Javid, Ryott, Neisa (NPC, played by Ryott)


Javid takes on a new spyling, though he learns more of her from her minder than from the girl herself. For now.


It is midmorning of the fourth day of the third month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Caravan Grounds, Igen Weyr

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Caravan Grounds

Deep grooves in the hard packed earth criss-cross a large patch of denuded ground, bearing mute testament to the caravans that frequent this area. Despite the midden holes set back a ways from the main center of traffic, the air is sweet, redolent with the sagebrush that forms a loose perimeter around the flattened expanse. In what is as close to its center as the vague boundaries suggest, a stone ringed fire pit has been dug and surrounded with the odd log or two, ash overflowing from its darkly blackened core.

There's a newly arrived wagon on the outskirts of the Zingari camp, small, barely comfortable enough for two people on the road. Runners have already been unhitched, brushed down and watered. There are two people milling around the wagon as well. One an older woman, Tsigano Spy Adept Neisa, early to mid thirties, with super fine dark brown hair that is pulled back in a very high runner tail and piercing grey eyes, she is busying herself with wiping down the runners' tack with a damp cloth, sitting on a squat stool. The other new arrival, Ryott, is a rather compact youth, short at 5'2", with brown hair shorn almost to her scalp, sitting on the roof of the wagon, legs dangling, leaning back casually on her hands. But her near-black eyes are travelling slowly over this new camp, face a mask of typical teenage disinterest.

Javid has been on the lookout for this new arrival, though isn't such a taskmaster that he's in the habit of springing upon each of his potential trainees the moment they appear at camp. Clad fully in black as is his habit, boots, loose trousers, a fitted tunic with a lace-closure collar and rolled sleeves and a long silk sash rounding off his outfit, the amber-eyed spymaster makes his way to the new wagon now. A keen gaze takes in the girl sitting atop it before dropping to the adept tending tack. "Neisa," he greets with an amiable smile, holding a hand out to clasp the woman's arm once he's close enough to do so. "I trust the journey here wasn't too eventful?"

Neisa stands to greet Javid with an easy smile, "Spymaster Javid." She says, with a faint trace of a Bitra accent, as they clasp arms. "Not at all actually. Boring almost." She says with an easy chuckle. While the two adults cover the pleasantries, Ryott turns her head the barest amount to watch the new arrival, her dark brow hiking up a little bit as Neisa names him, but the rest of her face maintains a dispassionate detachment, lips pulled in a straight line. Neisa looks up at her charge with a sigh before she calls. "Come down now Ryott." The girl gives her a look that clearly says she is considering whether or not to do as asked. But then with a final swing of her legs, she slips down from the roof, landing neatly, knees bending to absorb the impact before she straightens with the same neutral expression on her face, "Hey." is all she offers by way of greeting to Javid, her voice a flat deadpan.

"Even crossing the mountains? That's fortunate, at least. Though it seems you may only have outpaced the excitement," Javid notes, jerking his head toward the building storm clouds on the horizon. Then his attention turns to the girl, his tacit evaluation of her continuing as he observes her mask of disinterest, the ease with which she comes to ground, the way in which she holds herself and regards him. The way she greets him, however, earns a lift of a brow, and he glances over his shoulder as though he might spot someone else before looking back to her. "Trying to get someone's attention? Surely that wasn't directed at me," he quips with a hike of his brows, though he deadpans it effortlessly. The glint in his eyes could be either amusement or warning…or both. "I've not hidden who I am, and I do presume you want to be here, Ryott. Would you care to try again?"

Looking back to the coming storm clouds, Neisa nods her head, "Yeah, seems we got here just in time." Then she sighs a little bit at Ryott's disrespectful greeting, but says nothing since the Spymaster seems to have it well in hand. Ryott seems unmoved, her eyebrow hiking only minutely up her forehead as she lets out the faintest huff of a sigh "Hey…Sir." she says in her same even tone, but her sharp, dark eyes don't leave his face, unblinking and a little eerie.

Javid isn't unsettled by much, and Ryott's unblinking stare isn't about to come close. Inwardly, however, the spymaster groans. So far this one is proving a bit too much like a spyling or two he's recently had to dismiss, and he can't help but flick a quick, dubious glance at Neisa for her choice. He'll have to have a chat with the adept before she leaves. "It will suffice for the moment," he tells the girl, raptor-keen gaze now unflinchingly meeting her own. "Rest from your travels, a good meal, and sleep will hopefully straighten 'hey' out into 'good morning, afternoon, evening' and 'hello,' which is expected when addressing your instructors and superiors from this point forward. If becoming an adept is truly what you want, Ryott, I expect you will adjust accordingly. This road will either turn you into someone formidable…or chew you up and spit you clear back to Bitra, wagon and all. It is your choice." He gives her a little half-bow, unlocking, as he sweeps his arm to the camp. "Welcome to the mother clan. Find food and rest at the fire." Looking to the Tsigano adept with a small smile, he adds, "You are invited to remain overnight, of course, Neisa."

Neisa sighs heavily again, wincing at the dubious glance from Javid and she knows the girl seems difficult, but she would not have made the trip if she didn't see the potential in Ryott so she says nothing for the moment. Ryott listens intently at the Spymaster's words, or at least she seems to be processing them. The barest nod of her head, frozen expression taking on a faintly thoughtful quality. "Understood. Thank you Sir." she deadpans, but with no hint of defiance or sarcasm, just neutral acceptance. That at his invitation, Neisa pipes up with, "Thank you Sir, with the way those storm clouds are looking, I think I will definitely do that." She then shoots a glance at Ryott, a sharp one that clearly states the kid better not let her down.

Ryott's reply this time is completely acceptable and garners a dip of Javid's head, rugged features relaxing in the process. He waits for glances to pass between girl and adept before turning and gesturing for them to follow. "Lunch has only just begun. And I still firmly believe we out-cook the Weyr," he notes with a smirk. Indeed, there is quite the delicious aroma of roasting meat wafting over from the fire alongside that of freshly baked bread and hot klah. "Save the tack for a bit and come eat. The storm is still a long way off."

Neisa dips her head at the offer, "That sounds great Sir, it does smell really good." She says with an easy smile now that it looks like Ryott can at least answer respectfully, although with as few words as possible is seems. When Javid turns in the direction of the fire, Neisa follows, gesturing at Ryott to do the same. The adept walks closer to the Spymaster, while Ryott hangs back a couple of paces, her sharp eyes subtly taking in things the whole way to the fire. Neisa turns her head to see that the girl is following and then says in lowered tones to Javid. "She is very sharp, if not very talkative. But she does take instruction really well." The Adept seems a little nervous now, since she's the one recommending the girl for Spyling training.

"Her sharpness is evident," Javid says after a quick backward glance to be certain Ryott is following as well. It's all he needs to gauge how she deals with her new surroundings, and the fact that she is taking in as much as possible is clear. "If she does not talk much, it means she listens, though she must be able to answer well when necessary." He's quiet for a few beats, noting Neisa's hinted nervousness with a faint smirk. "I know you would not have brought her had you not thought her worth my time," he assures the adept as they wend their way through to the main fire. Tables have been set out there, laden with roast wherry and herdbeast all thinly sliced for easy management with still-warm bread, also sliced beneath the towels that retain the temperature. Also sliced are cheese and vegetables alongside a few creamy dressings - all the makings for some rather epic sandwiches, if someone is so inclined. Water, whiskey, klah, and tea are available at the same table as fruit and pastries. Javid snags up a few plates, handing one to Neisa and the other to Ryott before gesturing them ahead. "Help yourselves to as much as you like," he says, "and sit wherever there's space. Just not on anyone's roof," he directs toward Ryott with a deeper smirk.

Neisa seems to relax a little bit at Javid's words as they come up to the food, her eyes widening with surprise as she takes in the spread of food. "Wow! This is great! Wish we ate like this back with the Tsigano, I mean it's hearty, but this is a feast." Taking the plate gratefully, she begins building a simple sandwhich. As Ryott joins them at the table, she sweeps the fixings with a hint of interest, and maybe just a small hint of a smile at the corners of her lips. "Right on." she says with the barest hint of enthusiasm, although once she is given the plate, she addresses the food in a calculating manner, until she has a neat but delicious looking two-tiered sandwhich, a third slice of bread separating the meat from the veggies. She pours herself a glass of water and since she was told to sit anywhere she heads over to an empty table on the perimeter of the dining area, seating herself so she can look over the other diners. Neisa notices her charge head that way, but she takes her time pouring herself a glass of whiskey.

Food is usually enough to get at least a little rise out of even the most stoic, so Javid will take Ryott's reception of it as encouraging. Javid's sandwich is decidedly protein-heavy, though he does top it off with some cheese and leafy greens before completing it and snagging some fruit and a pastry. Having acquired some whiskey of his own, he joins Neisa, letting Ryott have her space for now. She'll be contained in routine with the others soon enough. "Is the wagon hers or yours?" he asks - another way of asking whether she's traveling in come comfort or camping out on the way back.

Ryott takes her time with her food. Each bite is chewed slowly and thoughtfully, eyes continuing their inventory of this new place, a faint interest in her dark eyes as she sips her water in between bites. Neisa can't help keeping an eye on the girl, but then turns to Javid when he asks his question. "That's mine. She has a couple packs with mostly clothes it looks like, she packed light." She takes a long sip of the whiskey and savours it.

"There's space for her in the resident wagon, then," Javid notes, though he immediately thinks it may not suit Ryott in fairly short order. "I'm thinking of getting a yurt or two set up for the spylings, however. So that may not be true by this evening." Provided something can get set up before the storms. "There's a spare bench there, if you'd care to join me." And once they're seated, he'll let Neisa get some actual food into her stomach before asking, "What skills does she have?" He's noted a few already, and he fully intends to ask Ryott herself…but the adept will likely have a different angle on things compared to the girl herself. The more rounded a picture he can get, the better.

Neisa does join him on the bench and takes a few bites of her sandwich before Javid asks his question. Clearing her mouth with a sip of her whiskey she smiles, "Well she's a deft hand at climbing, she's steady as a feline too, no fear of heights. Quite the good little pick-pocket too, very quick hands. A fair shot with this homemade pea shooter she's fashioned, I'm thinking she could take to a blowgun well. Like you noticed, she takes everything in always, very aware of her surroundings and always listening." Then she resumes her eating.

Javid makes a thoughtful hum low in his throat as he processes Neisa's answer…though it's also because he's chewing himself and can't answer with words just yet. "Youngest in a leading family of five, it's no surprise she would have picked up all of that to keep herself occupied. Any troubles in the family or with bullies that you know of, or is she simply one to be inside herself?" Not the the adept would necessarily know, but again, she might have some insight he might not otherwise gain about Ryott's behavior.

"Her family life is as happy as anyone's." Neisa says with a little shrug, as she pops the last of her sandwich into her mouth and chews thoughtfully for a long moment before her mouth is clear enough to speak again. "No, not really problems…She's an odd one though, and kids notice those different from them, so she's never been one to run with the pack as it were, but it never seemed to bother her. Kind of a loner, but it seems to suit her fine." She flicks a look over at Ryott now who is still working methodically through her sandwhich, of which there is only about a third left.

Javid nods along in agreement with Neisa's last. "We've no shortage of those among the others. It can help with the work…but it does need balance, just like anything else. As you know." He isn't telling the adept anything she hasn't learned already at this point. He ponders further as he eats, discreetly studying Ryott in his periphery as he does so. "Well, we ought to get her situated. Though feel free to keep working on your tack; it'll be a bit," he finally says as he finishes his meal. He'll then approach Ryott once more and take her through the process of finding a cot and meeting a few of her other instructors and key adepts, the guard captain, and the caravan leaders, not to mention getting the girl her uniform and a schedule. An easy start, all in all…but it's clear it's only the tip of the proverbial iceberg from there on out.

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