Beris, evka, Xanthee


When Xanthee's working the Tea Room, Beris comes in for some refreshment and fond memories, then Reveka joins them later for Zingari tea blends and some good old fashioned gossip.


It is noon of the twenty-fifth day of the ninth month of the eleventh turn of the 12th pass.


The Tea Room

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The Tea Room

This shop is easy to miss from the street. It bears the same striped awning that most shops have, this one in shades of lilac and sand, but it has no sign save for a plaque of sandstone hung beside the door, on which a teacup has been carved. When open, the heavy curtain that covers the doorway is pulled aside to allow entry. After stepping through, one will find themselves in a tiny space decorated with classic desert touches. |

The walls are whitewashed to increase the sense of light within but the floor is tiled in hues of blue and green, with each tile bearing in its center a brilliant red lotus. There are only five small tables, all of them of dark, heavily carved wood set low to the ground. To sit at one requires reclining on the plethora of pillows and cushions and layered rugs provided for that purpose; each seat is provided with a carved wooden back-prop to rest the pillows against, for those who want spinal support. Tea is served from the service at the rear of the room, where a tiny smokeless hearth keeps water heated, and a row of trays are kept loaded with teapots, tiny cups, and containers for sweetener. There is a small selection of fruits, breads and cheeses also available for those looking for a snack but this is not a place for heavy meals.

Noon is lunchtime for Beris today; she's not working until later today, and she's keen to eat before the day is at its hottest. As it is, the day is already damn hot (not that this is unusual for Igen), and people are starting to seek shade before it gets worse. It's still an odd feeling for Beris to be pushing aside the heavy curtain of the shop as a customer rather than staff, and she pauses there in the entrance for a moment, her eyes adjusting to the change in brightness, before she heads for the nearest table. She unwinds the light scarf that's covering her head and face, putting it over the back of the chair that she now settles herself in, moving the pillows about to her liking.

Bustling around the tea service, Xanthee is busy in her duties as server. Her hair is pulled up in a messy bun, held together by what looks like a couple of slender sticks. Alert to sounds of new customers, Xan looks up as Beris enters and she smile broadly as she finishes with the tea pot she was washing, rinses it out in clean water and puts it next to the others to dry. She wipes her hands on her apron as she comes over to Beris' table. With a personable smile on her face she greets the other teen, "Hi Beris. Another hot one isn't it? What can I get for you?" she asks.

"Xanthee," Beris is clearly glad to see the younger girl, dour face lightening as she smiles up at her. "Same as always, huh?" Igen weather: isn't it just the best! "Hm - I think the Zingari blue has been missing from my life for too long." She still remembers the names of the tea! In particular, this particularly sweet-tasting, floral-scented tea. "Oh - and a pastry, if you have any," she says, though she's giving Xanthee an appraising sort of look. "How are you doing here?"

Xanthee takes in Beris' order and gives her a little nod as she heads back to the service. "Did you want that Iced?" she asks, as she grabs the right canister of tea off the shelf and begins to measure some out into the tea pot. Then she places the kettle onto the hotter part of the hearth to bering the warm water up to a boil. Going over to the tray holding nibbles, she uncovers a plate with some fruit pastries on it and takes the tongs to dish it out onto a waiting plate. "I am doing very well if I do say so myself. Lots of interesting people comes through here." she says with a mischievous giggle. "How about you? I actually went into the Pit by accident during that sandstorm a couple days ago. Interesting place."

Beris watches Xanthee as she works; catches herself watching her; tries not to watch her. But what else is there to do?! Other than fiddle with the table, rubbing at a knot in the dark wood and looking at it like it's interesting. Yes, that will do as a focus so she doesn't stare at the waitress for too long. "Iced would be amazing, actually." What's better on a hot Igen day than a cold drink? She has to smile when Xanthee talks about the Tea Room's customer, eyes bright at the girl's giggle. "Don't they? I remember a few who stood out…." Can you be nostalgic after only a few months? Apparently so! "The Pit is…interesting is the word I'd use to describe it," she won't giggle like Xanthee, but Beris has a devilish flash in her eyes as she looks over at the girl. "Drunk men can be hard to deal with…but they can also be rather free with the amrks." Bonus!

"No problem, I thought that might hit the spot." Xanthee says as she fills a glass with some ice from the bowl she has filled with chunks taken off the large block in the corner. Taking the hot tea which had now steeped enough, she pours it through a small metal sieve to make sure a leafless drink. "It's not just the customers either, this actual tea was delivered by this Zingari boy, Bonifas." Xan turns to look at Beris as she gathers up the drink and pastry on the tray with a small bowl of sweetener and some napkins on the side. "Now I would happily melt in his hands." she says with a sigh, "Unfortunately, he's seeing someone." regret enters her voice but she turns the smile back on, "A girl can still dream though." she shrugs as she lays the tray in front of Beris and clasps her hands behind her back, "I haven't been around a lot of drunk men, so I will take your word on that. More marks is always good! Did you need anything else?"

"Oh?" A Zingari boy? A boy? Beris is all ears - and eyes too, her gaze flicking over Xanthee's face for any hint of a blush at the mention of this Bonifas. As it is, Xanthee isn't reserved at all in talking about her feelings towards this particular boy, and there's a soft, empathetic smile from the former waitress. "The caravan folk like to keep to themselves, far as I can tell." She's trying to be sympathetic and reassuring, but it's a rather foreign concept to Beris. "You never know though." She'll latch onto Xanthee's hopefulness. She neatly pops a spoonful of sweetner into her tea, stirring it slowly as she looks up at Xanthee. "They're…well, men. You'll probably find that out when you're older." NO OFFENCE! "Oh - um, no." She glances around at the place. "It's so weird being a customer here."

Xanthee smiles and takes the tray back to the tea service, wipes it down with a damp cloth and then stacks it with the others. "Yeah, but I've seen some of the things those Zingari girls can do, so unless I learn how to put my foot behind my head, I am at a bit of a disadvantage." she says with a laugh to show that she's, probably, joking. At the older comment Xan scrunches her nose up briefly but shrugs it off. As she cleans out the dregs from the pot she used to steep the tea, she will keep the conversation going, "I bet it is. How long did you work here? *pause* You're weyrbred aren't you?" she asks quizzically, not remembering if that had been brought up before or not.

Beris, very fortunately, doesn't have a mouthful of tea when Xanthee mentions that particular skill, else it'd be all over the table. As it is, her eyes bug a bit and she sets down the cup before it gets to her lips. "Now that…that would be a skill." That's all she'll say on THAT matter. She'll take a sip of the tea, and then shoot Xanthee an appreciative look. "Very good. Uh-" The question of how long she worked at the Tea Room requires some thought, Beris's brow crinkling as she focuses. "Nearly - wow, nearly two Turns, actually." She seems surprised by that realisation! As to being Weyrbred - that gets a headshake. "No. I've lived in the - in Kurkar Hold all my life."

Xanthee giggles a little bit, "Sorry, but really, you should see some of the things they can do. I was at this party a couple sevendays ago that they threw." she moves closer to the table, damp rag in her hand with the pretense of wiping down nearby tables, she lowers her voice, "I tried whisky. I like it!" she says with a little giggle before moving onto the next table, straightening pillows, picking up a napkin that had been dropped under the table, just the general upkeep any waitress worth her salt does when it's quiet. "Kurkar, You are are second person from there I've met in the last couple days. I couldn't even imagine growing up there." she says wistfully.

"A lot of my customers like whiskey," Beris has to grin, amused by Xanthee's giggliness about the whole Zingari party situation. "You should try some of the whiskeys at the Pit. Not that I'm here advertising for there! But we have some interesting ones." So only slightly advertising, then. Her expression does become more sober as Kurkar is the focus of the conversation. "It's home," she says, with the hesitance of someone caught between loyalties. "It…has its problems. But it'll always be my home." She fiddles with her cup, then takes another drink from it.

Reveka is enjoying the pleasant fall weather of Igen today, she's spent a great deal of her time in the bazaar haggling with merchants and buying things she needs. However, even on a day as pleasant as this, one must keep hydrated! And so, to the Tea Room Reveka absconds, in search of something of flavor to drink. As usual, the audacious Zingari girl is dressed brightly in burnt orange. Wide, loose desert pants hold tightly at her hips and flow loosely at her ankles. She wears a jingling belt around her waist. The top she wears shows more than it covers, holding tightly to her breasts while leaving her torso bare, even the sleeves are off the shoulder and made of a fabric so sheer they may as well not be there at all. Her hair hangs loose, her face covered with a sheer veil of orange, one that still allows the features of her face to be seen. Mischievous brown eyes scan the Tea room when she enters, looking for a proprioter or waiting staff. They are met with two figures, one that looks slightly familiar…"Good afternoon Ladies."

Xanthee nods with empathy at Beris' words, "Of course it will always be home." As her ears pick up the jingling entrance of another customer, Xanthee turns her emerald gaze in the direction of the doorway and freezes for a moment, staring, quite rudely, eyes unblinking for a breath too long than is comfortable. But Xan soon recovers with a little shake of her head, "Good afternoon!" Xan says with a smidge too much energy, which she tones back quickly, "Please have a seat where ever you would like." she says as she heads back to the tea service and puts away the rag she was using for cleaning. She fusses around with various things at the service, maybe composing herself somewhat from whatever it is that seems to have shocked her, allowing Reveka the time to find herself a seat and get settled.

Beris glances at the entrance to see who's entering, and her eyebrows lift at the sight of the interestingly-clad teenager. By the time she's turned back to Xanthee to think up some reply to the Kurkar thing, she notices the girl's behaving oddly, and then retreats to the tea service. Well then - Beris will look back at Reveka, seeing as the newcomer is greeting them both. "Afternoon," she'll offer back, before sipping her tea and watching the girl with interest over the rim of the cup.
Reveka will settle herself near Beris, as she's a social creature in habit and well, come company is better than none. "Lovely day isn't it?" And she hadn't missed Beris' lift of her eyebrow either. Reveka is acutely aware of how provocatively she dresses. "If you have something floral that would be wonderful dear." Despite the fact that the Zingari sometimes deliver spices to the Tea House, Reveka hasn't ever really been a customer here and she's curious. "Lovely Tea House you have here."

Xanthee has managed to compose herself apparently, as she listens to the order and nods in understanding as she begins preparations around the tea service. "I think the Zingari blue is probably what you want, very naturally sweet with a floral aroma that is lovely." she says, her shoulders held back as she easily offers her recommendation. "Or we have our House green which is definitely floral but without the overt sweetness. And will this be hot or iced?" she asks as she assembles a tray with all the fixings while the water boils. "It's not mine, owned by the Steen family. I just work here." she remarks.

Beris lowers her cup back to the table as Reveka joins her, but the older teen at least has a polite face on, regardless of whatever she may be thinking of the Zingari girl's fashion. "This is the Zingari blue," she'll back up Xanthee's recommendations by gesturing to the cup, its floral scent perhaps obvious even at the slight distance. Hers is definitely cold, with no steam rising to give any evidence to the contrary. Beris starts to nibble her fruit pastry as she watches
Xanthee dealing with the ordering side of things, having to hold herself back. You can take the girl out of the Tea Room, but you can't take the TEa Room out of the girl, so it seems.

Reveka bows her head with a wry grin. "That should be perfect, thank you." Reveka takes a moment to look around, nodding at Beris' approval of the Zingari blue. "And I'll take it cold please. It may be nice out there, but it's still too hot for hot tea." Reveka would simply melt! Reveka gives an odd, wary look when the Steens are brought up. She knows that the Zingari sometimes deal with the Steens, but most Zingari steered clear of the bazaar based family. Reveka has no resons to steer clear, but the Steens are a mystery to her.

Xanthee bobs her head in aquiescense at Reveka's order. Her easy movements speak to a lot of practice, and in less than 5 minutes, she has a tall glass of the iced tea on a tray and then served to Reveka, "Enjoy!" she says with a smile before heading back with the tray to the tea service. "It's a great job though. they are fair employers." she says in the direction of her two customers, "Beris here was server before me, so she knows. My name's Xanthee by the way." she says for the benefit of Reveka.

"The cold tea's the best thing on a day like this." Yep, Beris definitely has a bit of waitress attitude still in her. Her lips thin as she tries to shake herself out of any further attempts to be the Tea Room's unwarranted salesperson. "They are," she agrees with Xanthee, but she's not going to linger on that point for too long. "D'you work in the bazaar as well?" She at least resists asking if Reveka works in Rosie's, sipping her tea and trying to force her expression to stay politely neutral.

Reveka smiles brilliantly at Xanthee when she receives her tea. "Thank you!" She slides a mark over to the girl and takes a sip of the cold, refreshing tea. "Just what I needed." And then introductions are being made and Reveka smiles. "I'm Reveka, of the Zingari. Well met, and no," she laughs, "I don't work in the bazaar. I'm a performer for my caravan." Another sip and it clicks on Reveka where she's seen Xanthee before. "You were at my stage at the party weren't you?" Because she can swear she saw the girl's look of abject horror at the positions she was bending herself into.

Xanthee takes the mark offered and blushes visibly at being remembered, "Well, it was quite astonishing really. You are extremely talented." she says. "I was just telling Bonifas the other day that I should ask for some tips from some of you Zingari girls, I wondered if increased flexibility might help me with the boys. I'm sure it's helped you." she says, but was that just a teeny tiny smidge of cattiness there. No, must have imagined it. She pockets the mark with a smile as she heads back to the service to continue with her duties.

"Well met," Beris offers back, and then Xanthee is talking about increasing flexibility and the conversation is going somewhere she's not made to deal with! Her pastry is finished, tea too, and appropriate payment (and a tip!) is gathered from a pocket to pop on the table with the empty plate and glass. She's not about to get caught in the crossfire between the two other girls, should things go that way. "Nearly time for work, speaking of. Take care," she'll offer that mostly to Xanthee,
Beris's gaze lingering on the waitress, before she makes her way to the door, re-wrapping her scarf in preparation for the weather outside.

Reveka shrugs. "It might." She'll answer that vague cattiness with a small smirk of her own. So that's who Bon had taken interest in for awhile. Reveka can't blame him. She's cute. But, she won't prod, promise. She gives a nod to Beris as the girl leaves and then turns her gaze back to Xanthee. "Why worry about what will help with boys? There's more to life than aspiring to be a wife, or dogging along at some man's heels." Reveka raises her brows, perhaps it's just the opinion that she herself thinks settling down can wait.

Xanthee waves her hand, rag flopping about, dismissively as she snorts, "Who said I wanted to be a wife?" she scoffs at that idea. "No, I have bigger plans than that, I know that now. But boys are just… yum!" she exclaims in all her teenage, hormone-fueled glory. "And I'm getting tired of waiting for them to realize I'm not a little kid anymore. Heck, a girl I grew up with at the Weyr, who is only a few months older than me is out to here with her first, " she says holding out her arms in front of her to indicate advanced pregnancy, "And I haven't even gotten kissed yet." She looks inwardly reflective for a moment, "I think I just want to get it over with and see what the fuss is all about really." she says bluntly and because this can't get any more awkward, she finishes with, "So you and Bon are…together right?"

Reveka rolls her eyes. "Babies having babies…." She remarks of Xanthee's friend being pregnant. "We're too young to be worrying about that" Though if the Elders had won the war with Willimina, she might have been eating her words just now. But thankfully, the mother clan had won that battle. "Oh, the fuss is worth having from what I hear, but I wouldn't try to force it any." Reveka winks and takes a drink of her tea. As for Xanthee's question about Bon, Reveka shrugs. "I don't know what is between Bon and I, just that it is fun, and we seem to like eachother." Correction, Reveka likes Bon, a lot, and is sure he likes her back, just not in what capacity. Neither of them have time for anything serious right now, particularly Bon, with his other training and so that's the answer she gives, having a feeling she's being phished for information.

Xanthee considers the answer for a moment, letting it roll around in her head a for a moment, "Well he seems to think you two are. That's what he told me anyway." she says, which is technically true, even if that many words weren't used. Her deamenor seems to relax a little bit, "He's really dreamy. You are a lucky girl." she says wistfully, blunt to a fault is Xan. As for the other topic, she shrugs, "Weyrfolk are like that though. You may not think it, but we can be very passionate folk." she says somewhat defensively.

Reveka is surprised a little at what Xanthee reveals, if not for the rose-orange coloring of her veil, Xanthee might have seen the coloring of Reveka's cheeks. She didn't know Bonifas thought of her that way. as to Reveka being a lucky girl, well, "I suppose I am." is her reply, followed by a sweet smile. "I don't deny that Weyrfolk are passionate, I see plenty of them frequenting Rosie's and the ladies of the night in our caravan. There's nothing wrong with passion, but it's not the only thrilling thing in life either." Reveka should know, she's an adventure junkie.

Xanthee raises a brow as she gives up the semblance of work, every table has been wiped down and all the dishes done, so she pulls a stool over to where Reveka is sitting. "Really? What other things are thrilling?" She seems genuinely interested in hearing the Zingari girl's views on the matter. "Because I'm trying to branch out and experience new things believe it or not. Trying to figure out where I fit you know. As fun as it is, I don't think I want to be a waitress for the rest of my life." she snorts sardonically.

Reveka smiles and laughs. "There is plenty in this world that is thrilling m'dear, you ust have to go out and find it. Cross the desert, climb a mountain, dance when you want, ride a runner like a hellion and don't look back, kiss a boy if you want too, if he's unatatched that is, and taste food, drink wine and whiskey, see the world and what it has to offer. It's a whole lot bigger than this lovely little tea room here."

Xanthee shakes her head at the Zingari girls exuberance and is about to reply to her when a group of five comes into the tea room and she smiles as she hops off her stool and head over to greet them, excusing herself with a brief, "It was nice to meet you." aimed at Reveka before she gets busy doing her actual job again.

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