Syrianna, Th'res


Syrianna is egg watching, and Th'res is candidate hunting..


It is evening of the twenty-second day of the fourth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Cramped Tunnel, Southern Weyr

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Cramped Tunnel

This tiny, cramped little cave was once a lava tube that's since become hollow. Half-moon in shape, the floor is littered with sharp lava rock, and the high ceiling boasts of impressive stalactites that reach down towards the ground like huge, thin fingers. The air is not as oppressively hot as one might imagine; the stone itself aids in cooling the small cavern down. Not to mention, the extremely high ceilings do a lot to funnel the humid heat upwards, allowing cooler air to settle. However, tall boys and girls would find this room exceedingly difficult to navigate, especially given the rather wicked and majestic stalactites, but the view is worth it. Not only does the small opening have the perfect vantage point of the creamy, black and white sands, but provides a close-up view to the eggs and their sitting parents than might be comfortable to some. Why, an adventurous Candidate might be able to reach out and touch one… but that wouldn't be advisable! Nor would speaking too loudly… this cavern — as close as it is — would be close enough for those on the sands to hear the echoes of those within!

Syrianna actually found this place by chance. Someone had mentioned something and she went looking. She is a bit more on the slight and lithe side, so while it was still a squeeze, it wasn't as bad getting in as it might have been for some. She is currently over by the small opening that lets one view the sands and the eggs. She is trying to keep from making any noise, well not making much noise as she stands staring.

Tight fit indeed, because there is a lot of grumbling under breath as that flame red hair pokes out of the tunnel into the cavern, "How did I let Amani talk me into hunting down Candidates?" Though everyone knows Th'res is a sucker for helping out. So here is the wingsecond trying to squeeze through the tunnel until he gets into the cavern, he has a hooded glow light with him enough to illuminate the little area but not enough to shine down on to the sands. "Ok who is in here…” comes his voice in a low tone so it doesn't echo.

Syrianna has a similar glowlight with her and then blinks as she turns and bites her lip. She moves away from the opening over towards where he is, "Just me I think, Sir" she says softly, so her voice doesn't carry. She didn't see anyone else in here. She tries to think…Is she late for something? She can't remember anything she had to be somewhere for.

Th'res nods as he looks around, he is a little grumpy but waves it off saying "It is just me; don't have to do that Sir stuff when it is just us." He glances around the little room again and says "How long did it take you to find this place?"

Syrianna cocks her head to the side, "Couple hours though only been in here once or twice," she shakes her head, "Used to exploring places." she is still speaking softly and nods, "Supposed to show respect, don't want to get in trouble." she grins a bit.

Th'res laughs softly "We are friends, Syri, it is ok." comes is soft chastisement before glancing over at the hole in the ground "Just you then? They sent me up here to make sure none of you kiddies are learning about the avian and the vtols." Or probably some other colorful term that the weyrlingmasters might use. He leans back against the stone and says "So you doing ok?"

Syrianna cocks her head to the side, "The Avians and the Vtols?" she asks. She nods her head and then smiles a bit, "I think just me." she adds and then shrugs, "Doing okay, was with the group of other candidate that they took in to do an egg touching this morning." she sighs wistfully. She absently plays with a canine tooth on a throng around her neck.

Th'res knows that look, and yes he chuckles saying "not so scary now huh?" He won't elaborate on the other subject if he doesn't have to. No that is up to Rocio now, he glances down at the eggs "You got a favorite yet? Because I still got some time to bet, and first hand insight is always the best."

Syrianna giggles softly glancing back for a moment worried and realizes she is being quiet enough still and nods her head a bit, "One or two, yes." she says softly.

Th'res uses his hand in a quiet wave motion saying "go on, I got marks to win here lass." Because hey life has to have some fun in it or he is going to go mad!

Syrianna hmms, "Well maybe I should get a cut of the winnings, if I am going to give you an inside track." she says and then shakes her head a bit, "Well there are two though my favorite…." she says as she goes on to describe the Fukuryuu Dragon Puppy Egg, "I like the most." she smiles, "The other is…" and she goes about describing the Werewolf's Gift Egg.

Th'res thinks a moment but nods "sure, I will give ya twenty percent should I win on them." He leans in and nods making notes of those eggs before he looks back over at her saying "How are you feeling about all this? And what did they let you do with that big old dog of yours?"

Syrianna chuckles, "Oh, it had been a bit startled at first, and still really nervous. I am not trying to get my hopes up too much, just in case a dragon doesn't choose me, but getting excited." she says and she shakes her head a bit. "Oh, one of the other herders is watching him for me."

Th'res nods and gives her a soft smile "If you want I could check up on him for ya. I know what it is like to miss someone a lot." He glances back at the tunnel as if hoping to see someone come up, but they don't so he turns his attentions back to Syrianna "How you adjusting to the heat down there?"

Syrianna nods, "That would be nice. It would be harder without the tooth." she fingers the tooth she wears. She smiles a bit, "Am surprised he hasn't tried to find me, but I warned them." she shakes her head a bit, "I am doing okay, only peeling a little now and again and I am adjusting to the heat."

Th'res nods and grins saying "Better get some thick soles on your feet, when you stand you are going to need them." He chuckles and folds his legs underneath him saying "you know it is ok to be excited about it. Allot of people are, just don't think it is the end of the world if you don't." He shakes his head at the sad memory "I know a few who didn't take not getting picked well."

Syrianna nods, "Well if I don't get picked, Shimmer and other canines will be waiting. Will just work like before I was asked to stand." she says, at least she has a plan, unlike some others. She nods her head and then smiles a bit, "I know. I just don't want to be disappointed so, trying not to hope too much, but really am excited." she nods her head a bit. "I have been trying to toughen up my feet."

Th'res nods and chuckles "just don't try to walk on needle thorn, we had one candidate do that before and his feet swelled up amazingly large." He gives her a grin before asking "You got your robe done?"

Syrianna shakes her head, "not yet, though almost, I had to undo a lot of stitches as I stitched the wrong parts together, but it’s coming together." She smiles a bit, a little, "I am not that good of a seamstress."

Th'res shakes his head as well "yeah well not a lot of us were; you know I heard a rumor that there are still finished robes hidden away in the store rooms." He leans back and grins "I hear they were laundered and already to go when they were hidden away."

Syrianna shakes her head a bit, "Now you tell me, I am almost done, though if someone else if having problems I will pass it on to them." she says. She looks at him and then nods, "So think I have a chance?" she asks, he has been through it before himself after all.

Th'res chuckles "Only the dragons know, but honestly I think ya do." He holds up his mark bag "but then I am also betting on you so I might be bias." Because he probably is anyway, glancing down at the sands he says "Still so weird to be on this side of it now, wasn't too long that I was the one wearing the white."

Syrianna smiles and nods, "Yeah, well I hope so." she says and then shakes her head a bit. She does watch him for a moment and then shakes her head, "It will be interesting to see how things turn out."

Th'res chuckles and nods "that it should" He gives her another grin before getting up and awkwardly starting to squeeze past her saying "Well I need to finish my rounds and then I got hide work to do. Don't fall asleep up here or we might have to start a search party." he says before starting this rather slow squeeze down the other passage way.

Syrianna nods and waves, "I probably should go too." she says, "Maybe in a little bit." she turns to move back and watch the eggs a little more.

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