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A meetup for girls night out is all about the firewhiskey shot and getting some boy talk done!

Profanity, Sex Talk


It is evening of the twenty-eighth day of the tenth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


The Tipsy Kitten

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"You said you wanted strong, and this stuff is strong."


The Tipsy Kitten

Here there be drunkards: a marble bar and the gorgeous array of colored bottles behind it would be enough to draw them in, but more yet lures those to enjoy the recreation the Kitten has to offer. Windows allow light to naturally illuminate the first floor of the tavern in the daytime, while green-tinted glows shine after nightfall. A door behind the bar leads to the tiny kitchen, while a stairway leads above to the rooms available for rent. Among the hubbub and the ruckus, a calamity of tables scatter through the open space, plenty enough for dragonpoker tournaments on restday eve.

Evening has settled after a HOT Spring day. Even with Threadfall that day over Southern Barrier Hold, Alyna is freshly scrubbed free of firestone stink, her sun-bleached hair arranged in artfully toussled waves that brush just past her shoulders, a heavy line of kohl around her ice blue eyes as lips painted a dark red. Dressed for an evening out in a quintessential little black dress, short skirt falls half-way to her knees in a gauzy ebony material, the top a simple halter that leaves a wide swath of her golden tanned back bared, no tan lines to be seen. Stepping in just inside the swinging doors, her gaze sweeps the room for a certain guard recruit she is supposed to be meeting for drinks. Not seeing her just yet, the greenrider sashays to the bar, her peripheral vision taking note of those gazes who turn to watch her, a smirk forming on her lips.

Talya takes her time getting to the Kitten… She is usually not one to care about /being/ late to things, this was drinking. She definitely had reason to look forward to meeting up with Alyna and having a good night. She walks in grumbling to her self, something about firelizards not waking her up when she needs to be woken up… Unlike the greenrider, Tal is wearing simple clothes. At least they fit, and fit well, which is more flattering than the loose stuff she owns. Her hair is loose around her shoulders but her face remains plain, more to the fact that she was in a hurry. Sleepy firelizards are missing this time around, thankfully. Her eyes sweep the area, and she seems to be lost for a moment before finally finding Alyna. She stands there studying the dressed up rider, and those surrounding her, before she strides up with a smirk and a shake of her head. "I guess I'm not that late. If I was, I'd probably not have found you, crushed to the crowd of men. They're just lining up drooling over there, you know," she says by way of greeting, rolling her eyes to a few men that were at the other end of the bar.

Alyna giggles softly as she turns upon hearing Talya's voice, a playful wink thrown at the younger woman as she bats her eyelashes with all the false-innocence she can muster, "I'm sure I don't know what you mean." she replies coyly even as she sneaks a few covert grins in the direction of a couple of the admirers. "We had Fall today with no serious injuries or deaths, so I felt like dressing up for drinks that's all." She says with an easy shrug of her shoulder before she tilts her head in the younger woman's direction. "So what are you having? Drinks are on me since I invited you out." she'll ask as she turns in the direction of the barmaid, waiting for her to look this way so she can wave her over.

"Careful with those things," Talya warns playfully at the woman's eye-batting. "That's a weapon I don't think I'm ready to see used right now. Need a few drinks first. And that's defintiely some good news to hear,a nd reason to celebrate." She doesn't slip onto a stool but gives the bartender a friendly wave to get her attention, because she used to work here and at least she can use that to their advantage… then she turns to give Alyna a raised brow. Free drinks? She's never one to say no to free stuff! "You choose, something strong. Something that will hit me fast, and something that I can get a lot more of. Bottom of the barrel, I don't really care. Sorry I was a little late, you didn't have to wait on me to get something. Firelizard still can't seem to understand what 'sending a note' means yet." Lazy babies, the lot of them.

Alyna chuckles at Talya's playful warnings and considers her request for drinks as the bartender makes her way over. With a mischievous twinkle in her eyes Alyna finally turns to the 'tender with a bright smile. "Firewhiskey, a large bottle, and two shot glasses." Her order is loud enough to provoke a few scoffs from down the bar, which the greenrider more than pointedly ignores as she leans in and stage-whispers to Talya, "Just because they can't handle it.." is her own retort as she swivels and looks for a table. Spying one that just opened up, she taps on the bar and indicates where she wants the drinks delivered before she waves Talya after her, hurrying to snag it before anyone else does.

Talya raised brow only goes a little higher, with the other, at the order. "This sounds like a challenge, Alyna. You trying to see who can drink who under the table? I got to say that I already started before heading over, figured a little something would help wake me up." Or just looking for that comforting warmth spread from her own (not so big anymore) stash. She doesn't hesitate in following the other petite woman to the table, only looking back long enough to smirk at the admirers… and make sure that they keep their distance. For now. Alyna may be looking for the attention but she's got her focus mainly on the drinking and enjoying her friend's company, others can come around later. "Not sure how you had the energy to dress up and look all fancy after a long day." She sits down hard in her own seat, giving a great sigh that speaks of her own long day.

"Not at all!" Alyna scoffs at the idea of a drinking competition, although she would probably be up for it another time. No, this is a girl's drinks night! It's about comraderie, not competition… well, that and some enjoyment of eye candy of which there seems to be a lot of this evening in the Tipsy Kitten, a fact Alyna notices as her eyes watch for the bartender with their drinks, who finally comes with a tray holding the bottle of firewhiskey and two shot glasses. she says with an exagerated wiggle of her thin blonde brows as she pours them each a generous shot as she answers the girl's question about her dress, "Well I had to take a bath to get the firestone stink off me, so afterwards I just threw on a dress, a little kohl and lip color and I was done really." She shrugs as if it wasn't that big of a deal at all. Picking up her shot, she holds it poised aloft as she toasts, "To girls' night! the first of many." she says before downing her shot with a faint grimace as the burning liquid slides down her throat. "Woah! I forgot how strong this stuff is." she says with a shake of her head and another giggle.

Talya's eyes follow the way Alyna goes, leaning her elbows onto the table and her head on her hands. It's very obvious she's regarding that eye candy herself, probably a little more staring them down than Alyna may be. Hard habit to break at the Tipsy Kitten when it was always all work and no play in the past. Time to really enjoy it now that she was with the Guards. "Oh, I'm quite familiar with firewhiskey. Just not in quite so much quantity." She happily accepts the shot as she listens to how fast the greenrider took to get ready. Her eyes trail down to her own clothing. Clean, at least. "You make it sound easy… and make easy look good." She lifts the glass carefully in return (not a drop can be spilled!) and then tosses it back. She lets it go down warmly and her lips spread into a toothy grin, her eyes a little watered but no other outward appearance of it burning. "And just girls! Men can go on and keep their distance for now, like the good idiots they are. Only good to be looked at." A plunk as she puts the glass down and slides it closer. More, more.

"Awwww Talya, you're going to make me blush." Alyna says playfully at the younger woman, a speculative brow rising in her direction, "You're not coming on to me right? Not that I would mind, but I think you may be a little young even for me." the greenrider teases with a wink in the guard recruit's direction before she refills her shot glass, pushing the bottle subtly towards Talya in a silent inviation for her to help herself. At the topic of men coming up, Alyna just has to giggle and shake her head, "Good idiots huh? You talking about men in general, or one in specific?" she wonders outloud before throwing back her next shot, making a little show of tossing her blonde hair back. Alyna seems to be all about the tease tonight, making a show for her admirers, bubbling over with effervescence, maybe still riding the adrenaline of a good Fall.

Talya gives her own brow waggle at Alyna as she leans forward to fill up her glass to the brim. "I didn't think age mattered to you." She places a hand to her heart as if it's broken, shot down as she was. "But nah. Just pointing out the obvious. You don't have to worry… Anyway, I like people that are taller than me," she jokes. She lifts the shot glass again in a silent toast. Number two goes down the same way number one went, making her give a pleased little shudder. She's quick to fill it yet again (better catch up Alyna) as her voice takes on a hard edge when she replies, "One man. /All/ the men. They're all the same. Don't give them what they want, things will change." The admirers can admirer all they like, Talya's sudden vehemence might have made one or two of them pause in approaching now that a few shots have passed down into the ladies.

"I draw the line at teenagers." Alyna will return with a chuckle of her own as she pouts at the taller comment. "I can't help that I'm petite." she replies with mock offense. As Talya goes for her third shot, the greenrider feels her competitive spirit kick in as she quickly takes up the bottle again as she fills her own before slamming it back again. Exhaling through pursed lips as if that might cool her throat, she narrows her eyes at Talya once more, "Did something happen? Did you give someone what they wanted?" not that Alyna would pry…oh wait, she totally would. The admirers suddenly lose their charm as Alyna leans in, her elbow on the table top as she pours them both a fourth shot.

"Only by half a turn," Talya notes to the greenrider, giving a laugh at her pouting about her height. "Let's just agree it'd never work between us." She gives a fake sad sigh, chin in her hand as she eyes Alyna. "Shame." But it's all good teasing, giving another laugh when the competition starts getting heated. She does down the third, but it is a little slower going down than the first two had been. She leans back into her seat when she's done. "I didn't give anyone /anything/, that's they whole point I think." It's definitely the alcohol that makes her give a frustrated huff, hand pushing her long hair aside. She gives the bar a look around, aware enough to at least give the area a look through before she talks about them. "It's Th'res. Went over to his place the other day to pick up some more shine. Let's just say things spontaneously got a little heated but… it ain't like I planned for anything. And it ain't like I was /not/ gonna plan for anything after that. Then as I go he actually asked for payment for shine. I mean, I think he was stung a bit but he never asked for any fucking payment before." Yeah, she was not happy at all about that. Oh look, another shot. She grabs at it angrily, spilling just a little on her hand before she tosses it back… and licks said hand. Classy.

"Such a shame." Alyna says, almost looking disapointed for a moment before her eyebrows slowly creep up the greenrider's forehead as she listens to Talya finally get to the meat of the matter. Her eyes grow rounder as she idly takes up her shot glass again and shoots it back when the topic comes to a certain bluerider familiar to both women, mouth dropping open slightly. Alyna has so many questions now. "Who instigated it? Was anything said? He asked you to pay for the shine?" the last is said most incredulously as she shakes her head and grinds her teeth while muttering, "That wherry-headed man! He can't seem to get it right at all. Did you explain why you put a stop to things? I would think he would see the practicality of that." Sighing and clucking her tongue, she mumbles under her breath, "Someone is getting a visit soon." And her tone may just betray that someone may not like that visit too much.

Talya fiddles with the empty shot glass on the table, looking down at it without really looking at the greenrider's reaction. When she starts questioning, she remains quiet except for a scoff at the paying part. "He went and said that he loved me, that idiot. Up until the other day I figured he was all about you, and before that he had a crush on some other girl. He loves the /idea/ of me, most likely. I don't think he really knows what he wants, being… you know." She waves a hand as if that would explain complicated feelings. "Not that it matters, nothing wrong with a little making out on the floor of a rider's weyr." The way she says it makes it sound like there was /plenty/ wrong after she left to consider the actions. And I told him… uh…" What did she tell him, firewhiskey? She leans into the table to reach for the bottle again, hoping it'd help her remember. As she pours, she replies, "Well, I wasn't just gonna sleep with him then and there. Even if he asked as polite as possible. Shit has to just happen naturally and.. well, you know, with preparation. I ain't going to be stuck with a rider's kid in the caverns for one." Of course, now she was just angry. "No need to visit, he can wonder why the fuck I never go back up there for more shine."

"Woah!" Alyna says as she blinks her eyes and leans forward as if she didn't hear Talya correctly, "He said he loves you? That's major!" She exclaims as the greenrider finds herself quite literally on the edge of her seat, although she scoffs at the thought of Th'res being hung up on her. "No, I think I confused him by wanting to get in his pants without commitment." she says with a sigh, "But we finally cleared that up…by talking." she says rather pointedly as she looks at the younger girl. "And there's definitely nothing wrong with making out, you both should be doing way more of that in my opinion." She says with a note os exasperation as she rolls her eyes towards the ceiling, "And this is why communication is so fucking important. You could have said, 'Hey, I'm totally down for some making out, but if you wanna romp, I need to get myself to a healer for some herbs.' Is that really so hard? You know him better of course, but I have an inkling that he may be recoiling because he thinks you rejected him outright." She's pondering then as she pours herself another shot, clearly befuddled by this turn of events.

Talya stares at Alyna's reaction to the big L-word, and then breaks into laughter as if it was the most funniest thing ever that she is freaking out about it. Because Tal is definitely not. "People /saying/ that doesn't mean a damn thing, no matter how much they try to say they are serious or how many times they say it. I thought I loved someone before too, and was loved in return. They say it when the mood strikes and they want something." She had not tossed back the latest shot at all, but at the very mention of doing way more of the making out stuff, she does toss it back. Her face screws up at this one, her body definitely telling her: too many, too fast. Too bad. "You forgot the part where he asked me for payment for his shine when he never had before— /marks/, from /me/. Hah! He can go make out with his marks when he gets them from his other customers for all I care. I ain't even sure if I want to tumble with him… though the making out part /was/ nice. If his feelings are hurt cause I ain't ready then maybe he needs to go see someone else instead and learn more."

"You don't have to tell me about the way people use love to manipulate others." Alyna scoffs as she looks down at her empty shot glass and decides she's good for now, still somewhat steady, but a bit fuzzy around the edges. "But this isn't anyone, this is Th'res. I don't think he has a manipulative bone in his body. But if you don't feel the same, you don't and there's really nothing to be done." at the conundrum of the bluerider asking for payment, she sighs with a little bit of a cringe, "Maybe he's feeling a little used for his 'shine? I know I'm probably guilty of taking advantage sometimes, but I truly enjoy his company, it's just gotten awkward since we had that date, I don't know how to be around him if I can't be my flirty self, because that hurts him." she says with a shake of her head. "I still think you two should talk about this. All we're doing is speculating, but who knows what goes on in that adorable ginger head of his." Alyna silently decides no matter what else, she would go see Th'res to clear some things between them, take her own advice as it were.

The greenrider's tone makes Talya finally pay closer attention to her, a look of curiosity entering her face at her own feelings towards manipulation. Not that she thought she was alone there. She gives a sigh, straight from her gut. "I /know/ it's Th'res. And of course I know he was not being manipulative," she amends. She's back to fiddling, flipping that glass end over end on the table, which is probably really unsanitary if she is going to drink anymore shots from it. "I still don't think he really knows what he wants. We've been friends a long time, but maybe I can't be what he's looking for in someone right now either. /I/ don't even know what I want, and I told him about as much. Black Rock is still fresh on my mind." Doesn't help that she had brought it up with Alyna the last time they saw each other. There's no sympathy for her getting free moonshine from the redhead, though, and she levels a look on Alyna. "If he was freely sharing it with you too, it ain't nice to suddenly start asking for payment after handing you a large sack of the stuff and you're making your way out. It ain't like I /just/ hung out with him to get my hands on his product. He didn't even have a still til just before I left to Igen!" Not that she /wouldn't/ hang out with someone if they made their own alcohol for freebies, but she had been happy to see Th'res long before there was shine involved.

"And maybe he doesn't know." Alyna relents finally with a long sigh, "And I know I didn't help on my end in that respect." she admits as she watches, almost hypnotized, the flipping of Talya's shot glass. "Well I haven't gotten any from him in awhile, cause I just felt so bad about it all. So I wouldn't be surprised if he suddenly starts charging me again. Although it would be worth it, his shine is fucking good." she says wisfully, now further determined to seek out the Lynx Wingsecond fo herself. Sitting back in her chair then, she shakes her head with one final deep sigh. "Maybe time will settle things. Who knows? Jed might catch a green tomorrow, Th'res will finally get laid and see that sex is not this precious thing he's made it out to be." She pauses briefly, "I mean, it can get crazy intense at times." She says with a slight blush rising to her cheeks, but that's surely due to the five shots of firewhiskey in short order. "But most of the time, it is merely two people scratching a mutual itch in some fun and creative ways." Alyna quips thoughtfully as she considers a sixth shot of the firewhiskey.

Flip. Flip. "I think I'd rather pay the bar here, even if it's not his shine. Though…" And Talya's flipping glass stops, upright, as she gives the greenrider the start of a smirk again. All that anger leaking out of her system for the moment. "The latest batch has some taste to it, and it's good. You should go pick up a jar. Not even sure what he charges." Oh wait, there is the anger again. "He had /plenty/ left, seeing that I left all but one that he gave me when he asked for payment." Her eyes turn away and she glares at the exit, as if sending some mental angry thoughts over to a certain bluerider. Tal makes the decision for the both of them, grabbing for the bottle to pour each of the yet another shot. "I think I'd be much more comfortable if Jedameth /did/ catch a green. Suddenly it's like I got this pressure on me or something, and being a virgin too it's like… Oooh, the magical fruit that everyone wants." She lifts her full glass, holding it out as if it was unreachable. Someone's being silly when they're drunk. She laughs at Alyna's analogy of sex, adding, "Maybe if he just gets it over with, he'd be more confident and knowledgeable to scratch the itch better if the mood ever strikes." Finally she tosses her drink back. "Who's winning?" she asks in regards to the shots, because it was totally a competition.

A thoughtful pout plays over Alyna's lips as she is not even more determined to find that bluerider. Let's just hope that she doesn't get too drunk and decides to drop in on him later that night. "I wouldn't mind throwing some marks his way for it. He's definitely got a knack." she giggles slightly at the thought of a virgin being a magical fruit. "I'll be completely honest with you and I would be with Th'res too. You will probably not feel too much different after you lose it either. It's something that people make a big deal out of, when really it doesn't amount to much." she comments with a sigh, "But I'm done trying to extol the virtues of sex for recreation. You do what you want, who you want, when you are ready." her voice definitely has a faint slur to it now as she looks down at the full shot glass with a puzzled brow, trying to remember if she filled it. At the question as to who is winning, she shrugs with a lopsided smile, "I think we're still tied." she muses for a moment.

"Yeah, a knack. He knows /so/ much and learns fast," Talya says it with no sarcasm, it's honest. And maybe a little wistful. The man does have good taste and skills. She smacks her lips at the memory of the bit she had prior to getting to the bar. "Enjoy the shine for the both of us. I'll save my marks." When it comes down to talk about virginity and sex, she gives a snort into her empty glass. "Oh, there are /definitely/ more people than Th'res that make a big deal out of it. At least for the right price, they'd rather screw a virgin. My ex had mine sold for a good bag of marks to his best friend, though it didn't work out quite like they planned it," is just slipped out there casually, and maybe the words do come a bit slurred herself. Then she squeezes her eyes tight as her brain plays back what she said and she sighs. "Fuck." The glass comes down hard again this time, and it stays there. She puts a hand up to her head and rubs at her temples. "Just forget about it." Whether it was what she said or the Th'res thing, or maybe telling herself that in general. "A tie, then. Any more and I won't wake up ever again, an' I got to be up for… for something." She startes to get up, a little wobbly on her feet. "But save the bottle for a tie breaker the next time." Not that there was much left in there for the future.

"Fuck your ex…vigorously, with the business end of a flamethrower preferably." Alyna says with a bitter chill from her icy blue eyes as she feels the anger at this unknown person rising in her as she shakes her head but that sets the room spinning and the blonde greenrider has to clutch at the edge of the table until it passes. "And the firewhiskey will determine whether I remember any of this in the morning. But I do know, you're worth so much more than those fucking waste of spaces tried to sell you for." Alyna's not completely sure that came out right, but she's currently way too inebriated to care. Grabbing up her bottle of firewhiskey, which still has about a third left in the bottom, the greenrider will reach out a hand to steady to younger woman, while swaying herself. "Here, let me help you to the dorms." Alyna will offer her arm to Talya, cause two unsteady drunken women cancel each other out right? After helping her find her bed, the greenrider will search one out for herself, but whose is the question.

Talya cackles like a mad woman as her own anger disappates when Alyna displays her own, and the very pleasant imagery that is given to the Guard. "Not that I will ever run into him again, /if/ he lived, but I'll do that. Thanks for the suggestion." They definitely were both going to have hazy memories of this girls night. "You're too sweet Alyna," is her only reply, neither agreeing nor disagreeing with her. And it's her turn to bat her eyelashes at the older woman. When they are using each other for balance, she even giggles. /Giggles/. Okay, that firewhiskey suddenly hit her hard. "Barracks now," she directs, "I think we got PT at dawn. That's gonna be /fun/." More giggling. And when she finally flops into a bed, she bids the greenrider a muffled farewell and good night and possibly some good luck with what may be whatever she plans to do afterward with the information she gained that night.

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