H'rik, Doji, Wendryth, Raktraeth


Mud: It Makes Dragons Grow


It is midmorning of the sixteenth day of the eighth month of the eleventh turn of the 12th pass.


Igen Weyr - Lake Shore

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Lake Shore

Sprawled out beyond the Weyr proper's hustling activity and ambling roads, the cool, blue paradise of the Weyr lake promises escape from the oppressive hammer of Igen summer's cruel climes; the asymmetrical, sandy white shores hook delicately around the deceptively still waters running deep and sure, greedy peninsulas reaching white fingers stretching in crooked lines towards its center. A sturdy shack, weather-beaten and brown as cured leather, resides in isolated splendor upon one such finger, screened shelving offering a variety of brushes and fragrant oils housed in colorful tureens. Out beyond a small and dusty paddock ringed by a white fence, a long rocky pier stabs out into the lake, providing a panoramic view of the Weyr itself, while the southern shores provide varied shrubs and grassed for the massed herds in their pens.

It is the forty-sixth day of Summer and 101 degrees. Rukbat's heatwave has not yet let up, gripping Igen in its tight fist. Escape the heat!

What with it being midmorning, it's hot, but not BRUTALLY hot. Not yet. Still, the lake is a fine place to cool off, as well as a great playground for weyrling dragons. Wendryth and H'rik are making their way there, the lumbering bronze seemingly untroubled by the heat; his rider sweating and limp-haired beside him. When the young dragon spots the water, he trumpets happily and LOUDLY. « CHARGE! » And so he will, gallumphing in his ungainly fashion right at the water, while H'rik runs after, not quite able to keep pace nowadays with his long, leggy partner. The man is laughing, gleeful, despite the heat, caught up in the moment as they bear down on the water.

Raktraeth has found something much more interesting than water to claim his attention. The behemoth brown has stopped short of the waters edge at the spot where a quagmire of mud has formed and the brown is currently wallowing in it with some delighted rumbling. Doji however, does not look nearly as pleased. She stands a bit further away with her hands on her hips. "You're going to rinse yourself off before that dries on." The dragon just rolls over again, making sure to get mud all over his back. His brother's crashing arrival is noted and he gets a bugle of a greeting as well.

« GOOD DAY, BROTHER! » Wendryth is HAPPY today! Oh yes! The mist that always fogs his mind is brilliant gold in the light of an unseen sun, and the actual sun glints off his hide as he charges onwards. he hits the muddy patch where Raktraeth is wallowing, slips, and skids the rest of the way on his belly until he hits the water with a big SPLOOSH! That sends up a big wave that disturbs a few swimmers a way out, and H'rik waves awkwardly at them. "Sorry! Sorry!!" He's come to a skidding halt, having seen the mud up ahead, and comes to a sandy halt, before heading over to join Doji. "Yikes." That is one muddy dragon. "Are you trying to wash him?"

Golden light streams through the evergreen canopy of Raktraeth's mind, a cool wind whipping through and brushing against the mists Wendryth brings with him. There may also be some snickering from some small woodland creatures hidden high up in those tree limbs as the large bronze goes tumbling. « Would think you would have gotten used to your legs by now. » And Raktraeth is a very muddy dragon, but that's not going to stop him from trying to get EVEN MUDDIER! Look, he's got talons and he can try and dig into the mud as well. Doji just sighs as H'rik comes up. "That was the plan. Contrary to what he says, mud baths don't count as baths." There may also be some blood underneath all that mud from the brown's attempt at breakfast, but who can tell beneath all the mud?

Now he's in the water, things are a lot easier for Wendryth. The water holds him up, so he can focus on figuring out his legs, like Vedziyath once showed him how. Like…this! With all limbs in order, the bronze goes swimming off rather gracefully, all things considered, and curves back towards the shore so he can look at Raktraeth. Any embarrassment at his skidding is wiped away by his adulation at swimming successfully. « I HAVE! SEE! Why do you not join me in the waters, Raktraeth? The mud is so slippery! » H'rik has a proud grin on his face for his dragon actually doing something well, and he continues to watch even as he stands beside Doji, talking to her without facing her. "Well, the name has 'bath' in it?" Is he sticking up for Raktraeth? Seems like it. There's a little teasing there, too, as he shifts his gaze to get a good look at the very muddy (and slightly bloody) brown, with a wince.

Raktraeth takes a moment to stop in his wallowing and blink out at his brother. « Of course mud is slippery. That's half the point. » And the brown is positively delighting in the squishing of the mud underneath him and not inclined to move from it just yet. Doji just shakes her head. "Some of the older riders were telling me that mud is good for him. And washes right off in the lake. I don't think they quite understood just how much mud he tends to get on him." There's a hand wave at the entire mud puddle that's now her dragon. "So what about you and Wendryth? Bath time for the two of you?"

Wendryth doesn't sound convinced that this is a good quality of mud, but hey, he's not the mud expert here. His brother is the one who seems to like getting covered in mud and soil and all sorts of things. Wendryth prefers keeping clean! « I see! Ah, but is not water pleasant? Buoyant and cool and good for exercise? » He'll illustrate his point by beating his wings at such an angle that they fight the water's push - look, muscle-building! H'rik nods at the enthusiastic weyrling out in the lake. "More…exercise time for Wendryth. Helps tire him out a bit, and it's good for his strength, too. And people take mud baths right? Maybe it's good for hide as much as skin?" He grins, joking (a bit). But he has a question for Doji, too: "Are you looking forward to flying together? I can't wait, honestly. I might be a bit impatient about it." He looks slightly guilty as he watches his dragon splashing about.

So, the weyrlings might be cursing Wendryth very shortly, because he's going to take the bronze's wing waving and words as a challenge! The brown stands up in his puddle, gives a little test of his wings and then FLAPS! A good amount of mud goes flinging and he flaps again, more mud! Doji gets a face full of the stuff. It's in her hair and most of the rest of her as well. She splutters and tries to wipe her eyes free of mud before turning to H'rik. "I think that was what they were going with, mud bath goods for skin. And water exercise is good. I am looking forward to it. It'll be good to be in the air with him. Different from riding someone else's dragon."

Wendryth gets a good splashing with mud, but he has the advantage of being able to sink into the water and wriggle around, letting it wash off. « VERY GOOD! » He bellows in his typical Wendy-way to congratulate Raktraeth, and when his head re-emerges from below water, he'll bugle, too, loud and brassy. H'rik, unfortunately, can only scrape the mud off his face and neck the best he can. There's a sigh, but, they're still kind of babies, so it's also a bit funny? "Yeah, so I hear. Riding during that mock Threadfall was one thing, but actually getting up on Wendryth was…amazing." He grins, even as some mud drips down from his hair onto his nose.

Now that Raktraeth has demonstrated the superiority of mud, he is going to trundle his way into the water. At least the first layer of mud is starting to wash off. Who knows how many more he's got caked on underneath. Doji nods towards H'rik even as she's heads to the water to start washing off the mud from herself while Raktraeth is soaking himself. "Yeah… and before long, betweening and senior weyrlinghood and graduation…" And all those serious things that she should be excited for but doesn't sound it at all.

Wendryth lowers his head again so only the top half is above the water's surface, headknobs and watchful blue eyes. « Raktraeth, does the mud make you stronger? » He seems genuinely curious about it, in his forthright way. H'rik is a step behind Doji in heading down to wade into the water, cupping a few handfuls of water to wash mud from his head. "It's all…exciting. Being grown up riders." Even he has a flicker of anxiety in his expression, though. "Then we can be independent, too. You got anywhere you want to go visit?"

« Yes. » There's absolutely no hesitation from the brown in his response, although there is the hint of forest creatures chittering again. « How do you think I got so big? » He's nearly as large as the bronze. "Exciting is one word for it. Or terrifying." Doji shudders a little as she starts scrubbing the mud out of her hair. "I'll have to go visit my parents." And should probably send that letter first beforehand.

Wendryth's eyes watch Raktraeth, unblinking, as the loud bronze is silent for an unusually long time. When he does speak, it's actually relatively quiet. « Oh. Maybe I should start rolling in mud- » "NO, no," H'rik says almost at the same time as his dragon voices that thought, and Wendryth looks at him like a chastised puppy. « But Raktraeth tells me- » "I know! But, please don't." Pushing his hair back to try and squeeze some of the water out of it, H;rik's hand comes back to his face to massage the bridge of his nose. "Terrifying," he agrees with Doji, pulling his hand away from his face now there's no imminent danger of Wendryth rolling in the mud puddle Raktraeth's vacated. Heh. Parents. H'rik studiously watches what he can see of his dragon. "I might go visit the North. Never been there before." NOPE NOT MENTIONING PARENTS.

Raktraeth feels no shame in Wendryth actually believing him. There's a rumbling from the brown slightly under the water, causing bubbles to stream up to the surface as he laughs. « Next time, just trip again before you get in the lake. » This is said just to the bronze, the wind whispering through the trees. Doji dunks her head under and comes up giving a suspicious glance towards her lifemate. "Is he trying to encourage him" In whatever Trae might be trying to encourage, it probably isn't good. Laziness and gluttony are his two favorite pasttimes after all. "Yeah, we're going to have to go North. We have to learn between points for all the Weyrs. and all the major holds…" And probably some more.

Wendryth is oblivious to Raktraeth's quiet joke. « I WILL! » That's loud enough for all nearby to hear, even if whatever prompted the response wasn't audible. The bronze lifts himself up out of the water now, swimming towards the shore - and nearer that muddy patch. "Wendy," H'rik warns, and though the bronze glances back at his brother, he does shift his path and leaves the water onto sand, not mud. He look sover at H'rik as if to say, 'better?' H'rik blows out a breath. "I just fancy seeing some proper snow, truth be told. Sounds kinda dumb, huh?" He smiles at Doji, well awate his aspirations are pretty childish compared to most.

There will be a little bit of wing flapping underwater before Raktraeth reemerges with a bugle. At least some of his true reddish hide is visible now, although still plenty of mud on him. Doji smiles as she watches Wendryth leave and actually avoid the mud puddle. "It probably actually makes things easier for you, with him being so loud." Does Wendy even know what a secret is? "Snow will be nice. I haven't really seen much snow since coming to Igen." Her home is high enough up to at least get some snow in the winter.

"Sometimes," H'rik admits, but Doji has a point - better that than a dragon who schemes behind his back, right? He couldn't imagine NOT being able to hear everything Wendryth is thinking about. "Look forward to that, if you feel worried about going between? That's what I'm doing," he admits, expression rather more somber. Until Wendy declares. « I BELIEVE IT IS TIME FOR FOOD! TO THE BANQUET! » By which, of course, he means the meat that H'rik will need to chop up for him. But not for much longer! With an apologetic look, the human half of the pair starts backing away from Doji. "Sorry! See you back at the barracks!" He gives Raktraeth one last look (yikes, poor Doji!) and then turns to hasten after the retreating Wendryth. When that guy's hungry, he's HUNGRY!

"I'll try to remember that," Doji waves to the departing bronzeling and then rolls her eyes at Raktraeth who is now eyeing the feeding grounds after his brother's pronouncement. "No, you JUST ate! I'm scrubbing you and then we have more drills later." And so, off she swims to try and unmuddy her dragon.

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