Talya, Amani


Talya and Amani cross paths and commiserate while trying to escape the summer heat.


It is sunset of the first day of the twelfth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


The Klah Bark, Southern Barrier Hold

OOC Date 08 May 2018 06:00


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"I don't find myself suffering through the days wondering where I'll be tomorrow."


The Klah Bark

Welcome to the Klah Bark, hippest joint in the Hold. The place where everyone gathers to get that needed Klah fix. A curved bar dominates the space to the left of the doorway, laden with tiered trays of delectable pastries and square wooden canisters of herbs to add that extra spice to your brew. Behind the klah bar is a large hearth where all the magic happens. Baking a variety of snacks to tempt the pallet and brewing the signature Klah the place is known for. The recipe of which is a closely guarded secret. Smith crafted workshop stools line the curved bar for those who wish to gather and socialize briefly. While a smattering of hewn wooden tables fill in the rest of the room for those who would rather linger and enjoy.

First day of Summer and Talya is already escaping the Southern heat by taking advantage of a trip to the cold Hold. She arrived on duty but has been left behind at the Klah Bark while her superior went off with the rider that brought them to conduct some business or other. Perhaps they just dragged her along to dump her up here, dragonless as she is? The Guard recruit has certainly been here for a long time by the amount of empty mugs that are laid around her on the table she is currently occupying. Her upper body is splayed out on its surface, though small she doesn't take up much space as her head rests on her cushioned jacket sleeve. Her face says it all: Booored. The current mug she has in front of her is full and freshly steaming.

More and more draognriders are bound to start showing up here now that it's summer, a certain junior weyrwoman included. It may be a balmy twenty-eight degrees outside, but it won't stop Amani from enjoying some klah after wandering the rooftop, keeping pace with the steward, wildling guard sergeant, and Master Miner for various reasons. Once inside, she's quick to order…and to notice one of the Weyr's guard knots on the shoulder of the young woman draped upon the table. Curious, she tilts her head to see if she can match the recruit to a name. "Here for one of the sergeant's joint training sessions with the wildling guards?" she ventures, a dark brow arching to punctuate her query.

Talya's eyes may have noticed those entering and exiting, but she seems to be more focused on the sight of those that she arrived with than anyone else of particular importance. Which is why she missed the junior weyrwoman's arrival entirely until Amani stops at her table. Her head jerks up from her arm. "Not that I've been told, ma'am," she replies quickly, then realizing her current stretched out position her arms retract back to where they should be. At her side. Only to then remember to snap a salute, being on-duty technically. "I was to be an escort for some business, but one Guard was more than enough. So I'm checking on the klah supplies instead." Dutifully she gives her empty mugs a glance… Supplies checked. Definitely not poisoned.

Amani can't help smirking a little as Talya retracts and then gives a salute, which the goldrider bobs her head to, her hands being occupied at the moment. "Of course. Since the proprietor hasn't gone about that himself, obviously," she remarks to the other girl's last wryly. She reaches for a few nearby jars to treat her own mug with. "Mind if I sit? I know your face from watching training sessions, but you'll have to forgive me for not remembering your name. I don't think we've actually spoken before."

"Just doing my duty of double-checking everything, can never be too certain," Talya can't help but say, her own lips twitching into a smirk of her own. She gives a wave to the empty chairs that were occupying her table before her hands go around the still-full mug. "Of course I don't mind, ma'am. And the name's Talya. I don't expect you to memorize everyone's name at the Weyr. Not to mention that half of those that join the Guards drop out or get kicked out before they're even full Guards." She tilts her head curiously, dark eyes glancing in the direction of the entrance and the way that the goldrider came by. "Do you work with the Guards a lot?" As a recruit, she's probably still kept out of the loop of the full training Guards, just trying to catch up to those that have been doing this for Turns.

"Ah, right. Well met, Talya," Amani says, tilting her mug to the guard girl with a smile before taking a sip. "I'll never have everyone memorized, but it won't stop me trying." To her last, the goldrider nods, settling back contentedly in her seat. "It's one of the areas I told Mayte I'd keep up with, since it's something I used to do myself. Caravan guard with the Zingari, up at Igen." She smiles fondly at the memory, chuckling a little. "Not that I got to do it more than a few months before getting brought down here on Search. But I enjoyed it while it lasted." Now she takes a bite of the pastry she brought over, washing it down with a bit more klah before asking, "How's it suiting you, being a guard?"

Talya arches a brow back at the other woman. "That's quite a goal you have in mind. You got one name down at least, unless they leave me stranded up here." She gives a dry chuckle at the thought, but there is a worried glance to the entrance again. Her eyes don't stray for long, and she leans forward in her seat to take in Amani in more detail. Sure, she's seen the Weyrwomen of Southern plenty of times here and there, but up until recently hadn't really spoken to them directly. "They let women join the Guards there? I guess I don't know much about the Traders, but the part of Igen while I was there seemed to be very reserved." When it comes to answer the question, she gives a close-mouthed grin. "I was a terrible bartender before this. I guess I won't know if I'm a good Guard until they tell me I am. I like to think that I ain't that bad."

"So many people seem surprised by that," Amani notes bemusedly over the matter of female guards at Igen. "I can't speak for the Weyr guards up there, though I seem to recall seeing a few women among them. Something a previous Weyrleader allowed and they never changed it, I think. But in the Zingari, at least, if you have the skill, you pick up the work, man or woman. They don't bat an eye." She considers Talya for a long moment in the wake of the other girl's last. "Seems to me a woman ought to determine her own worth. You went into the Guard…why? What do you want out of it? You put in the work, you stay diligent, you look for opportunities to improve, and you get to say you're a good Guard with confidence. Know you're good without being arrogant about it, know there's always more to learn, and they'll tell you you're good eventually."

Talya shrugs her shoulders in a helpless manner, though her grin remains. "The majority there seemed to be on a more reserved side, I sort of stuck out myself, at least in the Weyr. I guess that's why people are surprised to hear that. But I'm glad to know that they still allow some women even in the Weyr's Guard, we're equal if not better to plenty of men I've met." Of course her handicap is her height and physique, but she is working to learn ways around that. The grin slowly fades and she finally lifts the mug up to her lips, cooled enough to take a long sip as she considers the weyrwoman's words. "I rather enjoyed how we trained during candidacy at Igen, I missed it." Maybe not so much the chores. And then in a more somber note she adds, "And I wanted to prove that I can be an asset to where I decided to call home, instead of just being another body in a chore anyone can do. I guess I'm still waiting for them to tell me to get out of the sparring room and go muck a stall instead or something."

Amani can only nod at Talya's first, having witnessed the more "reserved" side of the Bazaar alongside so much else during her time at Igen. "We're different, for certain," she says of the comparison to men. "If you're thinking the training isn't as rigorous for guards as for Candidates, I can certainly talk to Kelver about that," she notes with a mischievously tilted smile. "Faranth knows he'll probably explode if he hears someone doesn't think he's doing enough." Not that the guard recruits likely want their captain exploding. Because he'll probably do it on them. "Do you think," she asks, klah-dark eyes narrowing slyly, "that maybe they might be waiting on you to get out of the sparring room and go muck a stall yourself? You want your own runner once you're promoted, maybe they're looking for you to show you can tend to one without having your hand held along the way. Kelver and Bradach are clever; they watch, and they do everything with a purpose. Remember what I said about looking for opportunities."

"Shi— er, I mean Shells no, ma'am. It's rigorous and more so, than candidacy," Talya shakes her head with a chuckle. "More than just PT that candidacy had. They definitely know how to keep us recruits aching and busy." She slouches down into her mug, giving the area a look around as if expecting another guard to be overhearing their conversation. "I don't need everyone pissed at me for getting drills at every waking hour of the day now." She takes another sip of her klah before setting it aside. After all the previous ones she's had, she probably doesn't need any more of it. "Do I want my own runner?" she asks the woman in genuine curiosity. "I meant more that I keep expecting them to kick me out of the guards and have me mucking stalls til I'm too old to do that, instead. But if they expect us to care for the 'beasts as well I better get to that too." With a sigh she runs a hand through her tied up hair. "I didn't have the endurance most of the others had, not being from the Weyr. So I was working on that on my days off." She had been a common sight on the beach, running laps. "And I've never even held anything bigger than a dagger before joining, either, so trying to figure the short sword. I've got a lot to catch up on."

Amani doesn't laugh, but the impish light in her eyes is clear. "It wasn't a question; every guard gets their own runner once they're promoted beyond recruit," she points out. "And some people haven't even held that much coming into the guard. Some come in as recruits older than you. You're not catching up, Talya; you're on a path. You want to travel it with skill, not speed." After another sip of klah, she regards the other girl with another curious little head-tilt. "Is guarding what you really want? Because it seems to me you're doing just fine, but you're not…satisfied with it just now."

Someone may be left out of the full Guard package training, probably until they know she can handle it. Talya does laugh at her own ignorance. "At least I've been fine riding them." One less thing to have learned as a Guard Recruit. However, she makes a mental note to add studying up on the animals to her tasks of things, so at least she knows more than the basics. Her face falls and she looks at everywhere but at the goldrider. "Is it that obvious? Not sure what I really want, to be honest with you." She gives a heavy sigh, her eyes finally looking back to the other woman. "I stood for Igen what feels like a lifetime ago now, and had a lot to think 'bout since then. I wasn't really certain on what Impressing would mean, it was frivolous of me. I'm good where I'm at now, though, and in a better direction. I don't find myself suffering through the days wondering where I'll be tomorrow."

Amani gives a nod of approval to Talya's first. Silver linings! There's sympathy in her expression when it turns out she's hit the other girl's state a bit on the nose. "Uncertainty is a good time for adventuring, I'd guess. Trying out whatever comes along until you find something that fulfills you. And if you're in a better place now than you were before, that's a good place to start, at least." Deep things they're touching on here - two young women just shy of twenty, one with the rest of her life outlined for her, the other uncertain what her life ought to be. Perhaps they'll be able to meet in the middle, here at this table in the Klah Bark, mugs in hand, conversation creating some meaningful connections for the time being.

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