Th'res N'yulo Vani P'quil (NPC'd by Th'res)


N'yulo and Th'res go on a real estate tour, searching for their new homes. Jaigairanth is unimpressed with most, Jedamaeth likes everything. Except that first one.



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Southern Weyr, various empty weyrs

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Various Weyrs

The "Mummy" Weyr

**For untold turns this weyr has been left abandoned, and it shows. Upon every surface is settled layer upon layer of windblown grit and skeletal leaves. The bones are good however, beneath the accumulated detritus of time and neglect. A large entry promises an abundance of natural light, a rare thing in most weyrs. And while the main portions are spacious and airy, there are niches that promise more intimate living spaces for someone with the imagination and creativity to realise their potential. Perhaps once there was even furniture, but now there is nothing but the solid stone of the dragon couch, well encrusted with the same forsaken layers as the rest of the weyr. Unlike the rest of the weyr, the dragon couch also boasts the desiccated remains of an impressive tunnelsnake matriarch, immortalised through the very air and light that have wrought such destruction upon all but the stone of this spacious weyr. **

Weyrs, such a big step in the young Weyrlings life, and today they are having a look around at empty ones. P'quil the man himself is taking pairs of his charges around to view some of the empty weyrs. Being part of one of the last to go this evening as it is late and the rain is heavy, Th'res and his blue Jedameth are one of the lucky ones to go with the Weyrlingmaster, and the first one they are starting off with is a weyr that seems to have been left for ages passed. Sand and dirt cover everywhere, through the young miner is taking a look around the Blue is more interested in drawing marks in the dirt that is on the floor.

N'yulo is also among the lucky: a fact he might bemoan later on when he's had a chance to wrap his head around the events. Jiagairanth slinks along, nosing this thing and that; her bejeweled hide glints with a fresh oiling, her eyes whirling with idle curiosity. N'yulo spares a glance for the dusty, age-old horror show that this weyr is, and raises his eyebrows at some comment from the green. "Child, you would like the skeleton." This commentary is meant for his lady, for his sideways glance is tilted in her direction.

Th'res looks to the taller Weyrling before saying "She trying to decorate the room for you already?" There is a hint of mirth in his eyes as he glances to his blue who is currently nosing under some things himself now watching his clutch sisters antics. "There are more to see and I would rather not be stuck out in the rain all evening you two" Comes from the Weylringmaster P'quil who is out on the ledge.

N'yulo rolls his eyes skyward, hoping to find patience in the cobwebbed ceiling. "Yes," he sighs, cocking one hip and crossing his arms over his chest as he stares at his green. "She would like this creepy — " He's interrupted by the impatient weyrlingmaster, and shoots Th'res a look. "Well. Guess we betta go see what else, huh." Even if he has to drag Jai by the tail — no mean feat, all things considered. She's definitely reluctant to leave.

Jedameth is eager to move on as he just doesn't like the feel to this weyr, muted colors of greens and blues dance across the room to his clutch-sister « I am sure you can have this one, but we could use your expertise on finding one ourselves » Did he just lie? probably not as Jedameth doesn't know how to lie but he does know how to make people feel part of a team. Th'res nods to N'yulo "Come on man, maybe we can find you a nicer one she will like." He moves over and mounts his blue waiting for take off.

N'yulo gets himself mounted with a grunt, urging Jaigairanth on with a mental nudge or two. «Pff.» She reproves the world at large, but is mollified by Jedameth's flattery. "Ha, good luck with that, man." The green noses the skeleton briefly, as though saying goodbye to a dear, dear friend.

The next Weyr P'quil will take them too is one filled with pots. Both Th'res and Jedameth have a hard time navigating through the room because of all the obsticals. "Four marks says this one used to belong to a healer of some sort" he says over his shoulder. Jedameth is busy nosing the desert plants as he has never seen anything like them before.

Former Jungle Weyr

**The ledge of this weyr is nondescript - big enough for a bronze to comfortably lounge on it, and with numerous claw marks on the edge speaking of Turns of takeoffs and landings. The only sign that something may be…different about this weyr are the two large plant pots that stand, empty, on either side of the entrance to the inner weyr. Passing on through and down the short, right-curved corridor, the inner weyr can be seen in its full glory. Whoever lived here before apparently LOVED plants, and there are pots of all sorts of sizes just about everywhere they can fit in the weyr. Whoever cleaned this one out for the next occupant has removed the dead plants, but a few desert-type plants are still alive in some of the smaller pots. The bigger pots are extremely heavy, so its no surprise that nobody's taken the time to remove them. There's a nice table here, beneath numerous containers; a basic but sturdy chair. The bed, too, is decent enough, though one has to pick a careful route to it through all the pots. **

"No bet." N'yulo nudges a pot, tilting it to inspect one of the smaller, empty pots more closely. "These things are well made." He smirks wryly, looking around at Jiagairanth, who simply refused to enter the place and waits on the ledge, sulking like some oversized child. "She ain't even slightly interested in this one."

"Nah some crazy-ass former wildling with an interest in hallucingenics." Don't mind Vani, she's finished with her bunch of weyrlings, and is just taking the opportunity to see exactly what she missed out on by not choosing a proper weyr at all. "Doesn't matter now. Not like they're coming back for it." Bless Vani and her gentle loving ways.

Th'res chuckles and nods "I bet that was a very enlightening time ma'am", He looks around as Jedameth is as always looking through everything he can before he gets a little bored too. He will move back out to sit and watch the rain while his redheaded lifemate says "I don't Think Jed likes it either" He will salute Vani as he sees her before he moves to wait with P'quil who is sitting on his dragon waiting to move on.

"I do booze, not mushrooms." Presumably one of those large pots grew mushrooms one time. "I don't think I could handle being in all this stone." Has Vani told the weyrlings where she lives? In a ship that sails a meadow of wildflowers when they are in season? Probably not, but she does have something to tell them. "As delightful as poking through other peoples stuff is…" There is a smirk and a wink to her superior, who is well used to Vani (It wasn't that long ago she was a weyrling herself). "Apparently you've both been selected to lead some ground formations. I was sent to fetch you." Aren't they lucky? And with another wink and salute to P'quil she'll shepard the weyrlings to that very very important duty they've been called to.

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