a little." With her hair sufficiently raked into epic wet proportions, she slips out onto the lip of the pool as well. "The only man I've met recently that isn't either a foul-mouthed little asshat or, you know, pretending to be in love with a man in a dress, is A'dan." She twists and turns, trying to get her back clean, but alas, she's not really got a feline spine. "Sadaiya, Muirnin, my best friend. Muir, Sadaiya, the woman that taught me how not to walk with juice on my head." She gazes at Trek. "No idea of your name though, ma'am."

Zalara wrinkles her nose and shakes her head, "I hope no one is doing anything like that. No one is trying to do anything to you, we are all here just to relax the stresses of the day away, not ogle each other. If you can't handle that then you shouldn't come here anymore." She says as she watches Theirry leave and she hmpfs softly, 'Good riddance." She says to herself as she leans back to relax, "I know A'dan he's really nice as long as you don't dance with him, he likes to step on toes."

"Trek, blue Kanyith's. Of Arroyo," the other rider in the pool supplies, waving a water-dripping hand toward Veresch, "and you're Resch, was it?" She grins at the smith apprentice and gives the girl a chin-nod, "And you're Zalara, I recall, right? And Muirnin. Perfect. I know Sadie here already, of course," she adds, shoulder-nudging the weyrwoman.

Muirnin watches Resch twisting around and sighs, motioning her over. "C'mere and give me your back," she sort of offers and sort of bosses. With Resch introducing her, she inclines her head to the Weyrwoman. "Aaah.. the senior queen rider. A pleasure, I'm a herder of weyrbrats and tender of nappies," she says of her Nanny status, feeling pithy now. To the comments about men, she sighs and shakes her head. "Seriously, Thierry.. and some snobby asshat rider.. what was his name, Resch.. Ez'.. something. Man was he a jerk. I don't get out much but the whole whopping couple of men I've talked to have been tools. Oh, but for Terrian.. he was polite enough."

"Hey! I thought we were to mention my little faux pas to no one. So much for our sacred pact!" Sadaiya gives Veresch a REALLY overdone pout, her lower lip sticking out and quivering like a cartoon, her eyes large and watery. Of course, this doesn't last, and a warm smile brings the light back to her features, especially when she nudges Trek right back. "Oh, A'dan? He is SO worried around me. There was a… a mishap, let's say, during my flight. While it's fairly amusing to be considered dangerous for once in my life, I really ought to let him apologize sometime." With a sigh and a surprisingly strong push, Sadaiya lifts herself out of the pool, plunking her butt down on the hard concrete momentarily before shuffling over to retrieve her robe. "Sadly, I must return to the grind here and put on my humorless hard-ass face. Sigh, I say!" And sigh she does. "Muirnin, it's lovely to meet you. Zalara, Trek, Veresch. Hopefully I can catch you lovely ladies again when I have some off time. And no stabbing! I mean it!" With a wave, she disappears.

Veresch happily scoots over, treating Zalara to an approving thumbsup and Trek to a smile. "Resch for short, but Veresch really, since I've got some height to make up and I need a taller name." Something like Teya's. "Ez'iah. He actually made my nose hurt. I know you've got to be respectful to riders, but some of them just don't deserve it, y'know? Moonlit waterfall of hair my ass." Which is still mostly sadly lacking. She pauses, blinks. "Y'know, I'm not sure .. ah! Okay, Sadaiya! Bye." "Yeah. I have no idea who was in the dress."

Trek winks at Sadaiya and waves as the weyrwoman makes her way out of the pool, then she turns back to the others with a lopsided grin. "Being respectful and respecting someone aren't necessarily the same thing. That little thought has saved my ass so many times already," she shares quietly, reaching behind her to fluff the towel pillow before she leans back again. "And wasn't that Cha'el? Going by gossip."

Muirnin reaches into her basket for a handful of the sandsoap, and once Resch is in place, she scrubs her back and shoulders for her, giving her a bit of a rub to calm her down. "I've never actually met Cha'el.. though Resch has oiled his britches," she says with a snicker. "And true that.. you can respect their positions and what they do, but it doesn't mean you have ot like or even respect the person themselves. That sort of thing is earned, and some riders.. no offense to present company, are so full of themselves for having a dragon that they don't deserve it."

"Cha'el was the one in the tights like the Weyrleader wears," Veresch says absentmindedly. "No, there was another rider in the dress. Like I said, not sure who he was, but he was doing a hilariously bad job of it too." Ahhhhh, backscrub! It's enough to make her slump forward and support her chin on a palm to look at Trek. So adult. It's inspiring! "I hope they allow girls on the sands," she mutters morosely. "This time is so weird, with just boys standing normally. We could do with less asshats. I mean, look at the girls. Kyara's really nice, and Erissa." She chin-nods at Trek, indicating her too.

"No offense taken, and I couldn't agree more," Trek admits, giving Muirnin a crooked grin. "It works in reverse, too. I need to keep in mind sometimes that some people, especially some of the male riders around here, are only respecting my knot. It's good to keep perspectives clear." She kicks her feet up leisurely, just enjoying the warm water. "Oh, was it? That's what I get for paying attention to gossip," she adds, laughing softly. "I probably just misheard. I'll pretend it was K'ane for a moment." Because… just because. She then nods in emphatic agreement. "I can't imagine that will stand anymore. Not with… um. You know. The other goldriders not being on the sands. For various reasons."

Muirnin snorts, almost choking when K'ane is mentioned. "He's a touchy one, isn't he?" she says about the bronzerider but doesn't go into detail. Finishing off her back, she splashes Resch's skin clear and then gives her a pat to signal she's all done. "But yeah, the restrictions.. with women in the guard now, It'll happen sooner or later. Thread here, they'll need more riders anyway, more clutches will happen, for numbers alone they'd be silly to leave out females. Fleck is peeled off of her shoulder where she's snoring in her ear and set in her basket so she can lounge back, the plush of her curves making her very floaty as she rests her head on the lip of the pool. "If I hear one more snide now'timer say something about me at least knowing my place and staying with the children," just because I'm a woman, I might have to follow Resch's lead with the stabbing of mouths."

Imagining K'ane in a dress is enough to make Veresch's lips twitch and dispel a bit of funk. "There's that other guy that's pretty nice. Alecsei, yeah?" One hand lifts, and she holds thumb and finger an inch apart. "Doesn't make you feel this small either, because you've got boobs instead of … yeah, other stuff. But screw them anyway. Kyara says no one can make you feel small if you don't let them. Maybe Tuli'll let us sneak onto the sands if they don't want to." Kyara, peddler of wisdom and training. Still, her eyes brighten a little as she glances down at Muirnin, likely already contemplating a stabbing spree. "I could give you a few names."

Trek shrugs her narrow shoulders and smiles gently, pausing a moment before she speaks up again. "There's nothing they can do to stop it at this point. They opened the floodgates when they went back in time to bring us here. There are only two things they can do at this point, and that's stand back and watch, or get swept away. And it's not even a power move, just… the nature of things. Balance. We'll need all the balance we can get, if the rest of this Pass continues like it's begun."

Muirnin chuckles at Resch, rocking to the side to bump her as she does. Taking in names she nods a little and then agrees in the end, "True. They can bitch all they like about our ways being so radical and too lax, but we had to be doing something right," she shrugs. "I dunno.. like I said to Willa the other day, people have got to stop thinking in terms of Us vs. Them. Now and old timer, crafter vs rider, bazaar vs. weyr, men vs. women.. people just need to calm down. We've survived so long because we have a working relationship where each part depends on the other for some reason, and someone's going to choke to death on stupid pride," she sighs, shaking her head.

Veresch merely listens, mind idly following the path from boobs to politics. "Things were better in Ista," she mentions softly, likely remember good memories and none of the bad. "I kind of wish we never came here. But, y'know, I think it's going to take a long time to get the two societies to start melting together, and it's like Trek said. Thread is here. It's not like we can command it to go back up into the sky and leave us alone. Here… I can have ideas here that I couldn't have in Ista." Her grin flashes. "My stupid pride or not."

Trek nods a few times as Muirnin continues, though there is a dark look that briefly crosses her face, making her sit up properly. Her gaze wanders for a moment, but it's brought back to the others as she frowns at Veresch curiously. "What kinds of ideas?" she asks, then follows it with a small grin. "Pride is only stupid when it starts tripping you up."

Muirnin nods. "That's what I meant by stupid pride. Not all pride is bad, but when you let it blind you.. when you let it come to a point of your own harm because you can't or won't bend?" she fades off with a shake of her head. Going quiet, she looks at Resch, focusd on what she's got to say.

"Just things," Veresch manages on a mumble. "Maybe the guards, maybe not. It's like you guys said back sometime, female guards weren't new where we came from." Her toes flick in the water as she concentrates. "It's like Muirnin says as well, you'll need to stop thinking in terms of oldtimers and nowtimers. But the thing is, that's not going to happen until someone stands up and makes 'em see that we're all alike under the skin, that an oldtimer /can/ care about newtimers, and that just because we walk with pants doesn't mean we're asking for it. I'd like to be a person like that, you know? Meet a challenge like that. Like that trick people sometimes do with sugar and water, where it sometimes crystallizes on a stick. I'd like to be a stick like that, but for respect. I don't know how. But I guess I'll figure it out as I get older."

"That's… pretty much why I went so hardcore after Arroyo," Trek admits. Not the whole truth by half, but the core of it. She scratches at the shoulder where her knot would normally hang. "Didn't quite go like I thought it would, but… we're trying." She flexes her shoulders slightly and gives them a smile. "The only way to see change is to make it, right?"

Muirnin nods briskly. "Right," she agrees, as if she has any idea how to do that as a Nanny. Lifting her hand out of the water, she look at her pruning fingers and smiles. "I'm done ladies, I have to get some dinner for me and Fleck and turn in soon. Mornings start way too early with in the Creche." With that she pushes up and sits on the side of the pool, pulling towels out of her basket and bending forward to turn one into a quick head wrap.

Veresch sinks in a little into the hot water. "You should totally make her forage for herself," she mutters idly, giving a quick peek around. "And the kids as well. Honestly, Muir, those brats. You must have patience of steel." She reaches out to squeeze her friend's hand in goodbye and goodluck. There's a pause as she orders her thoughts. "You went after it that bad? How'd you dea with all the male guys that must've wanted to get the job?" Another pause. "D'you like being a wingleader then? Must gall the guys, taking orders from you."

"Mornings start too early, period," Trek drawls with a grin as she watches Muirnin get ready to go. She watches the towel-wrapping for a moment, but turns back to Veresch and laughs softly. "I stopped hand feeding my firelizards early on. I figure, in the wild they'd be feeding themselves. My own should be able to do the same, right?" She slicks her hair back, though by now there isn't a lot of water left to squeegee out, and parts of it are dry enough that some of the curl is coming back. "It was nice meeting you, Muirnin," she adds quickly to the nanny. Then, she gives Veresch a long considering look. "It's kind of a long story," she says in lieu of an answer, "and as for liking it. Well." She leans back against the side of the bath again. "I haven't stepped down. And no one's staged a coup. Those are telling signs, I suppose?"

Muirnin rights with the towel snugged in place around her hair. "You too Trek, it's been a sincere pleasure," she says with a quick nod, her soft grin going to the other woman. "And yeah, once her wings aren't so wet, I'll let her fend for herself .. not that she won't get scraps off my plate even if she does," she says, knowing her self full well. Scooting back, she stands and takes a moment to smooth a handful of oil over her limbs and other places, keeping her fair skin soft in the dry, chill air. Using the time to eavesdrop a minute on the conversation of wings and women leaders.

"Must be nice to have patience like that," Veresch says, scrubbing the last bits that might still be dirty. Who knows. "I wish I could jump twenty turns into the future and be an adult as well. Or perhaps just five? I dunno. It would be nice to have people look and not think 'That kid'. "But I think I might give the guarding thing some serious thought, but as intelligence recovery, not stomping around and looking big and muscled. More fun that way, right? And it might help out too, 'specially with the folks that won't talk easily to the guard or the riders."

"Patience," Trek echoes quietly, sounding amused. "I suppose that must be part of it. My mother would have been so proud of me," she muses while glancing over at Muirnin again. "See, that's the step I always forget," she says, pointing once. "I grew up at Southern. Never had to worry about moisturizing in my life. Igen's been a real heartbreak as far as my skin's concerned." She turns her attention back to Veresch and gives her a crooked smile before replying, "Don't be in too much of a hurry to grow up. It'll sneak up on you soon enough, and then it just keeps slipping and sliding away. Not that I wouldn't mind a few more Turns on my own docket. Might make certain things easier," she admits in a softer tone. "If it helps, we've all had to through the 'that kid' phase."

Muirnin corks the little bottle she'd been using add tosses it toward Trek, letting it splash harmlessly in the water and then bob there. "I mix it myself, so I'll do a new batch. Have at, it really does help." she says, then pulls on clean clothes and a cloak, not willing ot go out in to the cold night damn and get a chill. "And agreed, I'm still on the tail end of that phase, don't let it get you down, sweetheart. You've a good head on your shoulders and when you hit your stride you'll blow all the doubters out of the water," she winks at her friend. Fleck curled under her hood and her basket in hand, she waves at them both. "Have a good night, ladies." And with that, she's off.

Veresch turns a little to watch Muirnin oil up and then leave, and she sighs afterwards. "I wish I could like her," she mutters. "She's so nice, but no, instead I get this stupid thing where my mind goes numb around boys." She pauses, then looks back to Trek. "Seriously," she says. "She's a very good person. I don't want to be much older really… just perhaps a turn or two? So that everything can show up. Y'know, the whole curves bit. They're seriously late."" Another pause. "Got any advice? You know, for passing through it with all limbs intact." And hearts. Hearts intact would be nice as well.

"Shells," Trek mutters, then laughs softly. "Coming to me for advice? There are some in the Weyr who would say you're signing up for disaster." She's teasing. Surely. Maybe? "Honestly, though, you can't compare yourself to others," she continues a moment later, tone turning more sincere. "Especially your body, since you have absolutely no control over that, right?" She finger-combs her hair again, loosening more of the curls as they continue to dry. "Hell, I still don't have curves. Not like some. As for the rest, stay true to yourself. It's about the hardest guiding star there is, but it doesn't steer you wrong if you can hold onto it."

"Yukie once said that I have a woman's body, because it's my body and I'm a woman," Veresch repeats happily, warming to the subject of womanly advice. Trek gets a look. "Don't see why not. You're a woman, and you're older than me, so you're bound to have a better perspective of the whole thing. But, you know, it's true what you said, right? They came and asked our help, not the other way around. It's not like we tried to shove riders up their noses, right?"

"Right," Trek agrees, though to which part? Hard to say, since she goes silent for several seconds following. She mulls over it for a bit, then turns to regard Veresch again. "Yukie's a pretty smart woman. I mean, there's such a sense of identity tied to how we appear to both ourselves and others. Hard to say where one influence intersects the other. Which is stronger? Our perception of ourselves, or our appearance? Our interpretation of our appearance?" She frowns briefly, then shakes her head. "Hey, can I ask… why did you come forward with the rest of us? It's been such a curiosity to me, since there were so many who aren't riders who also decided to join us."

Veresch considers the water as it slowly swirls and starts to clear, and her fingers clasp her arms around her legs so that she sinks down a little further. "I have no idea what you mean," she says honestly. "But… I think, for the moment, it matters more to me what others think of my appearance. I'd like to be beautiful like a few people here, but I guess I should start rethinking it. I don't have long blonde hair, or… you know. The rest." She blinks up at Trek, stunned for a moment. "You mean all the crafters and weyrfolk and so on? You seriously don't know?"

Trek laughs softly and, wonder of wonders, blushes. It's just a little bit, but that's not just the flush of sitting in a warm bath, and it doesn't happen often. "Sorry, my brain and mouth seem to be disengaging. I think I just meant we're all so much more than what we appear." She scoots back on the underwater ledge and brings a foot up, her hands wrapping around the ankle to hold it in place. "And I meant you, specifically. Even as riders, we might have all had similar origins of reason, but we all had to individually decide to take the plunge. It's just been a curiosity of mine."

"Oh." It'll take Veresch time to ponder through that knot of thoughts, but the look on her face suggests curiosity. "I specifically came here because my parents came here. I had a brother, once, who stayed back there. Sometimes now it's easier to think that I was an only child, when I think he's over three hundred turns dead. We came because my mother insisted, and I never did get along well with my brother's wife. I had friends at Ista. I didn't want to move here; I hate how the people of this time behave." She grimaces. "Besides, I love my da. I would have gone anywhere with him."

Trek hugs her leg a little closer and rests her chin on her knee briefly while Veresch explains. "I get that. So many of us wrenched families apart in a blink, in one way or another. It used to really… I don't know. Wrench the emotions, you know? Now…" She trails off and shrugs slightly. "Maybe it's just that adage about time healing all wounds or something. I miss my family like crazy, but I'd like to think they survived and thrived, though. I did go visit Southern after we'd settled in here at Igen. I mean, the old Southern Weyr. Have you seen it? It's like it's just gone, like all the people disappeared or something. Unsettling."

Such a sad subject. "I don't think time heals anything," she says especially quietly. "I think our bodies and our hearts gets tired of trying to carry that much around, and make us forget so that we don't have to live like that for the rest of our life. But sometimes… sometimes you can't even get that right. I've never seen the old Southern, either here or then, and…" She sighs. "I don't want to see Ista. I don't know what it's like there now, but I think Cha'el is braver than me. I don't want my memories spoiled. I'll just end up crying."

"There's nothing wrong with crying," Trek counters in a soft tone. "Fear, however, especially of the unknown? That can cripple." She gives Veresch a gentle little smile, then sighs, glancing toward the exit. "And on such a happy note, I should probably get going. Reports don't write themselves, and Kanyith's penmanship is atrocious." She winks, then stands on that ledge while she grabs the bottle of oil Muirnin left behind. Then, stepping out of the bath and scooping up the towel, she eventually wraps around herself. "For what it's worth, I think being here is right. Otherwise, life would have just chewed us all up and spit us out." She winks and heads toward where she had dumped her clean clothing, and within a minute or two, she heads through the exit with a parting wave.

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