Rocio, Va'os


Rocio calls Va'os to the Weyrlingmaster's Office for some discussion on future plans, while splitting a bottle of rum between them.


It is sunset of the fourth day of the fourth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Weyrlingmaster's Office, Southern Weyr

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Weyrlingmaster's Office

Tidy disorder reigns in this space: there is a main desk, heavily scarred, with two chairs undismayed by any sense of fashion but yet comfortable, with a library of hides and scrolls and books behind. A functional credenza often holds leather straps, to the side, and abuts a smaller desk for weyrling work or even one of the assistants. Past the cluttered domain of the staff, there is a small classroom in such matter that it could easily be converted to a conference room. There is always iced klah and juice and water to be found on the sideboard in the meeting room, and stables aplenty for sandwiches.

Any male dragon has probably seen just how sparkly Niamyth is these days, which means the viridian green is due to rise at aaanytime. And knowing Nia, she'll take to the sky at the most inconvenient time for Rocio — who happens to be wearing her (form fitting) uniform today with bright pink trim. Her blonde hair is down, maybe a little teased, and she's wearing her heeled leather boots, making her a whole 5'6 with them on! If her lifemate has done her job in relaying a message, the Weyrleader should be striding through that door in about one minute. In the meantime Rocio will just sign off on a few of these reports.

With Tsiroth being as hot-blooded as any, Niamyth’s sparkly condition hasn’t gone unnoticed. He’s probably tried his hand (paw?) at charming her on a number of occasions now; either through his strange humour or with snippets of music. And each time he’s rejected or rebuffed only seems to work to the opposite effect! Right now, the bronze is off somewhere and distracted (ha! right) but he’ll promptly relay the green’s request… and then ruin the moment by some not-so witty timed comment. Va’os will probably try to avoid being skinned alive but given HIS track record? This may not bode well. Still, when summoned, he’ll arrive… eventually. Knocking on the door before he just strides through it, he looks wind-tussled and for good reason! One, the weather. Second? Drills. Which just finished and he immediately left to arrive here. “Evening!” Va’os will tip off a hasty salute, while keeping his usual grin in place. “Tsiroth said you were looking for me?”

Rocio looks up from a few hides strewn about her desk and sees one wind kissed Weyrleader standing in the doorway. "Va'os!" she says in a cheery tone. Straightening, she motions for him to step inside as she rounds the desk. "Come in, come in! Can I get you something to drink?" She has a variety of options! "Water, juice, the finest Istan rum a Weyrlingmaster can buy…?" And soon after the bronzer is inside her lair— um, office, she shuts the door behind him.

Is that the sound of a trap snapping shut? It sure sounds like it! Va’os darts a look at the closed door, then to Rocio’s awfully cheerful demeanour; it’s probably wreaking havoc with the temper-fuelled version he has burned in his memories. “Uh,” He blinks, then switches gears. “You’ve got rum stashed in here?” Which is a ‘yes, he’ll have some of that’ toned answer. He’s also just going to flop down in the nearest empty chair and make himself at home. May as well play it cool, right? Right. “So what’s up that couldn’t wait? Is it good or bad news?”

Rum it is! Rocio makes quick work of pouring a tumbler full of the Weyrleader's preferred drink and hands it over to him soon after. "Nothin' bad! Just some plans that I have for the beach." Brushing her hands together, the greenrider half sits on the edge of her desk, arms folding across her middle and ankles crossing. "I'm gonna have an obstacle course built for the current weyrling class and for the candidates. It's gonna have ropes, and walls, and chains just high enough so someone like D'wane can crawl underneath 'em without gettin' stuck." She half smirks at the idea. "Parts of it are gonna extend over the water and there are gonna be logs to cross and places to swim. The utlimate endurance course!" A beat, "Just makin' sure you know about it before I give word to the Smiths."

Va’os will take the offered tumbler, tipping it carefully in thanks as she moves on. He’s going to enjoy some of that rum too, while keeping a —cautious— curious gaze fixed on her. “Huh… The beach?” he echoes back reluctantly, almost interrupting her before he bites his tongue and listens to the rest. Brows lift up and up to her proposed idea and he’ll just go ahead and knock back the entirety of that tumbler in one shot. Leaning forwards as he grimaces a bit from kickback, he gives a thoughtful huff before answering. “Don’t see reason that the weyrlings can’t benefit from it, but the Candidates? Aren’t we risking some of the, uh… clumsier…” Is he trying to be polite? Maybe. “Ones from hurting themselves?”

"Beach, yeah. 'Cause somethin' this big can't exactly take up space in the bowl. I mean, it could but that ain't a good idea." Rocio flicks some blonde hair behind her shoulder and considers refilling that tumbler. Maybe it's better if she holds off for a teensie bit. A shrug lifts her shoulders when she considers some of the clumsier candidates and she straightens a tad. "Worst that can happen is they'll get a little rope burn on their hands or skin their knees from crawlin' on the ground. Good preparation for weyrlinghood if'n ya ask me." A beat, "Besides, they'll be supervised the entire time. D'wane's gonna help." He just got volunteered! "And you! If you wanna. I'mma run through the course myself to prove how it can be done." Pride in her tone? You betcha.

“Wouldn’t make some folks happy if it takes up prime spot on the beach shoreline either,” Va’os tips his empty tumbler towards Rocio for emphasis purposes; be it to the issue of where to build this project or that it’s empty of rum. He’s apparently going full steam ahead with drinking! He begins to smirk, a laugh starting at the idea of D’wane helping with this task… only suddenly it’s offered to him too. “… we’ll see!” Which means he WILL be there, if his duties allow. He’ll get away with it at least a few times under the pretence of “supervising”. Tapping a finger idly against the side of the tumbler, he’ll sober his expression to a heavily thoughtful frown. “Guess if there’s no risk of broken bones or serious injury… I don’t see why this can’t be given the go ahead.”

Rocio leeeaans across the desk to snag the bottle of rum before straightening and then leeeaans closer to Va'os to refill the tumbler. "There's alotta beach!" she says with a laugh. A quick glance is cast around for another tumbler and when she can't immediately find one (or maybe can't be arsed enough to venture across the office to the cabinet), she takes a swig directly from the bottle. She squints a bit, nose wrinkling, before the bottle is set down on the desk. Ro's eyes open and she shakes her head a bit, "It's not gonna take up ten dragonlengths. Just enough to make them weyrlings and candidates sweat a little." Okay, maybe a lot if she and D'wane combine forces. A smirk follows, "And I kinda wanna see you run through an obstacle course, O Fearless Leader."

Rocio is the best! That’s what Va’os’ grin implies when she leans over to refill his tumbler. Another toast of thanks and this time he’s nursing the drink. “Y’know what I mean, though? Just keep it out of the prime traffic areas and doubtful anyone will bitch about it.” He blinks as she goes to swig right from the bottle and he does laugh a bit then; it almost sounds nervous. “Shards, Rocio! You’re getting as bad as I am and those eggs haven’t even Hatched yet.” Teasing aside, he gives another small nod of approval. “I’m not saying no! Sounds like you’ve all got this planned to a ’T’, so if all you need from me is the go-ahead well… y’got it!” The last is met with a narrowed look and a scoff. “Why are you so keen on seeing me run through it?”

"It's just a swig Va'os, ain't the whole bottle. There's a difference." Rocio snickers and stands up while making her way around the desk to sit down in her chair. "And I do know what you mean by the placement of the course. I'll make sure the smiths assemble it somewhere that ain't gonna disturb the beach goers." Who probably have never seen something like this before! A bright smile is shared with the bronzer after he gives his blessing, "Then I'll tell the smiths to get started on it tomorrow." Her smile turns back into a smirk as a hand lifts to tuck blonde hair behind her ear. "Why? 'Cause I'm pretty sure I could get through it faster than you…"

Va’os grins, “Yeah, but are you a regular drinker? And rum, at that?” he counters back at her. He’ll make some sort of noise in his throat to indicate that he approves of her reassurances, but he’s otherwise too busy enjoying more of that rum to speak at that moment. The second his mouth is cleared, he laughs and there’s no mistaking the hint of challenge in his eyes and the crooked smile he flashes at her. “Uh huh. Guess we’ll have to see, eh? You want to wager something on it or are we just gonna go for bragging rights and never letting the other live it down?”

"Ohhh, good question." Rocio folds her arms across her chest and peers up at the ceiling as she considers making a wager. "I s'pose we oughtta consult D'wane on the matter since he's gonna run it, too. Maybe he wants in on the bet and the bragging rights." Because either way someone's never gonna live it down. Should be fun! The challenge has been presented and now all they have to do is wait until the course is built to see who's got what it takes. A grin is then returned to the Weyrleader and she peers across the desk at him, "I'll send progress reports since this project is gonna take about a sevenday to complete. Then the fun begins."

“So this is going to be a three-way bet?” Va’os snickers over the rim of his tumbler and from the mischief in his eyes, he’s probably pulling a vague double-entendre there. “This is starting to sound like a lot of fun!” And risk. Because who knows what the three of them will concoct as far as “wagers” go? He’s probably got a wholllle list of things he’d love to pin on either of them, just for the hell of it. “Only a sevenday? Y’sure about that? We’re about to enter the rainy season…” Dun dun dunnn! Or should it be delays, delays, delaaaaays?

"I s'pose it is." Rocio is probably going to need a lot more rum to survive this conversation, so she leans over to snag the bottle again. She can't exactly help the snicker that follows before taking another swig — the same wrinkle-nosed expression making known soon after. There's a moment's pause when she considers how long it'll take the smiths to build the obstacle course on the beach, "Maybe two? I dunno. I ain't buildin' it." The bottle is then waggled if Va'os wants a refill. "I hope you ain't got anywhere special to be." Because it sounds like they're going to polish off this here bottle tonight!

“Nope! It’s your lucky day, I happen to have the evening open,” Va’os’ grin broadens and while he’s not lying, who knows what chaos will occur or some change of luck that will have him called away. But for now? “So… out of curiosity, what would you wager?” Can’t hurt to pry for a little sample, right? He’ll finish that tumbler of rum and likely take up the suggested offer of another refill. Given he has no shame, he will likely help her polish off that bottle and while their conversation likely sticks to respectful and related to duties and the upcoming hoard of weyrlings-to-be… this is Va’os and he will no doubt throw in a good amount of his own brand of humour once the rum takes hold.

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