Eryzz, Taurie, Sr. Journeywoman Harper Tauna


Taurie knows Eryzz wants to work more in the archives and it just so happens that her harper mother Tauna needs some assistance with rebinding some old tomes and rerecording fading hides.


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Southern Weyr, Archive Library

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“You will not regret this.”


Archive Library

Where once books reigned supreme, this open space is now dominated by a stalwart skybroom reaching to the sky through a broken ceiling. What was once evidence of collapse is now ornately carved with engraved ivy, matched by a clever contraption of stone that allows the gap to be closed in inclement weather. A small garden occupies the space around the tree-trunk, all manicured bushes and flowering shrubbery enclosed by a grated gutter. The walls are lined with bookcases, while a spiral staircase leans on the western wall to wind upwards to the second level. Tucked in the corners and scattered in the main areas are tables and chairs, cafe-style, and comfortably worn overstuffed armchairs. It is the perfect place for individuals to gather, to enjoy the offerings of the food-cart or a spirited conversation.

Due to a last minute change in an order, and her father’s insistence that she get on top of it right then, Taurie had had to reschedule the meeting between Eryzz and her mother. She feels bad about having to reschedule, because it had been some days until they were all three able to meet at the same time again. But, the day is here, and she stands in front of the archive doors, hair down, dressed in a light sundress of white with thin straps and sandals. She holds a few hides in her arms and chews on her bottom lip whilst she waits. She’s got flutterbies in her stomach at the thought of meeting Eryzz, the flash of his steel grey eyes appearing in her mind and making her a little breathless. She finds she very much looks forward to their drinks on the beach and hopes that can happen sooner rather than later.

Inside, Sr. Journeywoman Harper Tauna is already hard at work, tucked away in the furthest, driest, least sunlit corner of the archives. She sits at a large table, three or four ancient tomes open and in need of some serious treatment. The one she currently works on has had critters eating at the binding and cover and she is diligently piecing a new one together made of fresh leather, embossed beautifully by her own hand and lovingly inscribed with the tome’s name and author. Once Tauna is through with this, she’ll start the delicate process of freeing the pages from the deteriorating cover. But, one thing at a time here.

Eryzz is trying hard not to fidget as he makes his way towards the Archives. He’s cutting a fine figure in a dark blue poet shirt, the lacing at his neck loosened just enough so that he doesn’t feel like he’s choking, billowing sleeves are secured tightly at his wrists, tucked into a pair of charcoal linen pants, cut slim to accentuate his long form. An attempt has been made to tame his wild coal black hair, and it is mostly behaving right now, but it would just take him to run his hand through the locks once ruin his coif. Instead, his hand are nervously fidgeting with the cuffs of his shirt as he turns a corner and spies Taurie at the door to the Archives, a lopsided curl of his lip as he takes her in, slate-grey eyes sweeping her up and down before he even realizes he is doing it. He raises a hand in a wave then just as it moves to comb through his hair, he stops himself and stuffs his hands into his pockets. “Hey Taurie.” He greets her dryly.

Tucking her hair back with one hand, Taurie fixes a smile on Eryzz and beams at him. “Good morning Eryzz.” She looks down a second before lifting her blue-green eyes to meet the steel grey of his. “I'm glad you could make it, Again I apologize for the delay, I had something urgent to take care of that morning. Shall we go in?” Taurie waves at the door to the archives and turns toward it to begin opening the door. “I'd have had my mother meet us out here, but she's up and at work most days before the avians rise.” She chuckles and begins wending her way through the archive's bottom floor and back towards a corner where it's more lit by glow than by the rays of Rukbat streaming in through the natural skylight. Taurie had been shocked when first arriving and seeing the skybroom tree in the archives And she remembers thinking this a bad spot for the archives, too much chance of damage to the hides, books and scrolls stored here. “She's just back here.” And when they reach her, Taurie will wave a hand at the woman. “Journeyman Harper Eryzz, I would like you to meet my mother, this is Sr Journeywoman Harper Tauna.”

Tauna looks up at the sound of her daughter’s voice, hands carefully setting down the new cover she’s working on. So, she’s ready when Taurie and her young gentleman approach. Standing, Tauna wipes her hands before offering one in greeting to the young Harper. “Well met. Taurie tells me you have an interest in working in the archives full time?” Tauna lifts a carefully groomed eyebrow at Eryzz. The woman carries her title well, and has an air of authority about her, despite being an inch shorter than her daughter.

The way Taurie beams at him gives Eryzz his own flutterbies to add to the nervousness he was already feeling. “It’s fine really.” he tries to dismiss her apology with a dry chuckle, even though the delay of this meeting has given him plenty of time for extra nerves. When she asks if they should go in, he swallows hard before nodding and follows her into the Archives. “She sounds like a lot of archivists I know.” He’ll comment after she mentions how early her mother gets to work. Following her through the archives, he tries not to fidget too badly. Once they finally reach where the senior Journeywoman is settled and Taurie has made the introductions, Eryzz will reach out and firmly shake the offered hand. “Well met Ma’am. I am definitely interested Ma’am. I know I can be an asset to you Ma’am.” He certainly seems confident, although his nervousness is betrayed in the way he is excessively Ma’am-ing. Wincing once he realizes it, he swallows hard past the lump forming in his throat.

Taurie at this point will find a place to sit and sift through her hides, letting Eryzz and her mother get acquainted. Though this isn’t to say that she isn’t watching and listening, because she is.

“You can call me Tauna, all that formality and ma’aming just gets in the way of work and getting to the point.” She sets her hands to her hips and looks at the work before her. “I’m assuming your specialty is archiving? Have you ever rebound books before? I’m assuming you’ve copied hides and scrolls before?” Right to the point. As is normal for Tauna, though she seems to radiate warmth as she dives into a subject she knows quite well.

Eryzz flicks his gaze once more in Taurie’s direction as he takes a subtle deep breath, his pale cheeks reddening only slightly at the Journeywoman’s words. “Yes ma- Tauna.” He replies with only the slightest stumble before he stands up straighter, lips pressed into a serious line as he nods his head curtly. “It’s the reason I got into harpering. I used to trade all the other apprentices for their archive shifts. I’m ace at copying hides and scrolls, bounding I have done, although I’m not much of a leather worker.” he admits with a sheepish half-smile, his fingers twitching to comb through his hair nervously, but he merely bunches them into fists.

“That can be improved upon and I can teach you, you don't need to know too much about it, just what comes with the binding…” Tauna says of leather working, she seems to weigh the rest of his answer silently. “I expect anyone working under me to be timely and to have focus…. I restore the past so that it isn't forgotten, make sure our histories are in order and legible, in ways, what is done here preserves our very culture. Can I count on you to take this as seriously as I do?”

“I’m punctual to a fault, no worries there.” Eryzz answers confidently, maybe a little smugness coming through on his lopsided grin. “And focus, I have plenty.” As she goes on, his grin fades and his face falls into all seriousness, his nods punctuating each of her points in turn as his slate grey eyes take on their own intensity. “I completely agree, in my eyes, preserving our culture is the most important job of Harpers. Where would anyone of us be without it?” he says with a fervor bordering on the fanatical.

Good Answer, Taurie thinks as she checks some of the math on one of the inventory hides her father had sent her. There's a smile on her face as she realises this meeting is going quite well and that she can divide her focus a bit more, leaning heavier towards her own work than the conversation.

Tauna looks well pleased by Eryzz’s response and nods her head accordingly. “It's rare to find someone so enthusiastic about this and I find having someone as dedicated as I, a breath of fresh air.” Tauna looks critically over Eryzz for a few moments, her brown eyes taking in every detail as if she were inspecting him for even the slightest wrinkle or ill repair in his clothing. Then, nodding again she'll clear her throat and take her seat. “You'll do, and you'll start first thing in the morning. Report here directly after the morning meal.”

Eryzz can’t help the wide smile that spreads over his lips, with a flash of white teeth no less. “Wow! Thanks ma-I mean Tauna. I can’t wait to start, this is amazing!” His enthusiasm is wildly uncharacteristic as he bobs his head at her instructions. “I will be here! Thank you again for this amazing opportunity Journeywoman.” His hand reaches up then to comb through his coal black hair unconsciously as he wanders backwards towards the door to the archives. “You will not regret this.” he calls his last as he turns, shooting a look at Taurie and a subtle nod of his head towards the door, as if inviting her to follow him for a word maybe as he strides in that direction, weaving through stacks with a bounce in his step.

Taurie looks up and her her heart nearly trips over itself at the sight of such a smile from Eryzz. Wow. She's a little jealous of her mother for being able to accomplish such a feat. “I'll be back in a bit Mother.” Taurie assures as Eryzz makes his retreat. “I think he's happy to say the least.” She chuckles and stands, hurrying to catch up to Eryzz before she has to make an indecent run of it in her dress. One does not run in a sundress and one does not run in the archives.

Tauna is quite happy with Eryzz's enthusiastic response and watches bemusedly as Eryzz backs himself out of the archives. And she believes him when Eryzz says she won't regret it. “I think your right.” She sing songs as she picks up the cover she'd been working when Taurie and her Harper friend walked in. And within seconds she's once more lost to the focus and attention to detail that is restoring those old times.

Eryzz turns as he hears footsteps behind him, waiting for Taurie to catch up. When she does turn the corner of the nearest stack, he’s waiting to catch her up in a wild hug meant to literally sweep her off her feet while he spins her round a couple of times as he gushes heartily. “Thank you SO much Taurie!” He says with a tight squeeze to emphasize his words. Remembering where they are quickly enough, he lets her go gently but rests his hands steadily on her shoulders as his steely grey eyes search for her blue-green ones, as he shakes his head in her direction, “I can’t begin to thank you enough for this. I still can’t believe you would do something like this for someone you hardly know. You are a good friend Taurie.” he says, his bright smile now aimed at her.

Taurie squeals a bit when she’s suddenly caught up in that whirling hug, it turns into a quiet chuckle when he releases her. “You’re welcome Eryzz. You have talent, it seems a shame to have you wasted on grading hides.” She’s mentioned this before. One could melt in the face of that smile. Taurie clears her throat and blushes a bit when he compliments her. “Thanks.” Comes her quiet gratitude. Blue-green eyes lock with his steel grey ones and she aims a warm smile his way. “So, What’s on your agenda for the rest of the day?”

After as moment, Eryzz realizes that his hands are still on her shoulders as he let himself get lost briefly in those pretty blue-green eyes of hers, with a reddening of his cheeks, he quickly drops them. One is dug deeply into his pants’ pocket and the other continues it’s assault on the shaggy coal locks that are looking increasingly disheveled. His eyes drop then as he shuffles sheepishly, clearing his throat sharply while reining in on that bright small until it’s once more a lopsided grin. “Not much. I was going to take a shift with my guitar in the Treble Clef this afternoon.” He mentions with a nonchalant nod back in the direction of her hidework. “You look really busy.” he observes oh-so-astutely.

“That?” Taurie jerks a thumb back at the homework she'd left behind. “A candlemark’s worth of work… maybe.” She nips at her lower lip her hands fidgeting in front of her as she builds up to say what she wants to say. “I was going to take that trip to the beach today… So I was wondering if you still wanted to come. It's a beautiful day.” She looks hopeful, her lower lip catching in her teeth again, an eyebrow raised in question.

Eryzz finds her whole demeanor as she builds up to say something absolutely adorable and it tugs his lips back into the semblance of a true smile. When she finally makes her offer, his usually hooded brows fly up at the suddenness of the invitation. He wasn't expecting that and it shows as he slips his hand down to cup the back of his neck as his eyes drop and wander the floor for a few seconds as he makes sure he doesn't have anything that he’s forgotten to do before he nods. “Suuuure.” He drawls lazily as he flicks his eyes back up to meet hers, his grin deepening as his intense gaze searches her for a moment. “Just let me know when and where. I’ll grab the drinks. A nice chilled white wine maybe?” He asks with a tilt of his head in her direction.

Taurie grins warmly back when he agrees, though his exaggerated ‘sure’ gets a quizzical look. “I’ll be headed to the beach in about three hours. Meet me on the boardwalk?” Her eyes light up at the thought of a glass of wine. “Wine sounds fantastic.” That warm grin rises into a bright smile as Taurie begins to anticipate her afternoon on the beach quite a lot. After a moment though, she looks behind her and sighs. “And if I want to go that soon I need to get myself going and get through those hides. So, I’ll see you there?”

Eryzz nods as Taurie outlines the where and when, already making plans for what he will do with his time in the next three candlemarks. “Sounds great, you get back to work, I will see you there.” And after holding her gaze for just another moment, he shakes himself and is off in the direction of the Crafter’s Complex and his room.

Taurie nods as her own smiles widens. “Great. See you there then!” She could dance, she's so happy, but she manages to keep a modicum of proper control as Eryzz gazes at her. She watches him leave before pumping a fist into the air and doing an excited little jig in place. Then, smoothing her dress and schooling her face into seriousness, she returns to her mother and her work. It's going to be a long few hours ahead.

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