N'tael, Niyati, Tlazotezath, Kaiyth


A couple of Sr Weyrlings take their dragons for a much asked for hunt!


It is sunset of the sixteenth day of the seventh month of the second turn of the 12th pass.


Jungle, Southern Weyr

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As the clearing is left behind, a deep silence permeates and soaks into the very ground that towering trees grow out of, accompanied by the humid heat of the enclosed rainforest. The silence is broken by the chittering call of wild firelizards, the chirruping of distant avians, and the ominous rustling of large, feline predators that stalk the deeper, heart of the jungle. Vines drape from the trees, falling to the jungle floor, which carries the hint of decay. Water drips from the canopy above, the soft sound almost musical against the echoing call of the jungles denizens. Westward, with the tangled overgrowth and the shadows of the deeper rainforest, the forest looms dangerous.
The area is shaded by the dense growth of banyan and sandalwood trees.

Tlazotezath has been bothering N'tael non-stop (well, ALMOST non-stop) about getting to do something NEW. His after-hours visits to the pens have left him wanting something more than the old and tame creatures contained therein. He wants a CHALLENGE. He wants the forest. Finally, N'tael gives in to the bronze's demands and had seen if perhaps a more level-headed person might be willing to come along. "'m glad ye was agreein' t' come Ma'am." He's allowed to use that name again, she's the wingleader! From off of Tlazotezath's side N'tael jumps, not bothering to use the straps. It's only twice his height after all.

Niyati still thinks it's weird! Still, she's not going to argue against it with anything other than. "You know, we're not exactly doing anything official. You can use my name. And I'm glad to come. Kaiyth has been desperate to try out her new freedom. She hasn't complained, but all she wants to talk about is getting out and hunting for some of those soft furs I promised to find for her couch…" Once she's unstrapped, she slides from her dragon's neck and along her shoulder to the ground. It's even less of a drop but she's not complaining about that.

N'tael flashes a smile at Niyati that's a bit rueful. "'m sorry. 's jus' habit. E'ery'un's always outranked me, 'cuz first apprentice 'n candidate 'n weyrlin'. And now ye're 'e wingleader. Figure 's better t' no' be fallin' outa' practice?" It's not really a question, but the lilt at the end is there. "Tlazotezath's hopin' t' find somethin' big t' be gettin' at." Impatience swirls across the partched desert. The bronze requires the moisture of blood to cool the starved desert. The blood of a creature that is WORTHY. Will the green come with?

Niyati chuckles. "Oh, it's alright. I don't really mind it. I suppose all of those years of having to let customers call me by my name rather than my rank have made anything else sound strange." She nods at Kaiyth, who is already scanning the ground for signs of those promised felines. "Kaiyth is pretty sure nothing but felines will do. She's been practicing grabbing the right way on her food." Kaiyth, for her part, makes an impatient sound and even goes so far as to dig her talons into the ground. She's ready.

"I ain't sure 'bout…" Tlazotezath is sure though, so he cuts N'tael off. A FROWN. "I don't think they should be huntin' felines, but Tlazotezath ain't wantin' nothin' else. Suppose I can jus' be hopin' he ain't findin' 'em." What is clear though, is that N'tael has NO INTEREST in being on Tlazotezath's back for whatever bloodbath is to come. "Mayhape we can be waitin' 'n a tree?" He nods his head towards a large one with easy to climb limbs. "'n we can be gettin' down quick if'n they be findin' somethin'." Tlazotezath is bigger than the green, and uses his size to his advantage as he spreads his wings, leaping for the sky and causing a cascade of branches and twigs to go down.

Niyati nods and reaches up to unstrap a long leather tube from Kaiyth's side befoer glancing at N'tael thoughtfully. "I don't suppose you've ever hunted anything large before?" She unbuckles the top to pull out a long spear to hand over. "Anything large that isn't a feline will be fine. They can take off and leave it on the ground and hit it from the air again. A feline can climb a tree to gain advantage. Not that I'm anywhere near the expert that K'lir is. I've only gone on small hunts here and there, and never here in the South— our porcine adventure aside. Fortunately, you just have to remember to poke the animal with the pointy end." Kaiyth waits for her nod to take to the air without any of the resulting debris of her brother. "And maybe we should do that tree climbing now."

"Nope! Pa told me t' be gettin' out've 'e way if'n I was seein' one've 'em." It's good advice. When Niyati hands over that spear N'tael eyes it, it's just as tall as he is. What's he suppose to do with it? "Um. Mayhap boar. Ye know what one've them's lookin' like t' show Kaiyth? Mayhap she can be convincin' Tlaz t' no' be stupid…." Nate doubts the green can do it, but MAYBE. "Dunno if'n I can be climin' with this thing."

Niyati rests the spear against the tree, taking her own to do the same before reaching up to pull herself into the tree. Once that's done she reaches down to lift the spear up to settle it across two branches. "I'll have her relay the image, need a hand up?" Even as she reaches down to offer, Kaiyth is given the image to share with Tlazotezath with the firm injunction that felines are to be avoided at all costs. At least until they have an older, ranking dragon with them. «Unless you want to be placed on pit cleaning duty.» There's another image of those fierce talons of his being used to scrape the sides of the ash pits. She's not even going to spare the bronze the feeling of how humiliating that would be.

Tlazotezath does not like that image, and he fights against it. How dare SHE tell HIM what he cannot hunt? The rage only lasts a second because the humiliation does finally go through. With bad temper and one last blast of hot air Tlazotezath decides that a boar was his idea THE WHOLE TIME. She look over there, he's going to fly here. "Nah, I got'er. 'm real good at climbin'." And Nate puts turth to those words as he scrambles up the tree. Once there though… "Can ye be gettin' 'e spear tho?" It's out of reach now.

Niyati reaches down to pick up the second spear and then settling it along the same branches. "I think Kaiyth has gotten the point across. She's a bit craftier than I thought." Really, who knew the polite little green could be so mean? With a cooling blast of moonlit water, Kaiyth turns toward an area probably least likely to contain anything like a boar, letting her talons drag along the branches to send smaller pieces of wood thunking to the floor below. Once that's done, she makes a quick turn to scour the ground to see if she's flushed anything out.

N'tael actually LAUGHS when he realizes what Kaiyth had done. "'s pride's 'e only thing what'll be makin' him think. Smart." N'tael files that away in his box of 'try this next time Tlazotezath is a bastard'. Upward in the tree he settles himself, looking quite at home in the height. Tlazotezath is INTENT, his predator instincts on high. Now that he is above the trees there is no sign of his passing. It would do well to ALERT the sacrifices of their doom.

Niyati shakes her head, still wondering at her dragon's quick thinking. "Well, at least now I know she's not above playing dirty. …and maybe she's been doing that the whole time." Even as she speaks, there's a sound crashing in the undergrowth and a few large boars run squealing from their cover. "Well then," she nods toward the commotion. "Now as long as we don't have any other predators around…" Of course, with the presence of prey animals, how likely is that? For her part, Kaiyth is doing her best to drive on the animals lest they dive for cover and be lost.

"Here's hopin!" N'tael bounces to his feet on the ledge, not at all heeding the fact that he could totally fall. Maybe he can catch sight of the boars! Tlazotezath banks abruptly when he hears the cries of those who would be his. The bloodlust is high in the bronze's thoughts as he anticipates the warmth sliding down his throat. And he's diving……. and missing. oops.

Apparently, having won the battle of the wills was enough to earn Tlazotezath some leniancy where Kaiyth is concerned because she continues to drive the animals on, to give her brother a second chance. Not that she's going to wait forever, she's already focusing on a mid-sized sow that would be just perfect for a dragon sized snack. Meanwhile, Niyati scans the direction the wild pigs had come from because when does their luck ever hold out when it counts? Really. "I say as soon as they have their kills we take them back for a wash. …maybe have Kaiyth snag one of them for us to roast!"

Tlazotezath makes a MESS of the forest and earns his hide some long angry scratches from branches that disagree with his being among them. Back into the sky he claws himself and tries again, this time going for the biggest boar and sinking his talons viciously into its back, and gaining more scratches along his wingsails. A slight wince from N'tael. "Kaiyth'd have t' do it… Tlaz's…" And there goes the boar getting sliced open, the heart looked for. "gross."

Niyati covers a chuckle. "Well, that's not surprising." She reaches out to pat N'tael on the back. "Maybe you should tell him to go from under the ribcage. It'll save you some unpleasantness…" For her part, Kaiyth isn't wasting any time. She snatches up her sow and quickly tears out its throat before settling in to eat it. It's not exactly clean, but she's not spreading innards everywhere. «Really…» Once her own meal is eaten, she takes to the air again and after the still fleeing smaller boar to snatch it up in her talons. The neck is snapped before she settles in to watch her brother's eating.

The inwards are only spread as far as required before Tlazotezath snaps up the beating heart. It is ground between his teeth. The rest of the creature goes down slower. The blood is already all over bronze skin. The Really is just met with a blast of hot air. Go away little green. "I think Tlaz'd be willin t' bring 'e boar back. If'n we're givin' him 'e heart."

Niyati nods. "He can have all the innards he wants." For her part, Kaiyth only makes an amused sound and cools that blast with a shower of sparkling blue. Boys will be boys, after all. "In fact, I imagine if you asked the kitchens could save you a few beef hearts here and there. They can't all be put into broth, right? You may even be able to get them fresh." H

N'tael is just going to shiver at that idea. "No thank'e ma'… Niyati. He likes 'em beatin'. Ye think mayhap we should be goin' 'n cleanin' 'e boar if'n we's takin' it back?" N'tael is already sliding down the tree, heedless of what Niyati actually says.

Niyati nods as she slides out of the tree as well and stows the spears with a look of gratitude for not having to clean them. "The smell of blood is going to draw predators sooner or later…" Indeed, there are a few sounds that could be just that off in the distance. "As much as I'd like to get a hide or two for myself, I'd rather wait until Kaiyth has gotten a little more experience under her belt." Kaiyth moves away from the boar and even manages to share a bit of hunting pride with Tlazotezath. «You hunted well.» See? She's nice!

N'tael takes off through the forest, bounding along with more than a little bit of his old good cheer. Whatever weight had been hanging on his shoulders since the hatching seems to have fallen away. Even when he comes upon the disaster that is Tlazotezath's catch he doesn't flinch back from the gore, but simply wrinkles his nose. "Ye gotta knife?" Tlazotezath's breezes are no more gentle, but ther eis more than a hint of pride in it. « You also. »

Niyati pulls the knife from her boot and hands it over. "Old habits," the ex-Weaver explains as she considers the bronze and then his rider. "You know, maybe we should make this a regular thing. It would definitely be a good way to practice coordinating and Tlazotezath seems to really enjoy the… experience." She was going to say blood. "Maybe we could even ask some of the older riders."

N'tael had already cut into the creature, bleeding it off. Behind him Tlazotezath's ire rises just at touch- it RUINS the heart if it isn't beating. But he's full so it's only a bit of an argument. "Ye know… ma'am… that's a real good idea." Blue eyes cut up to look at his wingleader. Sorry Niyati, you just joined the group that Nate hero-worships.

"I'll ask K'ane if it's something we can do. It can't hurt." Niyati shakes her head at the bronze's displeasure but she manages not to chuckle. "Maybe we could even attempt a few felines that way." This is something Kaiyth wholeheartedly endorses and once the pig is prepped for travel she tosses N'tael a strip of cloth to clean himself up with. "We should probably get out of here. Those sounds are getting closer and we'd probably get grounded if we tried to take on a large feline."

N'tael cleans the knife last and holds it back out to Niyati as he jumps to his feet. "Aye, I gotta be gettin' Tlazotezath clean I suppose." The bronze is all sorts of covered in blood. "Tlaz'll be takin' 'e boar." The PRESUMPTION of the weyrling… but with ill humor Tlazotezath does finally sink his claws into the beast to bring it back to the weyr with them. "I'll be racin' ye?" It's hopeful, that sounds fun. Kaiyth would probably win though. Since she isn't carrying a beast.

Niyati laughs as she settles upon Kaiyth's back once the knife is back in the boot sheeth. "Last one back gets to take the carcass to be roasted," she says before they take to the sky. Of course, the green isn't going to hold back on this one. Speed is what she does. Besides, the loss isn't that much work anyway. "Ready?"

N'tael laughs at the challenge, and is scrambling his way back up onto Tlazotezath's back. He's at least careful enough to make sure that the straps are tied before he urges Tlazotezath into the air. Tlazotezath CHEATS and snaps at Kaiyth before reaching for the sky. Take that little green.

Kaiyth gives a low growl that would translate into "oooh you jerk!" as she takes to the air to speed after Tlazotezath. We'll just see who wins this race, big butt! For her part, Niyati can only hold on at first. It's only after they've been in the air for a couple of minutes that she actuall settles into that crouched position that she prefers for faster flights.

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